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17 Jan 2022 21:21:50
Hello Ed 1. Do you ever see uefa being able to straighten out man city on there sponsorship dealings which make a mockery of ffp. Or is it a case man city that rich and powerful they can bascially do whatever they want more or less.

{Ed001's Note - not sure it does make a mockery of FFP at all. FFP is only meant to stop little clubs breaking into the top table of UEFA competition.}

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18 Jan 2022 13:36:20
Would you be in favour of any financial restrictions on clubs? Or do you think ffp and likes should be done away? Appreciate your time.

{Ed001's Note - it is a difficult one, there should be a possibility for a new owner to pump in money to turn round a club and boost it up to compete, but there needs to be care they are not just another Gretna. They were so reliant on funding from the owner that, when he died suddenly, they ended up folding completely without it. So there does need to be some sort of restrictions, nothing like there is now though. It should be blocking the use of loans to boost the club. That leaves these teams heavily in debt, like Liverpool are now and Chelsea for that matter.

What I would definitely be in favour of is a similar system to that La Liga has implemented of salary restrictions based on club income. That is the main issue right now, player wages have spiralled out of control and they need to be made manageable again.}

18 Jan 2022 21:20:24
The fairest way across the board for me would be

1) cap transfer fees. Transfer fees are getting ridiculous. For example if fees were called at 50mil I know teams would try to value all their players at 50mil. Why not put a structure in place where they have to prove if they are in that bracket. Ie. Players valued under 10 mil, players valued 10-20 etc.

2) salary cap. Each team can only pay players a certain amount. Let's say 250k per week for you're top earner. I know the top players would say they are worth more, but you could leave sponsorship deals for individual players. So the best players still get the opportunity to earn good money but its not funded by some filthy rich club owner who only secured the layer because they offered 5 times more than any other side.

3) scrap or cap agent fees.

4) stop shady sponsorship deals. Although once you have imposed the previous 3 rules there is no point in pumping billions into your club as you aren't allowed to use it to overpay players any more etc.

I think those 4 rules would massively level the playing fields and make the game more sustainable.

I also wouldn't be opposed to young players and free agents going into a draft system similar to the nfl. It would help youngsters breaking into sides and not being buried beneath scores and scores of words class players where they will never get a game.

Hope this makes sense, phone typing at work isn't the best lol.

19 Jan 2022 16:48:09
All good points Ashy, especially #3 - Agents are a cancer on the game and should be removed ASAP.

17 Jan 2022 21:49:48
I could have sworn I just saw Trezeguet at John Lennon airport. It’s finally happening 😀.

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17 Jan 2022 21:36:07
Hey Ed2,

A week ago I asked you on how Matt Scammell was getting along and thanks for sharing your views. It now looks like he is off to formula E. Is Michael highham partnerships manager supposed to take up the vacancy? Any idea why Matt left? I read he will be linking up with Jamie Riegle at Formula-E who he worked with at United. Is that all there is?

{Ed002's Note - I don’t think it would be me.}

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17 Jan 2022 19:59:49
Lots of reports that Dybala is unhappy with Juventus and their contract offers. If he was available on a pre contract surely he would be a great acquisition.

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17 Jan 2022 14:06:38
Surely with Milner's contract coming to an end in the summer and reportedly on £140k/ week, we can just give that to Mo and already increased his wage to £340k/ week and no worse off than where we are now (in terms of weekly wage bill lol) . see. easy!

And please take this as tongue-in-cheek before you all jump on with your comments :)

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17 Jan 2022 13:21:24
What are your thoughts on Ox? I read people want him sold but personally I have s bit of a soft spot for him, always tries tbh, never looks lazy etc. But am I, like others maybe, falsely hoping he rediscovers the form he showed before his big injury?

Not sure, but a player I fo like and s.

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17 Jan 2022 14:58:41
I like the guy, but he's been fit for most of the season (as well as most of the back end of last season) and has still only started half the time. Performance wise he's been average neither poor nor especially good most games.

Unless there's a major upturn between now and the end of the season, I think it's best for both parties that he move on.

18 Jan 2022 00:53:03
I like him. Been very unlucky and that injury against Roma was devastating. He was in the form of his life then and was probably the first name in our midfield which says something I feel. At his best he provides almost everything Henderson does with additional goal threat. Even on current form I think he should be ahead of Keita, as he does what we thought Keita was going to (I really don’t see what Klopp see’s in Naby, may he prove me wrong) and it has frustrated me when this isn’t been the case.

18 Jan 2022 00:58:00
Sorry I should clarify. I don’t see what Klopp sees in Keita playing as one of our traditional midfielder roles. He is clearly a naturally attacking free role player that is more of a no.10 than a no.8.

17 Jan 2022 08:44:09
So looking at a few posts down Ed002. Some posters stating that not being in the CL would have an impact on the owners investment (what the club is worth i guess) . Clearly it would have an impact on income and maybe sponsorship but would it affect the value of the club? If so, an immediate impact or over the course of a few years if the club continued to under achieve? Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - It would only impact the clib in terms of value if there was a direct link to income in any one season. And then only marginally.}

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17 Jan 2022 11:48:17
Are we underachieving?

17 Jan 2022 21:43:21
Struggling to read Jadon?


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