20 Jan 2022 09:33:06
Barca director, Alemany, just announced that Dembele will be leaving the club before Jan 31st as it's been made clear he will not be staying.

Ed002, I know you've previously stated that Klopp has the klipperties for the player but with him now becoming available in the market (although I really hope not) could you see Liverpool potentially trying to get a deal completed before the window ends?

{Ed002's Note - Ousmane Dembele (RW/LW/F) Klopp's interest does not seem to go away but the attraction will be that he is a Free Agent in the summer although his preference is likely to be elsewhere unless Salah or Mane were to leave. Barcelona have tried again with a new contract with no luck and a January sale could be difficult but his agent is offering him around - but looking for a very large signing on package. Barcelona may spring a surprise in January and look to see if something could be done with potential targets at Juventus or Milan to reduce the price although Juve may look to an agreement to take him as a Free Agent in the summer. Financially, it is in the best interests of the player to stay until the summer. They may also look to an exchange with Chelsea for Rudiger but the Chelsea interest is elsewhere rather than Dembele and can probably be discounted. With Sancho having arrived it is hard to see interest from Manchester United although they have been approached and they will need a Martial replacement at some point. Arsenal would need to offload Pepe to make space and remain an unattractive option - it would be madness to consider adding Dembele. PSG are seeking a French player still but have a preferred option as a Mbappe replacement. Injury concerns, inconsistent form and high wages must be considered by any potential buyers.

1.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 11:50:00
Non exhaustive list of better value for money players than Ousmane Dembele:

Bozo Texino
Snoogy Doogie
Ken Aguero
Navy Keith
Former Leeds United and Scotland frontman Arthur Graham
Even Adama Traore

Dembele has AVOID AT ALL COSTS written all over him in big neon letters, there’s definitely no bargain to be had as he’s in such poor physical condition and he never will be, he’s as congenitally broken as a Lancia Beta. And a complete retromingent gilfnard of epic proportions.

His career will fizzle out in the next two/ three years and he’ll be struggling to get games at a mid table Turkish club. Odds on. Hard pass.

2.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 12:41:17
You seem to be on the fence about Dembele, VVVV. Tell us how you really feel.

Jokes aside, you're right. Idk why we still seem to be interested, but everything about this bloke screams Balotelli all over again. Except probably more costly given his likely wage demands.

3.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 12:54:12
Wondered how long it would be before VVVV commented how much he dislikes Ousmane. ;)

4.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 12:36:51
So you're not a fan VVV? 😅.

5.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 13:34:57
Someone better tell the big German lad.

6.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 14:06:10
Scary how good he was coming from France to Dortmund. He was Mbappe level of potential but then injuries got the better of him. Nobody knew what footed he was as a youngster.

7.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 13:17:38
Thing is, we don’t have a lot of money and we can’t make mistakes in the transfer market. Sign him on a long term deal on huge wages and we’re lumbered with him if and when it inevitably goes wrong as no one in their right mind would take him off our hands on the salary he’d be on. Besides which, it’s well documented by some very reliable sources that he’s for far more than what Salah is alleged to have asked us for, how happy do you think Salah would be if Dembele walked in (well hobbled, on crutches), on a salary of over £500’000 a week when the club had tyre kicked around his negotiations? Let him be someone else’s mistake.

8.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 15:01:42
I don’t always agree with VVVV but he’s got this one spot on I reckon.

9.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 15:13:29
On paper, he's said to be among the elite footballers of the world but in reality he's just a nightmare. Clearly the boy has talent but looking at how he disrespected Dortmund to force his way to Barca, and now he's trying to milk Barcelona after being injured so frequently, I just don't see why clubs even bother anymore. His attitude is poor and his wage demands are high plus his injury records are horrendous. That's a recipe for disaster, so it is a clear NO if you ask me.

10.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 15:40:22
Just can't see the club taking such risks considering the way they operate and that its the last 2.5 years of JK, and if there is any chance of him coming back after a year off, the team needs to be rocking its 2.0 version.
Smoke and mirrors IMO.
Diaz is another matter. Can see this one coming straight out the bag and catching everyone out.

11.) 20 Jan 2022
20 Jan 2022 18:36:05
If the money is right I can see both signing. I know he’s not what everyone wants but I think Klopp will push for him given he is free. Diaz I think will arrive in the summer.

12.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 09:34:01
Made me laugh when I read Newcastle was considering Super Mario.

13.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 10:56:12
Dembele has clearly got talent and it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility that he establishes himself as one of the best players around. That said his injury record and seeming bad attitude would put me off plus he seems to want (and probably will get being a free transfer/ contract running down) massive money so it would seem one to swerve.

14.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 22:29:41
Worth a year contract to say thanks for missing the sitter at the end of the 1st Leg CL semi in 18/ 19. Thanks lad.

{Ed0666's Note - let’s give out a pay as you play deal to Eider Gudjonsen then 😂