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08 Feb 2016 10:30:08
A un-named club are willing to pay 29.51 million euros for Daniel Sturridge in the summer. I believe the interested party (don't hold me on this though) is a Non-European based club. Also please don't ask me why the figure is in Euro's I'm simply passing on exactly what I've been told.


Anfield Apple

1.) 08 Feb 2016 11:32:39
Cheers mate.

Said club should really focus on getting themselves a name before the spend that sort of money 😉.

2.) 08 Feb 2016 11:32:56
22 million and not to play against him (if he is ever going to be fit)?

Yes please.

3.) 08 Feb 2016 18:13:47
We should take the money and run if its true. It not hard for klopp yo unearth another lewandowski or reus with that supposed offered $ for DS.

4.) 08 Feb 2016 21:14:13
It's not hard to unearth another lewandoski? Well one with his quality has been unearthed in the last 100 years, I'm sure we're due another.

5.) 08 Feb 2016 22:23:26
Leek, your posts just get more bizarre by the day!

It's not hard for Klopp to find another Lewandowski?!

You've got to be some sort of idiot? Oh yeah, he'll just find another one, of course he will, in fact I can't believe he hasn't done so already, needs to get his skates on.

6.) 08 Feb 2016 22:58:32
He didn't find Lewandowski. He created him out of next to nothing. Lewandowski had the talent, the attitude and the desire to succeed at the highest level. Klopp knew this but let him know he would have to wait his turn and when he did get his chance after Lucas Barrios left, the rest is history. There's no other Lewo out there and let me know when you find him, Davey.

7.) 08 Feb 2016 23:47:35
Nicely said redohio. Lewa was created, not simply bought. He was coached, and wanted to be coached to become the best he can be. His graft, combined with good direction enabled him to become better and better.

8.) 09 Feb 2016 01:50:25
Lewo was basically Benteke when he bought him. He was a big lad up front and played just like that. Klopp played him as a 10 for an entire season and obviously he wasn't very good. Then when he switched him to 9 he had a much better all round game. He could run the channels, link play with one touch stuff etc. He then spent that season working on his composure in the box. That's 2 whole seasons he was given. Can you imagine anyone in Liverpool being given 2 whole seasons? And it wasn't as though he was showing his potential world class at the time, it's just the resources Dortmund had, they couldn't afford a more proven player. It's unrealistic for anyone to expect Lewo to happen again.

However, there is a Polish guy in Ajax, scoring for fun right now. Similar to Lewo in build Milik has good feet and is good in the air. Scored 20 + last season and has scored 12 already this season plus 9 assists . He'll be getting a good footballing education at Ajax and at 22 he's got bags of potential. Most importantly it wouldn't take 2 years before he was firing because he's further down the line than Lewo was and due to his lack of profile perhaps he would be allowed a little more time to fly under the radar until he finds his feet.

He'd represent good value for money and he's the closest we'd get to Lewo.

9.) 09 Feb 2016 08:43:31
29 mil! we should throw in the wheelchair for free.

10.) 09 Feb 2016 08:48:03
It did help that Dortmund has a decent scouting and recruitment set up, something that we are clearly lacking.

{Ed002's Note - The club has made very significant changes to improve things. I am beginning to think there will be no way back with the fans.}

11.) 09 Feb 2016 18:46:04
Lewandowski was nothing like Benteke.
A) He was like 4 years younger than Benteke is now.
B) He cost £4M or something like that.
C) He was played largely as a sub behind Barios in his first year (since he was a kid) and still scored roughly 1 every 200 minutes in the league.
D) He played nothing like Benteke at all. He ran behind players, had good movement off the ball, would drag players out of position, would attack any ball into the box, and other striker-y sorts of things that Benteke doesn't do at all.

Comparing the two is just bizarre for me.

12.) 09 Feb 2016 19:29:06
I would have to disagree. I've seen Lewo before he went to Dortmund as I've lived in Poland for 12 years. I'm also from so the same city as Milik so I've seen him a fair bit too. Lewo started life as a 9 who liked to hold the ball up. You should check his own interviews, even he agrees lol.



