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12 Feb 2018 14:17:08
Just wondering eds if max Meyer was still of interest and what are your thoughts on Pinchi rumours? Cheers.

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{Ed002's Note - The interest in Meyer remains but the club has not pushed for a pre-contract so that may well hint it is waning whist otehr are keen as well. I am not aware of any "Pinchi" rumours that involve Liverpool, sorry.}

12 Feb 2018 20:27:00
Apparently Pinchi has been linked with us in a rag today!

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13 Feb 2018 07:21:48
I’d take that rumour with a pinchi of salt if I were you.

I’ll get my coat lads 😅.

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13 Feb 2018 08:07:42
That was so bad I had to Pinchi myself. we could do this all day!

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13 Feb 2018 11:25:14
all this pinchi is hurting the site. please staaahp!

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13 Feb 2018 23:06:34
Homer Simpson’s pet lobster.

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11 Feb 2018 07:36:57
Is Leon Bailey of Leverkusen of interest to us instead of Lemar?

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11 Feb 2018 09:26:59
Different players mate. Bailey is more of a goal scoring wide forward. Lemar in contrast, is a creative attacking midfielder. Bailey plays on the right so he can cut inside and shoot. Lemar plays on the left so he can whip in crosses.

The only similarity is they're both left footed. Lemar is the type of player we news though, as we have goal scorers short in supply of good chances. Bailey would be a direct replacement for Salah, and is just another player who takes chances more than he looks to create them. Both fantastic players though.

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11 Feb 2018 11:42:31
Ah sure let's just get both 😉.

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11 Feb 2018 11:41:07
I would love him over anyone including Pulisic. Bailey is a cracking player and would flourish under Klopp! Arguably the best player in the league this season!

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11 Feb 2018 12:12:38
MK, maybe Salahs on the move again.

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12 Feb 2018 06:15:53
Salah will more than likely be going to Real in the summer. Bailey would be a good replacement.

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12 Feb 2018 07:17:05
Salah will not be going anywhere this summer.

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12 Feb 2018 09:10:09
I agree with Carragold. There is no way i can see Liverpool selling Salah this Summer.

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12 Feb 2018 10:38:05
I think there is a genuine possibility, Real will be in the market for forward players and who better than Salah? They have the spending power to offer a huge bid and the lure of Real is huge, coupled with what will be a big pay rise and what we know about his agent contacting them already I think we will have a huge task on our hands keeping him.

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12 Feb 2018 13:11:13
Cobra, REal's first choice targets are Neymar, Hazard and one of Griezmann and Icardi. I doubt they will sign Salah also.

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12 Feb 2018 14:24:57
Lemar is not worth the 90m they are asking for which is why Klopp reportedly has walked away and frankly, I agree with him.

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12 Feb 2018 15:26:17
Doesn't Bailey predominantly play on the left anyway, so could be a mane replacement? Or Salah up too mane right and firmino just off them?

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12 Feb 2018 15:52:16
Do you know for sure IB? i thought Barcelona are favourites for Griezmann? And I’m not sure Neymar is off this summer.

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12 Feb 2018 21:58:42
Cobra let's not get carried away, when Salah signed for us most thought he wasn't good enough. It's his 1st top season, hazard for example has done it for years. There are many players real could go for. This is real we're talking about. if they are really looking to sign 3 attackers they are looking to replace Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo! All 3 would probably walk into most teams in the world, including ours.

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12 Feb 2018 23:06:41
Id like to think Salah is a little more humble and has a little more about him than to jump ship at the first opportunity .

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15 Feb 2018 12:49:20
Bale is very injury prone and a big risk at the wages he wants. Most likely to goto Man Utd who can afford the risk
Benzema is a nut job who is more interested in being a wannabe gangster than in being a serious footballer - another big risk who would require a major change in our team for us to accommodate.

Leaves Ronaldo who whilst a brilliant footballer and would be a great example to our youngsters on how training hard can maximise your chances in the game, is increasingly showing the affects of age. At the wages he would command, it would be huge pressure on Klopp to play him instead of Mane or Salah.
So my conclusion is no they all wouldn't walk into any team in the world - certainly not ours.

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10 Feb 2018 18:59:50
Is Leander Dendoncker on Liverpool FC's radar?

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11 Feb 2018 00:05:59
Not yet, he is still off the radar range.

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{Ed002's Note - No, there is absolutely zero interest from Liverpool.}

11 Feb 2018 09:27:49
I've heard he is most likely to go to Manchester United. I can't remember where I heard it though. It's just in my head from somewhere!

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11 Feb 2018 11:39:05
Thanks ed 002. But I am bitterly disappointed with talent scouting of our club.

