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Team: Liverpool

Where from: Barbados

Favourite player: Van Basten

Best team moment: Liverpool winning the Uefa Cup against Alaves

Interests: Writing Poetry as I am a published poet

Timezone: (GMT) London

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16 Aug 2019 11:22:23
Im at work but a mate just told me Adrian is not fit to play on Saturday and our new keep Andy L is going to play instead please tell me he is pulling my leg Ed001.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed001's Note - I have not heard of any injury to Adrian.}

1.) 16 Aug 2019 11:53:00
He injured his ankle during the after match celebrations, and is indeed a doubt for tomorrow.

2.) 16 Aug 2019 12:33:18
Adrian was injured by a fan who was being chased by security. He slipped and 2 footed Adrian. Doubtful for tomorrow.

Looks like we won't see Keita until after the international break.

{Ed025's Note - typical..

3.) 16 Aug 2019 12:34:05
a fan ran onto the field and hit his ankle while sliding. Video is on the Echo.

4.) 16 Aug 2019 12:43:52
That’s correct, fan ran on and slipped into Adrián. His ankle is swollen, might make it tomorrow.

{Ed025's Note - or...typical liverpool drunken thug flouts security by invading the pitch and injures goalkeeper..

5.) 16 Aug 2019 13:41:28
The fan who ran on and 2 footed him had a Ed025 T shirt on.

{Ed025's Note - not guilty JK....i cant run that far mate..

6.) 16 Aug 2019 14:31:20
You could play in Everton’s midfield then Ed025. They don’t run that far either mate.

{Ed025's Note - your not far wrong there JK..

7.) 16 Aug 2019 18:04:44
Those ed25 fans are a disgrace.

{Ed025's Note - if they thought it was me shents...they might arrest george clooney, im his doppleganger mate.. :)

8.) 16 Aug 2019 18:28:40
It was actually a Southampton fan.

{Ed025's Note - its a wonder that pep has not been cited, he usually gets it in the neck on these pages amerigo..

9.) 16 Aug 2019 18:50:45
Adrian will play with a slight booboo to his ankle no need to panic.



24 Apr 2019 18:19:11
Matip getting a new deal?
that would be a very brave one from Klopp if true.

Johncrow Junior

1.) 24 Apr 2019 19:05:46
I don't see why, honestly don't know why he gets half the stick he does. He's perfect for what he is, a back up centre half to the main pairing which, when Gomez is fit is Joe and Virgil. I also think we as Liverpool fans compare our other centre halves to Van Dijk now which is unfair as he's the best defender i've ever seen in the Premier League. Matip would comfortably get into the likes of Man U's and Arsenals first 11's and he's never kicked off when out of the side. Obviously we'd all like a De Ligt or a Alderweireld buts its very hard and unrealistic to expect to have four world class centre halves at 1 club.

2.) 24 Apr 2019 19:15:23
Not old ”give them a new deal just prior to punting them around” scam?

I like the kid but wouldn't be confident starting a season with him as 3rd choice CB behind JG and VVD.

3.) 24 Apr 2019 19:22:48
agreed little naby. can't have 4 1st choice CBs and Matip has done a job for us no doubt.

4.) 24 Apr 2019 19:32:55
Unnecessary hate, on the verge of trolling. We are on our biggest winning streak since Klopp took over and he’s started every game bar one. The Hendo bashers obviously have a new target. I agree he’s better than any of united and Arsenal’s defenders. Definitely an excellent third choice cb.

5.) 24 Apr 2019 20:02:20
Lerchy, I'm a HUGE Hendo lover and I think Matip is not good enuff for us long term.

6.) 24 Apr 2019 21:29:18
But he hasn’t put a foot wrong since January? Who would you replace him with? Realistically not fm.

7.) 24 Apr 2019 22:06:08
I don’t rate Matip and believe he is someone we can improve upon.

Where are the fantastic centre backs who will be 3rd choice? I doubt they’re out there and it is responsible to protect the squad in this way.

8.) 24 Apr 2019 22:44:11
Well said Ron.

9.) 24 Apr 2019 23:06:46
Matip is 3rd choice at centre half, and yes, he is not good enough for the 1st team, but I am happy enough for him to be a back up,
its Lovren who needs replacing, cos the man just can't stay fit, its a long hard season, and we don't need passengers if we want to stay as a top side,
we def need to keep on adding one or two class players, this will keep us at the top .

