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15 Jun 2018 20:39:09
Just an old school clarifaction for you guys that we're definitely not in for Robin Olsen of FC Copenhagen. If anyone should still wonder.

Copenhagen is my hometown and I have very good reason to believe that we have shown absolutely no sign of interest in him. The source is a friend of mine who's got sources within the club. Should be fairly reliable.

Also, I have watched him in a fair share of games and we're definitely not missing out on anything there.

Also also, happy to finally be able to put my knowledge to (good) use on this site! Been here for a few years, but finally got around to making an account. Cheers to all eds and reds.

1.) 15 Jun 2018 21:18:11
Cheers Red- I can also confirm we have no interest in my mate Gaz from my pub team and will definitely not be making a move for him neither.

2.) 15 Jun 2018 23:03:48
I do enjoy sarcasm Bledd, but come on mate. I've heard my 2 year old niece come up with better wisecracks than that.

3.) 16 Jun 2018 03:56:37
Ridiculous weather recently in Copenhagen, thought I was going to evaporate. ☀️.




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14 Feb 2019 00:44:30
A thing I've been kind of wondering since Moreno came to the club - is there any reason he was never tried at left (or right) wing? I mean, he's shown enough glimpses of being a threat higher up the pitch, and although I would never have him anywhere near the pitch at the back, I can't be alone in thinking he might have been able to be more of an asset if he'd been converted to the wing position.

He's got a fine shot on him (of what I've seen), got pace and a bit of dribbling skill and I feel with enough practice at the wing he could turn out to be a better footballer than he's made out to be. I mean, last season he actually started out pretty good, playing some fine forward going football, up until Robertson, though rightfully, took his place. And over the years I feel that he could, at the least, have been a better impact substitution than a lot of other options we've had.

I do realize that you don't just convert to a new position overnight, but am I way off? Does he simply just not have what is required?

1.) 14 Feb 2019 02:31:57
He is a failed winger, that's why he's at left back.

2.) 14 Feb 2019 02:50:18
Part of the reason he is so poor defensively is because he is a converted winger. He was poor as a left winger as well.
Moreno has a few decent physical attributes, he’s quite fast and aggressive, but his sub-25 IQ puts paid to any physical qualities he may have. He’ll shoot if it’s the worst available option, his crosses never reach their intended target, and his runs are inconsistent at best.
Bottom line, Moreno never has and never will be anywhere near the standard Liverpool need. Even if he could improve, his lack of intelligence just wouldn’t allow it.

{Ed0333's Note - and you’re being kind about his footballing IQ lowel

3.) 14 Feb 2019 04:28:01
He’s very one footed which makes him predictable, and he certainly can’t dribble. I agree he does has pace and a powerful shot, but he’s a long long way off having the skills to be a successful winger.

{Ed001's Note - I have never understood why people keep suggesting this, he has not got any skill, can't cross or shot or pass or tackle. The lad is a hopeless case sadly. He was brought in knowing he had a lot of flaws to his game, but it was hoped that they could be coached out of his game. Sadly he lacks any understanding or the ability to figure things out for himself and to improve.}

4.) 14 Feb 2019 07:37:29
Notwithstanding his skill, we don't play tradition wingers. So he'd be hopeless unless we were going to replace Klopp with Hodgson.

5.) 14 Feb 2019 08:57:17
A question for ED01 or ED02 perhaps; Was Moreno bought deliberatly or was he part of a double buy as I am sure I can remember him being bought as part of a double buy from Seviele.
Or have I got that completely wrong?

Also whos idea was it to buy him?
Was it the quango committe we used to have oe was it Rodgers specifically?

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what you mean by "double buy" but there was no exchange or package deal. He was wanted by BR and the club agreed to the purchase.}

6.) 14 Feb 2019 10:38:34
I thougjt we purchased him with another player at the same time from the same club.

But thank you for the clarification.

