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14 Jan 2017 19:57:29
Jordan Henderson will play through the pain barrier for Liverpool against Manchester United tomorrow.

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15 Jan 2017 09:17:52
Hope so Harry. We need our captain

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15 Jan 2017 10:02:46
The midfield is a shambles without Hendo.

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{Ed025's Note - shambles???..

14 Jan 2017 14:55:44
Any intrest in Subotic

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{Ed025's Note - none whatsoever taylor..

13 Jan 2017 12:12:38
Seen some newspapers regarding a 25m bid for payet from us? I presume it's utter crap as he wouldn't fit our style of play in terms of the high pressing play. Any interest at all?

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{Ed002's Note - Yes, but not from Liverpool.}

13 Jan 2017 13:57:36
BBC Sport Gossip reporting the interest is from Chelsea. However their source is the S*n.

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13 Jan 2017 17:57:27
What's the point of adding a '*' to the word?

If you feel that strongly, don't refer to the word, otherwise just say 'Sun' for Christ sake.

It's like being at school.

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{Ed025's Note - its the fact that the name of that scum bag rag should never be mentioned on this or any other football forum davey, the guy is just treating it with the contempt it deserves mate..jft96

14 Jan 2017 12:57:57
Shocked that someone from Bootle can't comprehend that, Davey. I am what you would all call a Southerner and even I refrain from calling that rag by its proper name.

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14 Jan 2017 14:56:20
I'm a southerner too and I refer back to Ed025's comment.

Also, just like Beetlejuice, if you write their name 3 times then a tosser called Kelvin appears.

That rag is more worthless than the dirt on the bottom of the piece of rubbish stuck to my shoe.


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{Ed025's Note - its banned from a lot of shops here in liverpool zed and well it should be, how anyone who loves football never mind liverpool can stand to read that rag is beyond me mate..

13 Jan 2017 10:33:18
Looks like Sevilla are out of the Sakho running, most likely saints will have the main offering to him now interest wise, will he view the saints as a big enough option considering his views on the likes of West Ham?


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13 Jan 2017 15:26:13
Where ever he goes will be a big step down. Only way from the top is down 😊

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14 Jan 2017 04:14:03
Southampton is a very credible and well run club - maybe not a CL side but not far off. West Ham is in a mess.

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12 Jan 2017 21:09:30
Ed, are Liverpool not interested at all in Saed Kolasinac. I would have thought we are still looking for a longer term solution at LB.

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{Ed001's Note - such as Juanma! He has impressed as he has settled into English football.}

13 Jan 2017 00:34:57
very happy to hear that 001

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{Ed001's Note - let's just hope he really has it.}

13 Jan 2017 05:06:08
You think is he ready for the 1st team soon? Read a few times of you praising him. Can't wait to watch him.

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{Ed001's Note - I have not seen enough to judge him, but certainly the coaches believe he is growing into the English game.}

13 Jan 2017 06:46:53
lets at least give him a chance, milner proved us all wrong so let's see what this lad is made of, we might have the answer to our problems staring us in the face, his path to the 1st team must not be blocked other wise what sort of message are we sending out not only to him but to all the youngsters who are impressing the coaches, not all of them will make it but let's at least give them a chance.

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13 Jan 2017 10:41:46
Has a great throw in on him apparently!

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13 Jan 2017 12:42:47
I`m eager to see him play as Ed has mentioned numerous times that the coaches think he`s the real deal.

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13 Jan 2017 11:03:19
Cheers ed, I didn't realise he was so highly rated. I presume they will assess it in the summer and if he carries on improving will be given a shot pre season.

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{Ed001's Note - unless injuries force him to get a shot.}

13 Jan 2017 19:02:57
Has there ever been talk of Milner playing right back, as we've had a few looks at some left backs. I know he's been excellent and a little harsh to shunt him again, just wondering. I know clyne's popularity is divided. For me he's so close to being another finan. Perhaps some competition might bring his game up like it did with finan.

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12 Jan 2017 19:05:07
Barca to bid for Lallana?

Anything in this ed002? Is Lallana going to fulfill his destiny and start Cryuff-turning in the camp nou?

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any interest from Barcelona but I am told he is on a list of possibles for Juventus - but lots of folks are.}

12 Jan 2017 19:34:27
Thanks ed002 😘😍

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12 Jan 2017 14:47:19
Hi Eds, any truth in us allegedly preparing an £8.7million offer for Juventus teenager Francesco Cassata?

Transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio claimed on his website that we're to make a formal move for the versatile Juventus star, 19, who is currently on loan at Serie B side Ascoli. Allegedly Klopp likes the fact that he can play in RB as well as all across midfield including both wings.

