03 Mar 2024 09:53:48
In the pre match, Forest reps said that any 'Poverty chanting' would be dealt with promptly and unapologetically. Did anybody see any of the 2,000 Forest fans being accosted because try as I might I couldn't, but I could hear the snide little troglodytes glorying in a song they learnt from our friends up the East Lanes.

Maybe that's why the travelling Kop, sucked Nunez's header into the back of the net, which I call that poetic justice! As for Forest whingeing about a drop ball that went against them, blow it out your backside, and get yourself ready for Championship football again.

1.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 10:18:42
I see none of them are mentioning anything about the penalty we should of had due to the rugby tackle on Danns just as the ball was being crossed in. Or the fact that Tierney was giving them free kicks everytime one of their players was blown over by the wind. Tough justice.

{Ed025's Note - its a bark TIB, maybe they should just have awarded Liverpool the points before the game started mate...or did they?..

2.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 10:20:22
Iron Man, same goes for the Meicester fans last season. So happy they got relegated and Im afraid, the same goes for these lot from the Forest fan base.

Those Forest fans to be specific, got exactly what their disgusting behaviour deserved. Hats off to them for helping their team lose. Long may it continue should they keep up this despicable behaviour. All the way to the Championship, if need be. Hey if the shoe fits, wear it and wear it with pride and chest.

{Ed025's Note - every club have their unsavoury elements Oli, and that goes for Liverpool as well mate..

3.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 10:38:27
Forest are just trying to deflect away from that they just needed to boot the ball away and the whistle would’ve been blown and the game over. Yet they made a huge error trying to dribble it out which cost them the game.

Let’s not forget var checked for a possible forrest pen in that incident and not the kick on Konate face.

4.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 10:32:43
With all things considered Ed, I thought we won fair and square. And against a team that was a tough opponent and who played really well (minus the time wasting, feigning injury, and getting plenty of favour from the ref) .

{Ed025's Note - i suppose that would depend on what colour glasses you are wearing at the time TIB, some times you get the rub of the green and sometimes you dont mate...but you do seem to get more rubs than Aladdin.. :)

5.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 11:01:58
We didn't get any rub of the green. It was consistent with what Forest got. I was annoyed when Yates went down with a head injury and we had the ball and the drop was given to them. They didn't give it back.
The rugby challenge on Danns was a pen. And the extra few seconds was because they were time wasting.
You can see why they are annoyed but that game decisions were wrong but equal.
As always a LiVARpool narrative is created without context!
I'm just hoping you are creating banter Ed and not serious!

{Ed025's Note - thats for you to decide denzil mate.. :)

6.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 11:05:26
"Those Forest fans to be specific, got exactly what their disgusting behaviour deserved. "

Ed25, clearly I was referring to these Forest fans specifically who did this. Also it's not alway about LFC so try to put that to the side preferrably during conversations, always.

{Ed025's Note - its a case of "people who live in glass houses" Oli, Man Utd fans singing about Hillsborough, Liverpool fans singing about Munich and the rest being no better with their nasty elements mate, we all have them im afraid..

7.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 11:27:00
And all people watched the whole game!

8.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 11:28:28
Sorry read your post wrong Ed ?.

{Ed025's Note - no problem mate..

9.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 12:48:04
Everton could done with their points being awarded before the game??.

10.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 13:10:19
Ed025 I thought the ref was awful all game most are but I do think he is right up there with the worst.
There time wasting was awful the player that could not walk without help until he gets of the pitch then he was all right. Then the goalkeeper was down for about 4 minutes then was hobbling to take the goal kick and then just suddenly runs ok. The ref made a mistake but it’s at the other end in the pitch and just under 2 minutes before the goal. I would guess if you go that far back I bet loads of goals could be disallowed. But I thought we got very lucky yesterday because we were just not at it but with the injuries and 4 games in 11 days is going to catch up with us.

{Ed025's Note - but if you dont get 2 penaltes, 10 free kicks and 2 of their players sent off grino you all think the ref is either biased or a cheat mate..its just the Liverpool way im afraid, you have always been noted for your sense of entitlement for as long as i can remember...nothing new to see here..

11.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 13:11:45
Ed25,and where did I say it is okay for anyone in the LFC fan base to do so? Oh, and miss me with the whole glass house narrative cos you criticize other fans from other clubs who do this despite smashing your own fans who do it. It is normal for one to entertain multiple thoughts on a topic at the same time.

IMO, we are all free to talk about other fans engaging (within others' and our fan bases) in such nonsense even tho we have enuff self awareness to know that some in our fan bases do, a shameless act that I personally will NEVER condone on this earth.

Because certain LFC fans do it does not mean other LFC fans can't speak on it when a section of other fan bases do it. That's not how any of this works IMO, mate. NOBODY should be singing such rubbish regardless of club affiliation and we are all free to speak on it, IMO.

{Ed025's Note - i dont have a problem with talking about it Oli, in fact its our duty to speak about these things so they will hopefully in the future be eradicated from the game, just dont give me this holier than thou attitude mate when Liverpool fans can be as bad as anyone at times...and Everton fans as it happens..

12.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 16:34:32
Tbh Ed25, at this point of the season, I don't really care how we play. We can play as bad as we can as long as we win. You would say the same for Everton, only that one play for the title and one play for survival. As for the refereeing controversy, we got screw before and even your club got screw before. Its the referee that is the problems, not the clubs.

