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17 Mar 2018 18:01:16
Advance warning

Everton has been scoring a few going long! So expect them to whip in from the flanks for Tosun! They are 150% going long against us in the derby!


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17 Mar 2018 18:28:15
You're hardly coming up with anything original by predicting that a bad team managed by Sam Allardyce will play hoofball.

17 Mar 2018 19:47:44
Today Watford played with 5 at the back and we destroyed them.

Allardyce going to try the same thing?

17 Mar 2018 17:51:38
This is just a summary, from my perspective, of where the key battles will be won and lost vs City in the Champions League. It's a hell of a draw and one of the more difficult teams but nothing at this stage is easy and, as we have already seen this season, we can beat them.


Whilst Ederson has been earning rave reviews he showed against us at Anfield that, if put under pressure, he can make mistakes. We should take confidence from this fact as we will look to attack and he will feel pressure again. This has probably not been more apparent as most teams have appeared afraid to really have a go at City - we do not carry such fears.

Karius has improved the whole defensive unit by virtue of being better than Mignolet so, on that alone, means we have a decent chance. The lad has not made too many mistakes and has gone about his business efficiently and has improved the team. The big question marks will surround his age and experience - it will be by far the biggest game he has featured in in his career, how he handles the pressure will be the determining factor in how well we defend.

Decision: Pretty much equal, Ederson is arguably better but not so much so as to give City a definitive edge.


Tricky. Both teams flatter to deceive defensively but City, by reputation alone, seem to have struck fear into the hearts of opposition meaning their rickety defence is not being pushed. They did add Laporte in January who improves them but there are still question marks. The fitness of Vincent Kompany could be a huge plus for them but, as is often the case, his fitness is far from guaranteed. The fullbacks are similar to our own in that they like to roam forward - Mendy may be fit in time for a return but, given the length of his injury lay off, is not a concern. This is a defence which can be made to look very awkward and uncomfortable - how we play will determine how well (or badly) they perform.

For us it was the emergence of silly mistakes, collective mistakes and lack of responsibility from individuals that reared it's ugly head against United. We do struggle against teams with a big physical presence which, thankfully, City lack. The problem is all of City's other attacking jewels - Aguero seems to alwats grab a goal against us, they have very pacey wingers who could make our fullbacks nights torrid and they have a midfield up there with the very best in Europe. The players have to step up and defend as a unit and take responsibility - Van Dyke has rightfully received some flak on these pages for his United performance - he needs to step up. Team selection is going to be important - any injury that sees Matip called into the squad will be hugely concerning.

Decision: Again I think this is tight - for me the difference will be whether or not Kompany is available for selection, if he plays our forward line is going to find goals a lot harder to come by - I don't think City will struggle as much whoever makes our first XI.


Where the battles is often won and loss and the only part of the pitch where there is a discernible difference in quality between the teams. Silva and De Bruyne are clearly the star attractions who both can pick a pass, who both glide effortlessly over the pitch (to ED001's eternal pleasure) and who really do provide a truly world class option for City in their midfield. Fernandinho is likely to start as the lynch pin/ holding midfielder and he really is a weak link. Whilst he covers ground well and can break up tackles he is not the best defensively which leaves space. Add his proneness to a rash tackle and he is a player we can, and should, target. Oh, and he does not play well when pressed which suits us down to the ground.

For us I think we have a few too many Jekyll and Hyde players in midfield - One minute they have a blinding game, the next an absolute horrorshow. Which midfield turns up will determine how competitive we are and, let's be under no illusions, we need the best iteration of our midfield playing likes their lives depended on it to really cause City problems. This means Emre Can needs to shake off his lethargy and sloppiness and actually get his head in the game. It means Oxlaide-Chamberlain needs to have one of his really good games where he hassles and harries and makes things happen. It would be really, really good if Henderson was actually fit as the whole midfield, even the entire teams, looks better when he plays. Wijinaldum needs to use his ability if selected, Lallana needs to pick his moments to use his. Ultimately our midfield needs to step up. Milner. a trier, which might be important, but I would hope he was used off the bench to calm players and put himself about, not starting games. We shall see.

Decision: On paper City have two of the best midfielders in the world whilst we don't have any close to being the best in the League. Cities midfield is naturally attacking minded so it will give us opportunities to expose them. This also works the other way as we are far from water tight - I'd give this to City. If our players perform at their best it will make their lives a lot more difficult though.


Both teams forte and the thing which has earned both teams rave reviews throughout the course of the season. City have a team packed with talent - Sterling, Sane, Aguero, Silva (Bernardo) - tons of pace, tons of energy and the ability to makes things happen at the flick of a switch. We neutralized them for large parts at Anfield but, even then, found out the consequences of switching off for a few moments. They are a danger and it will need similar levels of concentration and team work to deny them the space and time they enjoy so much. Lots of quality - the defenders will know the scale of the task that awaits them.

For us we have, arguably, the player of the season in Salah who has, as I type this, just scored again against Watford. He is a menace and if he is firing City will be in for a long, hard game. Mane has shown glimpses of getting back to his best and, if his upward trajectory continues, see no reason why he won't cause City the same problems he did last time. Firmino has the moniker of most underrated forward in the game (or one of them) but think he is certainly on a few more peoples radar given how well he has played. The front three can cause any team damage and I don't forsee City trying to bore us off the pitch a la United. We will get chances - the most clinical team may be the one that progresses to the semi-finals.

Decision: Both a joy to watch going forward, can't really separate them but will say we have the best individual player this season in Salah - the only thing for both teams to worry about (except the others attack) is injuries.


