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28 May 2024 07:58:01
Hey Ed's. do you think Slot will try and buy Santiago Giminez when he arrives? He's been improving for a while and was Feyenoord's top goal scorer, young lad, only 23, I think he could be a great signing. I know Spurs have been sniffing around and he's watched a couple of matches at their ground. If we think Diaz is moving, we could easily have Darwin in the wing and slay Giminez as a striker, he's arguably more clinical than Darwin, though hard to judge in Dutch league. What do you think, might happen?



{Ed002's Note - Liverpool has shown no interest in Santiago Gimenez and two other sides are already in discussions with Fyenoord. Liverpool has Jota and Gakpo who play predominently on the left, so Nunez won't be playing there.}

1.) 28 May 2024 13:22:52
Thanks Ed, shame, I think he’ll be a big star.

2.) 28 May 2024 15:21:01
Hoody, It was Slot who created the Gimenez version that you think will be a big star. I'm pretty sure he is salivating at what he can do with Darwin especially with the raw ability, pace and strength the kid possesses. Personally, Im excited to see how he can improve him after all, he is the one who improved Gimenez that other clubs want to sign.

3.) 28 May 2024 16:04:34
@Oli, the kid is 25 next month.



17 Jan 2024 22:10:40
Can we win the league? I find myself asking this one question a lot. It's an incredible accomplishment for the club to be in a position to be even asking this question, after last year's campaign. Yet here we are. Mid point, all the results point to yes, with a bit of luck in terms of injuries and refereeing decisions, for us and others. The last few months have really been amazing demonstrations of sporting mentality at its best.

This isn't the most technical Liverpool side of the past 10 years, but it is, in my view, the epitomy of elite level athletes playing as a unit to a philosophy, with three world class talents lifting the overall team. I mean, Trent, Alison and Salah, with a supporting cast of very good players. The benefit of this is that, if we can keep these three fit for most of then the mentality can carry us through. It's Klopp 2.0, it's mature and it doesn't over rely on a single player, you just feel we'll find a way. Can we win it, of course we can.


1.) 17 Jan 2024 23:10:38
I'm with you Hoody. We can. City are right up for it. Every win will be a dagger for the other team so I hope we stick the knife in this weekend. Could be nip and tuck till the end.

The real difference maker in this team from teams of yester year is Jones/ Szobozlai midfield. It is an absolute magic combination right from the off. It is an absolute difference maker. If we can keep them two fit for the majority of the rest of the season and the other key players of course, we good a very decent chance.

2.) 18 Jan 2024 00:13:37
yes we can win the league. We'll need to play well, grab our fair share of luck and our title rivals to drop points along the way.

3.) 18 Jan 2024 01:08:35
I think it'll be one of them and drag on until the end, both us and City winning most games. I do believe we'll win it though, I just have that feeling but the only thing concerning me is the refs and VAR for obvious reasons, going on the first half of the season anything can happen but I think the title will be ours this time around. Fingers crossed.

4.) 18 Jan 2024 02:15:03
i would put VVD in the list of 4 with your 3 just specifically for the best performers of this season as they have been key when they've played. either through individual or team influence, alisson is absolutely at the top of the list for me, and he has been for many many seasons.

as i've said before, salah scores the goals but alisson gets the 3 points. i can't think of a better goalkeeper, consistent over a period of time, anywhere in the world from the day i started watching football.

5.) 18 Jan 2024 07:06:01
Not only can we win the league, but we will win the league. UEFA Cup, Carabao Cup and FA Cup, too. ?.

6.) 18 Jan 2024 07:10:36
Vvd is without doubt 1 of our world class players this season al9ng with other 3 they key. Unfortunately I can't see beyond city for league unless they got a season ending injury to likes ederson or rodri. we've done brilliant so far, well ahead of where I thought we would be at start of season.

7.) 18 Jan 2024 17:15:48
OP, of course we can.