25 Aug 2015 09:09:28
You said last season Ed002 that Milan were happy to see the back of Balotelli. Why on earth have they chose to bring him back to the club after his previous disruptions? Slightly idiotic don't you think!

Anfield Apple

{Ed002's Note - Financially it obviously makes sense for them.}



30 Mar 2015 15:17:20
Raheems agent is his uncle, known for being a nasty piece of work. I believe Raheem doesn't have much of a say in what's going on at the minute but is very happy at the club. Its not fair that this uncle of his is staining the poor young lads reputation.

Anfield Apple

1.) 30 Mar 2015 16:09:02
If the guy really does have Raheems interests at heart then for the next two years he will steer him towards a club where he will get regular first team starts, and not ruin his development by sitting on the bench somewhere.

2.) 30 Mar 2015 17:31:07
I very much doubt Sterling is helpless in this situation. If he wants to stay he'll stay, if he wants to go he'll go, he's a big boy and he's entitled to choose either option. I hope he stays but I'm not overly worried about the whole thing, we'd get a decent fee for him and he's a very replaceable player. It's not like losing a one of a kind player like Suarez who can't be replaced with one like for like player, plenty of players do what Sterling does, and to be fair, do it better. I'm more nervous about Hendo's contact to be honest.

3.) 31 Mar 2015 07:57:05
Sterling's agent is Aidy Ward, previously at Impact Sports Management. He has just gone freelance and is trying to make a name for himself by getting Sterling a major contract. Not his Uncle

4.) 31 Mar 2015 19:08:13
Sterling isn't having a say, poor boy? Come one what planet are you on?



25 Feb 2015 15:30:25
I have been told Kevin De Bruyne may be a option in the summer. Have you heard anything or is?

Anfield Apple




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05 Feb 2016 10:02:40
Sturridge could move to the MLS this summer.

Anfield Apple

{Ed002's Note - Where?}

1.) 05 Feb 2016 10:12:02
Doubt it as he would then have to pay for each injury and not get it free on the nhs.

2.) 05 Feb 2016 10:17:57
That would be a terrible move for him I think. The MLS in terms of style is very much like the Championship. High tempo, physical football lacking slightly in quality. Gerrard can't keep up with the pace of the game there and Sturridge would get broken by the physical defenders. He would actually be better off moving to Brazil, China, Australia etc. If he still fancies himself at the top level then Spain or Italy would be a good move. All these are relatively warm environments which are good for muscle related injuries. Cold muscles are far more likely to be pulled or strained.

His injuries make his fitness a liability in leagues like England, USA, France, Germany, Russia etc. The game is too physical and fast.

This is just my opinion though.

3.) 05 Feb 2016 10:25:39
He wouldn't move anywhere and there are no clubs waiting to sign him. Liverpool FC would slap a big price on his head which will put off clubs anyways. Y would a club want to buy a striker who has missed more games than he actually played?

4.) 05 Feb 2016 12:42:44
Im of the understanding the MLS are keen to change their image. They are aware of the ‘retirement home’ label and want to bring in current international stars, I expect the league to make several high profile signings in the coming seasons, Sturridge being one of them. As a brand, I am told the MLS would like to see Sturridge and Giovinco of Toronto as the poster boys for the league. A discussion was held in London with a executive of the MLS and John W Henry early November and I believe the question was asked what it would take for a move to happen (very loose conversation) . Ill do some more digging on this, I haven’t the slightest idea if a club would be interested in the figures quoted but if I hear any more ill keep you all informed.

{Ed002's Note - They do want to keep the profile up but the structure of the central contracts for all but a few players means that they won't be going headlong down a road of financial mismanagement. The plan right now is additional franchises which does bring in players and sustained financial growth. The worry is that two European clubs were on the list to take franchises and create new businesses with local part ownership - both declined when the franchises became available - implying they do not see the MLS as a good investment.}



03 Feb 2016 12:14:30
Vardy's goal reminded me of Garcia's Versus Juventus. Hit it early (which the keeper wasn't expecting) but regardless his position should've been better. You'd criticise a outfield player if he was out of position so I don't know why we make special exceptions for goalkeepers? I don't really know what more we can all say about this? Think we should move on now.