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{Ed002's Note - I know nothing it, sorry. Francesco Cassata is out on loan this season (I don't recall where) and I don't know what is meant by "preparing an offer" means.}

12 Jan 2017 15:29:33
Unless they're preparing "an offer they can't refuse" 😎🐴

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12 Jan 2017 21:21:37
I think by preparing an offer it means that Ian Ayre is winding up the old fax machine so the offer should be in sometime tomorrow

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13 Jan 2017 06:49:22
I wonder what ayre's last piece of business will be in terms of buying players before he jumps on his Harley and rides into the sunset.

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10 Jan 2017 18:00:53
Hi ed is there anything in the julian brandt rumours

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{Ed001's Note - not that I am aware of, would be an odd move considering Brandt is known for not being a particularly hard worker. I was actually talking about it earlier with one about who Liverpool have looked at and he was saying he thought a lad at Genk (I think his name was Leon Bailey but I am not sure as I was chasing up some stuff for a friend to put in a charity auction in June afterwards so got hundreds of names of people to ask just after that, so I might be mixing the name up) was someone we wanted and would be the perfect player for Klopp.}

10 Jan 2017 18:28:16
Leon bailey? Quite interesting as a few reliable guys on twitter have said we've had a look at Leon bailey could something be on the cards?

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{Ed002's Note - Genk's Leon Bailey is continuing to attract the attention of a number of sides, particularly those from England who would like a deal before the opportunity for him become home grown disappear. He has previously opted to turn down Chelsea for Genk where he knew opportunities would be better. Newcastle, Ajax, Crystal Palace, Manchester United and Napoli have all watched him recently and Napoli have had a couple of discussions with Genk with one of his representatives available. Efforts are being made by a sports agency to ease out the representatives he has now. Right now he is not ready for the EPL, so a loan would be likely if he were to move to England but I don't see any chance of a January move.}

10 Jan 2017 18:28:38
Bailey seems like an exciting player. And yes ed, there is a Leon Bailey that plays for Genk

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{Ed002's Note - They are teasing you on Twitter about any Liverpool interest in Leon Bailey.}

10 Jan 2017 18:31:58
Bailey looks promising Ed02. Speed, power and cracking left foot. He is a runner. But Brandt is just class for his age 😎.

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{Ed002's Note - And Liverpool has no interest in him.}

10 Jan 2017 18:34:42
Thanks ed

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11 Jan 2017 04:45:00
Are you sure though ed? My mom was drinking Baileys the other day and I think I heard a Kings of Leon song on at the same time. The move must be on.

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10 Jan 2017 16:34:54
Hi Ed2, there are reports that Liverpool have set a price for Sakho's sale (effectively getting their outlay back) . Is the interest in Sakho high enough that clubs will pay a large fee or is it more likely that Liverpool will end up accepting a nominal fee to get him off the books?

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{Ed002's Note - I would think the answer is between the two. Liverpool want to sell rather than loan Sakho to another side. Sevilla and, perhaps, Roma may well seek a loan to buy deal for Sakho in January but the issue will be his wages. Sevilla remain interested but I understand Liverpool want to sell rather than loan him out and the asking price is seen to be very high indeed. Roma's interest will be there if they lose a centre back in January but are resisting the temptation to commit to buying a replacement at this time and want to take Sakho on loan. Besiktas and Galatasaray are not of interest to the player. Lyes Ghilas and Niakate Housseyni have both been spoken to by the club and they should be looking for a new home for the player but for now Housseyni is insistant that Sakho stays and if that is the case he will no doubt be spending his time looking for the deal that suits them and not Liverpool for the summer. Housseyni has been told that the club expect to recover their investment in him. Ghilas offered the player to a representative of Marseilles whilst they were both at meetings with Chelsea but they have no interest in him. Stoke have discussed a loan with his agent but have said they would need to have Liverpool pay half his wages. The player has said that he wants a high-end side and that will likely rule out any interest from the player in clubs such as West Brom and West Ham who have both enquired with Housseyni. If Southampton were to lose both van Dijk and Fonte during January then they might also consider a loan. So it is a case of looking to a deal with Sevilla or Southampton and perhaps being more reasonable about the price and not demanding £20M or so.}

11 Jan 2017 08:07:04
Just in case you didn't see my first reply, just wanted to say thanks for the in-depth reply.

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{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

13 Jan 2017 00:38:05
And that ladies and gentlemen is why this site rocks. Ed02.take a bow son. what a reply.

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09 Jan 2017 21:36:26
Hi ED01 and ED02 thanks for a wonderful job you doing and all the hard work. I just wonder if they was any update on us trying to buy Emil Forsberg.

Thanks again

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{Ed002's Note - I remain of the opinion that Liverpool has not made any approach for the player at all - not since Rodgers showed an interest at least.}

10 Jan 2017 15:23:54
His agent has already come out saying he`s not leaving and personally, I don`t see that happening either as RBL have wads of cash so don`t money, don`t need to sell except if the player forces the move, something I don`t see happening either.

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