05 Oct 2020 12:21:27
So, that's was something new. tbh all the panic on here is a little OTT. yes its a humiliating loss, but c'mon three deflected goals ( I just hope fabinho's face is alright) when was the last time you saw that?

So what is going on, well I think if you look at all the crazy results this season, us shipping 7, both Manchester clubs shipping 5 and 6 clearly its not just about us.

My theory, players at the elite level are a lot closer in talent and ability than we all think they are.

Perhaps what sets a good player apart from a great player is metal resilience and the ability to perform under pressure and whilst we've always known this, maybe its more important than we ever realised before.

Hell, look at Trossard as a case in point this season, has a beast, 2 inches either way and he would already have 6 goals this season. Did Trossard suddenly become 10 times better in the off season. of course he didn't

So if there are no crowds and no pressure, then is the playing field somewhat levelled? And, if that is true what does it mean for recruitment moving forwards? Will the clubs start using personality tests like a lot of companies do know before hiring?

I don't have the answers and I may be entirely wrong, but I think its interesting. Or its just that they are all knackered and its a set of freak results and I'm trying to make sense out of something which, by rights, just shouldn't happen!

Either way well done to Villa, I really like Dean Smith so although I obviously wish it hadn't been us to getting destroyed, I'm pleased that Villa are exonerated for sticking with Dean and backing his recruitment decisions.

Lastly' I'll be very surprised if that's the last time we see a top 6 club ship 5 or more this season. so at least we get ours out of the way now!


1.) 05 Oct 2020 12:35:28
OP, seems this is going to happen a lot more tis season of all seasons due to the current circumstances.

2.) 05 Oct 2020 13:27:49
Interesting points mate.

3.) 05 Oct 2020 13:56:28
5 years ago we got battered by Stoke 6-1. Since then we've won a trophy or two. So never the end of the world.
We deserved the result yesterday. Credit to Dean Smith and his players.

4.) 05 Oct 2020 14:04:38
I think it's fatigue. not just level of ability.

5.) 05 Oct 2020 14:19:52
Like many on here we are scratching our heads about last night. No fans, no preseason Few players missing what ever the reason it happened from the start of the game because we never looked ready from the whistle. Oh and Everton are not complaining about no fans ect.

{Ed025's Note - we are actually longthing, this is what we all craved to see and it would have been great to see it in person, our fans have missed out more than anyone i would suggest mate..

6.) 05 Oct 2020 14:28:30
A number of our players look mentally and physically exhausted which is of no surprise considering the last 2 league campaigns we have had. The only 3 players that look their usual selfs are Robbo, Mane and Salah. Not really sure how they are going to get rid of this exhaustion with only 4 league games gone and fixtures coming thick and fast this season. Football is always a roller coaster ride and i think this season is going to be far more downs than what we have been used to under Klopp but there will be plenty of ups as well. This isn't me saying we are not going to challenge because we will be there or there about's but looking at the way this season is going it won't be a 90 odd point title win to whoever does win it. I can honestly see this being the tightest top 10 in premier league history due to the fact anyone can beat anyone.

7.) 05 Oct 2020 14:54:03
Fully agree, JK23. Buckle up guys cos we have not seen the last of these types of results this season.

8.) 05 Oct 2020 15:02:25
No disrespect intended, Hoody, but you're talking about two games (3, i guess if you include Man C) . I don't see any major unusual pattern just yet.
If we get to Xmas and Villa are top or City are languishing mid-table you might be on to something but so far all that has happened is that two top teams plus Man Utd have been soundly beaten. Once.

9.) 05 Oct 2020 14:56:00
Sorry eds25 what mean is your doing well without fans. 👍🏻.

{Ed025's Note - oh right, fair enough mate cheers..

10.) 05 Oct 2020 15:56:14
Hoody, i agree mate. I was thinking the same thing. There isn't as much between a 75mil cb and a 10mil cb. It's mentality and the ability to do it in front of a packed ground.

