14 Jul 2018 15:50:42
I hope everyone was paying attention today when Karius was ironically cheered. That kind of support is appalling. Get behind the lad or find a new club.

1.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 16:09:09
Where playing away. There bury fans 🤣 they don't care about karius.

Be good preparation for the 70k who do it at old Trafford or the 60k at city, 60k at Tottenham or every single premier league club that will hound him for the next season.

The liverpool fans give him a round of applause when he gets to his goal.

Get off your high horse dude :)

2.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 16:33:30
Oh here we go again with the outrage on how our players are treated.

3.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 16:45:35
You’re missing the point. Just look on the LFC post that announced the starting lineup. Most of the replies are trashing him. And if supporting players rather than trashing them puts me on a high horse, than I don’t even want to know how pathetic your life must be.

4.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 17:10:27
Yankee, it was the home fans ironically cheering. You can't police other teams fans. I completely agree we should get behind our own players when they are playing for the team and negative comments made by our own fans before a game when the team is announced is not on, but every game he plays in this season he is going to get negative reactions from other teams fans. He is going to have to deal with that at it will happen.

5.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 17:13:46
It's blind support the lad simply is not any good. Accepting mediocrity is why we have not won a league title in almost 30 years.

6.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 17:15:52
I take your point, I do think Klopp has a blind spot for Karius.

7.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 17:18:53
Exactly redmick.

We can support all we like, doesn't make someone good.

He had all the support in the world and gave the champions league to Madrid as a result.

He's going to Get absolutely destroyed by every single away fan and god forbid if we pull Madrid at any point in the champions league, even if he's had a blinder of a season it will all rear it's head. If he isn't prepared for it then request a move, otherwise get ready for a lot of pressure.

8.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 17:22:07
But there’s no need to abuse the lad REDMICK, that’s unacceptable.

9.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 17:23:16
You are bang on Yankee but seriously mate, just leave it. It's not worth it. We'll all just keep going around in circles.

Karius is going to have to rise above it, so we all might as well do that too.

10.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 17:33:54
Just got back from the game and I can assure you Karius was clapped from all the Liverpool fans (a 3rd of the stadium)
And the one stand of bury fans took the piss out of him. But what do you expect after being awful of late, at Old Trafford Ect he will be under massive pressure all game from the crowd n players. I think we'll need a better Keeper in this window if we want success.

11.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 18:04:33
Well if we all hate Loris so much we better sack Klopp then, as Ed02 has said. What’s that? It’s not up to us? The manager and club might know better than us? Oh. Well that’s a shame. Spose we best just support our team and players then eh? I am a fan after all. Silly me.

12.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 18:08:01
I'm with you Yankee mate but as MK says we're going round in circles. We can discuss it until we're blue in the face, unfortunately this changes nothing.

13.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 18:14:00
He’s one of OUR players!

Yes an upgrade should be signed but why on earth would anyone abuse him?
Makes no sense to me!

No player should be certain of their place; if Maradona of Shearer could be bought I’d bench Salah and Firmino too!

No player should ever walk alone especially while still with and playing for us!


14.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 18:45:15
Yankee, it was the Bury fans doing the cheeky jeers at Karius, not the LFC fans cos the applauded him when he got to his goal. We were playing away from home so what did you expect? Flowers and chocolates for Karius from the Bury fans? This is the hand he would have been dealt should he be no. 1 and as MK said, we will all have to rise above it esp. him and move on cos it ain't going to get any easier when the season begins.

As for the SM fans trashing Karius, there is a good reason why Klopp tells his players to get off SM and look at the wonders that has done for a guy like Lovren. As fans the best way we can help Karius (or any other player in a bad patch), is to drown the boos with hearty cheers to let the player know he is NOT walking alone. That would be my suggestion.

15.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 18:50:56
It sounds like he was getting support from our fans at the ground. How someone reacts on social media is a different matter, no-one knows if the negative comments are from Liverpool fans or not, anyone can claim to support anyone. People create fake accounts.

As long as he’s getting a fair response from fans at the match that’s all we can hope for.

I don’t know why people moan about the starting line-up in friendlies, friendlies are for building match fitness and understandings. If he makes a bad error then criticise, but don’t criticise the line-up for friendlies - pure madness 🤪.

16.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 19:11:18
Social media brings out the worst in people. It gives them an alternate identity they can hide behind, they then believe they can say whatever they like without consequences. Freedom of speech is great, however many people don't stop and think of the effects this has on the subject of their vitriol. I bet most of the people voicing this abuse wouldn't say the same comments to his face and that's the way it should be on SM.

17.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 20:13:36
Who cares what people say on here or what opposition fans do at matches? What is important is that our players feel supported by our fans at matches. It's simple really. None of them are likely to be reading this or any other site and only foolish players and those that don't actually care what folks say to them online would have anything to do with twitter et al. I bet Bobby and Salah etc regularly get pelters, even it it is from opposition fans or whoever, but it's unlikely to be publicised because they don't have a negative focus on them.

Thumbs down me all the folks who can't see the wood for the trees, but Karius will get a tirade of god knows what wherever he goes, but you can better your bottom dollar, if he's on the team sheet come the first match of the season, he'll get cheered like the rest of the players by our fans. If he pays attention to the internet, knowing full well how fickle and harsh it is, more fool him.

18.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 20:43:58
One thing I'v learned about reading on here is that both the praise and the slating is usually over the top. Way over the top. So I read it with a smile. In one ear and out the other. Like everyone else, I too have my liked and disliked players on the team, but I scream and shout for the team to kick ass and do well, during every single game. And at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

19.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 20:57:28
ArAy Your first sentence sums it up for me.

20.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 22:06:09
Sorry Yankee, I can't just pick and choose a new club. I've been a Liverpool fan since I was 6, since I first really kicked a ball. 31 years a Liverpool fan and supporter.

"Find a new club" impossible. It would be like dating a brunette when I'm seriously, deeply, madly in love with a blonde. I like celtic.

21.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 22:29:29
If karius is number 1 come the start of the season then we find out once and for all what he is truely made of.

If i was in his shoes id be coming off every training session hardly able to stand. First one there and last one to leave.

That mansion mtv style video he put up should have been a 5 minute comp video of him busting his ass taking shots for hours on end. Goalkeeper drill training until he threw up.

Favourably edited or not it would have been at least the first step to bridging the gap.

If he doesn't approach this season with a major chip on his shoulder then he just ain't going to cut it.

He has a chance to use what has happened to him in the final and after to make him the the best keeper he can possibly be.

Away fans will murder him this season but above all positions the goal keeper position has no room for snowflakes.

The abuse he has taken from his own fans is unacceptable but its part and parcel in todays football world unfortunately.

Liverpool fans will quickly forgive him if they see effort and improvement in his game. Most true fans don't even see that there is anything to forgive. He simply had a bad game. Goalkeepers don't often get away with having bad games because it usually ends in defeat.

The debate most fans are having or have been having is whether or not they see him ever becoming a top level keeper. That debate was going on way before the final.

If a new big money number 1 keeper is signed karius should knocking on klopps door and requesting a loan move to a team where he is going to see plenty of action.

If he stays as a number 2 he is done for in terms of him ever hoping to be a top level keeper.

And if that aspiration isn't even in his thinking well shame on him.

If it is then i wish him the best of luck in the hopes of achieving his goals.

22.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 22:48:38
Fair post that Wolverine. Nice one mate.