Anfield Apple

1.) 03 Feb 2016 14:51:18
Apple, he took it early, way before Mingo started back pedalling yet some are blaming him for the goal because as usual, someone has to take the blame when we lose instead of recognizing that we were poor all round. We play a high line hence, GK must be off his line to squeeze the space btw keeper and defence line. Vardy was smart like Garcia who chipped/ lobbed a living legend in Buffon and was further away than Vardy was (almost from midfield) . Move on, sir.

{Ed001's Note - he didn't take it that early though. Watch it again, Mignolet has plenty of time to get back, if he was actually watching, once he decides not to come out. It is a goalkeeping error, among many other mistakes in that build up, and we are never going to get anywhere while we have him as our last line of defence.}

2.) 03 Feb 2016 23:06:40
You may be right Ed. I admit I haven't seen it again so I will. I completely agree with you that mistake or not, Mingo is not the way forward and Klopp made a huge mistake keeping him.



03 Sep 2015 14:56:25

If you would rather not get into this I understand.

The way it has been explained to me, rightly or wrongly is UEFA have the final say on a clubs budget. A club put forward a somewhat business model to UEFA not to dis-similar to that drawn up to a bank for a business loan. The clubs plans will include the commercial revenue going forward from sponsorships etc, recent successes' i.e UCL qualification assurances based on the last so many years, recent trophies won and a staggered value on players for future selling on purposes. The transfer budgets are then reviewed against that and UEFA give the nod if it is acceptable. Most large transfers are spread over 4-5 year payment terms so the plans are based on that.

Listen, if that is wrong mate then fair enough but a bit of clarity would be very much appreciated.


Anfield Apple

{Ed002's Note - Absolutely not correct at all. Sorry. I suspect someone has misunderstood the "new money" investment rules to do with the relaxation of FFP for clubs who previously didn't have money, and have concocted this strange story. It doesn't apply to the likes of Liverpool in any case.

UEFA have no control over or interest in any of the budgets the club has. The clubs have guidance regarding FFP, and that is what they must meet.}

1.) 03 Sep 2015 16:49:28
I suspected it was nonsense but am grateful for you clarifying this. Thank you Ed002.



27 Aug 2015 10:43:03
Sterling - "I want out" Branded a snake.
Borini - "I want to fight for my place at Liverpool" Branded a money grabbing tosser

Just saying, sometimes you damned if you do and damned if you dont

Anfield Apple

1.) 27 Aug 2015 13:42:06
Borini was offered more to leave! Correct me if I'm wrong ed?

2.) 27 Aug 2015 14:11:26
Yeah I dunno who branded Borini that, him wanting money was never an issue or he would've gone to QPR or Sunderland so I'm not sure where you get that from. All he's been 'branded' is hard working but not good enough.

3.) 27 Aug 2015 14:12:36
@OG, it has been confirmed countless times by the Eds they must be sick of confirming it.

You are correct. Sunderland and QPR would have been pay rises for Borini last year so him staying was as Anfield Apple put it, not staying for money.

4.) 27 Aug 2015 14:26:06
Can understand Borini not wanting to go to relegation scrappers and fodders too.

5.) 27 Aug 2015 14:28:19
Wouldn't mind branding Raheem, literally

6.) 27 Aug 2015 17:33:12
I didn't ask the eds to confirm anything Sean! I said correct me if I'm wrong. Are you the eds keeper? Do you make the tea and stuff?

{Ed001's Note - he makes a lovely cup of chai mate.}

7.) 27 Aug 2015 18:01:30
Borini is not good enough, sterling was good enough. That is the harsh reality. Borini was a Rogers signing and he's had his chances. The majority of which he does not play well. So it's all well saying 'I'll fight for my place' the first couple of seasons but then it becomes a different issue. It's that he's found a bit of skirt in Liverpool and she's settled there, so he doesn't want to move like that. Hopefully he jets off to inter for his and our sake. Simple

8.) 28 Aug 2015 10:03:15
@OG, correct me if I'm wrong is pretty much the same thing. Either way you knew yourself you were right, you've been on here long enough so you've probably read them say it a few times at least.



