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10 Aug 2022 16:44:50
With all the doom and gloom on here of late it's dawned on me what's missing. Harry we need you back buddy, hope you're reading.
Would be cool to see where you think the season will take us etc etc.

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10 Aug 2022 19:44:43
Oh good god!

10 Aug 2022 20:20:01
If we had won the European Cup versus Real Madrid, we would have been playing tonight versus Eintracht Frankfurt in the UEFA Cup Final in Helsinki latest score 0-0 after 20 mins played.

10 Aug 2022 20:39:35

10 Aug 2022 21:57:05
Not to state the obvious 007, but if we had won the European Cup vs. Real Madrid we'd have won the European Cup.

A bit more important than the playing in the glorified Charity Shield?

11 Aug 2022 08:50:37
Playing in the charity Shield means you have won a Trophy, i don't think that's a bad thing, do you?

11 Aug 2022 14:29:00
Not necessarily the case. If a club wins the FA Cup and the League in the same season the second place team in the league plays in the Community Shield. I don't think you receive a trophy for finishing second. As opposed to the European Super Cup where both teams have won a cup.

11 Aug 2022 20:24:12
Lady Gaga, The Charity Shield was first held 1908, since then the above occurrence you quote same double winners of league and FA Cup has happened ten times in 114 years, it's not exactly the annual oxford/ cambridge university boat race.

i like ye username? not half.

10 Aug 2022 00:47:59
I think its time for a midfielder to be bought.

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10 Aug 2022 11:16:37
Matheus Nunes incoming.

09 Aug 2022 22:26:16
Doesn't anyone think if we were to sign a midfielder it should be Youri Tielemans.
Just turned 25 years old, has been performing well in the premiership for a few years now a good all round Centre mid with good injury record. 25-30 million if that's the price I think we should be making space for him in the squad instead of Ox and Naby.
I'd be interested to hear what you guys think on this.

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10 Aug 2022 07:21:53
Imo no. Definitely need a midfielder but I don't think he is just good enough for us. As a squad player he prob be fine but we've enough squad midfielders it's a top level 1 we need who can start week in week out if need be.

10 Aug 2022 10:49:29
Yeh but players aren't bought with the thought of "oh he's a starter and he's a squaddie". Surely its a case of whoever trains and carries out Klopps plans best start. i wouldn't be going crazy to get Tielemans in but if the Ox was fit by the end of the window and someone wanted to give us a few bob for him i would take Tielemans at that price. It would be an improvement to the current squad.

10 Aug 2022 13:32:38
We won't be getting anything for ox now that he's injured, he's not due to return til October going by reports. leave on a free next summer looks like.

10 Aug 2022 14:22:26
Well then we won't be getting a new toy, we'd have enough bodies there. that's the way Klopp works.

10 Aug 2022 14:52:45
Decent player but doesn't possess the workrate of a Klopp midfielder.

10 Aug 2022 16:35:05
Wouldnt have thought Gini or Thiago possessed the workrate of a Klopp midfielder before we got them in.

11 Aug 2022 10:50:31
Thiago has had to change his game JN, the man himself said something like “Klopp has taught me to run”.

11 Aug 2022 15:33:50
Sure he could teach Tielemans so, as he also taught Gini.

09 Aug 2022 00:11:19
What do people think about Jacob Ramsey from Villa would he be expensive? Very raw still but decent player. Trying to think of potential midfielders? Struggling.

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09 Aug 2022 19:18:38
TAA moves from Full Back to Midfield.

09 Aug 2022 20:27:04
Never ever going to happen.

09 Aug 2022 22:22:11
Mane, Mane your username is correct that is whose goals Liverpool will miss this year, Diaz wouldn't score in a brothel, no end product is his weakness, anyone can dribble down their pants.

10 Aug 2022 00:02:54
007 with embarrassing post of the day award! Makes a change from me. Give your head a wobble lad.

10 Aug 2022 08:29:08
ScouseNouse, i do use me nouse and facts, these figures are from Premier League website for LFC Careers.

