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09 Apr 2018 19:10:11
Just saw an article on us being interested in Ndidi, person breaking story is the same who broke the Keita deal.


1.) 09 Apr 2018 20:27:13
Not true mate im affraid. Ed001 has said he is one he would go after but no interest from us sadly.

2.) 09 Apr 2018 20:42:55
Yes Nndidi.

3.) 09 Apr 2018 23:22:29
Would love Ndidi.

4.) 10 Apr 2018 08:13:23
Sound like ned Flanders ace!

5.) 10 Apr 2018 13:38:39
Ndiddly squat ;)

6.) 10 Apr 2018 17:21:20
Would prefer Doucoure personally.



15 Jun 2016 23:11:52
This is going to sound like a wind up but it's not. Live in New Jersey went to my local Pizzaria, owned by a Napoli and former resident of supporter and he said did you hear Klopp was at the Argentina game last night. We always talk football not many in my neck of the woods do. They say he was watching one of their players etc. so there you heard from my local pizza guy!


1.) 15 Jun 2016 23:18:51
Gonzo Higuain? 😉.

2.) 15 Jun 2016 23:47:05
Gorgonzola Deep Pan more like.

Everyone wants a slice of Klopp it would appear. It'll take a good rumour to top that one.

3.) 16 Jun 2016 05:14:45
I could TOP it 😉.

4.) 16 Jun 2016 05:16:44
Bit of a cheesey rumour if you ask me.
Sure it wasn't Gonzo Hawaiian and higuain he was looking at?
I'll stop there. I could go on but I'll save some for the morning.

5.) 16 Jun 2016 10:51:36
Smells fishy to me.
Could be the anchovies though ;)

6.) 16 Jun 2016 11:00:14
Now now. There's no need to take the "pizza". He is a "goodfella" for posting. Rumours will "deep pan" as the "seasoning" draws near and the fake rumours will topple like "dominoes". Thanks to Eds for all the hard work, we know you don't get any "dough" for doing this. God I need a life.

7.) 16 Jun 2016 11:51:22
Hopefuly we are getting a slice of good luck, anyway hope we get it boxed off as the temperature is rising.

8.) 16 Jun 2016 21:06:30
We won't sign Higuain, it'll be another that Pasta's by.

9.) 16 Jun 2016 22:17:56
Stop taking the pizza!

10.) 17 Jun 2016 11:29:59
Heard he can hit a good dough ball.

11.) 18 Jun 2016 20:59:34
Looking at a defender front river plate i read.




BERGENRED's banter posts with other poster's replies to BERGENRED's banter posts


29 May 2022 20:54:34
Curious on peoples thoughts. So if Mane leaves we would need a new "striker". Would we look to slot in a new person to work in the 433 or is it possible Klopp May consider going back to a formation he used previously I believe at Dortmund with 2 holding midfielders? So more a 4231 with a target man as a striker?
Is it time to maybe mix things up a small bit? Or is it if it ain't broke don't fix it.


1.) 29 May 2022 21:10:32
Question is, is Diaz the replacement for Mane.

The world knows that he was a target for this summer and we only went early because of Spurs.

I really hope not as it’s been great having the 5 forwards this last few months.

Fans want Mino to be given a chance so maybe he moves into the pot of 5 competing for a starting place and that way it saves FSG spending and whatever we receive for Mane is to balance the books on the Diaz purchase.

{Ed002's Note - It does not necessarily work on the one in and one out basis. Liverpool have added Diaz and Jota and depending on departures will look to another forward, but the youngsters and the kiddie from Fulham cannot be put aside.}

2.) 29 May 2022 21:35:44
I’d be more than happy going into new season with a strike force of Salah, Jota, Diaz, Carvalho and Dembele (if it happens) . In addition Firmino might stay as well.

3.) 29 May 2022 23:18:34
Sorry but Jota is nowhere near good enough to be relied on every game. His link up play is poor and his first touch also. He gives it away too much. Scores goals out of nowhere though. He’s our new super sub only for me.

4.) 29 May 2022 23:37:51
Salah to stay. Diaz for Mane. A new signing to replace Firmino. Jota to cover the front three. Firmino to take the Origi role? Minamino to cover the cover?

{Ed0666's Note - Jota couldn’t cover a cake with icing mate.

