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26 Apr 2019 16:44:19
seen a few things on Twitter (not the most reliable source I know) that bobby is out for the rest of the season with a groin injury

anyone hear anything similar?





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01 Jun 2019 22:57:52
we done it boysh

congratulations and enjoy your night wherever you are in the world

up the reds!


1.) 01 Jun 2019 23:18:19
Will be a good night here for sure in Canada. Liquid refreshments flowing nicely.

2.) 02 Jun 2019 01:34:07
Dublin isint bad either

i was only 9 in Istanbul so this is extra special for me

i shed a tear or 2 and I'm not ashamed to say

up the red men 🖒🖒.



23 Jan 2019 16:05:40
ed any chance of your opinion of Martin skrtel on his time with us if you get a chance

loved him as a player, maybe not the most technically gifted player but always seemed to put his body on the line for us

cheers mate.


{Ed001's Note - not a fan at all, lacked pace, was weak, despite looking hard he was far from it and was never in position to put his body on the line.}

1.) 23 Jan 2019 19:28:16
OP, Dreadful defender, IMO. Ed01 already showed his faults which are pretty awful Putting your body on the line simply means you have poor positional sense and trust me, it is not and NEVER will be a quality in any defender or midfielder. Why do CB's like VVD, Gomez or even Lovs seem to put rarely "Put their bodies on the line"? Maybe it is cos they are able to read the game very well, anticipate and snuff out danger before it happens. One of the reasons I am happy Klopp came to us. It took him only 6 months to figure out Skrtel was pants and cut him loose, ASAP.

2.) 23 Jan 2019 21:42:04
He scored some bullet headers though.

3.) 23 Jan 2019 21:48:21
I liked Skrtel, but I didn't rate him in any form of expansive football.

In a deep line with a criminally under rated Agger holding his hand, he was decent. In a high line with Sakho next to him he was an absolute liability defensively.

Skrtel was a trier though. Always gave 100%, played with injuries, put his head in places it could and did get hurt etc. The problem was that he only had to try so hard because he was so rash. He was always getting sucked into midfield or full back areas to make challenges from the wrong side and if/ when he got it wrong he was miles out of position.

He also couldn't cope at all with pace. He was slow, but completely lacked the intelligence to drop off.

I'll tell you one thing though, we have never had a player at the club in my lifetime who was better at attacking a ball into the opposition box. His timing was brilliant and he scored some legendary headers.

I miss his passion but even in his prime he wouldn't get near the bench in this squad.

4.) 23 Jan 2019 23:43:54
MK, the goal that stands out to me was when Skrtel scored an early goal V the Gunners at Anfield, think we scored about 4 or 5 goals that day .

5.) 24 Jan 2019 00:32:24
Skrtel was pretty useless tbh, would rather of had a charmander.

6.) 24 Jan 2019 06:46:22
Wasn't he selected as Player of the Year by the players, or something similar, one of those years?

{Ed001's Note - so what? They are a terrible judge as is any kind of popularity vote. The guy was carried by Agger for years and was not that brave, remember him needing months off after a clash of heads with Carra? After he came back he pulled out of headers for over a year. Without Agger alongside him covering his rashness, he was a liability.

Oh and has everyone forgotten his little temper tantrums every time he had one good game wanting a new contract with a payrise?}

7.) 24 Jan 2019 09:34:28
thanks for the reply mate 🖒🖒.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

8.) 24 Jan 2019 10:24:16
Liverpool used to have a reputation for hard tackling defenders. Skrtel may not have been a great footballer but he was a true warrior who served us well for years. Don't like hearing him bad mouthed.

Jamie carragher put his body on the line all the time but he is praised for it. I can't think of many Premier league CBs that scared strikers as much as Martin. Maybe vidal (utd cb, dunno if I got his name right) keown was an animal. Both better players than Skrtel but man what a warrior.