10.) 24 Apr 2019 23:12:50
he's perfect for us. unless he wanta to leavto be a regular starter then ok fair enough. but other than that as 3rd or 4th choice, he is experienced and steady enough.

11.) 24 Apr 2019 23:18:01
There are not many great centre backs in football anyway, Joel Matip has been a great back up in my opinion. As Ron said there are no fantastic centre backs happy to be third choice.
Even if Liverpool bought a so called top centre back, where would that leave Gomez.
Matip is not as terrible as he is made out and gets too much stick here. He has definitely made a positive contribution to the team so maybe he deserves a new contract as a backup defender.

12.) 24 Apr 2019 23:39:06
Ron, I rate Matip higher than you do but I agree 100% with the rest of your post. Well said.

13.) 24 Apr 2019 23:58:11
Maybe not longterm Redwolf but even having him as backup allows Jana-Hoever to learn his trade as back up to Trent at rightfull until he moves inside. What does it say to him if we keep buying big names to block his path because this kid could be our very own De Ligt. At the end of the day we have two world class centre halfs and two top end defenders in reserve. Show me a team in this league that's better stocked at centre half.

14.) 25 Apr 2019 01:51:01
Lerchy you say he hasn't put a foot wrong since January? How do you come up with that assessment? He's been exposed in the majority of matches. he so often gets dragged out of position and commits to challenge unnecessary tackles. If he gets a foot in everybody cheers and claps, but most of the time he shouldn't even be putting himself in scenarios,! You don't see virgil sprinting out to wide areas 50 yards from goal with little threat on just to make an unnecessary tackle, he often needlessly risks us being left wide open when he should focus on maintaining shape. You can see VVDs frustration with him many times during games.

15.) 25 Apr 2019 07:50:56
No axe to grind with Matip and believe he's a better backup than Lovren, but I really think Gomez needs to be back in the team asap as I think he'll be a better bet for these last 5/ 6 games we're about to play!

16.) 25 Apr 2019 07:56:02
All these experts who want Matip gone - are you really a better judge of player than Klopp?

17.) 25 Apr 2019 08:06:46
FlashTheRed. Not at all, just stating my personal opinion of him through watching him play. I don't have an axe to grind with him for no reason, he's just the one player who I really don't rate. And your point with klopp has no basis anywat. When all CB were fully fit and available he was the 4th choice clearly.

I just don't rate him personally, and I hate having to criticise any of our boys.

18.) 25 Apr 2019 09:57:43
If Matip is meant to be fourth choice then he is way ahead of Klavan before him, and marginally behind Lovren, if at all.

19.) 25 Apr 2019 10:05:11
Matip was getting brickbats in the first half of the season because he was clearly playing poorly. His second half has been a clear improvement, and as good as the first year he joined. So it's all relative to player form and performance, as it should be.

20.) 25 Apr 2019 13:15:32
I think he's a decent choice for a 3rd or 4th choice defender for Liverpool, but as I keep saying any time this topic arises, our 3rd and 4th choice CBs (in most people's eyes) are earning over £200k a week in total, and that's not sustainable, especially when you consider that big Virg will no doubt be after a rise, and Joe's wages are only going to go up as soon as he cements himself as a first choice.

Fair play to Matip, he's played his part in our fantastic season more than Lovren has, which probably puts him as 3rd choice, it's just the financials that I have an issue with.

21.) 25 Apr 2019 14:07:56
I think right now, going by improvement shown and fitness consistency, I'd be more inclined to let Lovren go and maybe get a younger CB (not world class, but decent) to compete with Matip for 3rd and 4th place.

Joe and Virgil are our clear top pairing. Someone who can compete with Matip (and potentially improve
a little) would be good. Lovren earns a big wage which might be a bit too much now for a 4th choice CB that's injured quite a bit.

I mean, he did well with Croatia and LFC getting to the WC and CL finals, but it might be time for him to move on now for his own good too if he's dropped to 4th choice.

22.) 25 Apr 2019 14:24:24
Matip's done great these past few weeks, Klopp got him for nothing and obviously rates him.

I'd rather we ca$hed in on World Cup Finalist Lovren and spent that money on a tried and tested as backup to Gomez and Matip (if we can find one) or promote one of the yutes. Looks like you can put anyone next to VVD and he'll play well.

Gotta trust in Klopp, Shirley?

