16 Mar 2024 08:01:12
Ed001 I don't think the champions league draw could have been any better for us. Hope city and Arsenal both go through Pep's rivalry with Madrid and the Kane factor with Arsenal make both games that little bit bigger. Then if they both go through what I would expect to more massive games that really will put the pressure on both teams.

{Ed001's Note - whereas I would say a defeat for both would be better for Liverpool as it would knock their confidence and set them back badly.}

1.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 09:33:15
I agree with Arsenal but I think Man City would bounce back hard but would love them knocked out by Arsenal in the Semis.

2.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 09:03:43
I think if we’re looking at this then we’re conceding that we didn’t do enough tog et the 3 points vs City ?

Who knows really, I’ve got no sense for it but imagine that for City whether they’re in CL or not for remainder of the season it won’t make a difference for them in the league. For Arsenal we’ll have to see. But I think they have elevated beyond being impacted by distraction of multiple comps.

3.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 09:06:26
Liverpool seemed to do ok competing on both fronts.

4.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 09:23:53
Theirs no easy games for all 3 teams every game throws up its own challenge . Although seeing city and Arsenal go toe to toe in a European semi will be good as it takes a lot out of the team and fans it ultimately means 1 team reaches the final which is not good . So I’d love to see Bayern and Madrid do a job on them and I’d say Madrid are better than they were 12 months ago and city aren’t as good . So could be interesting and il be honest I think Arsenal will struggle against Bayern over 2 legs they mad a meal out of Porto when that should have been a pretty comfortable tie over 2 legs . It shows me the chinks in the armour of both teams and really think everything is on the table for this Liverpool team .

5.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 10:13:29
Of the 3 teams in the title race I think we are in the best shape. The injuries could’ve derailed us but they haven’t and now we have players coming back in time for the run in.

I honestly think Arsenal peaked too soon and are now on a downward spiral performance wise. They will tire also as they have to play the same players every game.

City are City and will get results but they are not the winning machine they have been in the past.

I think all 3 teams will drop points between now and the end of the season but if I had to put a bet on it I think with the momentum we have and the players coming back fresh and ready, plus the emotion of Klopp leaving we will come out on top.

It’ll be exciting either way and we can’t lose sight of how lucky we are to support a club that’s in the hunt. With a bit of luck we’ll go all the way.

6.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 09:00:47
I know you don't like to make predictions, Ed, but do you see either of those two possibilities happening? Real Madrid will always have an extra gear in the Champions League but Man City are just a better team, while Bayern are just a mess at the moment and I’m not sure they have the organization, structure or sheer belief to put away Arsenal over two legs.

{Ed001's Note - it certainly could happen. Bayern do seem to have a hold over Arsenal in recent years and Madrid are Madrid. If they are both going to go out at once, this was the only way it will happen. I can't see anyone else in the comp that can beat them.}

7.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 11:46:59
Both draws couldn't have gone any better, including the routes to the finals. Arsenal and City squads will be sufficiently tested.

Now for us to get our players back and attack this last quarter of the season after the international break. I am so excited to have Trent, Curtis, Jota, Alisson, Gravenberch and even Bajcetic back and available for selection soon.

8.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 12:21:20
City won the treble last season BP, that seems very much like a winning machine to me mate ?.

9.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 12:35:34
BP I don’t think Arsenal have peaked they beat us because we were awful and gifted them 2 goals and they have had a good run because of the teams they have just played. But I think once the international break is over they have harder games coming up and they will start to struggle to score goals again.
I just don’t understand the loving in media for Arsenal.

10.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 13:46:58
BP - while you are correct with us having players coming back for the run in, it will be almost April when that happens, and it will take a few games for hem to get up to proper match fitness, so that could be a disadvantage.

Only might be though.

11.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 14:22:12
I think Madrid are bang average as a team . They do however have that winning mentality and perform when it matters. Bellingham could truly show if he's THAT special or rodri could do a number on him. Vincious is top class when he wants to be. Bayern are also there for the taking unless they land early blows to arsenal.

12.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 15:24:40
Madrid’s average team seems to beat us no problem. I have heard RM have had an average team for the last 5 years .

13.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 15:26:32
Arsenal are going to get a hiding by Bayern.

14.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 16:19:04
i hope both gets knocked out!
1, it will deflate them
2, with both potentially going trophyless, it'll be pretty nice if it really happened when we nick the title
3, can't see any side from the other bracket winning against them unless we are to see something like how we won it against Milan in 2005 or how Chelsea won at Bayern's home. it did be funny though if AM does a Mourinho and wins it against City.

15.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 21:14:34
Irish, what has last season got to do with it? We are talking about now.

City aren’t as good as they were last season at the moment.

16.) 16 Mar 2024
16 Mar 2024 21:35:29
Markp08 - Real Madrid clearly aren’t bang average, but they HAVE downgraded almost every position in their starting XI since 2018 except for Bellingham and Courtois.
We’ve always struggled with top Spanish teams during Klopp’s reign. Granted, we’ve had some amazing results but the majority of the time we’ve lost. Atletico and Real aren’t overawed by raucous atmospheres, and the latter, especially, have always had amazing technical quality in midfield to ensure they can start controlling a game.
Madrid have typically struggled to contain Man City because Man City are the only team in Europe to match them technically and at that point they don’t have the organization or tactics to compete, hence they either rely on absurd flukes (2022), or they get thumped (2020, 2023).
Enough rambling. Madrid are good but they are about to get thrashed by City, sadly.

17.) 17 Mar 2024
17 Mar 2024 08:40:53
I am pretty sure that in previous seasons, being beaten in the Champions League has had little to no effect on Man City’s performance in the Premiership.

Unsure why it would be different this season.

18.) 17 Mar 2024
17 Mar 2024 12:59:07
Spot on, StEtienneAmen. Makes no difference at all to Man City's PL season. They bottled the CL 6 of the last 7 seasons under Pep BUT didn't stop them winning the PL in some of those seasons.