26 Aug 2015 09:38:00
So it looks by absolute miracle Brendan Rodgers is starting to listen and take advice from others. Set pieces are the clearest sign of this, we look a lot more in control and seem to be dealing with balls in better in a more organised way and I believe that is down to O'Driscoll. If Achtenberg went (as I do not rate him in the slightest) maybe we could find a goalkeeping coach that could work on Mignolets catching of a ball as he seems to panic and flap at things. The other thing is the line, bar from Martin (out of position) Skrtel we seem to be holding a very tight line, the issue is Skrtel will never change and doesn't have the concentration or communication necessary to do simple things, like hold a line. I can slowly see (if O'Driscoll has his way) him being phased out the team and i'm hopeful Ilori can step up or Joe Gomez can move into that position. A back four of Clyne, Ilori, Sakho & Gomez would be my future pick if I had my way. The other minor thing is the dangerous playing from the back has seemed toned down which means i'm not having a heart attack every 5 seconds, its good to see Rodgers accepting his faults and allowing input into his failings, in that respect its been a very positive start for us albeit having a stroke of luck with the last couple of games. Based on the Arsenal game you can see we are clearly improving though, Lucas is a must as he is the insurance policy which allowed Can and Milner to push on and gives the defence that cover where as Hendo and Milner are both wanting to do similar things. Anyway, football wise a so so start but its important to pick up the points early on so its hard for me not to be relatively happy.

Anfield Apple

1.) 26 Aug 2015 10:32:57
There comes a problem when you include Lucas in the team. One of Milner/Henderson/Can goes to the bench and I don't see that happening next Saturday.

BR has no clue on balancing the squad rather picks the players who he think are good enough.

Lucas is just another name, Its all about right players. A DM is a mandatory unless you have an Alonso with you.

BR see one of Milner/Henderson/Can as the playmaker which they are not.

2.) 26 Aug 2015 10:37:04
Perhaps he was always listening but the advice he was getting was rubbish.
Perhaps in changing his assistant/coaches he has actually done the right thing?
Perhaps he is a good manager after all?

3.) 26 Aug 2015 11:01:03
How do we know the improved defensive work (albeit 3 games) is down to O'Driscoll? How much do you actually know about his defensive coaching methods? It seems, the bad is down to Rodgers, the good is down to somebody else. Why don't we collectively congratulate the coaching team on improving a much needed area?

The 2nd point is about 'playing from the back'. The whole reason this can happen now is because we have Benteke. It's that simple. Last season when Sterling was scooting around all over the place, a long, direct ball wasn't useful. Now we have Benteke, our defence can ping a ball and it can stick or we can at least maintain possession and work our way up the pitch. The dynamic of our game can change because of a personnel change.

The 3rd point is Gomes at left back. He's done great, but I see him as a future CB. Think he will be excellent there.

4.) 26 Aug 2015 11:10:27
No Ron, he's a rat, who threw his assistants under a bus to save his own neck, we all get it, you think he's the second coming of sir Bill and sir Bob, enoughs enough lad!

5.) 26 Aug 2015 12:52:15
Was it while Mourinho was parking it?

6.) 26 Aug 2015 13:42:47
He is not learning or listening, just give it a couple of more good results and he will revert back to his "tactical genius" pass pass pass until i pass out of boredom tactics. Trust me it will come soon enough. He just needs his ego to get filled up to the top again.

i will gladly eat my words though!

7.) 26 Aug 2015 14:37:39
I agree here that he threw them under the bus, , however I would argue it shows a ruthless side of him an that can only be applauded hopefully it turns out to be a new side of him. In any field of employment the ruthless succeed. I'd like to see him limit some of his press loving though he sounds like something off a 3rd rate motivational show. However I'm happy with the new backroom team. Let's see hopefully we've turned a corner. Regarding celebrating a draw I can see both sides I think the best way to look at this is from the celebration side people were happy not to get turned over therefore being blinded by what was in the 1st half a wasteful performance. And from the other side I guess the old an bold were maybe disappointed with having to only be content with the pragmatic approach of the team instead of a more ruthless cutting edge that we should have seen keys face it we should be a little disappointed in hindsight, we really should have won the game. I do think it bodes well the result at the Emirates. Our problem now is weer should hammer the irons on Saturday let's see how weer follow this up.

