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01 Jun 2018 15:32:15
EdsI want to ask something not related to transfer. I want to know about education for footballer in Europe. I know that they should finish their high school but after that do they usually continue their education after their playing career is over? In general what is the level of education of most profesiional footballer. Some ex footballer then go on and work is the top level management at the football club or even football association and they are quite succesful on that like Michael Zorc, Michael Emenalo, etc. Do they achieve that because of the knowledge they got during their playing days or do they also have higher educational degree?
Thank you.

Indonesian Red

{Ed001's Note - it varies. Some players concentrate on getting an education, but very few in Britain, they tended to leave school at 16. Though the academies now keep them in education until 18. A lot will go back later in life and get a college education. In Europe they tend to be more likely to continue their education. Some will go back later, Klopp went back and studied Sports Sciences for instances. Some just do nothing but coaching badges and never broaden their minds.}

1.) 01 Jun 2018 18:44:59
I worked with a guy called Gary, he was on the books at derby county as a youngster before playing some football in Scotland and then on to Shamrock Rovers where he became a hero with goals he scored. He is now retired and working as a support worker although intending to go on to do his social work, he told me that the FA would pay for his university degree as he joined Derby at a young age.

Perhaps the eds could clarify if this is accurate? Seems like a good way to work things if true.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t know, but there may be some scheme where contributions for the education of retired players but they certainly won’t pick up all of the costs.}



03 Jan 2015 17:35:12
I am surprised with some reactions on here when a legend is about to leave our beloved club. I don't understand why in the midst of this surprising news some people questioned his contributions and seems to disrespect or underrate his role in the team.

A lot of people on here seems remember mostly his weaknesses during his twilight years and glad that he will leave instead of remember what he has done for our club for more than a decade. Some people compare him with Souey, the King, and so on and argue that Stevie is not as good as other Liverpool greats.

I think there is no point in doing so. We never knew how good Stevie would if he play in the 70s or 80s and we never know how King Kenny or other previous greats would perform if they play in the Premier League ere and under Hodgson or Rodgers.

It's all speculation. Why can't we just applaud his achievements and remember Gerrard as someone who spent 17 years in our beloved club and won 10 trophies with us?or just like Ed002 said because he's a Liverpool player so he should be slagged?

Indonesian Red

{Ed002's Note - The world's most fickle "fans" decided after the last game that they wanted him out.}

1.) Totally agree . But ed don't tarnish all LFC fans the same please . Cheers

{Ed002's Note - This is typical of the moron fans who think it smart to say something like this.}

2.) Tbh I think that Liverpool fans look at what's best for the club and team moving forward. There is nothing wrong with opinions.

{Ed002's Note - Right - after the last game they were forming a mob to go and lynch him. A day later they are all in tears. They want the entire team changed every year so they can say it is simply "another year of transition". There seems to be a complete lack of knowledge coming through with this new breed of fans.}

3.) Many of the worlds most fickle fans jumped on the bandwagon when Liverpool were actually winning things.

When they don't win much (which they really don't anymore), the fickle fans question everything down to the cleaning lady.

I suppose it's down to the global game that is football/soccer, and a football fan is becoming a generic fan across the board.

Gone are the days of the true identity of supporting the reds.

They make us a laughing stock, as do many other fans of the big clubs in English football.

Brendan was the messiah, now he's just another football manager who deserves the sack.

Tut tut.

4.) It is now the right time that he leaves, for both himself and the club. Saying this is slagging him or being fickle or being an person how? I have untold happy memories thanks to his contributions the past 16 years and they will always stay with me. Recognising a player is past his best and thus in need of playing less, irrespective of his legend status, is neither fickle nor some sort of terrible reaction as both the OP and the Ed are suggesting. Why can't honest, alternative opinion be shared? Or do we all have to reach an absolute consensus because its Gerrard? Utter nonsense.

5.) It is not worth commenting on this ill thought through statement. Are Liverpool fans any more fickle than other clubs who are under achieving. Remember last season re United, Chelsea with AVB and Benitez. How many world wide fans do LFC have and what percentage comment on this site? Stupid comment.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool fans are the most fickle - and constantly embarrass themselves about trying to make everything about Chelsea.}

6.) I think ................

