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07 Mar 2018 01:48:57
HI Ed's,

The papers are reporting young Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham favours a move to us over any of our rivals.

Any truth to this do you know? Am I correct in thinking he's a Liverpool fan?

Also are Liverpool interested in player? I imagine we are keeping tabs on him like most teams are as he's a top talent.

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{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what he wants or who he supports. Liverpool have certainly been interested.}

07 Mar 2018 10:43:43
I think every club in the northern hemisphere is keeping tabs on him.

Outstanding talent for someone so young, a lot of respect for him staying as he’s clearly developing nicely.

As much a I would love him at Liverpool I do think he is best staying at Fulham they are playing lovely football at the moment and with a chance of premiership football next year as well.

Remember he legally can’t drink! He should be in no rush.

I would also say people calling for him at LB, he is going to be a winger in the future in my opinion. He is playing more and more forward from last season and taking it with both hands.

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{Ed001's Note - he has said he prefers to play a more attacking role.}

07 Mar 2018 11:04:48
Thanks Ed.

With the above in mind and knowing he wants a more attacking role in the future a move to liverpool at this time would not be great for him. He wouldn't dislodge any of our current front 3 and therefore would spend a lot of the season on the bench.

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07 Mar 2018 11:46:08
Could he not play left back and cover the left wing now and again with a view of taking the left wing full time in the future?

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07 Mar 2018 14:40:19
Perhaps Ojo has been 'talking up' the club abit?

Dont really know much about the lad but I know he has potential, perhaps he could be a rotation option for a few different positions which could be handy.

He'll have to decide whether he will benefit more from 1st team football at Fulham or rotating at a top prem club.

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07 Mar 2018 14:58:03
This would be ideal opportunity to follow a similar model to that adopted by Chelsea on many occasions.

Pretty obvious he is going to be, if he’s not already, a huge talent.
Sign him but loan him back for a couple of seasons. Doesn’t stunt his development, he can compete in EPL or top end of Championship and we have a future player in the wings.

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07 Mar 2018 15:33:13
However a deal with a loan back for a season or two would be great. With the speculation over Salah and RM, it would be nice to have Sessegnon available and match fit. Even if our front three stay together and fit for the next 3 seasons, Sessegnon will still only be 20.

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07 Mar 2018 23:00:02
never seen ryan play. he is only a kid right! but interested in the opinion of those who have watched him. does he show glimpses in his game of being positional / tactically flexible for our front 3?

It may seem an odd question to ask, but for the same reason that I don't see moreno ever being an option in the front 3 other than an end of game time-wasting sub, I would assume that ryan would have to give more than be fast and left-footed to squeeze himself into our forward line.

am very aware that he is young and will develop etc. just interested in what people have seen.

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08 Mar 2018 14:40:54
It really looks like he will end up at Spurs, it would be a good move for him, closer to home, he is only 17 yrs young I think .

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09 Mar 2018 09:53:43
@faithinworks. When he first started playing for LFC, he had a great burst of speed and struck the ball well. He showed that physically he could cope playing against men who were often several years older than him. Could shield the ball pretty well and his first touch wasn't bad either.

However, one of his big weaknesses was that he clearly didn't know how to make the most of his skills and would often run down blind channels. Also when he got the ball if he couldn't shoot then he didn't really know what to do with it. However he has come on greatly since then and makes much more intelligent runs and brings his team mates into it much better.

He looks much more comfortable making runs into space out wide so that his team mates can cut inside. Personally I think he has the potential to succeed - but he has to want to work on it. Only his coach would know that. One weakness is that he has had issues with racism and sad to say, he is going to have to develop resilience to that as the racist numpties are not going to go away.

If anything I suspect that they are going to come harder at him because he has shown he is vulnerable to it. To succeed at the top, he has to be mentally tough.

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07 Mar 2018 06:43:15
The club are struggling to persuade Rhian Brewster to stay at the club. He's keen on a move to Germany with Dortmund keen on him.
He believes he has a greater chance of breaking through in their set up and in all honesty taking my Liverpool hat off he's probably correct.