23.) 25 Apr 2019 15:06:21
By far the biggest issue I have with Matip is he’s a big lad, very tall, but he seems scared of the ball in the air. He loses far too many challenges in the air but also, if a ball is going over the top, he let's it bounce behind him!
That is the number 1 cardinal sin for a central defender. Never, ever, EVER let the ball bounce behind you! Matip must have missed that basic principle. It’s easily rectified and to be fair it’s a good few months since I’ve seen him do it, but it used to happen almost every game.
Other than that infuriating trait, he’s as good a back up as we’ve had for a while and it makes sense to keep him around 👍.

24.) 25 Apr 2019 17:31:41
Look im not a big fan of matip personally, but he's wearing our red liverbird upon his chest and I'l always support and back him when he does so and he does try his best but his ability is limited and it frustrates me that some overlook his match performances as a whole. He's a very weak link and has got away with a lot of incidents which could easily have had many fans calling for his head.

I know this is ifs and buts. but in about 4 weeks there were 4 clear incidents which he was very fortunate to get away with. Against United the offside flag saved his blushes as he swiped a clearance with his wrong leg into our goal. It was correctly offside but matip didn't know that and defended the situation poorly.
In the same week he attempted the exact same clearance with his wrong leg against bayern. The ball hit Allison's chest fortunately, no one spoke of this ever again, he was at fault vs Southampton goal then.
Against spurs his rash decision to lunge desperately at Kane on halfway line directly led to sissoko going 1v1. If he slots that in which he should then the title dream was probably vanished then.

Now I'm not bashing the guy completely I'm just pointing out moments which could have cost us dearly, they haven't though so he's been excused from criticism. He has performed slightly better lately but is always vulnerable in any moment. It's also clear to see how Trent has struggled much more with matip beside him. I know it's all ifs and buts. but he does make many errors which go unnoticed by many. If we win silverware this season he's earned his medals and has played his part but if we want a CB who may need to slot in for months at a time in the future then I feel matip needs upgrading. Feels harsh saying this as we're in a purple patch but the fact remains he is 8 or 9 times out of ten our weakest performer and most vulnerable.

Just clarifying I'm not bashing the fella, he's just not the standard of defender we should settle for as competition in a world class defence.

25.) 25 Apr 2019 17:21:43
Isn't it time Masterson stepped up 20yrs old now.

Oh and don't call me Shirley.

Was that airplane or naked gun?

26.) 25 Apr 2019 17:26:26
This move surprised me, because I expected Lovren to be cover to Virgil and Gomez next season. I'm fine with Matip though. Like a backup QB in the NFL, the plan isn't to go into the season with him as your primary option, but you also don't want your season derailed because he has to play for a stretch of games because someone is injured. I like Lovren more, but it may be a better use of resources to sell Lovren (and his contract) and go with Matip. Lovren is too good to sit in long stretches too, so maybe it's just time to move on so he can go get more playing time elsewhere.

27.) 25 Apr 2019 18:29:18
He hasn't been offered a contract yet and there has just been a mention of talks opening. He may well have the ambition to ask for playing guarantees (a beast that the Eds have said is a key element of a players contract nowadays) and I can't imagine a huge financial increase so he may look for sureties elsewhere and turn down a bit part role.

28.) 25 Apr 2019 23:33:00
If im not mistaken we have conceded just 20 Goals this season, less than any other team in the PL. Some of you need to get a grip. Matip has been a part of that and if you look at the stats when he has played I think you will all find that he is a valuable member of the squad not on a huge wage either and bought for peanuts. As a player that will never be first choice he is more valuable than you think.

29.) 26 Apr 2019 13:23:25
I'm pretty sure he is on a huge wage.

30.) 26 Apr 2019 13:31:03
I doubt any of our centre backs will look to leave this summer, realistically its their best chance of a prem title, assuming we don't win it this year.

31.) 26 Apr 2019 18:19:17
I'd assume the contract talks will involve a pay cut. You have to remember that he's on higher wages than normal due to him being signed on a free.



06 Aug 2018 13:25:08
Just wanted to know if any of the eds had the latest info regarding clyne
Surely he can't be staying here for another season but if he is I will support him as per usual but really hope he gets a move somewhere else as he really hurts us attacking wise when he plays.
Decent enough player but I think our style of play and tactics don't suit his strengths.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed001's Note - there has been little interest in him due to his injuries last season.}

1.) 06 Aug 2018 13:49:23
A bit late now to get a good right back in, I don't see him going anywhere. As poor as he is offensively, he's pretty good defensively and we need that more than his attacking attributes.