{Ed002's Note - Not that I recall.}

7.) 14 Feb 2019 14:06:48
Oh, never realized he was actually a converted winger. Out of curiosity, was he worse in the wing position, than he was at left back? It's hard to imagine so, but I don't recall ever seeing him playing up there and I haven't watched him before he came to Liverpool. For a guy that seems to have zero understanding of defending, I thought he'd at the very least do a better job further up the pitch.

8.) 14 Feb 2019 15:59:15
I've thought the same thing red chim mate. He does have the ability to place counter attacking football and he's a tough little effer.

But if it's true that he lacks the intelligence to play for a top club in an offensive position then that's that. But I wonder if he could have done more than lallana when he came on for salah in the ucl final.

You need back up players and it's hard to find brilliant players who will sit on the bench while Andy Andy Andy Andy Robertson shines. I think he is okay as back up but I'd rather have milner at lb than alby. I think we'll sign chillwell in the summer, maybe swap moreno as part of the deal. Leicester have done swap deals in the recent past I think. Ben would push Andy to become the best lb in the world. For me he is the best in the league.

{Ed025's Note - robertson is good robbie but come on mate...become best in the world????, hes in the top 10 in the premiership but anything more is you being a bit deluded mate...give your head a wobble will ya..

9.) 14 Feb 2019 16:52:03
I thought Robbo is top 10 in the world in his position already? Can't personally name 10 better at LB.

10.) 14 Feb 2019 18:20:56
I think that signing Chilwell would be a foolish move. He'd expect to get some games as he wouldn't want to purely be backup. Robbo is a machine and hardly gets tired, so a like for like quality rotation player isn't necessary.

We should promote someone or buy either a young left back (Kelly? / Sessegnon? ) or someone towards the end of their career that wouldn't mind being backup, but with plenty of experience (Filipe Luis? ) .

11.) 14 Feb 2019 18:29:52
When has Moreno ever looked good higher up the pitch? I can think of once, on his debut against Spurs when he ran the full length and smashed it in the corner.
Since then I don’t think he’s hit a single shot on target or picked out a single player in the box.
He plays like a child, he’s all energy with no clue where he’s supposed to be or what he’s supposed to be doing.
‘All the gear with no idea’ springs to mind.

12.) 14 Feb 2019 19:38:42
My understanding of Moreno is that he is apparently a very good trainer off the field, works hard and appears to take the coach's advice. The problem is that it all dribbles out of his brain once he gets onto the field.

13.) 15 Feb 2019 11:53:36
Come on ed025. I never know when your on a wind up. He is the best lb in our league. Who is better? Mendy? No, can't think of anyone else who comes close. The spurs lad ain't bad and the Fulham kid with all that promise.

{Ed025's Note - hes very good robbie but so are a few others mate, and dont even get me started on other leagues my friend..



09 Aug 2018 20:47:38
It's official. Ings going on loan at St Mary's for the whole season, before the move is made permanent next summer. He could've been so much more for us, but unfortunately things didn't pan out that way. Wish him all the best!

1.) 09 Aug 2018 21:42:38
Good luck to the lad. He deserves to go and play and enjoy his career, even if it is not at LFC.




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17 Jan 2019 15:03:02
Kloppers - I definitely agree, let's go for all three and get a bit of Danish talent back to Anfield!



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07 Jan 2019 23:00:48
Good thing is I'm certain he'll be their no 1 and get plenty of game time.

Bad thing is it's going to be in a very average league. Danish football isn't good at the moment. Apart from Copenhagen and to some extent Midtjylland and Brøndby, the quality of football and players has been going exponentially downhill for the last 7-8 years or so (apart from Copenhagen performing pretty steadily in Europe) . Not sure how much he'll be tested in quality, albeit Aarhus isn't doing that well, so he might get his chances to be the hero, or at least be a game changer. Time will tell

Good luck to the lad anyways! I'll definitely be watching him.



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15 Jun 2018 23:03:48
I do enjoy sarcasm Bledd, but come on mate. I've heard my 2 year old niece come up with better wisecracks than that.