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07 Mar 2018 09:59:36
he won't play for 8 months, he just had a terrible injury!

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07 Mar 2018 10:33:06
Nostradamus- It still doesn’t take away from the fact he wants to leave.

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07 Mar 2018 10:44:05
Where have you got this info?

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07 Mar 2018 11:20:49
A source within the club.

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{Ed002's Note - I told you about this months ago - I am not a "source" within the club.}

07 Mar 2018 11:25:07
It'd help his cause to break through if he could stay fit, two seperate breaks this season isn't it?

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07 Mar 2018 11:35:47
But in some regions you are considered a sauce?

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{Ed002's Note - A couple of bars in Chelsea, yes.}

07 Mar 2018 12:35:18
I haven’t got the info from you ed2,I have got this from someone within the club.

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{Ed002's Note - That is fine - but it is far from new.}

07 Mar 2018 12:49:19
I’m just passing on what iv been told from a good source, if that backs up what you have said previously then fair play to you finding out earlier.

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07 Mar 2018 13:21:08
Well goodbye and good luck.

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07 Mar 2018 14:45:06
I hope we can keep hold of him, he looks a talent.

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07 Mar 2018 14:47:02
To be fair a move to Germany could be very good. He could develop and stay out of the limelight a bit, he'd be watched like a hawk if he broke into our 1st team anytime soon.

What's his contract situation? Is he on a pro contract yet or would he move to Germany on a free (plus compensation ) .

We'd do well to sell him with a buy back clause and maybe get him back in a few years once he's developed a bit more.

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07 Mar 2018 15:12:25
It makes sense from his perspective sadly. The Premier League is hyper-competitive, more than it has ever been before, and arguably the most competitive league in Europe. Younger players, unless they are truly spectacular, just don't get that many opportunities at the top sides in the Premier League - I think any youngster who had real ambition would be wise to look to Europe for more opportunities to develop, both as a player and a person, as they are facing a real uphill battle in the Premier League.

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07 Mar 2018 15:23:05
I wonder if he could be used has part of a deal to sign Sessegnon?

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07 Mar 2018 15:40:58
So Dub, he's said he wants to move to Germany to help his progress, and you suggest sending him to Fulham, in England?!

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07 Mar 2018 15:47:38
Dub Jim-He wants to go to Germany not Fulham.

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07 Mar 2018 16:26:27
No TIA im suggesting that if were gona lose a 17 year old whos done nothing in senior football, then we try and use him to get something we do want and someone who does want to play for us. Granted its very unlikely but all im saying is could be worth a try!

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07 Mar 2018 18:51:58
Too early to tell with him.
We poached him from Chelsea.
If he goes, he goes.

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08 Mar 2018 08:44:41
Exactly Ron, Solanke won the u-21's world cup and the best player in it and looks not completely ready, let alone ready to lead the line, this kid wins the u-17 world cup and thinks he should start games? its a bit ridiculous. I guarantee he will barley get a kick for the first team at Dortmund as well. That Man City kid, Sancho moved there for the same reasons and he is a much bigger talent than Brewester, i think he has played 1.5 games all season! As i said goodbye and good luck, he will need the luck part real bad!

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08 Mar 2018 11:23:58
is there a max to the number of years you can loan a player? obviously not longer than his contract, but say he has 4 years left, can we loan him out for 3 years to the same club?

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{Ed002's Note - You can give a loan which is renewable if everyone agrees. Else two years.}

08 Mar 2018 16:05:16
Nostradamus-Sancho has featured more times for Dortmund in the bundesliga then he would have for City in the premiership I can almost guarantee.
He’s featured in 6 games and started some and would have played more without injury.

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07 Mar 2018 00:35:13
Just a random question to any of the Ed's. Do you know if it was the plan to play Gomez and TAA at Rb this season and interchange them so often, or if Clyne was fit would he be starting and his injury rather forced Klopps hand? Thanks!