5.) 30 May 2022 00:12:54
I can't argue with you 0666. When I first saw him I thought he'd be decent in the middle of the front three because of his finishing. But the rest of his game isn't good enough. He's not a good enough striker or wide player. His link up play is weak and when he runs with the ball he often tries to do too much and runs into a defender.
I'd replace him but I don't think we will. I'd be happy with two new forwards to come in if Mane and Jota went and I'd be willing to sacrifice Firmino, as well.

{Ed0666's Note - I want Bobby to go also not because I don’t like him on the contrary I love love love Bobby but he’s clearly not the player he was and I don’t want him to be remembered for being a fallen star. I want people to remember him for the ROCKSTAR he is and was. I will say this as long as people wanna listen we should have a statue of Bobby, Salah & Mane of all three of them together as soon as possible. Jota has to go without a shadow of a doubt. He’s not the required standard.

6.) 30 May 2022 01:53:01
Like to see a striker come in. I agree w the comments on Jota. Diaz shunted Mane to the middle. Either bring in a right sided player and play Salah central or sign a striker. Increasing roles hopefully for Carvalho and Elliot next season. Gutted about Mane but I think last summer was the time to get him extended. I don't think the club prioritized him and maybe that's influenced his decision. So for me a striker/ right wing and a new mid. Use next season to steadily blood the mid and the kids but bring in an established striker/ right wing.

7.) 30 May 2022 07:30:59
I don't want Salah through the middle either. He's better out wide.
We need someone that can hold the ball and feed Salah and Diaz. Someone that will drop deep but also make runs into the box and get on the end of crosses.
Someone like, dare I say it, Suarez would be ideal.

8.) 30 May 2022 08:55:23
Salah is not good thru the middle, IMO. Mane played great thru the middle as he is suited to doing that due to his ability to be more versatile and also, he played in the 10 role for Senegal for a while there. Jota needs to clean up his game or he will eventually get sold.

As Ed01 said, if he get a CF, he has to be able to link up play as well and there aren't a lot of those hanging around, IMO. I could be wrong. We shall see.

9.) 30 May 2022 10:22:36
Ed066, the trashing of our players is getting a little old now. Konate was MOTM in Paris and while limited Jota kept our push going while the big hitters were at Afcon.
I feel like half of the people here didn’t see the dreadful Hodgeson regime.

{Ed0666's Note - In my opinion tne jury’s out on Konate and Jota is not of the required standard. Just my opinion and I hope I’m wrong.

10.) 30 May 2022 12:18:40
What is abundantly clear is that Bobby brings an extra dimension to Mane and Mo alike. Jota can’t do that. Mane is good in the middle. Jota can pull a goal out of the hat on occasion. The flicks, layoffs and ‘football’ thinking from Bobby is hard to replicate in anyone else. I think Mo especially had missed that service this season added to clubs working out that if they surround him with three players all the time it is harder for him to be quite as brilliant as he has been. Add AFCON and World Cup disappointment and all the extra games, who wouldn’t have gone off the boil a little bit. His head never drops though and he works and works. Just pay him what he wants for me.

11.) 30 May 2022 13:05:25
What trashing? They are just views.
I don't rate Keita but I'm not trashing him; maybe light heartedly.
I think Firmino is looking past it but he's still a Liverpool player and I want him to do well.
Even Mane- who has been outstanding for us- has frustrated me in his new role because he isn't as effective.
I wouldn't trash him though.
It's just what I think but Klopp knows better than me and he sees things that I don't.



11 Apr 2022 18:31:11
So one thing about the game yesterday that was pretty cool was after. There of course was massive amounts of press duty for all and watching the players and managers all taking the time individually to have a proper chat about the match was great to see. I saw live via the US post match Klopp and Pep hanging back and having a good proper chat and laugh. Then today seeing all the various posts on social media. It does show how some of these players etc respect each other.


1.) 11 Apr 2022 19:49:23
We showed them far too much respect in the first half that's for sure.

2.) 11 Apr 2022 21:31:53
I know we want our players to hate City as much as we do, but I'd rather respect than some of the childish rubbish that went on between Utd and Arsenal at the peak of their rivalry.

3.) 11 Apr 2022 23:09:12
I don’t hate Man City, I think they find that the most annoying fact. They hate us, we don’t hate them. Because they don’t have our respect as a big club enough to hate them 😂 if City Chelsea and United were going for the title. I’d want City to win all day, because they matter the least.



