22 Feb 2024 19:21:31
Hi Ed2 hope you are well. What are your thoughts on who might be the next manager of LFC?

{Ed002's Note - I think top of the list will be Alonso, but as I have said he has other options and the push to stay if he wis the Bundesliga will be tough to overcome. He like Nagelsmann will have the support of Klopp. A popular choice for clubs and having a great season at Bayer Leverkusen, but very inexperienced, although there will be interest in him from Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Manchester United. Has made no secret of a desire to follow Ancelotti at Real Madrid - but that won't be until 2026 so they can be discounted at this time although he has the support of Carlo Ancelotti. Klopp has endorsed both Alonso and Nagelsmann. If he were to win the league this season it would likely make it very difficult for him to leave and there would be significant pressure to stay. There are no clauses in his contract allowing him to leave to join any other club.
Julian Nagelsmann (C) Contracted until the Euros are finished in the summer - talented and perhaps should not be discounted for the Liverpool job. May be a shrewd choice for Liverpool and will have the support of Klopp.
Roberto de Zerbi (C) Brighton would fight to keep him but another who will certainly be discussed by Barcelona, Liverpool and Manchester United with Jim Ratcliff having an interest in him. A significant issue exists in the cost of Brighton releasing him.
Zinedine Zidane (C) I understand an advisor has told Liverpool not to discount Zindane after discussions over another job for him are delayed pending a change of club ownership. I think unlikely for Liverpool - wildcard would be Bayern Munich.
Ruben Amorin (C) Manchester United may offer an option - a wildcard may be Liverpool, but down the list.}

1.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 21:10:27
Any chance of Klopp changing his mind given how happy and energetic he’s looked recently.

{Ed002's Note - I would rather doubt it.}

2.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 21:19:10
Alonso has made no secret of the fact that his ambition is to manage Liverpool. There are multiple videos to highlight this.

3.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 21:20:05
Also his family are Liverpool supporters.

4.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 22:26:06
When he wins the league realistically he would have achieved all he can so why stay when when the stars have aligned for him to come lfc witch mite not happen again.

5.) 22 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 22:32:12
Not saying he is 100% coming but, if he wins the league I think that makes it easier to leave not harder. Secondly, he has openly said in multiple interviews which anyone can find on YouTube of his desire to manage Liverpool one day. Also that Liverpool is his second home and that it hold the fondest memories of him as player due to it being a family and not just a club. And as Mark08 has pointed out, he has said his family (sons) support Liverpool. Anything can happen in football but if we go for him it will be extremely difficult for him to turn us down.

6.) 23 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 22:56:16
Alonso is the only one out of that list I’d want, the rest I’d hope never ever manage us.

7.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 00:31:12
Alonso’s past videos or his endearment for Liverpool has nothing to do with where he ends up in a professional capacity. From a sentiment point of view, all the clubs he has played for is a possible option for him to pick from so why does it make Liverpool an obvious choice given that the other clubs are equally massive brands? Also, we have been down this road of someone being a fan of Liverpool and idolising Liverpool players only for them to choose other clubs when it comes to a professional decision (cough Bellingham) .
I personally would love Alonso to be at Liverpool come next season, but this narrative of ‘it’s nailed on because there are few YT videos floating around’ is far from reliable.
I for one will just wait and watch and hope I am surprised just like when we had appointed Klopp (which I honestly hadn't expected FSG to pull off)

8.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 07:37:08
Interesting article on the BBC (don't think that I am allowed to post the link), which posted the results of an analytics company into who would be most suited to take over from Klopp. In order of suitability, the results were:

de Zerbi

Maybe if Madrid are so keen on Alonso, a deal can be done, with Ancelotti taking over at Anfield? Just joking, I think but I have always wondered how Ancelotti would have done as the Liverpool manager.

9.) 23 Feb 2024
22 Feb 2024 23:20:42
Ed2, will the club be speaking to the potential candidates now or will we wait until the season has ended? it'd make sense for us to start speaking to them now but kind of disrespectful to the other clubs I'd of thought?

{Ed002's Note - The club cannot approach individuals without the permission of their clubs but they can talk to agents.}

10.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 03:59:15
Do you expect Liv to appoint a SD first before deciding who is going to replace Klopp Ed? And do you see us appointing one before the end of the season? Not going to lie, its been really quiet on the SD front and I'm afraid we are going into the next summer without a SD and a manager thus no plan on transfer and squad management for next season.

{Ed002's Note - I cannot sensibly answer about timescales.}

11.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 08:24:05
That list on the BBC is way wrong. Alonso is head and shoulders above the rest in that list Kloppite and it’s not even close.

Amorim - No thanks, nothing special about him, hasn’t taken Sporting to a European tournament win, winning in Portugal with one of the teams who usually win doesn’t feel like much of an achievement.
Nagelsmann - Absolutely no, Brendan Rodgers vibes. Poor judgement. Dodgy tactics. Lost respect of his players really quickly.
Tuchel - Failed at PSG, failed at Chelsea, failed at Bayern and failed at Dortmund. Absolutely no.
Postecoglou - His comments after the infamous match at Spurs should rule him out right away. Again, nothing special as a manager, Spurs is his level.
de Zerbi - No thanks, mid table manager, don’t see anything special there. he can stay at Brighton.