2.) 06 Aug 2018 14:19:37
personally I see Clyne as 2nd choice RB this season with Gomez being an option for CB. Matip will likely spend a lot of time injured so I reckon they'll be enough games for Gomez at CB and Clyne is decent enough to play a few cup games at RB.

3.) 06 Aug 2018 18:28:19
I agree, I don’t think he’s that bad as a second choice, as long as his hearts in it. Worst comes to worst and he plays a few games, he’s experienced and hopefully can hold his own defencively.

4.) 06 Aug 2018 19:23:37
There's been nothing wrong with him defensively so far, just his fitness. If is heart isn't in it, he won't get game time. Simple as.

5.) 06 Aug 2018 21:40:34
I don’t think he’s good enough as a back up RB, Trent is still young and will need to be rested now and again, that means your going to need to have to rely on Clyne for several games a season, I don’t think I have ever seen him have a good game for us, he would be the weak link and opponents will exploit that.

6.) 06 Aug 2018 22:24:14
Exactly mikey, he's not good enough for this level of football, or even close imo. Defensively he is terrible, Trent is a young lad and is already 10 x the player Clyne is. I'd put Fabinho, Milner or Gomex before Clyne.

7.) 06 Aug 2018 22:34:03
To say Clyne has never had a good game for us is rubbish. Yes there are better attacking full backs out there but I believe he has a big part to play this season. Trent has made the position his own but there
Aren’t many right backs out there better as a back up.

If u think there are then name them. The likes of Walker and Valencia are hugely overrated. Azpilaqeta (excuse spelling) is prob the best about but no chance of getting him.

At the end of the day we need squad players as well as starters to be successful, they can’t all be world beaters.

8.) 06 Aug 2018 23:21:37
You can easily name several better right backs from Liverpool alone.

9.) 07 Aug 2018 06:04:49
I like Clyne. Between him and Trent we have RB sorted.

10.) 07 Aug 2018 06:45:53
Go ahead then Mikey. and remember, Fabinio wAs bought as a midfielder, Milner has proven himself in midfield and only played left back for one season due to necessity.

TAA and Gomez who will spend more time at centre back this year.


11.) 07 Aug 2018 07:34:27
if Clyne plays a bad game, we’ll just have to score more goals 🤔.

12.) 07 Aug 2018 08:11:14
How long has Clyne been here now? And Klopp too?
If Klopp thought Clyne wasn't up to the job, he'd be gone.
Ask Balotelli.

13.) 07 Aug 2018 08:21:45
Problem is FTR who would want Clyne? that's why we're stuck with him mate lol.

14.) 07 Aug 2018 10:09:12
Try saying we're stuck with him if Trent Arnold gets injured or suspended.

15.) 07 Aug 2018 11:39:13
I will do mate because he still won't get a game, Milner or Gomez will be before him maybe even Fabinho.

16.) 07 Aug 2018 12:56:44
Don't see that happening at all. Clyne still has a role to play this season, he'll play more at right back than any other player except TTA. Providing he's not injured of course.

17.) 08 Aug 2018 04:13:00
Clyne and Camacho have played at RB. I don't think the other players will play there. Gomez hasn't been used much there lately so I think Klopp has moved him to his favoured CB position.

TAA and Clyne as second choice. That's the RB position for this season in my view according to preseason. Klopp has been playing everyone where he'll use them during the season I believe.



27 Jun 2018 17:35:52
Bobby Duncan signed for 200k
Gerrards cousin I think.

Johncrow Junior

1.) 27 Jun 2018 18:08:29
Welcome to Liverpool lad. Anybody actually seen him play, if so any good?

2.) 27 Jun 2018 18:14:39
He's 17.

3.) 27 Jun 2018 20:57:57
Only seen highlights of one game against Liverpools kids, Salah. He scored but it was as much bad goal keeping as a great finish. Don't remember anything else as it was over a year ago.

4.) 27 Jun 2018 21:14:50
Did he play for man city.

5.) 27 Jun 2018 21:23:13
Remember the last left footed striker from Liverpool a one Robbie Fowler a. k. a god, step forward bobby Duncan maybe an omen, I hope so!

6.) 27 Jun 2018 21:28:33
Folks calm down he's 17.