16 Mar 2022 23:51:26
So there were a few great scenes tonight, the one I saw at the end of the match was brilliant, it was Keita who stood at the sideline hugging all the lads on their way back into the dressing room. In all fairness it does look like he's finally beginning to settle in. Has had a few decent displays in a row etc. if only he had made this turn a season or two ago.


1.) 17 Mar 2022 08:37:54
Yes, it’s de ja vu, looks to be settling in then gets an injury, and back to square one. I do think as well though something seems different in him, maybe he is starting to settle, for in more, knows it’s about the team not the individual. Hopefully that continues and puts in some good performances over the rest of the season, and have the Keita we thought we got years ago.

2.) 17 Mar 2022 09:16:38
I’ve been saying for weeks Keita is ahead of Thiago for me. Thiago is a great player but doesn’t suit our system especially when teams want to press us. He’s too slow on the ball and plays risky passes in his own half.
Keita seems to have finally understood what he needs to do and gets about the pitch, keeps the ball and plays through the lines.
I’m not saying Keita is a better player than Thiago BTW, just that he suits our system better.
Thiago is one of the most frustrating players I’ve seen in a Liverpool shirt.

{Ed001's Note - I really don't know what you watch, but it clearly isnt Liverpool if you believe this nonsense! Thiago is a key part of the reason we are in the position we are in.}

3.) 17 Mar 2022 09:28:48
Liverpool win at Arsenal. Now 1 point behind City. Paid Bank Holiday for St. Patrick’s Day. Pub grub and few beers later today. Comedic stylings of Beckers Pecker saying Keita is ahead of Thiago. Can this day get any better?

4.) 17 Mar 2022 09:31:37
Thiago, the former crown jewel of La Masia, can't cope when teams press us?

5.) 17 Mar 2022 09:31:58
I am sorry Becker but without Thiago, we are bang average in the middle. he is one player which takes our midfield closer to City's.

6.) 17 Mar 2022 09:52:05
Thiago makes us tick. You can see whenever he has the ball, opposition know that he is the one that’s see a pass that shouldn’t be possible and has us breaking. He dictates the play and yes, sometimes he does give a wayward pass like last night and focus on that, but he is sooo much better than you realise, I for one am glad he is in our team over keita, not saying keita isn’t any good, but Thiago is a class above, let’s just keep him fit and we will go far this season.

7.) 17 Mar 2022 09:58:16
"Keita is ahead of Thiago"sweet mother of devine God 🤦.

8.) 17 Mar 2022 12:28:36
I'd seriously think about having the tea lady in before Keita most games, Jesus.

9.) 17 Mar 2022 14:00:25
"Keita ahead of Thiago". Cool story, bro.

10.) 17 Mar 2022 18:18:06
I don't get this at all. Same reaction, by some, to Firmino also. Thiago and Firmino make the team tick and do so many things in so many ways.

11.) 17 Mar 2022 20:35:33
Eds, can you explain what the key distinctions between Thiago's play and Keita? Not saying I disagree at all (Thiago is a machine) but I think it'd be beneficial to understand their tactical differences, aside from Keita being a bottle.

I'd imagine Thiago is the creative midfield with Hendo/ Fab protecting either wing which allows Thiago freedom to stretch teams left and right and throw in those electric through balls.

{Ed001's Note - on the ball Keita's ability is to break the lines (as they say) with a dribble and then release of the ball forward with a slide rule pass or to get into position to shoot. Thiago is more about controlling the play, moving the ball around quickly from deeper areas and holding onto it to draw players out of position and create space to pass into. Keita is better when teams come out and play, as there is space for him to attack, whereas Thiago is better when teams defend deep. Then his ability to draw players out becomes important to create space, as well as his quick movement of the ball moving them around to tire them out for the latter stages of the game. That is something that the old Liverpool teams used to specialise in, which is why we were so good at scoring late in games.}

12.) 18 Mar 2022 21:16:09
Eds's you're a superstar! Thanks a lot for that analysis, really appreciate it. Do you find the Keita hasn't been able to show his talent to the standard we know he has because too many teams are afraid to come out, or is it more that he hasn't applied himself?

{Ed001's Note - it is lack of effort imo. That is why I would be glad to see the back of him, he does not work hard enough.}



02 Jan 2022 19:10:58
At some point there needs to be an honest discussion on fraud. ED001 mentioned it lightly on the spurs review, how VAR was meant to help the teams outside the top 6 and it seems to have only widened the gap. We have had some dodgy calls go our way but in fairness I'd say plenty more against.

