23 Apr 2024 17:11:18
Looks like Arne Slot is the new man.

1.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 17:42:46
I expect a period of transition no matter who the manager is but so long as we play exciting football to watch, I’ll be happy in the short-term.

2.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 18:08:22
Respect to Ed02 who has been suggesting Slot for a while now.

3.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 18:10:30
Ed2. Has been mentioning Arne Slot from the beginning.

Paul Joyce tweeted 2 hours ago “Feyenoord coach Arne Slot interesting Liverpool. “

Fabrizio Romano just tweeted the following “One more direct contact will take place soon between Arne Slot and Liverpool board to discuss more key points of the project.

Slot, keen on Liverpool job and concrete option as he’s highly rated by #LFC. ”

I don’t know much about him as I don’t watch the Dutch league. All I know is he turned down both Spurs and Chelsea in the last few years.

All I know is when Joyce is very reliable when it comes to our Liverpool affairs. So it looks like our next coach is Arne Slot.

4.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 18:43:07
*All I know is Joyce is very reliable when it comes to Liverpool affairs. So it looks like our next coach is Arne Slot

Autocorrect ?‍♂️.

5.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 18:54:00
Impressive call by Ed to be fair. He did say he would be a good choice some time back and the one to watch.

6.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 19:12:03
Mr Amorim (or his agent) might have blown the opportunity to manage LFC by being too quick to yap to the media too often.
As we all know LFC like to keep things inhouse and he has shown himself to be the exact opposite.
We don't need a drama queen at this club.
Rumours have it he is also looking for £200,000 per week after tax!
A double barrel straight in the foot there.

7.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 19:27:23
I have a strong preference for not a Dutch manager. No disrespect to Slot or any other Dutch manager some of whom have been great players and outstanding coaches in the Dutch league. But, culturally they are not as compatible with the English game and player/ club culture as some other cultures. I'm not going to quote names, but there have been more than 2! This is not intended as anti-Dutch, its just an observation.

8.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 20:06:12
I can think of some very successful Dutch Managers. I think ETH at Man Utd has people worried that every coach from the Dutch league will be as bad as him.

I have no idea about Slot. He could be just as bad, he could be worse or he could be amazing. He has done well in his short managerial career so far.

If he gets the job, he'll have my full support, just as anyone who we hire.

9.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 20:22:25
I'm inclined to agree with Viva. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but a Dutch manager has never competed for a title in PREM and have only been decent 'cup' managers.

He might succeed where gullit, Jol, van gaal, de boer, ten Haag have failed but I think Dutch coaches are too wed to the 'dutch philosphy' and not really flexible enough to succeed here.

10.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 20:51:11
Hiddink did okay at Chelsea.

11.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 20:58:51
English and Scottish managers are by far the most successful nationalities in English football so the next manager has to be either Gareth Southgate or Steve Clarke.

12.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 20:59:52
Not like those German managers with their 100% win rate.

13.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 21:10:26
In fairness Nevada, none of those managers had squads or were at clubs with a structure to win a title.

14.) 23 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 21:15:32
I'm not overly in awe of Slot as a choice either but if it is him he'll have my support.

15.) 24 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 23:19:23
Isn’t it a fact that no English manager has ever won the prem?

{Ed001's Note - yes. But how many of the top clubs have had English managers?}

16.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 04:25:24
How many top grade English managers have there been in the PL era?

17.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 08:05:39
Are we saying that football management ability varies from nationality to nationality? That’s a pretty wild theory. Wouldn’t it be more the case that footballing management ability varies from person to person?