Manchester United v Liverpool - A Quick Liverpool Perspective

10 Apr 2024 07:39:01
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1.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 08:24:21
I do feel like when salah doesn’t perform we struggle to score. I’m not blaming him, he’s going to be inconsistent, coming back and with Ramadan. But nunez is the chaos and so is Diaz to a a degree, we need someone to be the calm. Jota perhaps would have been the difference.

2.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 10:37:13
When u take a step back from it after a few days as a team we probably played v well, a lot of individuals where just ok but as a team i thought we played well. people can say utd crap and all the rest but they still 6th after 31 games played. we limited them to v little going forward and created chances at our ease. obviously final ball/ shot wasn't what it should be. The Previous 3 games, brighton+ sheff utd in league and utd in cup i didn't think we played well as a team, gave up too many chances especially in them games whereas Sunday really utd scored 2 screamers in fairness but other than that created v little, in cup game they had plenty of good chances. Some how we have to get konate starting at least 5 out of our last 7 games in league, handier said than done with his injury record but he is a v good player who we badly need playing.

3.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 10:37:20
Nice one, Ed.

You're right in the wastefulness could end up being a bigger story at the end of the season than the refereeing debacles we have faced.

Even on the first day of the season we had numerous opportunities to be 3 or 4 up against Chelsea. We missed a sitter to put Brighton away to bed. The Luton away misses were shockers. The three games against United could each have been cricket scores. The City and Arsenal home games too. I'd say there's at least 10 points lost to poor finishing of big chances this season.

I also agree that this is not a new issue. The CL final vs Real Madrid still rankles as does that Leicester City away game that somehow we lost!

Why Klopp chose to play Ibou vs Sheff Utd and omit him from the United game is stll a mystery to me. Perhaps Klopp was punishing him for going off with France. Sounds a stretch though.

{Ed001's Note - let's hope the story is that we win the 2 trophies left to us despite the wasteful finishing!}

4.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 10:51:05
Agree with you totally about the Konate issue ED001.

I could not understand why he started Quansah instead.

No doubt we should still have won that game though.

{Ed001's Note - we should still have been good enough, but this was defo a game for Konate. I said as much to Bazza before the game, I was really uneasy once I saw the team. I do like Quansah, I do feel he will grow into a player good enough, but right now he is not the man for the big games when there is Konate there.}

5.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 10:59:30
At the end of the day, its results that matter the most. Yes I love a flowing, technical, positive style of football. We've played very well in 3 matches against ManU, with two draws and one defeat. I, and we, console ourselves with having "been the better team". But what's the point of all that if you don't win? I guess I'm still deflated after that last game.

6.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 11:51:08
Generally speaking we play well. And teams that play well typically win things. I do t think I’ve seen a team not play well or be the better team for the majority of a season and consistently compete for titles / trophies.

It’s not meant to minimise a bad result because they can happen whether you play well or not. But you will hear managers often talk about performances more than the outcome because the performances are within their control.

7.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 12:18:38
ED1 ? agree that Konate should have played ( not because of Quansah mistake ) just that Konate is a better, more experienced player. but main issue as you rightly say is the amount of chances we regularly miss., game after game . I don't get how we miss that many considering the amount of chances we make . and then teams seem to have a couple of chances against us n bang its in the net .

{Ed001's Note - it is a worry and it does need resolving if we are ever to achieve our potential.}

8.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 13:05:13
Was konate not injured?

9.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 13:23:34
Konate was on the bench, for the game. That's why so many of us are wondering how and why the selection of Quansah over Konate was made.

10.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 13:28:49
The one positive to draw from it is that it keeps Ten Hag in post and as long as he’s their manager they won’t win a title or be remotely close to it.

11.) 10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024 15:12:47
The lack of finishing has cost us for years more trophies. It's been mentioned for years. In some of the biggest games the lack of finishing has cost us and it's something klopps never improved. This is why regardless it's for a refreshment of manager coming in to see if this is an area wr can improve on because it's as frustrating as a fire performance.

12.) 11 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 02:31:49
Spot on as per usual Ed1 mate, thanks for writing it up, always enjoy these.

I too, like Quansah. But unfortunately from me there is a but, he's not ready for this level of football. yet. I do believe he will be an exceptional player but he's far off at the moment. A young mind, he needs to mature a little to learn more and probably needs a little guidance with it.

One of them for me, I think if Gomez and Elliot had of started the game it'd of been a different result but it's all ifs and buts, same could be said if Jones started.

Did my bloody head in that game, the worst of the season for me. Well, apart from the Spurs game which was just an absolute shambles.

Anyway, hope you're well Ed1 mate :)

{Ed001's Note - I just think he needed a bit of bringing back down to earth, as he is playing so well and getting such plaudits, sometimes you need to remind a youngster that actually you still have a long way to go. By showing him that there is a better player in the squad picking Konate over him would have done that. As Paisley used to do by dropping them after a run of games back down to the reserves. Now he has learnt the same lesson but in a much harsher way and one that has now doubt resulted in abuse off the morons in our fanbase. Oh well, can't change it now and I actually blame Bazza because he told me Quansah would be fine before the game when I expressed my doubts about the selection to him. So he is a Jonah and jinxed it.

Good thanks mate. I am just looking at it as a point gained because we could so easily have ended up with nothing. How about you, how are things?}

13.) 11 Apr 2024
11 Apr 2024 09:17:05
Agreed Ed1 mate. It's due to the lack of maturity, they get ahead of themselves at that age, I also think it's why a lot of them fail at the top level, if they take their time and be patient with a clear mind, listen to the manager you can't go far wrong. Sometimes being harsh has to be the case with youngsters at this level by like you say not throwing them in at the deep end in games like that.

And I know what you mean mate, some comments I've heard from people are just silly considering he's only 20, or 21? He has plenty of time to learn. It'll be interesting how the new manager handles these kids because for me it's so important, we have a lot of talented young lads there but can't just throw them in like that, give them their chances but don't be daft about it, do it gradually.

I am very well thank you Ed1 mate, can't complain as much as I love to because I'm a miserable bugger ;) lol - What's the next article if you don't mind me asking mate?

Have a good day Ed1.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know what will be the next article, I am just working on a player profile at the moment, updating Isak.

To be honest I wasn't meaning throwing him into the deep end is the problem, I think that is the best way for them to learn. But when they have had a run, a lot of plaudits and praise, then you need to closely monitor their play to watch for a bit of arrogance or laxity slipping into their play. For me he is borderline on both anyway, the way he plays normally I mean, not a bad thing to be arrogant to a degree, but when it slips into this kind of slack play because they might be believing their hype, then it is a problem. So I would want to manage him more closely because of it, including always turning to Konate, when fit, for the bigger, tougher matches, just to remind him that he is not there yet. But even failing that, he was consistently giving the ball away by not looking before passing across the defence in the first half, so he really should have been dragged off and given a proper dressing down at half-time. I know that is not the done thing these days, but you can't just let someone constantly make the same mistake over and over. They have to take responsibility for their mistakes and stop making them. It was a mistake by the coaching staff as a whole to not deal with it. You don't mind them making mistakes, that's how they learn, but not the same damn one multiple times in the same match. That is not learning, that is lazy and arrogant play. You can't allow that if you want the kid to reach his potential.}