06 Aug 2022 15:07:55
Naby ill, Curtis with a mystery injury, ox with a hamstring and now Thiago with a hamstring injury, go on boys, you know you want to say it …….

1.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 15:21:51
“We’ve got more than enough midfielders to cover”?

2.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 15:36:16
Well I will say it. We all knew Thiago, Ox and Kieta have been injury prone for the last 2 years, so I am amazed that we never signed a mid lfielder in the Summer. It's unfair to expect Carvalho and Elliot to carry us when the above players are missing.

3.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 15:47:19
Doesn’t matter how many midfielders we have. You can never compensate for a dry pitch.

4.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 16:07:39
Dry attitude to being stronger as a football club . Weakest point midfield so let's not address that and start with the same players we ran into the ground last season who are also injury prone ?.

5.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 16:10:50
Instead of whining on here about it, ring up the club and ask to speak to one Jurgen Norbert Klopp. He's the one that has said repeatedly we're finished with signings.

6.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 16:12:27
A poor start from a group of players experienced enough to know better and be fully prepared for opposition like that. I’ve said it for ages, the technical floor of our team is far too distant from its ceiling.
For the first time I can remember, Klopp sounded like an absolute idiot with some of his comments after the game. If he was perhaps a bit more aggressive and proactive in replacing players who have clearly needed replacing for a number of seasons (Keita, Chamberlain, Milner, Henderson, Firmino), we’d actually have everything we need in order to go one further and win the league instead of letting City mop up 4 titles to our 1.

7.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 16:38:40
Pep was licking his lips as soon as it came out we were done with signings. Klopp needs to drop this underdog fetish and get some good midfielders in instead of pandering to rubbish like Henderson Keita and Milner someone in or its 1 title in 8 seasons.

8.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 16:46:19
So we're all Klopp out then because he won't sign a midfielder?

9.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 16:57:22
What kind of idiotic fans do we have? Talk about overreacting! One of the best managers in the world has no idea about his midfield but you guys seem to know it all!

10.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:00:40
Oh mane no one has said we need a new midfielder, but we are stating facts the midfield is our weakest point and also injury prone and it will probably decide how successful we are as a team this season .

11.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:10:27
It depends on injuries, as Klopp has said.
But not a good start.

12.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:01:21
God, stop on the moaning and bitching, it is getting boring. In the 30 years I have supported this club we have never had it so good. Let’s enjoy the ride, and focus on the positive.

13.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:16:20
I think it’s truth against reality.

Truth is Klopp would love a Bellingham if we could or were willing to sign him. The guys said that himself.

Reality is everything is pointing in the direction that we’re not going to sign him this season or maybe any season.

Truth is we have lots of players that can play midfield.

Reality is Thiago, Jones, Naby and Ox are all now unavailable for however long, Milner is coming to the end of his career and Elliot is starting his. Then we have Carvalho that so far Klopp has played in the front 3.

Without speaking everyone’s minds I’m 99.9% positive no one wants Klopp out but Klopp was not happy with the performance today so why can’t we as fans also be.

If we drew today because of a mistake by Naby, Jota or Matip the knives would have been out.

We were poor but it’s 1 game out of 38. I’m sure Klopp has let his feelings be known to the team and it’s a bit of a nightmare now that in round 2 of the fixtures we play last and have 10 days to wait to put this right.

Whether you’re a glass full, half full or even empty then it doesn’t make anyone a better or worse fan than the next.

We all love this club and people have different ways expressing themselves.

14.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:18:23
No one said Klopp out, I'm just suggesting Klopp should reconsider sticking with the same players that consistently fail to win the title rather than bring in better players to actually get over the line.

15.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:37:34
But he won't reconsider. So Klopp out then? And this infatuation with Bellingham needs to ease of a bit. Even were the kid to sign there's no guarantee that we'd do any better over the course of the season.

16.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:39:17
As an aside I like Elliott in midfield

Unlike Hendo, Fab and Thiago he manages to position himself between the lines - we need this when teams are set up right as it gives defenders a problem about stepping out to mark him.

17.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:56:24
Oh mane mane I’ve mentioned Bellingham as he’s the only midfielder Klopp has spoken about as per my comment.

For me it doesn’t matter that we haven’t signed him. Personally I struggle to see what he actually brings for 100 mill.

The players that played today were well below par and they carry the can as much as they carry the plaudits when they do play well.

If you can manage to decipher Klopp out from my comments then fair play to you.

18.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:16:03
Imagine the hysteria if we'd lost?
"rubbish like Henderson Keita and Milner someone in or its 1 title in 8 seasons. " - the pick of the bunch.
YNWA and all that.

19.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:32:01
JK23. Each to their own but Bellingham is special. Not only that but he is a leader at just 19. We end up getting him and we will be looking back in 15 years saying he will go down as a Liverpool legend. Some might say that’s a reach but I truly believe that.

20.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:35:05
All this whinging and whining, and not a mention anywhere of Nunerz's goal. I've just managed to see the highlights after being at work all day, and I doubt you'll see a better Premiership debut goal than that.
Simply audacious. And it wasn't a fluke, he tried a similar thing minutes earlier which was blocked or saved.
Hard to believe that folks rather moan than find pleasure or appreciation in piece of stunning skill like that, but it takes all sorts.

21.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:48:43
@FlashTheRed I agree it was an important goal but if you're placing it among the best goals by a debutant then in that case, I think you may want to watch the goal in slow-motion.

22.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:52:02
I stand corrected.

There are better fans out there. The ones who watch the highlights after work and then not moan about the shiny new toys debut goal who they moaned about signing in the first place.

23.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:55:03
Flash it was a fluke he missed the ball and defender
Played it onto his heel. Nevertheless made a massive difference when he came on although his first touch is worrying at times. Reminds me a lot of cavani with his movement.

24.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 20:08:49
Wasn't aimed at you JK23 mate. I'm not saying Bellingham isn't or wouldn't be absolutely exceptional. I'm just saying there's a few on here putting all their eggs in the Jude basket and there's 0 guarantee that he'll ever wear the Liverpool shirt.

25.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 20:20:08
Oh mane mane no worries mate. I think those fans might end up disappointed. However if he’s the player they want them so be it. We all have no bearing on the outcome but this is the platform we all chose to vent on.

I wouldn’t come on here as much if everyone had the same opinions mate ?.

26.) 07 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 21:20:01
He can actually run JK, so gives him a massive edge over our starting 3.