8.) 26 Aug 2015 16:54:04
RON KEAGUE,he has no option but to listen otherwise he will be a dead man walking. if he isn't already.

9.) 27 Aug 2015 03:09:01
Top managers need to be ruthless, throwing them under the bus might be the case, but to me its clearly the right decision. To me that's a sign of a leader doing what he think will make things better, there was clearly a need for something to change and a change was done. For all i care, BR can loose all his friends if that makes the coaching staff more professional and give results on the pitch, weird thing to critizise him for imo.

10.) 27 Aug 2015 06:25:18
Ron and Stoupid are posting rubbish. Waro and Wembley are right. BR may have been kept by Michael Gordon who had the final say but to say that the advice he was getting was rubbish or using the word leader and BR in the same statement, is nothing short of talking utter tripe. BR is not a leader and we have facts to prove that as he spent all last season blaming everybody but himself for our issues. If that is the sign of a leader to you then you need to google the true meaning of the word because a true leader would take responsibility for his actions and admit he has been wrong. He is listening now because he is on his last legs as LFC manager and Ron, saying he was getting bad advice is just insane nonsense because he has had Pascoe for years as an assistant and never had a prob with him then but because his job was on the line, he is certainly getting bad advice now from the same guys? Your hypocrisy is deafening.

{Ed001's Note - one of the things I would like to address in the next podcast is this. I agree with you about taking responsibility, but I disagree that he was only listening because he was on his last legs. Rodgers is very much a person who listens to other people, copies others' ideas and tries to mould them to suit his purpose. Everything he has done has been someone else's idea he has taken, from his pass pass pass obsession to the fast flowing high press, it all came from other people, so he clearly does listen to people and take advice.}

11.) 27 Aug 2015 17:35:34
So Ed if that's the case, what advice was he getting and why did he not simply go back to the advice Bielsa gave him on playing the diamond, high press strategy? I saw he did that a few games but why did he abandon it?

{Ed001's Note - I can only think that he doesn't believe he has the players for that system any more and that the reason we fell at the final hurdle was because it took too much out of the squad.}




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15 May 2024 11:07:18
Could the club turn their attention to Vitor Roque who is deemed surplus by Xavi?

Anfield Apple

{Ed002's Note - No he will moving in the summer, but not to Liverpool.}



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08 Mar 2016 14:19:30
Don't you think Ings and Volland are similar players though? Both diagonal runners and good finishers.

Anfield Apple



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17 Jul 2015 09:27:12
Im sorry but a number is a number, its not exactly a big deal. Yaya is 42, Henry was 14, Reina was 25 its just a bloody digit!

Anfield Apple



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28 Apr 2015 15:14:24
That's actually pretty good Zeddicus.

Anfield Apple




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05 Apr 2024 14:31:56
Don’t worry Ed25. Everton will soon be plying their trade in the championship and Bramley Moore will become Europes biggest Asda.

Anfield Apple

{Ed025's Note - you wish AA, look we are crap i cant argue with that but its become a laughing stock because of the people at the top mate, we all wished for a billionaire owner and the one we got turned out to be a pot herb, but as usual its the fans that are the losers here and are the ones paying for their mistakes, i still think we will be ok but i certainly would,nt be putting money on it..



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24 Jan 2024 16:18:56
Was a bit like Benayoun.

Anfield Apple



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24 Jan 2020 13:39:50
If Robbo doesn't dive in, Van Dijk doesn't drift and Jiminez doesn't score. However, if i were to reflect in pure hindsight, did Van Dijk need to commit to Jiminez or could he have stayed more central. Traore wouldn't have got anywhere more advanced.

Anfield Apple



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23 Mar 2016 14:14:20
This happens in football and real life, get over it and move on! It’s embarrassing, nobody has died for Christ sake. I’m sure he will wipe his tears with the £140k a week he is making. Boo Hoo.

Anfield Apple



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22 Mar 2016 11:16:01
Extrovert managers have in the past shown levels of un-professionalism. Mourinho being a key culprit, poking opposition managers in the face, taking the laws of medic into his own hands and abusing his own staff. Klopp was out of order.

Anfield Apple

{Ed002's Note - Sorry, I had forgotten it has to be about someone else. Embarrassing yet again.}



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