One thing seems to be a constant though, one of the wealthiest if not wealthiest teams in the world seems to have a scale tipping to one side way too often. The amount of times they get decisions for them vs against is worthy of at least questioning. Perhaps their players are just that good at making it look like a foul, where as the rest of the league needs more practice.

Arsenal played a great game, we're brave when needed, and at the least should have had a draw but my god, that was disgraceful. In the last decade there has been fraud in Germany and Italy, Spain too? I thought so anyway but could be wrong. Why would England be immune to it?


1.) 02 Jan 2022 19:25:40
You just contradicted yourself when you said “the wealthiest and big sides” get the decisions when saying at the same time Liverpool “have had more against than for”

It’s not fraud or conspiracies, it’s just poor officials. Some go for you some against, it’s just the way it is.

2.) 02 Jan 2022 19:29:12
Some valid points. But, at some point, we need solid facts and solid proof. As was found in Germany, Spain and Italy. You can't go around screaming such accusations, without there being investigations and whatnot. I agree that VAR looks very dubious at times, clearly biased ad subjective, and I'm angered by it. Better to approach those who are responsible and insist on investigations.

{Ed002's Note - It is not biased - there will be some mistakes. Hopefully fewer as time moves on.}

3.) 02 Jan 2022 19:32:36
My 1st reaction was that it was a red for Sadio lad's no argument.

{Ed002's Note - Right - it was a mistake, no more than that.}

4.) 02 Jan 2022 19:42:51
I also thought it was a red Barry. He lead with his arm in the face and very luck to stay on the pitch mate. Just my opinion though.

{Ed0666's Note - blatant red and now the footballing gods have evened out the injustice of the challenge on Robbo by the nations darling

5.) 02 Jan 2022 19:46:21
Said same in a match post Barry, thank god that game wasn't ruined after 6 secs : (.

6.) 02 Jan 2022 20:11:03
Arsenal where their own downfall your man xhaka or what ever his face is shouldn’t be near a football field he runs at You your looking good for a free or peno.

7.) 02 Jan 2022 20:12:57
Only thing that saves him apart from it's only 6 seconds in is that he never looked at his opponent once.

8.) 02 Jan 2022 20:46:57
I must see things differently. He’s not looking at the player at all. Have any of you ever jumped? His elbow was high, it was a bit over the top, but red? The games gone soft.

9.) 02 Jan 2022 21:06:01
Yes, I didn't think it was a red either. Yellow, probably. He never looked at Cesar once, so where is the intent to injure or the dangerous play?

10.) 02 Jan 2022 21:14:26
He hit him with his arm not his elbow - a clear yellow.

11.) 02 Jan 2022 20:58:16
This stuff is embarrassing, they're all out to get us.

12.) 02 Jan 2022 23:16:49
However we feel about Coty getting the rub of the green is probably how all the clubs feel about us getting our share of lucky calls. I've neet seen the objective stats but imagine they balance out over time.

13.) 02 Jan 2022 23:35:26
Mane? not a red. jumpimg, eyes on the ball, doesn't throw his arm, wrist then hand connects. Yellow.

14.) 02 Jan 2022 23:39:16
If you want to investigate something, investigate the players cheating, not the officials. Until you cut out diving and trying to con the ref, you can’t even begin to complain about the refs making mistakes.

15.) 03 Jan 2022 00:24:12
I didn’t think it was a red, a yellow was fair for me.

16.) 03 Jan 2022 06:56:29
I bet a lot of opinions on this board would be different if the roles had been reversed.

His arm was up and he knew where the challenge was coming from even if he didn’t look the Chelsea player in the eye. In the old days it was called ‘getting your retaliation in first’. With today’s rules it was a clear red card.

{Ed001's Note - I disagree, Taylor would have loved to give a red card, he is a Mancunian, there is no way he would not give a red if he thought there was any chance it was a red. Mane has not looked at Azpilicueta once, not swung his arm, just jumped with his arm up. It is ones of those challenges that one ref will see as a red, another as a yellow and a third as just a foul and not even give a card. If Mane looks at him, so you can be sure he is going for him, then it is a definite red. If Mane swings his arm, then it is a definite red. But he does neither.}

17.) 03 Jan 2022 07:55:47
It was a red card definitely!
We then scored two superb goals and should have styled the game in the first half, but again our defence was poor, and our midfield was outrun and second best.
Not playing well enough to challenge City, and we should now focus on the CL, FA Cup and Carabao Cup and more to the point, getting our best 15 players fit and well.

