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19 Nov 2017 08:45:20
I was worried about losing another player for free in Can, but then I looked at who is available for free next summer and there is a hell of a lot.

Players who could agree a free transfer to us in January include the likes of.

Gimenez. Athletico.
De Vrij. Lazio.
Sanchez. Arsenal.
Goretzka. Schalke.
Bernard. Shakhtar.
Meyer. Schalke.

I'd take any of the above easily. On top of that there are some who I doubt we'd would sign but available for free next summer.

Chiellini. Juve.
Ozil. Arsenal.
Mata. United.
Shaw. United.
Ghoulam. Napoli.
Herrera. United.
Blind. United.
Robben. Bayern.
Ribery. Bayern.
Moutinho. Monaco.
Miranda. Inter.

Both United and Arsenal have a lot more players who's contracts are expiring next summer. But looking at the first list I'd take any of them quite happily.

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17 Nov 2017 20:14:15
Seeing as it is a change of topic, in which i don't mind going head to head with you ed001.
I want to roll back to the ronaldihno debate. You say if he applied himself correctly, he could have won more trophies an stay at Barcelona longer, the former is conjecture, the latter is an assumption.
Whilst i don't dismiss this opinion, as it very well may of happened, i have to disagree with the person who said because of his attitude, he was never a world class player, and to me that's just wow, which brought on this response ha.

He played for the three biggest teams in france, spain and italy. So that's not a bad start to someone who "isn't world class"

1 world cup
1 Confederations cup
1 copa america
Still not world class enough?
1 Uefa cup
1 Champions League
2 la ligas
2 supercopa
1 serie A
are we world class yet?
Golden ball 99, brasillian sports writers POTY 3 times, fifa world cup all star team 2002, best foreign la liga player twice, world player of the year twice, team of the year 3 times, 1 ballon dor and an induction into AC milan hall of fame.

I sort of rest my case there, sure maybe he could have won more, but gerrard could have won the league with chelsea, does that stop him being world class?

I don't know where to put him on my list of all time greats, that's for sure. Yet if i was asked who i wanted to watch, ronaldo messi or ronaldihno, its him every time im afraid.

His performance for Barcelona against real in 05, in which he received a standing ovation from everyone in the stadium, is THE greatest performance of any player, i've ever watched, play the beautiful game.

Conclusion, sure he could of won more, but, shoulda woulda coulda. The man is one of the greatest footballers to ever grace the planet, and he did it with a hang over, it wouldn't have been fair to everyone else if he actually tried! enough said.
long winded i know, just a player i feel very strongly about watching as a kid, made me love the game.

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18 Nov 2017 00:16:17
Gotta luv the mavericks.

George bests story of Miss World on his bed covered in 50,000 quid and room service guy asked him where it all went wrong.

The light that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.

18 Nov 2017 00:16:17
Gotta luv the mavericks.

George bests story of Miss World on his bed covered in 50,000 quid and room service guy asked him where it all went wrong.

The light that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.

18 Nov 2017 01:16:39
Do trophies make you world class though?
He was undoubtedly world class, no question, but if he did try a little harder with his fitness his trophy cabinet would be twice the size so your both right.
A player I enjoyed watching immensely and one I also had the pleasure to meet very very briefly as well.
It seemed as if no defender in the world had the guts to take him on as well in total fear Ronaldinho would make a total fool of them then he would anyway, repeatedly.
Seemed to me he was a player who wanted to go out and enjoy the game, enjoy making a total fool of defenders and enjoy being an entertainer showing off just ridiculous tricks rather than a professional footballer who wanted just the 3 points, that always seemed to be the secondary objective to him.

18 Nov 2017 01:32:34
I don't ever remember disagreeing with ed001 but on ronaldinho i have too. Truly outstanding player. The greatest i have ever seen. I agree with benny if he had actually tried he may have actually completed football and it wouldn't be around today lol.

{Ed001's Note - you aren't disagreeing with me, why are people making up nonsense? It is a pointless conversation. Not one person has said he wasn't amongst the most talented players.}

18 Nov 2017 02:20:40
Any man that plays for Barcelona and gets a standing ovation from the Real Madrid fans, has just won football.

18 Nov 2017 09:40:59
Sorry for the confusion scarry, if wasn't ed who said he wasn't world class, just that he could of achieved more. Someone did say he wasn't among the talented ed, and the comment that wound me up came from mango
"Ronaldinho is not a world class player, in my opinion, to be world class you need to maintain your best. Ronaldinho disrespected his profession by not commiting and, as a result, he should not be considered anywhere near world class. "
I mean come on.

{Ed001's Note - I really have no interest in discussing this, please stop including me.}

18 Nov 2017 10:21:18
Don't be like that ed, I respect your opinion on him, how about an article? :)

{Ed001's Note - he is in the legends list.}

18 Nov 2017 19:23:35
genuinley not sure why i got that reply ed, i said i disagreed with you based on the fact benny said you claimed him not to be world class which if you did i disagree with, and what nonsense did i make up? didn't try to quote you in anyway or put words in your mouth.

{Ed001's Note - no you didn't, you just said you disagreed with me.}

19 Nov 2017 01:05:35
He wasn't world class?

He was out of this world, top top player. imho.

19 Nov 2017 03:56:45
yes. agree fully Lfcder.

19 Nov 2017 09:06:06
Put your handbags away lad (d) ies!

16 Nov 2017 00:17:18
Stefan de vrij reportedly agreed a new deal.

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16 Nov 2017 08:24:17
Ed002 has explained there is a termination fee inserted into the contract so he could still be available in January if we pay up.

