17 Jan 2022 07:22:54
A huge amount has been sanctioned on LFC corporate accounts. This is usually seen during signings negoatiations. Incoming imminent?

1.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 08:23:00
You will have to forgive my ignorance but I have no idea what you are talking about Akita.

2.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 08:27:53
Or is it just balancing the books?

3.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 10:17:05
Mbappe, Haaland, Kounde, Dembele incoming did I miss anyone? Salah contract signed aswell.

4.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 10:40:33
1) How would you know this?

2) As for what he means it's essentially the same as taking £500 from your savings and putting it into your debit account to buy the new PlayStation.

So what he's saying essentially is that Liverpool have moved funds into their 'Business Bank Account' aka Corporate account. Would usually relate to a payment of something.

5.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 10:53:32
Im sure the Ed's have some user names on the forum and like to drop in a few tidbits . Who else would know such a thing.
Having said that, a friend worked for a currency exchange company when Aguero signed for City, and since they did the currency conversion, he did know a little while before that that particular transfer was happening.

6.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 11:01:59
It would be more interesting to find out the amount sanctioned tbh. I assume by sanctioned he means that the money has gone out of the account? Seems odd in terms of terminology.

As for who would have access to this sort of information: probably someone who works for a Bank that Liverpool has their account in, perhaps Liverpool's auditors (EY), directors or maybe a completely made up rumour.

Interesting nonetheless.

7.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 11:33:01
It’ll be the backhander for the decision not to follow up on the ‘false positives’ a couple of weeks back 😉😉.

8.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 11:30:28
Monkeymad. Sorry mate, £500?
What’s that… ha ha.

9.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 12:14:26
Maybe it's just this month's payroll week.

10.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 12:39:14
Paying for the works done to Anfield Rd extension maybe!

11.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 13:43:55
Money has been moved. Its not balancing the books as its not between accounts. This type of movement happens during transfers. Its a bank guarantee credit note. These are issued as a guarantee to the third party that said capital exists.
I am not aware of any money to be paid to the city of liverpool for any infrastructure related investments hence my guess is that a transfer is imminent.
Am sorry i can't say how i know but someone in comments has already mentioned a close guess as to how i know. Amount is significant but i don't have information on the third party for which this has been sanctioned.

12.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 13:51:02
Akira, Ed002 is going to love you for starting this :) . Cue the questions!

13.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 13:55:35
How much is said amount?

14.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 14:16:25
38 and some millions. Its huge as no transfer is upfront with 100 percent money on day1. As this is a guarantee my guess is the player is ought to be at-least 38 millions.
Also lads this could be for past payments but we donot owe that kind of money to anyone. And also debt payments are not paid in bank guarantee.
I am chuckling but really have no idea what this money is for, my guess is that a transfer should be happening.

{Ed0666's Note - I love this a new take on a rumour. Remember the good old days when the internet was awash with rumours of made up Liverpool transfers. The best one was houllier signing zidane for Liverpool which had zero substance. I was so delirious about that one for weeks. I happened to bump into Phil Thompson on a desert safari in dubai around the same time as that particular rumour was being touted and asked him about it and he laughed in my face. Happy innocent days.

15.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 14:26:23
Mo's new contract?

16.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 14:30:41
If it is a letter of credit, then no money will have moved whatsoever. That’s the whole point of them.

If someone in a bank or the audit firm has disclosed this, then they have broken a number of different laws and ethical standards. I’m afraid this doesn’t appear to stack up, but at least it was like an old-fashioned rumour!

17.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 15:04:00
IF this has any substance, my money would be on it being Diaz.
There has been no talk of renewals for Bobby or Mane, who are both getting to the age of 'last big contract' .
Mane is best from the right, and seems to be slightly put out by being in Mo's shadow, and Bobby probably needs a slower league for this phase of his career.
I look forward to a front 3 of Diaz, Haaland and Mo, with Diogo slotting in where necessary .

18.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 15:34:03
I'd imagine Diaz's economic rights not being fully owned by Porto would represent a serious barrier to your guess "spaceman"

{Ed0666's Note - id assume that’s not a deal breaker in any transfer. Hurdles like this aren’t totally insurmountable. I’d be shocked if we bought Diaz now as we have mane & Jota who can play in that position.

19.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 15:45:01
PGBalls, whistleblowers are common. I'd also assume this would be relatively low risk.

The only confusing part is the bank guarantee and letter of credit as they are completely different things. A letter of credit is usually involved in international transactions and would therefore make a lot more sense as it is a seller effectively asking for a guarantee that the payment can be met.

20.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 15:50:30
If this has any substance I'd like to know the name of the bank. Cos if its my bank and staff just give out this Information willy nilly I'm going be fuming.

21.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 16:27:50
Ed0666, I remember the Zidane rumour on TeamTalk. The infamous BB started that one, as Houllier was allegedly godfather to Zidane’s son.
I could barely sleep for days. Alas it was not BB but BS ….

{Ed0666's Note - Yes mate BB 😂….Those we’re the days…I’m not gonna lie mate I fell for it hook line and sinker. That fellas probably bought a private island in the carrabean from all the click bait money he got.

22.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 17:36:31
Maybe its a payout to Agent Rafa for his good work across the park 😆.

23.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 17:38:23
I'd say you'll let it slide Jonesy if there is a new signing imminent. Makes a change from the norm so thanks Akira.

24.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 17:39:03
Payment to Rafa for his work at Everton….

25.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 17:41:22
It’s just nice to have a proper rumour! Even if it comes to nothing😂.

26.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 19:10:29
Love the rumor! The financial detective work is refreshing and even more exciting than someone friends ex-mum who has a one night stand with mbappes dog walker while on holiday.

27.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 19:55:29
Which bank is it you own Jonsey? I’m impressed mate

Haha, sorry couldn’t resist 😃.

28.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 21:57:53
Perhaps we are signing Sanches as reported on the continent. I’d enjoy it if we did sign him just to see the welcome h3 would receive on this forum.

By far the best transfer rumour we’ve had this window and the funniest 5he game is that it might not even be about a transfer!

29.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 22:33:27
Damn autocorrect - I was sure I typed ‘thing’ and it came out as ‘5he game’ which is impressive 👏👏

Perhaps I should read what I’ve typed before I hit reply 😉.

30.) 18 Jan 2022
18 Jan 2022 09:47:26
hilarious if they literally moved 500 pound over so JW could buy his grandson a ps5 lol.

31.) 18 Jan 2022
18 Jan 2022 10:13:20
Faithinworks, that was an analogy mate hahaha! Just giving an example of the sort of transaction it is.

I highly doubt Liverpool will be buying PS5's unless Jota needs some new ones for his FIFA tournaments.

32.) 19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022 01:16:07
Haha Monkey, no doubt lol

Such a cool rumour/ inside word!