7.) 27 Jun 2018 22:23:47
Hahahaha I am just playing he is a kid with a lot too prove and his whole career in front of him, you don't get called god for nothing and Fowler stepped immediately up too the plate, if the talent is there lucky us and hopefully he fulfills his potential.

8.) 28 Jun 2018 11:58:49
He’s got big boots to fill for being the next bobby in Liverpool.

9.) 28 Jun 2018 16:17:09
Only English player to score a hat trick against Brazil at any level. At U17 level I believe.

10.) 28 Jun 2018 16:32:42
Bobby played in the same school team as my lad. He’s a fantastic finisher, who can score any type of goal.

Saw him last year or so for City against Cackpool (Blackpool) and he’s motivated solely by scoring goals, which is an obvious must for a striker!

Reminds me a little of Aguero, similar stature, huge thighs and truly deadly if you give him a chance!

Going forward, I don’t know if he suits our current way of playing, but I guess it’s up to him.

Hope he forces his way through!

11.) 28 Jun 2018 18:06:05
We should have signed Ricky Bobby instead

‘If you ain’t first, you’re last! ’.

12.) 30 Jun 2018 14:06:10
“Bobby Duncan signed for 200k
Gerrards cousin I think”

Seems consistent. They both went for 2 first names instead of a proper surname 🙄.



28 May 2018 23:30:41
I know we have been linked very hard with Fekir but a little birdy tells me it is Malcolm we really want
not sure how this will turn out but it is malcolm more then Fekir according to the little birdy
just passing it on lads.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed0333's Note - over to Ed’s 002

1.) 28 May 2018 23:42:04
Malcolm is a talented player.

2.) 29 May 2018 03:45:08
Malcom is a winger, Fekir a CAM. It will be both if Malcom is the winger Klopp wants, not one of the two.
The UCl final was a clear indication we need another wide player in case Salah or Mane cannot play and Fekir is a CAM that will bring more creativity to our workmanlike midfield.
Fabinho, Keita and Fekir! BOOM! Bet Harry will be the happiest LFC fan alive if that happens.

3.) 29 May 2018 05:34:27
Wait so what's going to happen to Hender (backpass) en, Mil (not that boring) ner and Gini?

4.) 29 May 2018 06:12:07
Regardless if any wife player coming in, if Fekir does come it would signal to me Klopp switching to a very attacking 4231 starting formation next year, with Fekir behind Bobby. This would leave Fabinho, Hendo, Wiji, Milner, Ox, Lallana and Keita vying for the remaining midfield positions, although Ox and Lallana could be cover/ rotation for Fekir I suppose. All opinion and guess work of course, but if true I would imagine at least 2 will leave.

5.) 29 May 2018 06:55:42
I hope we haven’t resorted to signing wives now 😲.

6.) 29 May 2018 07:20:45
I'd prefer to see Malcolm in the Middle :)

{Ed025's Note - love it burkey..

7.) 29 May 2018 08:00:14
Speaking of wives. turns out, Fabinho's wife was the only ITK posting hints of their future over the weekend. There's a picture of her supporting Liverpool on Saturday night, doing the rounds ;)

8.) 29 May 2018 08:49:10
Thanks for the info Johncrow.

9.) 29 May 2018 09:18:50
you welcome Salah mate
it may turn out to be crap but thought I would share
albeit now Lemar seems to have come back into the frame as well according to Lequipe
So my little birdy looks like he may have given me duff info lol.

10.) 29 May 2018 12:50:19
Well for now we know we are looking for a coutinho replacement (Fekir, Lemar), cover wide (Dembele, Malcom, Lemar, Pulisic), Goalkeeper Cover (Navas, Butland) or First choice (Alisson) and Centerbacks cover (Tarkowski) .




Johncrow Junior's banter posts with other poster's replies to Johncrow Junior's banter posts


21 May 2020 15:07:36
Looks like things might be getting back to normality somewhat training wise so hopefully Not too long now to the league safely restarts
For me I think Liverpool are going to benefit form this break in many ways first the likelihood of a big name leaving has now all but ended and the guys have had time to recharge the minds and bodies and the injured have returned to full fitness
Next season could see us dominate even more then we have this season
Even if we don't make another signing I'm confident of a good season again.

Johncrow Junior

1.) 21 May 2020 15:25:26
I like the confidence Johncrow and imo we don’t need much more fit best season our squad is decent enough to challenge. I think we are still a way from restarting though mate with Plenty of issues and question marks Hanging around.