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{Ed001's Note - Klopp has been looking to replace Clyne for a few seasons, the plan was to buy a right back and sell Clyne.}

07 Mar 2018 07:58:46
I'd sell matip, move Gomez centrally and then see how lovren performs for the rest of the seasons. Depending on whether he plays well or not, then buy a CB to replace him, or buy a right back and have Gomez rotating CB.

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07 Mar 2018 08:30:00
Good plan Ed1 mate. I don't want to sound too harsh but I don't want to see Clyne play for us again lol he's no good and never was. Somebody a few weeks ago tried to tell me Clyne was a good player, I have no idea what games they've been watching of him.

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07 Mar 2018 11:47:05
He’s no improvement on Glen Johnson. Said so at the time and nothing has changed my opinion.

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07 Mar 2018 12:14:44
Exactly my thoughts too Gmac.

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10 Mar 2018 01:50:12
Does having Trent and Joe doing so well remove the need for an addition once Clyne is moved on?

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06 Mar 2018 23:50:05
Ryan sessengon in the summer but staying on loan at Fulham for 2 year heard it hear first.

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07 Mar 2018 02:25:47
Or did we here it here?

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07 Mar 2018 15:25:58
Anyone been watching how well Robertson and TAA been playing?

Well, its a rumor site and I like it. As he wants to play and will not transfer to sit or play youth level. His 14 goals would be welcome and he, TAA, along with VVD would be very strong for 5-6 years at least.

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06 Mar 2018 17:59:42
Hi Ed001

Hope your well mate.

Do you no if we still retain an interest in Lemar at the minute, have you heard anything from within the club? Or would it just be based on your opinion mate.

Would appreciate your info.

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{Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware nothing has changed, Klopp still wants him but not at the asking price.}

06 Mar 2018 18:09:23
So that's him ruled out. Jorginho is a far better option.

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06 Mar 2018 18:49:23
Redmist, how is Jorginho a far better option when they don't even play in the same position?

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06 Mar 2018 18:52:42
You never know redmist Monaco's stance may soften by the summer and a compromised price may be agreed - things change constantly. I wouldn't expect Jorginho to be that much cheaper given how well both he and Napoli are playing this season either. Quality, now more than ever, does not come cheap.

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07 Mar 2018 01:34:38
Zpecialone, just because they play different positions, it is perfectly reasonable to say one player is a better option than another. A better use of resources. Like spending tens of millions to strengthen a position where we are weak rather than tens of millions to supplement an area where we are strong, possibly the strongest in Europe. It’s pretty straightforward mate.

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07 Mar 2018 03:51:06
It's possible we could be after both. Can is leaving, Milner wants to go to place where he can play centrally, Henderson and Lallana spend fair amount of time injured. Klopp tried rotating the squad in the fall, he will have to to win some silverware.

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07 Mar 2018 10:55:56
Cant wait for next season!
a midfield trio of:
Jorginho, Keita and Lemar
behind Mané Firmino and Salah
would go down very nicely!

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07 Mar 2018 12:12:44
Would love it if both came but I can't see Lemar happening at the crazy valuation Monaco have placed on him. Moreover we are well stocked with attacking mids at present with Ox and Lallana both of whom are quality on their day.

I'd say Jorginho is more necessary to us now. The way we play with a strong press and rapid counter Jorginho is a perfect fit as he can break up play and also turn defence into attack with a combination of lightning speed and precision that I can't see in any other player right now.

I would break the bank for him.

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06 Mar 2018 12:27:32
Hi Eds,

As always thanks for your hard work.

Out of interest, with Emre Can's pending departure - I am wondering if Liverpool have a genuine interest in any Midfielders to fill his void - surely Milner and perhaps Lallana will want more football and seek pastures new at the seasons end, which would leave us with - Gini, Ox, Naby and Hendo to play in the middle of the park - I just wonder if Grujic will be looked at as a integral part of the first team squad or will we look seriously at the likes of Zielinski, Isco (a dream) etc. as I presume we were genuinely in for Goretzka, but he chose Bayern. Wondering if you know any other targets we may have in this area, if any at all.