And yeah, he scored some big goals, some real bullets. I liked the agger Skrtel partnership. After hypia and Hencho they were probably the next best partnership in the Premier league era. Although I believe van dijke and gomez will go on to pass them all as the best cb partnership in the Premier league era. Maybe ever.

Can you imagine a van dijke hansen partnership!? Man they would have been formidable.

{Ed025's Note - you need to take them red specs off robbie, skrtel was an absolute dog mate, hard man yes and even a grafter, but as a footballer he was neolithic..

9.) 24 Jan 2019 19:48:02
Spot on, Ed25. Sorry Robbie BUT please, do not compare Skrtel to Carra as they are in NO WAY similar. Skrtel was NO hard tackling CB nor was he some kind of warrior. He only played the part on TV. He was pants from head to toe and the fact that NO manager was able to see it until Klopp arrived, shows the rank incompetence of all them on this topic. It took Klopp (a former CB himself) to know within 6 months that this guy was a fraud and binned him ASAP. All the CB's that have come to the club since Skrtel left are LIGHT YEARS ahed of Skrtel in near every dept. The guy was a wuss who used to get done by the most average of CF's. I mean, even Dwight Gayle had his way with him.

10.) 26 Jan 2019 06:59:13
Skrtel a wuss! Tell that to his face. And guys, I said I know he wasn't a great footballer. I said he was a warrior. Which he was.

{Ed025's Note - i hear that liverpool are looking to sign attila the hun...not a great footballer...but what a warrior.. :)



30 Aug 2018 15:51:55
lads in tenerife for the week anyone know of any decent places to watch the game Saturday?


1.) 30 Aug 2018 16:52:48
Linekers bar.

2.) 30 Aug 2018 17:29:21
Jeez, is that place still there?

3.) 30 Aug 2018 19:53:10
The Toby Jug up beside Aqualand over the TF1 from Las Americas is where the local supporters group goes to. Good crack.



13 Aug 2018 13:23:11
lads heading over to the Fulham game in November just wondering what's the best way to go about getting tickets?

have asked a few friends here in the Dublin fan clubs but just wondering if anyone else knows the best way to get them?

any help would be much appreciated.


1.) 13 Aug 2018 18:49:54
Hospitality is probably your only way of getting one down an official route, you could get a membership and try through the members additional sale a couple of weeks before the game but the chances ain’t great and it would be a waste of £26.99 if you couldn’t get one.

{Ed002's Note - Nothing worse than wasting money on membership of Liverpool then?}

2.) 13 Aug 2018 22:52:52
There’s some guys on done deal. Not all of them rip ya off. Probably your best bet. I got tickets off a guy from droheda.

{Ed002's Note - I see from your IP address you are also from Droheda.}



07 Aug 2018 21:50:06
Ed 001 out of interest do you know if we voted for the shorter window or to leave it as it was?


{Ed001's Note - I think we were one of the 6 that voted against.}

1.) 07 Aug 2018 22:08:22
According to the Guardian 5 clubs voted against it and one club abstained. The five that voted against it were Palace, Watford, Man City, Man Utd and Swansea, the club that abstained was Burnley.

2.) 07 Aug 2018 22:26:56
What was the benefit to Burnley for abstaining? I don't understand that.

3.) 07 Aug 2018 22:57:21
Ultimately it seems like it was a nonsensical decision.
Only the agents will benefit.

{Ed025's Note - nothing new there then ken..

4.) 07 Aug 2018 23:20:17
The clubs that did their transfer business early also benefit. Everyone knew the date the window closes this summer, if clubs were unable to get their act together and are now panicking that’s their own fault.

{Ed025's Note - fair point mate..

5.) 07 Aug 2018 23:24:56
Strange if we voted against it but one of the few who sorted it out early.

6.) 07 Aug 2018 23:35:20
You think though. The guys behind the scene, the scouts and such, must have developed a rhythm in the summer, when it comes to the transfer market. This year their whole routine is messed up. I'm not surprised that teams like utd have struggled.