2.) 23 May 2020 23:47:58
I think the break came at a good time for us. We were looking leggy. Our squad is not old so can definitely go again.

I really really like joe gomez but injury is a worry with him. Of I were being ruthless id like to see another high class cb. And maybe a creative midfield player. But I'd also be happy enough with no signings. The squad is great. Looking forward to seeing more of minamino.



14 May 2020 07:15:18
On this day I was in a sports bar watching the fa cup final thinking surely West Ham can't do us c'mon they can't
And boy did our boys make me sweat
But what a game ay lads
Special special day
Cheers to Gerrard and Cisse for never losing hope.

Johncrow Junior

1.) 14 May 2020 14:25:48
Got very drunk that day and ended up in a manky lap dancing club and got thrown out. Well actually thrown out is a bit harsh on my good self the bouncer basically just guided me out the door. Great times😂.



04 May 2020 08:19:06
Do any of the Ed's or posters know what it says in the fa handbook if anything at all about a season not being able to be completed What should happen
I'm guessing something will be written up going forward if it has not
Imo the fair way is, if 75 percent of games have been played stop the league award the title and champion league places as it is and relegated the teams as they stand
And promote and relegate the teams as they stand
No one could complain with that if it it was uniform all the way down the leagues.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed002's Note - I know that Liverpool think there is, but there is nothing like that.}

1.) 04 May 2020 09:48:43
Of course they would complain! You’re looking at this through a very biased lense.

Relegation and European spots can come down to the final day of the season.

Villa are currently 2 points from safety having played a game less than the teams above them on the relegation scrap.

Arsenal have a game in hand that if won would put them I. Europe.

2.) 04 May 2020 11:34:52
Not sure how I am
If the rules are the same for everyone then how can I be biased?
Belgium and France spring to mind but maybe they were biased as well then lol.

3.) 04 May 2020 13:08:47
There could be a side currently in the bottom 3 who have had to play city twice, Liverpool twice etc and another who has them fixtures yet to play, so the played fixtures are not a level playing field if it were to be stopped right now.

4.) 04 May 2020 15:55:09
Stands right, you can’t relegate teams if this seasons not complete.

However, I think John means a rule could be created if this situation rises again for the future so everyone’s on the same page.

You could stop relegation this year and increase relegated teams next year.

European places are more difficult as the competitions will still go ahead next year so it needs to be decided somehow. The only fair way is to take current standings if football can’t be played.

5.) 04 May 2020 16:01:28
You’re biased because you’re the one making up a rule which benefits us.

6.) 04 May 2020 19:13:35
Clearly you missed the part in the original post where it says "Going Forward" So I obviously wouldn't benefit Liverpool at all this season.

7.) 05 May 2020 10:54:38
Mate, I would hazard a guess that there is nothing written down otherwise they would be referring to it now.

Also, I think if the 75% thing was written in the rules and clubs knew it, then you wouldn't get "real" complaints because it would already be in the rules.

8.) 05 May 2020 11:06:51
You didn’t fully understand my post mate
But thank you for replying
Stay safe.

{Ed002's Note - I understand your post - there is nothing in the FA handbook about 75% of games and giving the leader the title - it simply is not true and the entire thread is nonsense.}



03 Apr 2020 09:53:02
Good morning all
One for Ed 001 do you think Brian clough would of been a good manager for Liverpool with his outlook on the game and the way he wanted to play it
And how do you compare his Forest team to our Liverpool team of that same era
Please when have time would love your opinions.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed001's Note - it really depends on whether it is Clough and Taylor or just Clough. Clough on his own fails, Clough with Taylor is a wonderful combination that succeeded wherever they ended up. Even so, I wouldn't have said he would have been as good as the two that bridged his time, Shankly and Paisley, so see no need to change it.

His way of playing would have fitted in very well. It was a similar philosophy to the one we had, though less possession-based, due to having to work with players of lesser ability than Paisley, in particular, had at his disposal. The fact that his Forest team was able to compete with, sometimes even beat, the greatest of all time (imo), Paisley, speaks volumes about the job Clough and Taylor did together.