Mane Goals per game ratio 2.24

Diaz Goals per game ratio 0.29

Using me nouse and facts that's a big, big difference.

Give ye own head a wobble and the penny may drop and others?

10 Aug 2022 11:53:56
How did you get 2.24 goals per game from 120 goals in 269 apps for Liverpool? Even Messi and Ronaldo does not have such stat.

Considering Diaz is new to the club obviously he needs time to adjust. Look at Suarez first 6 months, not impressive at all. I really don't get why people expect new signings to settle immediately. If you change jobs are you producing from day one or you need couple of months to settle with the new job, location and team? Come on. And saying Diaz has no end product after the beauty he scored versus Fulham its embarrassing.

{Ed077's Note - doesnt that stat come out as 2.24games per goal?

10 Aug 2022 12:15:24
Dats Messi-esque levels of scoring outa Mane.

{Ed077's Note - and not accurate at all.

10 Aug 2022 14:54:52
You'd imagine we'd have won a lot more trophies considering Mane hit 100 goals in each of his 6 seasons here wouldn't you?

10 Aug 2022 15:22:40
While on the subject of goals - does anyone know why Salah has not been credited with an assist for Nunez's goal against Fulham? It's as clear as day!

10 Aug 2022 19:22:26
meagain, you asked the exact same question the other day and people answered you.

10 Aug 2022 19:37:04
martolfc, you state above in your post, Diaz scored a beauty against Fulham, ye must not have watched the game. Diaz never scored versus Fulham?

08 Aug 2022 22:43:07
Thaigo out for 6 weeks/ 9 games


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08 Aug 2022 00:18:09
For Ed002 please if I may. With holes appearing in the squad via injuries and loans/ sales and us seemingly being light in midfield, do you expect us to rectify this by bringing someone in or continuing with what we have?

{Ed002's Note - Klopp has been clear.}

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08 Aug 2022 10:34:45
I hope that what Klopp says to media and what we do in the background are two different things. We simply cannot go into another season without adding some midfield athleticism and durability.

My choices would be one of Matheus Nunes or Konrad Laimer as they can play both 6 and 8 in our system. I do also like the look of Kouadio Kone but he's a bit more raw.

I genuinely don't give a monkeys about Jude Bellingham who is being built up to be some kind of messiah.

08 Aug 2022 13:08:06
Agree on that FPF, we declared no more interest in VVD after apology and ended up buying him. I’d perhaps like Carvalho in midfield rather than LW so perhaps moving for Otavio who can cover RW and RCM would be a good move. We have had interest it’s one I’d like us to do and don’t think he’d cost the earth but Nunes I like the look of also.

08 Aug 2022 16:44:44
Another 2 that know more than the professionals that are paid by the club. Send them your C. V's folkd.

08 Aug 2022 17:26:06
Oh Mane Mane - they can't afford me.

08 Aug 2022 20:55:58
Or me. Your low level sarcastic wit would come cheap though, sign up.

08 Aug 2022 22:17:23
Whose being sarcastic? I can't believe the club don't hire experts like the 2 of you. They even have a throw in coach.

09 Aug 2022 10:34:45

09 Aug 2022 15:26:38
Given the game time, injury issues and ineffectiveness of Keita and Ox, I think I’m in with a chance if I sent Klopp my CV, and I’d only ask for a quarter of their combined salary as I’m that altruistic.

09 Aug 2022 21:16:28
Send it in 6Times. You never know.

07 Aug 2022 23:25:26
My 2 pennies worth on yesterday's game, not that it matters. It looked like a first game of the season game to me. Newly promoted side up for it, us looking leggy and not match sharp., Hoping they would role over. Big plus, is that we got a draw. Few seasons ago, we would have lost, but we didn't. We don't know when to lose. We fought till the end. Hopefully it will be a wake up call. Loads of games still left and nothing is lost. Heads up and on to the next.

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08 Aug 2022 03:17:04
Good to read from you, LiverpoolManc.


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