{Ed002's Note - I can't believe you still want to make this about Chelsea. Let go of it - Gerrard is going for more money - move on.}

7.) I believe it is just this site attracting those "fickle" fans in numbers - more than it is Liverpool fans in general.

{Ed002's Note - Based on what evidence? You appear to be simply making stuff up.}

8.) Not all of us though ed .

{Ed002's Note - No one suggested it was everyone - except those that are not terribly bright.}

9.) Why don't you .....................

{Ed002's Note - Suck it up - Gerrard is leaving for more money. Last week everyone wanted him out - all of the fans were looking to drive the worn out, slow, money sucking leech out of the club. Once he says he is going then he is some sort of god. It is nothing to do with Chelsea. It is simply Gerrard and money - and the fans getting what they want. Then out come the whining little bitches like you who somehow think it is something to do with Chelsea. Embarrassing to the extreme.}

10.) Why do people have to include Chelsea everytime they post on here? It is just pathetic. SG wanted more money and more game time that many in and outside the club including me, don`t think he deserves any more hence, he left and goodluck to him. Fans bitching about him leaving after bitching that he should be gone are doing the very same thing they accuse BR of doing which is, trying to have it both ways. PATHETIC!

{Ed007's Note - Folk need to try and drag Chelsea into things to try and have a pop at Ed002, and I've noticed a lot of LFC supporters are jealous of Chelsea's money/transfers and their consistent(ish) success over recent years.}

11.) 04 Jan 2015 00:48:21
I don't think anyone actually wants SG to leave, I think the majority of people wanted him to be used more appropriately ie resting him more often to keep him fresher for bigger games. It's just some people are better at wording it than others. Wanting him to be used appropriately is not the same as wanting him out.

12.) 04 Jan 2015 08:01:10
Sorry Ed002, but not all Liverpool fans act like that. It's just like saying "all English people don't brush their teeth" or "all african american men are criminals and in gangs".

{Ed002's Note - And where did anyone suggest it was "all" Liverpool fans. Find someone to read it to you slowly.}



20 Apr 2014 01:57:43
Yesterday was awesome
Chelsea got beaten, we're still on top with a game less
And we have a new kopite and a successor of Natasha Dowie
My baby girl is born
As soon as Liverpool baby body suit that I order from LFC store arrive I will post my baby with her first Liverpool kit
I hope today our Redmen will defeat Norwich
That would make this weekend absolutely perfect

Indonesian Red

{Ed007's Note - Congratulations on your new arrival from all us Eds. I'm sure she'll forgive you in the future for dressing her in LFC stuff :)

1.) Congratulations!

All the best to your little girl!

2.) Congratulations Indonesian Red!

3.) 20 Apr 2014 09:08:58
I know your a new parent all and but please don't post your baby. Has social services written all over it.

4.) Congratulations IR, on your baby girl. I've two girls myself and we watch all the Liverpool matches together. My youngest still thinks the name for a goal is Suarez, because he's scored so many times - so she says things like how many Suarez have Liverpool got now? Or when I shout goal, she shouts Suarez!



17 Feb 2014 02:11:53
A little bit disappointed with the result but overall not too bad feeling due to the way we play our football and the fact that it's not a league match
Really hope we can win the FA cup again to be honest but league is our priority
I am really impressed with Sterling, he performs very well in every position
Even when he plays as a right back
Hope he can continue progressing
I also think that Gerrard is getting better and better with his new role
He's not a young powerful player as he used to, but he still got that energy
His sprint to cover Ox on the first half really surprised me
Howard Webb again and again proves that he is a poor referee
I don't think he has special agenda against us, he's just a poor referee
One quick question for the people here, according to your opinion:
Who is the best referee in England right now?

Indonesian Red

Indonesian Red

1.) Best referee in England? Well, I think Michael Oliver is better than most, but he is not great either.