The problem is his personality. He could ride roughshod over Forest and be in complete control there as he was bigger than the club. At Liverpool he would not have had that same power, even Shanks was unable to get anything like the control over the club that Clough had at Forest. I think that would have hampered Clough's efforts badly. I just don't think it would have been a good fit, whereas he fitted beautifully at Forest. So, thinking about it, great manager that he was at his best, I think we would have seen a similar situation to the one he faced at Leeds. No one can make a success of a job in football when they don't fit the club they are working with. That is just as important as ability when it comes to management. If you swapped Pep and Klopp over, I doubt either would have been quite as successful, simply because neither fits the other's club.}

1.) 03 Apr 2020 10:53:26
What a cracking reply very much appreciate it mate.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}

2.) 03 Apr 2020 19:37:33
And replies like that are why we appreciate the site Ed’s!

Wishing you and everyone associated with the site good health.

{Ed001's Note - thanks mate.}



29 Mar 2020 15:10:41
Ed001 when your free mad I know your busy can you write an article explaining why rob jones was not only probably the best Liverpool right back ever but one of the best on the world ever
Don't think he is really appreciated enough by the fans but he was class he really was.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed001's Note - I have added it to my to do list. It is understandable though, he had such a short career people really never got to appreciate him.}

1.) 29 Mar 2020 15:35:39
Watch his first game against giggs who at the time was possibly the best young player in the league and on fire
Jones had him in his pocket
That for me is when I knew we had a diamond on her hands in jones.

2.) 29 Mar 2020 19:36:35
I remember watching him for England vs Nigeria at Wembley in 1994 and he was brilliant. He was prolly supposed to be the starting RB for England for Euro 96 until injury cut short his career. Were that to be the case, not sure what would have been of Gary Neville.




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29 May 2020 07:29:07
Ed 002 I remember you saying we were much better financially so this now comes as a shock to me.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed002's Note - It is a problem of Living on the edga. Liverpool dealt with their debt well, but manage finances based on income and when it arrives to pay money that is due. There is a loan facility they can call on if necessary as the club. Social cleansing of the Anfield area with Liverpool buying property and leaving it empty for years and persuading the Council to use Compulsory Purchase Orders to purchase the rest. After lying to the Council about their consulation with the locals about the plans for Anfield there was a delay and the two phased approach decided. In February 2020 Liverpool took out a mortgage on all assets (the Freehold and leasehold of Anfield and about 90 properties (some of which were obtained CPO) with the charge held by Natwest. The club have made a number of serious decisions that have led to financial issues - such as putting the full €160M due for Coutinho in the accounts and then spending it. Liverpool now need to make a correction to reflect the actual amount that will be paid by Barcelona. Reliance has been placed on end of season income to pay for transfer fees that have been spread over long periods.}



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30 Apr 2020 08:40:53
Surely Fabinho must be In there and I love the comment five a side with four players quality.

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26 Apr 2020 09:55:54
I thought Karen Brady had sorry Ed my mistake.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed002's Note - No, she used the term "void" at the start it was not what she was referring to. Nobody has suggested to the PL that the season should made void - although some Liverpool supporters here seem to be suggesting it, the option is not on the table and has not been discussed - and it is certainly not the position that West Ham have put forward.}



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26 Apr 2020 09:09:48
Maybe there should be a duckworth and Lewis used here like they do in cricket
Games are not null and void but criteria then used to determine the winner
Null and void is what the teams who have failed to achieve and who will probably go down will want
It makes little sense to start a new season before you finish the last one
But above all safety and lives must come first.

Johncrow Junior

{Ed002's Note - Nobody has suggested "null and void" as an option.}



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26 Apr 2020 08:19:59
League will be completed either by games played or some other feature
But to say Liverpool don’t deserve the title and you claim to be a Liverpool fan and would rather wait another 30 years seems very odd.

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01 Jun 2020 02:09:49
That isn’t true at all you cannot have watched him very often if that if your analysis of him.

Johncrow Junior



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31 May 2020 12:34:24
Fully agree overated player and now teams are finally wising up to it which is why no one wants to sign him For the crazy fee being mentioned.

Johncrow Junior



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31 May 2020 12:31:56
If it means we can get to see a few young players then. I’m all for it
Also it stops games hopefully going down to ten men because some one gets injured near to the end of a game.

Johncrow Junior



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31 May 2020 09:01:53
Think we need to play our best team whenever possible
The time to give them games will present itself you don't have to force it imo.

Johncrow Junior



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30 May 2020 13:31:47
I didn’t actually know that until Ed001 told ya a few days back
Would have been god to see them both together although I think daglish was better.

Johncrow Junior