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14 Feb 2019 14:06:48
Oh, never realized he was actually a converted winger. Out of curiosity, was he worse in the wing position, than he was at left back? It's hard to imagine so, but I don't recall ever seeing him playing up there and I haven't watched him before he came to Liverpool. For a guy that seems to have zero understanding of defending, I thought he'd at the very least do a better job further up the pitch.



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17 Jan 2019 20:00:29
Naby, there's way more to it than him just sticking up for himself and BEING A PROPER MAN, but you don't seem to grasp that.

Lazar was what, 19? when he joined us. Even if that "qualifies" as being grown up, I would say that Liverpool as a club is held responsible for way more than he himself is at such an age. We bought him with no plans whatsoever for him. From 2014 till now, our club has mistreated him in lots of ways - that's A LOT of uncertainty from a young guys' point of view.

Should he have been able to do more on his loan spells with the ability he has? Perhaps. But with the way Liverpool have handled this, I'm in no way surprised that his development has stalled and that he might have lost interest in the game, might have lost huge amounts of confidence, might have not fitted the different clubs his been at or whatever might have happened. There could be a lot of things to it. Moving to a new country/ club four times (five if we count Liverpool as well) in 3-4 years can't be easy for a young guy. Not everyone has the mentality to being moved around like that. To this date the clubs holds way more responsibility than Lazar himself does, close to most of it. Instead of permanently letting him go to another club, we've held him back with loan spells that clearly haven't worked out.

Besides all of this shouldn't really be a surprise, as we've done it with a lot of players. It's not a new thing that we're screwing a lot of players' careers up.

I'm also surprised at how few people take all these details into consideration before making stupid and illogical comments like that of yours Naby.



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17 Jan 2019 15:27:13
You all have to realize how poorly we've managed him down the years.

One thing is that the lad moved way too early, but I guess that's a seemingly common thing in football nowadays. Either way, we bought him without having any plan at all for him - pretty sure we even played him as a wing back (out of position) a lot, but I may be wrong on that one. He was never given a proper chance to really do anything at Liverpool.

After that follows all his loan spells, and while he hasn't shown a lot, we have to understand that he's still a young lad and that he's basically been thrown around from club to club (FOUR different ones in FOUR years), been "mistreated" at our own club and just basically hasn't gotten any chance to really improve or do anything for himself over the years. There's never been a plan with the loan spells, maybe besides getting his price to rise a bit. Nothing about all this really screams morale or confidence boost.

Besides he's pretty much been forced out of a move on several occasions, as the club has set the asking price way too high each and every time. At least that's how I've come to understand it.

In conclusion we've done absolutely nothing to help him with his career, and given all the circumstances I can fully understand why his development has stalled as it has. We need to let him go and let him rebuild his career elsewhere - something that is long overdue.



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22 Dec 2018 15:28:08
I know it's only hypothetical thinking and yes, it would probably be devastating to our good form if something like that were to happen. However the same goes for any team in world football really. Even city wouldn't be able to cope with something like that.
Most importantly it is so unlikely to happen, that it's a bit silly to even put forward a scenario like that. I get where you're coming from, but there's absolutely no way you could assemble a squad with your aspects in mind - needing to have 3 forwards, 3 defenders and 3 midfielders or whatever of same or similar quality as our starters, that's just not a thing.

We have a strong bench, not the best, but strong enough to be game changing. Let's be happy with that.



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21 Dec 2018 16:45:14
You got to take care of yourself Salah mate - same goes for you aoe. Sleep patterns can be a dangerous thing to mess around with. All of november was crazy busy for me, and I slept maybe 3 hours every night, didn't eat very well as a result of that and just generally felt like crap. I turned very sick as my body tried to cleanse it all out, which it's been using all of December to do. First now that I'm really getting back to "normal".

Somebody once said that christmas was supposed to be the cosiest and happiest month of the year - this man was obviously on crack.
Haha, anyways happy holidays everyone. And bring on the wolves!