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12 Feb 2018 15:30:00
Because they didn't agree that the random player you've pulled up is what we need?

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10 Feb 2018 08:56:45
'morning Eds.
I've tried searching, but I can only find the posts from last summer window.
Do we still have interest in Iñaki Williams? Or has that ship sailed?

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{Ed002's Note - No and he has twice renewed his contract since there was serious interest (and that was from other sides and not Liverpool).}

09 Feb 2018 21:52:39
Just read something interesting about transfer target Demirbay, turns out he is a Dortmund youth and played under Klopps best mate Wagner

Good to know.

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10 Feb 2018 14:53:44
Is he a serious runner?

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09 Feb 2018 12:55:03
Hi Eds,

Last summer I read that Liverpool were interested in signing Houssem Aouar but that the player did not want to leave his hometown club at such a young age and decided to stay and continue his development.

There was quite a lot of talk about this young midfielder so i've taken the time to watch him on a couple of occasions this season and I must say he looks the real deal. He's a combative midfielder, confident on the ball, good running with the ball but above all else helps out his defenders very effectively.

My question is whether the interest from Liverpool last summer was actually genuine, or just made up by the tabloids?

And if it was genuine do you know if Liverpool (or any other clubs) retain an interest in the player for this summer or beyond?

Cheers in advance have a great Friday.

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{Ed002's Note - Liverpool looked at Houssem Aouar the year before last when he was in the Lyon Under 19s - that scout has since left Liverpool. Arsenal looked earlier this season and Barcelona talked money with Lyon but were rather shocked by the sort of price Lyon would be looking to ask even if he were for sale, which they say he isn't.}

09 Feb 2018 15:47:29
Cheers Ed. Looks like Liverpool would be priced out of a move in any event, especially with Lyon's record of dealing with English clubs.

Shame, he looks like he could be really special and the perfect player on the left of a midfield 3 like Liverpool play.

All the best anyway and have a great weekend.

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09 Feb 2018 10:08:09
I see once again we are being linked to De Vrij. Is there any truth do we know or has the link gone cold? (Teehee)

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{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

09 Feb 2018 12:20:58
Quick question ed! if you were to hold his breath, will it count as murder or attempted murder, depending on how far you go?

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09 Feb 2018 16:23:59
If he actually did hold his breath that long, I think it would be classified as a mercy killing.

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09 Feb 2018 18:18:06
Thank you ed.

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08 Feb 2018 18:09:42

Ive read that Lemar doesn't want to sign new contract at Monaco. Do you expect Klopp to push for him again in the summer, or have you seen/ heard anything to suggest otherwise?

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{Ed001's Note - his 'people' (whatever that actually means) have been dropping hints that he wants to join Liverpool. Hints enough to make Arsenal drop their interest as they were also given hints he was not keen to join them. I really do not know what is happening from our end though, just that it is being made known his preferred option is Liverpool.}

08 Feb 2018 18:47:32
Good to see a player eager to join us.

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08 Feb 2018 19:17:06
Ok mate cheers ed. The summer is a long way off I guess and much can change but I hope he joins us. I think Klopp will improve him.

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08 Feb 2018 19:35:58
Its all down to klopp being a coach players want to play for. We are lucky to have him. I can guarantee lamar wouldn't have wanted to play for Brendan Rodgers.

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08 Feb 2018 19:40:23
The Echo is reporting that Liverpool has withdrawn interest in Lemar and will be pursuing other targets.

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08 Feb 2018 20:14:59
Ive just read it in the Echo also VDV. Pearce stating we have ended interest. What do you make of this ed mate please? Pearce could be wrong AGAIN lol. Disappointed if true. Who else is there that fits the bill? 🤔🤔.

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{Ed002's Note - Van der Vaart is off the agenda.}

08 Feb 2018 20:35:35
Nice one Ed002, can always rely on you mate lol. Any serious suggestions?

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{Ed002's Note - About what? I have explained the situation as I understand it over and over. Nothing has changed as far as I am aware. You feed of all of this hour-by-hour changing bullshit on social media and the "Echo" and then askl me - as them.}

08 Feb 2018 20:53:16
I hope the alternative is Fekir.

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08 Feb 2018 21:08:24
The price seems to be a sticking point, he's a good player but nigh on £100 mil is crazy.

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08 Feb 2018 21:09:34
With us out of the running for LEMAR, I believe the player were after is GELSON MARTINS, I know one of the EDDS says we’ll only sign him if SALAH is sold, but I don’t see that, MARTINS is a KLOPP type of player, can play across the front three or deeper and is a very tricky player to tie down, if we sign him I think he will turn out to be better than the show pony COUTINHO, he will definitely turn the draws into wins, he is a match winner, you can never have enough of them. but only my opinion. any views EDDS.