That's why we're seeing the mid table teams thrive while the elite are looking mid table. It could be a very strange season. Anyone could win it. If I were everton, villa Leicester and wolves I'd be quite excited.



06 Jan 2018 19:39:46
Just a quick note to wish coutinho all the best at barca, he's been an absolute monster for us, i'm not sure he'll have the same impact at barca. his quality shone because of our paucity of creativity, at Barcelona he might not look so good. Although that said I wish the lad every success.

A year ago I might have been lamenting letting our best player go etc. but now I genuinely think the quality and funding available to the club means no single player can de-rail the klipperty train.

All the best Phil, you were awesome and we'll miss ya.


1.) 06 Jan 2018 19:56:23
He will be a class act learning from the best ie. Iniesta and Messi. If he learns only a fraction of what they can teach he will be a legend.

A shame he didn't want to stay and of course wish he ended things better but he wanted the move so we move on as always. YNWA.

2.) 06 Jan 2018 20:05:40
He’ll shine at Barcelona mate.



28 Aug 2017 18:17:30
What a great day to be a red! 4-0 against Arsenal and Keita signed. Im excited about Keita, but Im more excited by a developing sense that our transfer tactics are improving. Tying down a player like Keita regardless of whether we achieve CL football next year or not ( although I am certain we will) gives me confidence that we might finally be developing a coherent approach to transfers.





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18 Jan 2024 19:48:11
Am I the only Liverpool fan who doesn’t want Mbappe? Generational talent, probably, but a good influence on the team, almost certainly not. His demands are obscene and his media proclamation’s about his own club are shameful. He would score goals, lots of them, he’d frequently delight and amaze, he’d also undermine the manager and the club if he didn’t get his own way. That is not something I’d want to see as a Liverpool fan, nobody is bigger than the club, I support players when they wear the shirt, I don’t support the players over the shirt. Might just be me though lol.




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01 Sep 2023 19:47:29
Let me be clear I love mo Salah, as a 46 year old fan, for me he is the best player of my lifetime. However, at 31 he inevitably becomes more prone to serious injury, his pace begins to reduce and let’s be honest he will almost certainly go next summer anyway, and who can blame him? He has 5 years max at the top level, if he can earn 1 million a week and secure his great grandchildren’s financial security, who amongst us wouldn’t want that. So with the heaviest of hearts I’d say now is the time, if it’s 150 million, most of it upfront then it’s time. I’ll always count myself privileged to watch the man play, he is not just a club legend but a pl all time eleven and a great dude to boot.


{Ed025's Note - i dont think his great grandchildren will have any financial worries even if he packed football in tomorrow Hoody, the guy is a multi multi millionaire mate..



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14 Aug 2023 21:05:58
Bit of an echo chamber going on here, we are not embarrassing, we aren’t a shambles, two targets picked another top flight club, one is a childhood fan, the other probably didn’t want to relocate up north. Who really cares, they are not coming, let’s go again. I doubt a single one of you was demanding we sign Lavia 12 months ago. All this talk of just pay the extra 5 million, don’t be crazy, in what world is just throwing around 5 million ok, it’s still 5 million pounds or another way to think about it is more money than you’ll earn in your life.
I want players who want to play for the club and I want the club to behave responsibly with its funds, so that we can keep signing players season after season. Chin up folks, all will be fine, good draw away at Chelsea, Bournemouth at the weekend, and who knows which awesome players will turn up before the end of the window, let’s be optimistic for a change.




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07 Aug 2023 19:38:35
Counter narrative…Haggling is part of a good business negotiation, just ask Daniel Levy? if we can get him even 1 million cheaper then we should, saying it’s only another few million so why are we haggling is nuts. If we save 2 million on every deal that’s a players salary saved. Being blasé about finances is a slippery slope, look at Leeds. Keep haggling I say down to the last 100k…it’s better in our coffers and we will still get our man. None of you would buy a house or a car without haggling down to the lowest possible price, why would a billionaire pound business behave any differently for the sake of a few weeks.