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{Ed002's Note - Liverpool are looking to add another midfield player as you suggest. Cabellos is of interest. I don't know what the plan is for Grujic.

I am not aware of any any approach by Liverpool for Jorginho, who is more defensive than Emre Can and might require a change of tactics from Klopp if Liverpool were to get the best out of him. There is long term interest in him from elsewhere in the Premier League.}

06 Mar 2018 19:26:46
I think at Milners age he could be quite happy at the role he has in our squad. He has played quite a bit and will not get any offers from a club at our level. Lallana has been injured so unless he has been told he won't play I don't see why he wouldn't. He was unbelievable last year and maybe our best player. He will only add to our pressing and attacking play when back fully fit.

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06 Mar 2018 21:26:04
Since Christmas 2016 Lallana was either injured or poor. I think he has 1 goal in 15 months. Player of the season last year (not in the top 5).

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06 Mar 2018 10:01:34
Ed001, as you'll probably know Liverpool have got Hans Leitert in to advise the club on goalkeeping matters. Is it purely coincidence that since that happened, Karius has been made first choice in all competitions? Was that always on the cards, or has Leitert potentially (obviously we can't be 100% sure) had a hand in the decision? I don't fully understand his role or what power or influence he has.

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{Ed001's Note - it was always the plan, so I have no idea if he has influenced it or not. I would assume he was in favour of it so probably did have a hand in moving it forward.}

06 Mar 2018 11:25:29
Cheers Ed. Not a lot been explained about Leitert's role so I was just curious. Thanks for the reply.

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06 Mar 2018 14:33:49
I think karius needs time like de gea had and mistakes he makes in games need to be overlooked. Young goalkeepers need patience from us fans. Imagine we sell him and in 3 years time he turns out to be on the level of the very best goal keepers. Give him time and less stick.

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07 Mar 2018 08:02:27
Do you think klopp waited for us to get vvd in, score establishing karius?
With vvds pace we can play a higher line, and Karius is quick off his line, and with added confidence in the back four, there's less pressure on him - if he was brought in at the start of the year, he could have been in the spotlight too much, and with the dodgy defence, lose confidence.
Karius and vvd have made our defence look a lot more solid.

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05 Mar 2018 18:31:41
I'm not the type of fan who demands constant 70 mil+ players. I am not someone demanding a new cb five minutes after we have bought the most expensive cb in the world but of course we need to keep up with city and I know we need to keep bringing talent to the squad.

So I think, in the Summer we need someone who can offer a decent alternative to mane, salah and Firmino. They cannot play every game and although we've been quite lucky with injuries this year, next season could be different. So I reckon lemar could play both on the wing and in midfield. I also think we could do with another new cm. Players like milner and lallana, who I rate them both, especially ads, they aren't getting any younger and I think we need to ship out Clyne and bring in a rb.

Rb, cm, am / winger and maybe a forward.

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05 Mar 2018 19:14:38
Vraaljko, Jorginho and Lemar. And everyone's happy.

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05 Mar 2018 20:45:29
Or naby keita?

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05 Mar 2018 20:48:34
Lemar is going to come here to sit on the bench.
Yeah, right.
Any more fantasies?

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05 Mar 2018 20:59:46
Ox and Lallana are good back ups for the wide positions.

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05 Mar 2018 20:59:53
Maybe Lallana, the Ox, TAA or a youngster could do a job covering in the front 3? Or Lamar if we do get him?
Or you could go to 2 or even 1 up top and adjust the shape to fit?
I don’t see it being a major issue that needs addressing unless someone has a major injury before now and September, we should look to strengthen in other areas first and foremost.

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05 Mar 2018 21:03:52
At the minute we have great players at the club and we are looking like we are going to finish only second to Man city in the league and have a good run at the champions league this season.

I think this summer transfer window will be our most important in years, if we recruit well and bring in big players that can have an immediate impact along with what we have now we can have our first run at the title under Klopp.

You can guarantee the rest of the top 4 will be spending big after the World Cup and if we want to compete with them we need to give ourselves every chance and bring in the best players.