2.) Webb is useless in that he makes mistakes that affect both teams whereby he`s always trying to make up for a mistake for one team by penalising the other IMO. Mihael Oliver`s a VERY promising ref but my fav`s always been Mike Dean.

3.) Love Michael Oliver as well. No ref is going to get 100% of decisions always right as that's just the way it is but I like how Oliver isn't afraid of a bit of banter with the players and generally seems to actually like what he is doing. Probst generally seems to have a good sense of humor about him as well (or at least Bellamy seems to think so).

4.) Michael Oliver also looks like Branislav Ivanovic. Lol.



09 Feb 2014 15:26:53
Good win yesteday!
I missed the game because my missus asked me to attend some exhibition
I only managed to watch the highlight
Our strikeforce looks very deadly
Hope we can make it to the UCL next season
And I hope Suarez will stay with us for a long time
Question for the eds
If we reach UCL next season do you think Suarez will stay?

One quiz for fellow supporters here
Anyone remember, what was the shirt number of following ex Liverpool players when they were still with us?
Barry Venison
Jim Magilton
Julian Dicks
David Burrows

Indonesian Red

Indonesian Red

1.) I remember Burrows wearing the number 6 and 3 Shirts Venison 4 and 2 Dicks number 3 Magilton never made an appearance for us though he wore the number sixteen shirt on the bench.




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08 Aug 2017 05:35:01
I would swap Coutinho with Umtiti + 100 million, unfortunately it is not possible
The combination of Mane, Salah and Coutinho seems very promising just like the possibility of Torres and Suarez combo years ago.

Indonesian Red



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We already have Ken Aguero and his lucky pants
Ken won us more games than Kun did for city last season

Indonesian Red




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13 May 2019 02:19:45
One thing scary about new season is that we really don't know how every club will perform. It's just like pressing a restart button on a video game. We may strengthen and win the title but we also may underperform like our previous experience. The season after our title challenge on 2008 and 2013 we failed miserably. I really hope we learn from our mistakes not to let our important figures leave and keep strengthening the team. But even if we strengthen our team we don't know how other clubs build their team for next season. Man City could strengthen more than us, Arsenal could finally find someone who makes their defence solid while keep having a potent firepower, Pochettino could find the next step to bring the title, nobody knows. When the final whistle of this season blows I am really proud of this team. I know they have done the best they can but I also felt disappointed. I felt disappointed because after this hell of a title fight, somehow there is other team who can outperform us. This team deserve a title. We collect more points than most champions before yet we still failed to land the title. When we put our best fight like on 2008 and 2013 there was always that team who steal the title. So next season there is no guarantee that the title race is only between us and City. I really really hope we keep this team and add some quality on some position. City will spend big again and if spending big like City is the way to land the title then so be it. I hope our owner will keep back Jurgen to buy anyone he wants.
In the end, supporting Liverpool is like supporting my own child. I believe in her, I believe she will do her best and never let me down. But in the end even if she fails I will hide my disappointment, keep give her a big hug and say well done, you've done ypur best. We go again. You'll never walk alone.

Indonesian Red



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20 Jul 2018 17:37:15
I was in Nijmegen for quite a while. Generally the locals were pissed off by him. He came midseason with NEC already on top of Dutch second division by some distance from the second placed team and somehow they lost form and failed to achieve promotion.

Indonesian Red



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28 May 2018 19:24:42
"Salah whimpering like a prepubescent schoolgirl"
Is that necessary Ed002? He was injured! I know you have a lot more knowledge about football than all of us but sometimes your response is annoying.

Indonesian Red

{Ed002's Note - Feel free to be annoyed - it is a factual description of what happened.}



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07 Feb 2018 18:51:23
I think Zubizarretta was very good, he made goalkeeping look easy, he read the game well so he rarely made flashy saves, I miss that kind of goalkeeper.

Indonesian Red



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30 Sep 2016 12:18:02
Ancelotti, ed01?

Indonesian Red

{Ed001's Note - he has failed to lift as many league titles as he should have to be classed as a great. In my opinion.}