14 May 2018 10:45:24
Watching Salah and Kane yesterday really made me appreciate how great Salah is.

Salah played like he cared more about the team than the golden boot. His running was unselfish, and put a couple of chances on a plate for others. The way he celebrated after setting up Solanke, you'd think he scored himself! He was so pleased for his team mate to score. Even if Kane had got another 2 goals, He'd still have lost the race because Salah has about 10 more assists than Kane! Which sums them both up as players. Salah scores a lot whilst playing as part of a team, whilst Kane just shoots repeatedly, and often to the detriment of his team.

One moment yesterday summed Kane up. He was forced wide in the penalty area but there were 3 unmarked Spurs players in between the penalty spot and the goal line. Kane looked up, saw them, then put his head down and ran into Wes Morgan. He rugby tackled Morgan trying to get past him so he could shoot for himself but lost the ball. In a great sense of poetic justice, Leicester counter attacked and scored about 10 seconds later.

If that wasn't enough, he then started blabbing in the interview about how it was his target to get to 30 goals and how he was pleased with himself. Me, me, me. Who cares if they won nothing? Kane can massage his own ego sone more.

In contrast, Salah has dedicated every individual award to his team mates for making him the player he is. If Spurs fans reckon Kane is worth £200m then Salah is worth £800m because he is twice the player, and twice the man 😂.

1.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 10:53:30
As per usual your spot on mate
and for me I doubt another post will beat this one all day long
post of the day for me easily
what does my nut in is how can he look Erikson in the face after the stunt he pulled on him and then talk about he is a team player
pathetic imo.

2.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 11:01:45
110% agree MK mate. Kane is a good striker but ours himself first. The goal he was awarded because it took a little touch off him, little things like that are pathetic. And I’m glad Salah won the golden boot because he deserves it more.
So happy Salah is our player.

3.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 11:43:30
The thing is if he played for Mancity or united and won the league he would probably the next hope of England and best player on the planet.
He has been mighty consistent in one of the toughest league without having any extraordinary skills or pace or for that matter physicality. Its his hunger for scoring that keeps him going i feel and sometimes especially with strikers it has to be me me me. may look bad to some. but the entire team does play for the striker to score goals.
yea Salah out did him but kane fought for it like one should. nothing bad about it. Infact i'd love to have an option like that at liverpool.

4.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 11:47:41
Also, in his interview after receiving the Golden Boot Salah said he could now be happy about the award because the team qualified for CL next season.

5.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 11:56:31
Really, Harry Kleim says it all.

6.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:00:46
Not for me Aksit. I wouldn't even want him on the bench. Our attack works in unison and our squad harmony makes us a force. Kane is too selfish to for into our team. I don't know why he fit like this because as a youth player he was very creative and often played behind a striker. I think he has his sights on Shearers record, and nothing else matters to him. Not even the success of his own team.

Though I do take your point that his consistency is remarkable considering his lack of any standout attributes. He had the worst conversion rate out of the top 20 goalscorers in the league this season though. If you shoot 200 times in a season, 30 goals should be a bare minimum! I think he is holding Spurs back. They look miles better with Son, Alli and Eriksen as the front 3.

7.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:02:53
Brilliant post mk.

8.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:06:32
Brilliant comment MK. I must admit that a tweet cuaght this same thing by pointing out how Mo celebrated by playing football with his daughter to the fans' delight whilst Kane sold his daughter soul to claim a goal. a bit strong but I'm sure he'll think twice before making a stupid comment like "I swear on my daughter's life! " ever again.

9.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:10:13
Whilst I appreciate the point, I do think it's slightly laboured by the fact that Salah's attitude - or at least his media training - is superb. He always discusses the team above himself, he never seems to want the spotlight (perhaps slightly camera shy? ), he appeared thoroughly disinterested in winning personal accolades all season etc.