You used yo get a lot of transfers going through in the last minute. So the transfer market gets smaller when it should have got bigger.

It must be annoying for managers, like sarri with courtios. Players getting their heads turned must have a negative effect on the pre season. So in that respect, I get it. But I doubt that is the reason why it has been shortened.

7.) 08 Aug 2018 02:07:49
Much much better that the window closes before the first games. Everyone knows where they stand and we can get on with working towards winning something.

{Ed001's Note - how is that better? What difference does that make over having a window open up until March so no one ends up panic buying or overstocking players? All it means is the smaller clubs can't hang on to their players until finances force them to sell, usually when one of their starlets has a breakout season and the big boys jump in with a big offer that they can't refuse. Now they can't hold on to them in the hope they have a good season and increase their value as they won't get a chance to sell them.

The window is why it is so much more difficult for modern managers to give kids a run in the side. Before the window you could keep the squad small, knowing that you could buy if needed, when needed. You could turn to youth in injury crisis, because you knew that they either shone or you brought in a replacement to cover the injury. Now managers will never do that again as they are risking their whole career on a youngster playing well for half a season!

If Fergie was managing now, that class of 92 would never have been given a chance, because the risk would have been too great. Back then he knew he could wait and see. If things were not working out, he could just delve into the transfer market. Nobody at a big club will ever do that again and they will continue to overstock their squads with as many players as possible simply to avoid taking risks on youth as there is no back up plan available to rescue things if it goes wrong.}

8.) 08 Aug 2018 04:06:09
Looks a silly decision in hindsight but I can see their logic, clubs didn't want transfers affecting them once the season had begun, drawback of that is the mad rush to get deals done in a shorter period of time and possibility of players leaving without the club being able to bring in a replacement. You can say no to them leaving to an extent, but if a player start pulling a Courtois then your hands are tied. The only way this may have worked is if clubs in all major European leagues agreed to also shorten their windows too but this would never have been agreed. Terrible idea in hindsight, cons definitely do not look worth the few pros.

9.) 08 Aug 2018 09:39:38
Ultimately, whatever your view on having a transfer window in general, it was a stupid thing to decide to do at a local level. If UEFA decided to impose it across everyone then that's one thing, but all it's done is put English clubs at risk of losing our star players (either because they go on strike or because we get huge offers some clubs can't afford to turn down) without the ability to replace them.




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02 Jun 2019 01:34:07
Dublin isint bad either

i was only 9 in Istanbul so this is extra special for me

i shed a tear or 2 and I'm not ashamed to say

up the red men 🖒🖒.




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09 Mar 2019 20:37:09
city play United spurs and Burnley in the space of 8 days

United and Burnley away

very high chance of them dropping points in that week we just need to be close enough to them to capitalise

Jesus lads give it a rest and just support the team and enjoy the rest of the season.




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07 Mar 2019 10:45:30
great stuff again ed 🖒🖒

not saying we should buy him but do you think him playing alongside someone like van dijk who keeps on his case for 90 minutes would be of help to ake to help keep that focus he slightly lacks.


{Ed001's Note - I don't think it is that, I think he just needs to accept he is a defender and that is his future. Then he can get his head right.}



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22 Feb 2019 09:41:23

if a ref came out and explained why he gave a decision people may realise they're just normal people doing an incredibly difficult job and respect it instead of just giving them abuse constantly.




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22 Feb 2019 09:16:09
I think ed 001 has a point

If I remember correctly a few years back referees used to do interviews after games and explain their reasons behind decisions

I know it's a different era now with social media and the likes so the chances of that ever making a comeback is highly unlikely but just wondering if anyone thinks that could help this issue with the refs

I think if they explained why they gave a certain decision people May have a bit more respect for them.


{Ed001's Note - it is just about reminding people they are humans and have a different viewpoints. It might cut down on the abuse if they are not seen as these arrogant, aloof hate figures.}