As for Ancelotti being an Everton man should rule him out straight away.

12.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 08:39:18
I've missed the VVVV rants about how everyone is rubbish. You must spend every hour watching different leagues to know so much.

13.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 08:43:22
It's a bit of fun, I think, VV. All valid points that you make, although I disagree regarding Ancelotti. I have no issue with the links to Everton but then I am from an era, when there was no animosity towards our neighbours and I still hold true to those values. Life's too short.

14.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 11:24:52

In that order. The rest of the list leaves me cold.

15.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 12:23:24
VV you are missing the point entirely. The BBC article was based on a data driven assessment by an analytics company using various different models to assess compatibility to Klopps style and ability as a manager. There were also some caveats regarding limited data with Alonso.
I'm sure you could get in touch with the company and tell them they're wrong without providing any sort of thought process behind it.

16.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 14:18:58
Like everyone Alonso would be my preferred choice but I don't get VV point calling Nagelsman crap. he really isn't. the blip at Bayern to me seemed to be behind the scenes stuff he didn't match there culture and style maybe? from reading a bunch of stuff might not be true but he thought he was coming in and changing things a fresh approach but didn't get backed in the end if we end up with Alonso or Nagelsman I'd be very happy.

17.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 14:19:45
It can only be Alonso or Amorin, at a push, Nagelsmann before Baryen would of been in the top 3 but he damaged himself sportingly there and his private life overshadowed him a touch.

18.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 14:29:29
VV usually wins? The training ground was attacked and the club a shambles before he came in, he took them to the league while promoting 3 young players who have become excellent players, he should be second choice miles ahead of anyone else.

19.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 14:33:57
Nagelsmann did well at Bayern but he was slipping info to his journalist girlfriend who dumped him once he got sacked.

Oh and I believe Neuer was causing issues for him which blew up when he got rid of Neuers goalkeeping coach I think? (i might be misremembering stuff) . But Neuer is a tit anyway. Think I recall him making a strop in the German national team when Ter Stegen burst on the scene and Neuer did not want his position under threat.

20.) 23 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024 15:41:31
FSGfleecing us, Sporting have won the Portuguese league 19 times, and generally finish in the top four. If he did a Mourinho and won a European trophy as well as a league title then maybe it might seem more impressive. As it is, a league title about 3 years ago doesn’t feel all that impressive. Plus Sporting really don’t want to do business with us (as anyone who reads these pages should recall) .

I’m absolutely against Nagelsmann, huge step down from Klopp, serious errors or judgement and massive Brendan Rodgers vibes. He’s the level of Tottenham ot Chelsea.

The recruitment has to be right, bar Alonso the pool of “talent” js so shallow it’s barely a puddle.

Kloppers, I remember that era too, unfortunately those days feel long gone never to return. So Ancelotti can never be a manager who would be welcome as his connection to Everton is too strong.

{Ed025's Note - his only connection to Everton VV is that he used them as a stepping stone mate, and as a way to enhance his pension..

21.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 07:17:05
As much as I would like Alonso as manager it seems people think it’s nailed on which it isn’t, let’s wait and see.

22.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 08:15:52
Feeeling a bit for some fans if it’s not Alonso. Sounds like anyone else will be worse then Hodgson.

23.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 03:03:54
Good solid post Ed. Outside of Alonso, who do you think would adapt the best to being Liverpool manager? Or is that too hypothetical a question? Just interested in your gut feeling, as Klopp gets it but replicating that rapport with the club is difficult.

{Ed002's Note - Nagelsmann.}

24.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 09:54:45
I wonder who else may be under consideration, besides the ones mentioned above? Surprised that Unai Emery and Diego Simeone's names do not seem to be in the frame and whilst highly unlikely, given his current role, somebody like Luciano Spalletti would be an interesting option.

{Ed002's Note - The club has taken advice and is down to a short-list - they will not want to look further unless they have to.}

25.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 10:40:57
Wonder why are we not looking for more experienced managers like Emery Scaloni. Inzaghi etc. Imo it takes experience to manage Liverpool given it works best as an all encompassing football culture not just a manager.

{Ed002's Note - Filippo Inzaghi is a journeyman coach who has had a torrid time at Salernitana. Why would Liverpool look at him. They have taken advice and the advice has identified the best options for Liverpool moving forward.}

26.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 12:01:44
As there has been talk of Alonso possibly being out next manager I have started to try and watch Leverkusen games

Very, very different style of football to what we have at the minute and potentially more skin in style (not formation) to Man City.

No doubt he’s a talented manager and coach as he’s made potentially ordinary looking players into a team unbeaten in 33 games?

Not to be sniffed at.

27.) 24 Feb 2024
24 Feb 2024 16:12:19
Failing to win anything at Bayern is terrible on your record. Tuchel and Julians stock has fallen considerably in my eyes.

28.) 25 Feb 2024
25 Feb 2024 02:52:47
Nagelsmann and Tuchel have both won the Bundesliga with Bayern, Random Red.

29.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 10:52:20
@VV, You could say the same about dortmund and Klopps record before he came, the next manager needs to be more than just about trophy wins on a cv, he needs to get the place, Amorin got Sporting, he will get Liverpool too.