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08 Feb 2018 21:09:35
Didn't Pearce say for months we'd moved on from VVD. I would like Lemar. Think under Klopp he'd really turn into a even better player than he is now. But after the last transfer window I won't be holding my breath. Think we will end up with someone less well known personally as I think the club will try to spread the cash to fill other spaces also needed.

We probably need a GK, RB (move gomez to CB), another CM aswell as Keita ( because can will go, milner may retire, lallana looks to be struggling fitness wise, Henderson needs to prove his fitness over a full season ) .

Quite a few spaces to fill for me, hence I can't see us going 90mil for Lemar and 45mil for Allison. Either way I'm sure we will improve.

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08 Feb 2018 21:21:17
Im not on any social media Ed002. I don't feed off any bullshit! Only read the Echo. First time i've posted in weeks. Sorry for wasting your time. Will go back to reading only for a bit.

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{Ed002's Note - you have posted multiple times today and yesterday.}

08 Feb 2018 21:31:58
IB, Fekir would be a good addition but he looks like he pays a little further forward mate to me?

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08 Feb 2018 23:18:46
Kloppsreds17, Fekir is way more versatile than many give him credit for. Can play anywhere up front and as a 10 so basically he will not only be a starter but also provide cover should our current front 3 not be available. Fekir is creative, pacy, gets stuck in when the situation demands.
What's not to like?

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09 Feb 2018 00:09:45
I wouldn’t believe the Echo - I’m there will be interest over the summer at the right price, it’s probably an echo (get it) from the Jan window where he wasn’t about to move unless for stupid money.

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08 Feb 2018 20:20:48
Echo saying interest gone in him
What do you make of that Ed001?

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{Ed001's Note - I make nothing of that, they will no doubt be running another story saying the opposite in a few days, then another one a few days after that with another change in tack and so on until he moves somewhere.}

09 Feb 2018 06:47:16
I asked the same thing Barry, got a slightly differant answer to you though mate for some reason. I guess we will find out in a few months of interest remains.

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{Ed001's Note - are you trying to annoy us editors now? You got the same answer in different words.}

09 Feb 2018 09:59:37
No ed not at all. Just I seem to get on the wrong end of harsh answers mate at times. Not my intention to annoy you lot at all. Im on here and only on here daily, have no interest in social media crap what so ever and I love the info you and the other eds provide us. I just don't always understand the inconsistency with some replies.

Like I say I never set out to piss anyone off at all, sorry if I have.

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{Ed002's Note - I have explained the situation as I understand it over and over - you just don't get that thinks really don't change every dfew minutes. If you want to keep asking the same questions about what some oik from the "Echo" says then ask on their website and not here.}

09 Feb 2018 10:16:17
Gutted about Van der Vaart 😔.

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09 Feb 2018 10:51:08
Think the alternative might be fekall Buzzer!

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09 Feb 2018 11:47:10
Ed001 is quite right, read yesterday we will buy in summer and surprise today interest has ended. I think we should go for him.

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09 Feb 2018 13:58:32
I think ed2 saw "VDV" and thought Kloppsreds17 was asking about Van Der Vaart. I think what he was actually saying was in reply to VDV - who is a member of the site and had posted previous to KR17.

And then things escalated from there?

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09 Feb 2018 17:08:38
Yeah I got that robbboz lol.

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09 Feb 2018 18:51:00
Robbboz your spot on, was replying to him. Argh well all done now, onwards we go mate.

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09 Feb 2018 19:27:36
Was watching highlights on fullmatchesandshows yesterday and saw an article titled "can agrees move to juventus". It was dated nov 2017.didnt click on it! Point is, the news outlets are there to attract traffic not to break news.

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07 Feb 2018 12:12:06
Ed001/ Ed002

Are either of you aware of Origi's situation at Wolfsburg? Is he wanting to come back or stay on beyond the current loan? On the other side of that, do Wolfsburg want him beyond this season? Are they happy with him? Have LFC been keeping tabs/ communication with said player/ loan club regarding this?

Thanks in advance,

Kev Bennett.

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{Ed002's Note - Wolfsburg would like to buy him in the summer, or strike a loan to buy deal, and the player is open to staying in Germany if he does not have a future at Liverpool (ideally as a starter). Right now I expect that his long-term future will be away from Liverpool.}

07 Feb 2018 12:37:59

Also out of interest Ed002, can a club turn a standard loan into a loan to buy off the back of a 'normal' loan? Or would a club (say Wolfsburg for example) have to take a second loan which would be under a loan to buy agreement?