15 Nov 2017 11:19:19

City interested in Joe, but he's very happy at the moment.

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15 Nov 2017 11:44:02

Better get Jurgen to start him at CB just to make sure he (and us! ) are extra happy.

15 Nov 2017 11:47:33

Is this all after the England performance or is it a long standing interest? I hope he stays! He could turn out to be a LFC Legend!

Red Sandman.

15 Nov 2017 12:50:28

Never mind “at the moment “ tell him to stay happy for a long time!

15 Nov 2017 12:57:15

Past few weeks apparently, sandman.

15 Nov 2017 20:02:44
Square Tomato don’t let him go tell him we love him ❤️.

16 Nov 2017 20:29:51
The lad is a real talent. Has he taken Neymar out of his back pocket yet?

16 Nov 2017 22:05:27
Square Tomato i live in Catford mate and have been banging the Joe Gomez drum for a long time great player and hopefully have a long and successful career with us let him know he is an inspiration to the kids round here.

14 Nov 2017 21:22:14
Coutinho 🙄🙄.

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14 Nov 2017 20:00:49
So Coutinho fit to play for Brazil but will be injured for Liverpool after tonight.

Does not deserve a starting place for us. Let the brat rot. He does not even deserve a spot on our bench.

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14 Nov 2017 20:08:09
Perhaps he can have a chat with Emre when international breaks concludes on how to behave.

14 Nov 2017 17:20:52
Coutinho magically declared himself fit yet again for Brazil. Do you all believe he really was injured?

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14 Nov 2017 18:44:02
If being an arse qualifies as an injury then yes he was really badly injured.

14 Nov 2017 19:55:49

Has to go but the longer he displays this behaviour, the more his price goes down.

Win-Win for Barca.

14 Nov 2017 20:04:39
I’m sure he’ll pick up a knock tonight and declare himself unavailable for Saturday.

14 Nov 2017 11:43:18
Just out of interest, what are peoples expectation for this season?

The title is probably beyond us now. City would need to lose 4 games on the bounce for us to catch them. Is that happening? I think not.

I think we should target winning the FA cup though and I think we have to finish in the top 5 at the absolute least, so we guarantee European football next season in some capacity. That is my bare minimum expectation.

My hopeful expectation would be to finish 2nd-4th and/ or win the Champions League.

With 6 teams all fighting over 4 places qualifying for CL will be tough, but i genuinely believe we can finish 3rd. The only teams i see as bring better than us are City and Spurs.

Silverware is paramount though in my opinion. Klopp cannot have been here for 3 years next October having won nothing. People will start to seriously question him and he'll spend his 4th season skating on thin ice.

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14 Nov 2017 13:58:20
We have two clear targets. The first is top 4, whilst not essential it will be hugely disappointing if we don't get it. City are likely out of sight meaning there are five teams going for three places. I'd give us around 50/ 50 of getting it.

The other target is the FA cup. Whilst CL miracles do happen (2005) realistically the FA cup is the best chance of silverware. I want to see first 11 teams played on that competition.

14 Nov 2017 14:04:25
Anything below 4th is not acceptable. 5th or 16th what’s the difference. Hardly any coverage across the globe and nobody wants to play thursday night football. FA Cup is a god chance to win a trophy. We need CL to measure ourself.

14 Nov 2017 16:32:34
Top 4 and a cup.

14 Nov 2017 17:24:09
If we don't get top 4 it will be an absolute disaster, there is no point prentending anything else. It will be total failure. Some players will want to leave and any top players we want will not come. Plus we will be playing in the Europa league, its a total black or white issue, top 4 decent season, Europa league means disaster.

Whoever they choose for centre back in January will have a big part to play in whether we make top 4 or not. In the end though it will propably depend on injuries.

14 Nov 2017 19:38:03
I hope we can get top 4 but no one should expect it, there are 6 good teams vying for 4 spots, currently any team except for City look like they could get in or miss out.

Likewise with the FA Cup, it’s a 1 legged cup competition, anything can happen and only 1 team can win it, I wouldn’t expect anything other than a good run and a bit of luck.

Not getting top 4 a disaster, laughable! United signed Pogba, Liverpool signed Mane and Arsenal signed Lacazette and kept Sanchez and Ozick all without champions league football. The champions league isn’t the be all and end all of football, if any team misses out they just carry on and the world keeps turning.

14 Nov 2017 22:18:54
Very good post that Smeg Head.

14 Nov 2017 22:58:37
I think we will get top 4 this season but if we don’t it’s hardly a disaster. We have this misconception that CL is the only way to sign quality players and be successful. It really isn’t. Yes it helps but Liverpool will still be going next season and still be one of the most recognisable and successful clubs in world football. We are all good, just chill Mark.

13 Nov 2017 18:11:02
Mane returning to LFC after 'slight recurrence of old injury' - Reds to assess condition at Melwood.

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13 Nov 2017 08:17:17
I will start this by saying I appreciate this is news from a paper. but Couts apparently happy in england/ at Liverpool and surprise surprise is 100% match fit and ready to face England!

Someone is giving this lad some very bad advice as I can’t believe he is stupid enough to be acting like this on his own?! Feigning injury for his club and then most likely scoring the winning goal against the national team his league is in. how many Christmas card lists does he want to be struck off 😂.

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13 Nov 2017 17:34:25
Players come and go. It is the norm for prima donnas to through their toys.


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