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06 Mar 2018 05:12:19
What about wilson, woodburn, ejaria, ojo and taiwo? surely at some point they have to be in team plans. We cannot just keep on wasting bright academy prospects (Suso comes to mind) . Also if really needed for backup i would like to go for a player like sessengnon, he is young and would not cost a bomb (or may be he will? ) but pretty sure the lad would want first team chances and won't come to us.
Any other additions apart from a GK (to replace Migs) and CB (to replace Matip) are not required unless someone is supposed to leave.

if we manage to move on ings, studger, migs, clyne, matip, markovic and may be lallana for some money i think we can choose to get a top top player someone to really improve the first sqaud (oblak, allison kinds)

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06 Mar 2018 08:23:32
I still think Lallana is needed bro. he can help in games like against united and Newcastle. with his cryff turn and all. ed01 opinion?

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{Ed001's Note - if he wants to stay then yes, but he doesn't want to be a back up, which is what he is right now.}

06 Mar 2018 09:53:10
I think we should only be replacing outgoing players as the squad is plenty big enough. Players like Gini, Milner, Lallana are all not going to be first choice next season so who are we going to get that is happy to sit on the bench? I am not sure how it will work changing 5 midfielders in one transfer window.

Hendo and Ox might be the only midfielders to be kept, it has the makings of a very interesting summer.

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06 Mar 2018 09:06:40
Lallana just needs to get his head down and win bac his place in the team Ed.

Ox has won his spot and so has Milner even in recent weeks.

Lallana is talented. This will be a test of his mental resolve as in the past he has been accused of being weak mentally.

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{Ed001's Note - personally I really don't care, I would not be upset if he left.}

06 Mar 2018 11:15:31
I know Karius is playing very well right now but I can't turn down Alisson. He is my number one choice for incoming this summer purely because the man is a monster.

A creative DM and a front three replacement/ compliment will also do nicely.

Front three number one choice is Fekir. Think he offers a little bit of everything. He could even play the Firmino role in some games should he get injured or something. Hopefully that won't be needed.

Creative DM I'm unsure about. I look a Jorginho and while he is a superb passer I'm not sure he offers the physicality or defensivness I would want in my DM. Xabi Alonso defensive skills were always underplayed in my opinion. It was part of what made him so great in addition to his outstanding passing. God he was great. However I also want the outstanding passing that Jorginho possesses. So to sum up a bigger, stronger, better defensive Jorginho. Any suggestions?

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06 Mar 2018 12:26:29
In Ed002's words "players are transient employees", with which i fully agree. They belong on the field as long as they have more to contribute to winning than the player behind them, stay fit and want to play for this team. The same should apply to the prospects. If they're good enough to take a starter's place then so be it. We know we have a manager who has no qualms in starting 17 year-old prospects in games. But until they are, I think it's a foolish mistake to hold off from buying ready talent which can make a positive impact today in the hope of prospects perhaps helping us win in future years. Why not pursue both pathways? And if the prospect developed is not good enough then you sell them off (as in Jordon Ibe for 15Mil) .

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06 Mar 2018 12:51:30
players are transient employees is true of clubs who never win anything, that's why Barcelona pay messi 2 million € a week! that's why Hazard has stayed at Chelsea 3-4 years more than he personally wanted, that's why no top Man City player will be running to join Barcelona or Real Madrid anytime soon!

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06 Mar 2018 12:51:31
Ederson/ Bravo-Karius/ Mignolet
Walker/ Danilo-Clyne/ A. Arnold
Otamendi/ Laporte-Matip/ Gomez
Kompany/ Stones-VanDijk/ Lovren/ Klavan
Mendy-Robertson/ Moreno
Fernandinho/ Toure-Henderson/ (Can)
KDB/ Delph-Ox/ Lallana/ Grujic/ (Keita)
Silva/ Gundogan-Milner/ Wijnaldum
Sterling/ B. Silva-Salah
Sane-Mane/ Woodburn
Aguero/ G. Jesus-Firmino/ Ings/ Solanke