18.) 03 Jan 2022 10:13:02
@Ed01, I hear what you are saying but we’ll have to disagree on this one - Mane is a top notch professional and is capable of receiving and giving the knocks. I think he played it beautifully and, as I say knew what was coming and where it was coming from and took the opportunity to clout the opposition player. Not looking and not deliberately taking aim at an opponent doesn’t mean their isn’t intent all the time. in this case I think he knew what he was doing and, as I say, played it beautifully.

19.) 03 Jan 2022 11:14:12
If there is going to be red cards given for a hand in the face then the game is going in a direction nobody wants it to go. Get up and get on with the game yellow card and look where your throwing your arms next time you jump end of discussion.



16 Dec 2021 20:38:05
No need to post
To Ed001
Apologies, I wasn't aware that proceeds went where they went. No offense meant. Sorry if I p. ed you off.


{Ed001's Note - no worries mate, I wasn't annoyed, just there is no need to apologise for not donating. It is a donation, you are under no obligation at all. But you did give me the chance to explain where the money goes. It is purely put towards paying the subscription to WyScout. The money goes direct to my personal paypal and then out of there into WyScout's coffers.}

1.) 16 Dec 2021 21:21:56
I'm also sorry for letting a grenade off ed. Hopefully see some of you on the conspiracy page, I'll avoid posting anything controversial. Apologies if I've offended anyone with my beliefs but I am entitled to my beliefs whether people agree or not.

Peace to all.

{Ed001's Note - not your fault, all the whiners are out in force for some reason. They seem to think they own the site and can dictate what goes on here. Their petty bitchy comments should have just been deleted rather than posted.}




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24 Aug 2021 22:13:48
Aqualani in the making…….




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20 Aug 2021 00:44:21
Juicer, believe it or not it’s the most played sport in the US by a long shot. We did coin the phrase “soccer mom”. I know it had the most registered players over any other sport for year after year. I think the biggest problem is that as kids get older and into high school (14/ 15 years of age) the sport isn’t as attractive for nailing down scholarships etc., sports in general here is a huge business within the under 18’s for both boys and girls. Sadly many of the parents think their kids will get a scholarship for college but in reality few do, and many of the scholarships aren’t even a drop in the bucket. My wife is going to Bard College in NY, she got a full scholarship, definitely not an athletic one. The tuition there is $75k per year…. that’s not a typo. So most kids go into baseball/ softball/ basketball/ football/ golf…golf is a big one too….





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18 May 2022 17:47:25
Religion being used to justify bigotry is still bigotry. Ed1 has nailed his response. And as for free speech, no speech is free. All speech has its cost. For those players who feel it’s ok to be a bigot the cost will be the ability to earn their full potential. I’m sure PSG are having a PR nightmare at the moment and other large clubs will think twice now before signing players who support the same bigotry.




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09 Apr 2022 21:21:31
Same, i always thought it was in reference to 💩.




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16 Mar 2022 15:19:23
Arsenal being in good form is better for us, hoping they are feeling they can attack and that will leave them open for our boys to attack. If they weren’t in good form they would have played to defend and counter leaving it up to us to break them down.




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26 Feb 2022 21:15:54
The thing is at some point it becomes “what is going on? ” Officials make bad calls it’s part of the game, VAR is meant to reduce it but when you see a situation like that and say it’s not a handball? Because of the sleeve? Maybe we should start measuring sleeves then. Seriously, they have rules in ice hockey on the size of the lads etc for goal keepers. A team can make everyone’s sleeve a wee bit longer now if that’s going to be the measure by what makes a handball. I would hope it’s not corrruption but there is a ton of money involved and that’s where it tends to grow from.




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14 Feb 2022 02:46:27
Personally I rate Hendo as a great captain. He seems to be the kind of person who holds his own standards both on and off the pitch to a high standard and expects everyone to do the same. As for the SG Hendo debate I see it like this…
SG had the ability to single handedly win a game, come up with the insane volley and score the goal, Hendo seems to drive the team as a collective, keeping everyone focused getting stuck in to get the rest to push harder.