{Ed025's Note - I agree mfahmee. It’s ok to win ugly mate..

13.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 18:25:50
You’re talking rubbish Editor, Konate got a full on boot to the head so this nonsense they should have had the ball is redundant. They also received two yellows for time wasting hence the additional time. What’s the problem?

{Ed025's Note - the problem seems to be your memory FK, i never mentioned the Konate incident mate..

14.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 19:08:23
What instead of taken away before the game ?.

15.) 03 Mar 2024
03 Mar 2024 21:22:17
Spent part of my childhood living in the area. The fact that the Liverpool tropes from the 80s have lived on there sum up the timewarp they exist in. Ironic given the economic decline in the East Midlands has been greater than the North West over the last 30 years.

16.) 04 Mar 2024
04 Mar 2024 07:11:21
Morning Ed25

Trust you're well.

My 2 cents, Mike Dean has confirmed why LFC fans are the way that they are.

Of all the incorrect calls this season, from VAR and to the officials, this is the one that he CHOSE to declare as "a monumental error". now come on but there were so many more "monumental errors" made above this one.

The pure bias against LFC is what causes us to defend ourselves (LFC in general) the way that we do.

{Ed025's Note - hi JLC im good thanks, the biggest travesty for me was the Spurs v Liverpool game in October mate, pure incompetence on every level and i can see why some of you claim you are scapegoated with that one, truth is we all get shafted at times and some more than others, Wolves have been treated worse than any other team though and have received numerous apologies which mean sod all, i dont think there is any bias toward liverpool but you do seem to moan more than others thats for sure..

17.) 04 Mar 2024
04 Mar 2024 09:55:34
The ref got it wrong but it is no more serious than giving a throw in the wrong way (something that happens to all teams dozens of times a match) . Our keeper got the ball and it was over 2 minutes later that we scored. Forest even had possession in that time so I can't believe that it is even being talked about as directly leading to a Liverpool goal.

How many incorrectly awarded corners, free kicks and penalties have been scored from? These are far more influential decisions but they are considered part of the game. You have a whinge and then you move on.

18.) 04 Mar 2024
04 Mar 2024 10:44:10
Good to hear you're well ED25

I guess because these pages are seemingly more active than the other pages, it gives the perception that we moan a lot more than others.

Maybe if I spent more time on the other pages, I'd be proven wrong, but I just don't see this type of activity on the other pages, barring Utd perhaps.

I don't really look at other teams and games the same way I do with LFC, and maybe that is why I see things only from a LFC perspective, but that's what makes me a fan. I'm not too bothered about the other teams.

The way the press is going on about this not giving the ball back is just so, over the top it's unbelievable. especially when you compare it to other decisions.

If this type of attention was given to ALL incorrectly made refereeing/ VAR decisions, then I wouldn't use terms such as bias against LFC. but I just can't seem to see if any differently right now.

{Ed025's Note - the drop ball is not even an issue for me JLC that was just a mistake...and that happens (i can see why forest are unhappy though), its the corrupt ones i have a problem with mate..

19.) 04 Mar 2024
04 Mar 2024 12:40:30
Corrupt ones Ed25.

You're opening a can of worms there mate. ????.

{Ed025's Note - how else can you explain it JLC?, you have to be very naive to think that in any billion dollar industry there is no corruption mate, there is match betting worth millions every week and some of the decisions are strange to say the least, it reeks to me and i am very seldom wrong.. :)

20.) 04 Mar 2024
04 Mar 2024 17:39:44
I'm with you Ed25
I fully agree that there is corruption in the game.100%

I've called it a number of times this season.

The mere fact officials are not called to account for their decisions is indicative of the whole corruption claim.

It's not just officials, but clubs, players, staff as well.

It's deeply rooted into football I'm afraid, and at all possible levels - even grass roots level.

{Ed002's Note - Who is paying all of these people and what are they doing as a result of it?}

21.) 05 Mar 2024
05 Mar 2024 12:49:49
Ed25 I get where you're coming from - so many clubs have been royally shafted officiating wise this season and for all the onus to be on this call just seems kinda ridiculous to me

I mean, yes Liverpool have had some howlers this season - the Odegaard handball, the Spurs game, not just the farce that was the Diaz goal and others too. Wolves have possibly had it even worse than us and so many of these wrong decisions are not even debated on MOTD or other shows but his one is somehow a real talking point?

As I said in another thread, almost 2 mins passed - not like Kelleher took the drop ball, kicked it straight to Nunez and he scored - ball even went out for a throw. And the same thing happened in the 1st half but went Forest's way so why not mention that? Ass to the added time, maybe look at Forest players constantly throwing themselves to the ground when out of possession? Highlight that 2 were booked for time-wasting perhaps? Nah, cos that would ruin the story.

Swear Ed25 it bugs me, and not just watching Liverpool either, but some of the frankly nothing decisions that pundits etc choose to get wound up about while ignoring the other, actually more serious mistakes made is just frustrating.

And VAR was supposed to fix errors in officiating not compound them - but if you have the same officials that make the mistakes in charge of VAR then how are these mistakes ever going to stop?

{Ed025's Note - the standard of refereeing is very poor Bill and its not helped by the meddling of VAR in a lot of cases mate, refs are using it as a crutch so they dont have to make contentious decisions and carry the can for them, some of the pundits are a joke and cant be taken seriously, they throw grenades in their summaries to make themselves look knowledgeable and controversial, but it just makes them look idiots imo..