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29 Jul 2020 22:17:58
Rarely post on here, but love to read. However, the number of posts on here about how we are falling behind the pack is simply absurd. At the worst, the very worst, we'll finish 2nd by a handful of points. Most likely, we'll win the league again by a much smaller margin. Teams around us are spending money to catch up, City are in a particularly odd situation with silva retiring, Aguero ageing and concerns around the fitness of Laporte and mendy. if Laporte had been fit all season it would have been far closer. So City have to spend. Chelsea have done amazingly well under lampard, but likewise, ageing squad, some key players potentially moving on, they have to spend. Utd, won't spend as much as people think, they've moved on a lot this season, although where Fernandes can maintain that form remains to be seen. however, he's a talent. Spurs will spend a net total of 2 quid but do better than last year, because how can they not. It's not we are falling behind, it's that they are catching up. We all complain about not using youngsters, yet, when we have an excellent first 11 ( maybe even 15) people want to spend money on players that won't necessarily start. Breathe out dudes, we are ok! YNWA.





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17 Jul 2024 21:03:25
I have not particularly enjoyed England’s brand of football in the past 8 years, more starkly in the past three. However, people are forgetting how bad it was prior. Costa rica, Iceland, bejesus we were bad. International football, particularly international tournament football is not an entertainment business, it’s a results business. Premier league football is of course a results business, but it’s also very much an entertainment business these days. Most clubs can play a dynamic exciting form of football, because they have 38 matches to get enough results to stay up, or for a tiny few maybe even to win the league. If they don’t and avoid relegation they get to go again with huge financial incentives.

International football just isn’t like that, not factoring in that these guys are a team for only a few weeks a year. You get a handful of games, so win, draw whatever, all that matters is progression. If you don’t progress in one tournament you are probably done as the manager, regardless of how well you’ve done in other tournaments. All over between 3 and 7 games. All that considered, Southgate was a very good England Manager, yes he struggled to tactically adapt to teams of greater quality, but he knew how to set up to progress to the later stages of tournament football, he brought a grace, a sense of humour and integrity to the role. He’s also a very good people manager.

I think it’s the right time for him to go, I don’t think we can win a tournament with him in charge. He is just too cautious, he’ll always get us deep, but against the very best, he will be found tactically wanting. That said, I’ve had hope as an England fan, the same hope Klopp gave us back when he joined. I’m grateful for that. Let’s hope the next guy can do all the things Southgate did so well, as well as be tactically more astute, I can only think of one guy, who is available right now with those qualities, sadly I think he just set up home in Majorca!




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28 May 2024 13:22:52
Thanks Ed, shame, I think he’ll be a big star.




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27 Apr 2024 18:58:33
Good god the bs on here, Salah’s a prima Donna, Klopp’s a goner…. what the actual f. k is wrong with you all. Best manager of the last 20 years and a player who is, at-the very least, in the conversation for the best player of the last 10 years and you can’t wait to be rid of them. Madness, this player and coach are part of our modern halcyon days, you will miss them when they are gone. Enjoy them whilst they are here, so they fell out today, so what, passion is what we want isn’t it?




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17 Apr 2024 06:50:47
3-4 bad games ( by his standards) including 2 goals and an assist and he need selling…wow…. he’s come back from a fairly significant injury and is fasting and now he’s a busted flush. C’mon guys, he’ll be back amongst the goals this week and we’ll be raving about him. I think he’ll go this summer, purely as a financial decision from the club, considering his contract length and age, but I am far from happy about it and next year I guarantee you all will be too. The old adage you don’t know what you had till it’s gone, applies. He is mercurial genius, the beating heart of the last 5 years and he is, quite literally irreplaceable.




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12 Apr 2024 08:59:52
C’mon guys, every chance of bagging three in the return leg. Early goal, they get panicked and who knows. All this dismal talk that the season is over etc etc. We are still joint top of the league and can still win it. God help you all next season when we are in transition, if you think this is failing, enjoy the ride we might not be here again for a while.




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