I think Kane actually shows a very reasonable amount of self-interest. Most top level strikers are a little bit more selfish than most players - it's something you need to be the best sometimes, and something that Kane's early career taught him he needed - if you don't want to score enough, you're not going to score. A combination of a number of factors including the seemingly extreme contrast with Salah, a media we all know loves leading people (asking questions about the golden boot straight after the game, asking in interviews weeks later about the FA Cup joke etc) and frankly, Kane being slightly thick and easy to get any soundbite people want out of. Appealing to have the goal taken of Erikson was extra, unusual and a bit stupid (but one does wonder where the management of the situation was within Spurs) . Aside from that I think it's all become slightly exaggerated - we might be used to a selfless main striker like Firmino, and a winger who had a briefing to spread play as well as score, but the way Kane opperates even at the top level is hardly unusual. Frankly he's still probably more humble and selfless than a lot of other top scorers in Europe like Lewandowski, Higuain, Dybala, Neymar and Lukaku.

The narrative has become 'look how horrible Kane is'. Really it should be 'look how special what we have is'.

10.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:11:22
Kane is already considered as the biggest thing in English football! The media likes him! Glenn hoddle personally act like his daddy! He is their darling! So expect them to do everything in their rights to make him the GOD of English football!

11.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 12:25:51
Let's get something clear. Kane is a great striker! But as hjikle said he lacks media awareness whereas our own Mo is masterful with the media.

12.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 13:41:37
Kane on MOTD was saying how he is gutted he didn't win the golden boot, like it was all that was on his mind. Guess it's the best you can hope for playing for Spurs mind.

13.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 13:41:52
Definitely a great goal scorer Reynard, but he isn't like Lukaku, Firmino, Aguero or even Giroud. They all create goals and chances for others. Kane just seems hell bent on scoring himself at almost every opportunity. When he gets his head up a chooses to play the ball, he has actually got a good eye for a pass.

He is still really young though. Maybe he is still maturing as a player because he does have the potential to be world class. His "swear on my daughters life" comment shows he is still a bit juvenile as a person, but people grow.

14.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 13:43:42
Which of the two is likely to spend the rest of their career at the club they’re st now? Not sticking up for Kane, but just saying.

15.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 13:49:02
Good original post MK.

I definitely disagree with your point that Spurs look bettter without Kane though. I’m not sure there is any eveidnece for that. I’m not sure Son, Erikson and Alli are going to get you the goals. especially away from home where Son pulls a Wijnaldum! 😜

Kane is still a very good player with 30 goals in the prem and consistently hits those numbers and spurs are lucky to have him. we’re just luckier we have our front 3 🤙🏼.

16.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 14:13:41
Hey Keith, no worries mate. Just opinions at the end of the day.

There wasn't much evidence this year as Kane played in 37 games. There were two games though against Bournemouth and Chelsea which stand out. Both away from home as well. In the first, Kane went off after about 25 minutes I think, and Spurs went to Alli, Son and Eriksen for the last hour. It was blistering and they scored 4 goals after Kane left the pitch.

In the next game they beat Chelsea 3-1 at Stamford bridge, with Kane making a short cameo at the end of the game. 7 goals scored in less than two full games with Kane not in the way. The movement was fluid and unselfish, they were all looking for each other, and the goals were spread out evenly. 2 for Alli, 2 for Son, 2 for Eriksen (plus 1 for Aurier) .

17.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 15:14:25
Redmersey I would be amazed if Kane is still at Spurs after next season. They are going backwards, every man and his dog can see that.
They are losing top players season after season because they won’t pay them the wages other clubs will and if you’re an integral part of a team finishing top 3 in the premier league for the last 3 years you want top 3 money.
What’s worse is they are replacing these players with athletes with half the ability because they are the only players that will accept the pay structure.
If Kane has anything about him he will be in Spain come 2019 maybe even playing alongside Salah.

18.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 20:34:16
MK is already in mid-season form for next season. Brilliant posts, man. Kane's conduct with the "goal" that never was, was actually pathetic and shameful. I know we all wanna win BUT at some point, common decency MUST prevail and that is the diff. btw him and Salah. Salah is a decent man, a genuinely good man with a great heart. He is what I would want my kids to be not cos of what he does on the pitch BUT cos of who he is as a person as that is what will eventually define you.

Kane is a great player, no doubt BUT I would not want him here cos like his loser/ hypocrite/ diving-enabling manager, he is a classless person who only cares about himself and frankly as MK said, I would not want him in the Anfield stands as he is a diver, a cheat and a hypocrite. 1,000 goals will NEVER change that.