And thank you for your reply Ed002/ The Oracle/ Rodeo Clown.

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{Ed002's Note - There would no need to change the existing loan from a loan to one with an option to buy if both clubs would agree - it makes no sense. A second loan makes sense if Liverpool are not sure or wish to keep him but cannot assure playing time next season.}

07 Feb 2018 13:01:04
Makes sense.

Thanks Ed, your vast knowledge is always appreciated.

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07 Feb 2018 17:05:42
Unfortunately the player did not/ was not allowed the progress he needed. I would be happy if we allowed him to leave with a buy back clause like Ibe.

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07 Feb 2018 22:49:21
Shame really because I think if we'd of persevered with him, he could've been pretty good for us. Having said this, Origi or Firmino? it's a no brainer therefore I do understand why we loaned him out but for me he should've stayed and been rotated a little bit, he's still young. But what do I know. Personally I think it should've been Sturridge out before Origi because Origi has the potential there, Sturridge was never going to be anything special again. You watch Sturridge turn it on now I've said that lol.

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08 Feb 2018 02:35:49
I think Ings needs to prove he can impact off the bench in the next 3 months. if he can’t then we someone who can, and I wouldn’t mind Firmino, Origi and Solanke as our three strikers for next season. I suspect for Origis own sake though a regular starting spot at Wolfsburg makes more sense for his career.

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08 Feb 2018 08:06:01
Given firmino's our number one striker, you can't really give enough minutes to origi and solanke, it's one or the other I think.

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08 Feb 2018 17:07:43
Yes Firmane and it should have been Origi.

Solanke is mediocre.

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08 Feb 2018 19:01:36
Ron I agree origi should be given minutes ahead of solanke just like Ings should be given minutes before solanke but I feel it’s unfair to call him mediocre, after all he’s only a young lad who’s making the transition into the main team. In my opinion he needs using in the lower league cup games or bringing on once we’re outplaying certain sides with a comfortable goal lead. Hopefully him and Brewster reach their potential.

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09 Feb 2018 00:22:58
If you want to compete for top spot you need at least two strikers that can change the game. Your second still needs to be someone that comes on and the opposition feels worried about the new threat rather than feeling your attack has been weakened.

City has both Aguero and Jesus, Utd have Lukaku, Martial, not to mention Sanchez, Rashford and Ibrahimovic. Chelsea were weakest with only Morata (but now have Giroud), Arsenal have Lacazette and now Aubameyang. Only Tottenham are really weak in the no.2 spot but who cares when you have Kane?

I’m sorry but as much as I like Solanke he has yet to prove that he can be that impact player, so until he does he’s third choice for me and gets minutes in cups, games we’ve already scored a couple in (he’s a good hold up player), and maybe the odd lower side in the league.

We need a real threat off the bench, whether that’s Ings (i like him but have my doubts) or someone else. I wouldn’t even mind if our threat was a wide player and Salah was used upfront from time to time, but it has to be a goal scorer.

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09 Feb 2018 10:17:14
Should be Origi IMO.

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06 Feb 2018 17:24:47
Liverpool have announced that they have signed Colombian wonderkid Anderson Arroyo.

Arroyo, 18, made 22 appearances for Fortaleza CEIF over the last three seasons and the defender's impressive performances in Colombia caught the attention of Liverpool officials.

The Merseyside giants were heavily linked with Arroyo in the January transfer window and have now confirmed that a deal was reached before the deadline.

'Liverpool FC can now confirm the completion of the signing of defender Anderson Arroyo, who has immediately moved to Real Mallorca on an 18-month loan deal, ' an official statement of Liverpool's website reads.

Welcome to the club young man.

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06 Feb 2018 18:03:06
Wonderkid 🙈.

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06 Feb 2018 18:07:26
Anyone know how good he is?

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06 Feb 2018 19:48:41
Certainly don’t think he’s in the wonderkid category.

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06 Feb 2018 21:03:47
Sadly he's likely to be another one we mismanage. Hopefully not but our track record isn't great.

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06 Feb 2018 21:45:12
Needs a work permit doesn't he? Hence the Loan.

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06 Feb 2018 22:14:20
Thumbs down because I asked how good he is? jesus some of u are fickle.

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07 Feb 2018 02:17:46
speed, speed, speed, can play both sides.

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07 Feb 2018 17:00:43
100% agree with aoe or trackback record is shocking and embarrassing lad's it can't be denied.

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07 Feb 2018 18:55:41
Trackback record doh🤣.

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