As you can see we need to replace Mignolet if he leaves with an older and experienced keeper (Navas) or/ and replace Karius with a better keeper if he don't impress like Oblak, Alisson. If 2 CB leaves then we can buy a new CB and if Clyne leaves we can get a new RB same with LB if Moreno leaves. In Middlefield we need to add 1 CM (Jorginho, Zielinkski, Ceballos, Asensio, Lemar, Milinkovic-Savic) but someone has to leave maybe Milner or Lallana and we need a player who can play both flanks to cover for Salah and Mane (Griezzman, Malcom, G. Martins) or we can just let H. Wilson/ Ojo/ Kent to cover them next season.

The priority is a forward who can cover both flanks and the others depends on who leaves.

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06 Mar 2018 14:42:05
Nostradamus. Oh, so you know Hazard's deepest thoughts and you know ManC's players' future intentions too? In that case you're right, absoluely right. Bravo, you win. I'm talking about recruitment strategy for a team as a whole and you pick out best player in two teams who's stayed longer than usual. The usual "reply with oranges when someone's talking about apples" tactic. It's the teams that keep players longer than necessary when better options are available in the market (and can be bought with available resources) that don't win anything. But hey, you're right and you win.

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08 Mar 2018 08:31:03
wow, hahaha, what a complete baby, i completely disagree with the transient employes rubbish, the best teams keep their best players end of discussion! What a hilarious childish response! I am sorry to have made you this butthurt mate, you win clearly, i take it back, the best teams in the world sell their best players all the time, i am a complete clown and take it back!

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08 Mar 2018 08:52:15
I am sorry for butthurting you this bad, its my opinion and i stand by it 100% that the best teams who win things don't sell their best players, you clearly win by the way you big baby! And if you want and the ed's allow it i can give you Hazard's cellphone number right now and his email to contact him and ask him yourself!

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05 Mar 2018 01:03:43
Hey eds n reds. just wondering if the eds could tell me whether Dani Ceballos is being looked at as a Jorginho type deep lying playmaker or is he being looked as a partner to Keita infront of that DLP.? Cheers.

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{Ed002's Note - I have not decided tactically how I will use him just yet.}

05 Mar 2018 11:17:44
Thanks ed002 i really appreciate your help 👌.

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05 Mar 2018 18:34:46
The kid has hardly kicked a ball in top flight football, I don’t know how he would walk into our team!

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05 Mar 2018 21:02:02
BD-He’s played over 100 top flight games.

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06 Mar 2018 09:07:27
Harry, he played a lot of football for Betis before joining RM. hardly a kid.

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04 Mar 2018 16:51:20
Hi Ed002

I hope your well.

Are you any nearer to the Sharkopod at all please?

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{Ed002's Note - Nope, I am either travelling or homelss right now.}

04 Mar 2018 17:50:33
Hey Ed, hope you get your housing situation sorted out soon.

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{Ed002's Note - Well thank you.}

04 Mar 2018 18:21:55
I have a spare room in south wales if you're really desperate ed.

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{Ed002's Note - Thanks.}

04 Mar 2018 18:52:48
Ed, if you're in the states, I have an extra room for you if you'd like.

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{Ed002's Note - Thanks.}

04 Mar 2018 19:46:27
Guys I think by homeless ed002 means having to crash at the ritz whilst the contractors re-marble the staircase in his Chelsea penthouse.

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04 Mar 2018 19:48:54
Ed, harrys got a spare bed in his dungeon with your name on it.

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04 Mar 2018 21:01:55
And a Kovacevic outfit at the ready.

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04 Mar 2018 21:30:02
Sounds hectic Ed2, hope things improve soon.

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{Ed002's Note - It will be fine thanks.}

05 Mar 2018 09:25:23
I you ever find yourself in Southern Taiwan (Ed002, any of the other Ed's or any posters) there is a spare room you'd be welcome to use.

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{Ed002's Note - We appreciate that Sean.}

05 Mar 2018 13:10:09
ed002 you could always share mourinho's room if you get desperate.

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