Well it's the Champions League quarter finals - it's tight! Both teams have weaknesses, both teams have strengths. Both teams have shown they can beat the other. It will come down to one of two things - who is the better team over both legs or (and let's hope this is not the case) who is the victim of a farcical decision. Obviously a draw like Sevilla would of been the one most fans would of preferred as it looks, on paper, easier, but I think this tie is very open and we have much to be confident about. We know we can score goals vs City, we know we can beat them - they know it as well. As daft as it may sound I do think that something like Kompany being fit could make the difference - he is such a good player and offers so much to their defence (organisation, vocal leadership, calmness, etc) that he could temper our red hot attack and that, in turn, could make the difference. As other fans have said there will be goals - it will be a case of who is the most clinical, who makes the least mistakes, fine margins and all that. I personally feel excited for the tie - not nervous, not unhappy, excited - two games of what promises to be excellent football, enjoy it guys and girls, this is why we love the Champions League.

Also worth remembering that European success is in our clubs blood - I know our current players haven't got experience of that but it's in the very fabric of the club - even if the players haven't experienced it we the fans have and we can make Anfield a nightmare for City, let's hope we do.

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17 Mar 2018 18:24:07
Good read that mate!

17 Mar 2018 14:04:49

Question for Ed001 and fellow posters here. Assuming all things are constant and both players are in peak form and fitness, whom do you pick as your starter for the current team: Sturridge or Firmino? In other words, the Sturridge of 2013/ 14 or the Firmino of today? (I initially picked Sturridge but changed my mind to Firmino because of his pressing, creative play, tracking back and overall work rate. He fits Klopp's system far better) .

{Ed001's Note - Bobby. Sturridge was good but Bobby is better.}

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17 Mar 2018 14:25:28

Ol' pearly teeth every time, for our current team.

17 Mar 2018 14:30:54

Thanks Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

17 Mar 2018 14:40:24

I think Firmino takes it easily. However Firmino now or Suarez in his prime (although I think he probably still is in his prime) is a tougher one. For me Firmino is top class and if he continues current form for more seasons he certainly would be in the world class forward bracket. Suarez has been world class for a number of years. No denying he is not the nicest person but a world class footballer he is.

17 Mar 2018 16:01:27
Sturridge was good but he was helped by Suarez a hell of a lot back then. Firmino is light years ahead of him in my opinion.

17 Mar 2018 19:38:23
As much as I dislike him as a person suarez is world class and if he was in this team I think he'd be reaching 40+ goals in all competitions.

16 Mar 2018 21:13:44












Apparently tomorrow's line up.

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17 Mar 2018 08:41:23

Looks good, but I'm glad that you're not writing out the Liverpool team sheet!

17 Mar 2018 10:17:18

If I see Matip in the first 11 teamsheet, then I just know Troy Deeney will terrorize him. Matip doesn't like confrontation, Troy excels in that regard, as he is not exactly the best of footballers. Instead Troy uses his physique to his advantage, often going over the line with some tackles and decisions he has made in the past.

I pray that Matip does not play, not only because he does not inspire confidence in our defence, but because I genuinely think he is scared of getting involved.

17 Mar 2018 10:50:42

Official team sheets are not announced until 1 hour before kick off.

17 Mar 2018 12:20:53

Mango I agree 100% with you there mate but Lovren is just as bad when it comes to being bullied. Matip looks extremely weak but Lovrens head seems to go when it's a physical battle. He starts diving in and making decisions you would never normally see him make which just results in mistakes.

17 Mar 2018 13:03:20

I'm not predicting the line up, if I was I wouldn't pick those 11.

I get given the line up by someone who usually gets it spot on, so have started sharing it with this website.

17 Mar 2018 13:49:09

The man's name is Van Dijk. What's the need to mutilate people's names on here all the time? How difficult is it to look things up if you're not sure?

17 Mar 2018 14:11:14

I copied and pasted it from the whatsapp he sent me, I know how to spell his name cheers.

You're right though, I'll take the time to correct it in the future to avoid the grammar police getting twitchy. How come you haven't mentioned the other spelling mistakes in the lineup? If you're going to be difficult atleast be consistently difficult.




There you go mate now breath!

17 Mar 2018 14:37:15

LOL, TIA19. Calm down, friend. No need to get upset, and no harm intended. Don't take it personally. Just bantering a bit, that's all. But I appreciate your suggestion about the grammer police. I do love a uniform!

17 Mar 2018 16:02:55
Thanks for the info TIA.

17 Mar 2018 16:33:34
Thanks for bothering TIA19, spot on again!

17 Mar 2018 16:55:32
Appreciate it lads, I'm not in the know in anyway but I'm starting to think the guy who messages me is as he keeps getting it spot on. Hopefully another win for us mighty reds!

17 Mar 2018 09:46:35
Forget the champions league. we have watford to head today. Fairly confident.

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16 Mar 2018 23:35:18
Alright, got a bit of a weird topic here. It's not quite a question but hopefully it can gauge a response or discussion, even if it is just to let me know I sound like an idiot, OK so hear me out.

The diving debate. Right so everyone knows diving is rife in the game, especially at the moment. Dele Alli springs to mind a few too many times actually. It is definitely a problem that needs to be stamped out, but not to hard, don't wanna get sent off myself.

When I was a younger kid, I'm 22 so I'm still young but you know what I mean. I played a lot of footie myself. I was quite good to be honest too. I'm going to take you back to a story of how I met your moth. oops wrong story.

I'm going to take you back to a match I was in as kid. I was only about 8 or 9 and I played for fun, I was a fair player and had nothing to gain by cheating.

I was playing up front and the ball fell to me just inside the left corner of the box. I stretched a foot out to nick the ball ahead of one of the opponents defender.

He swung his leg back, Roberto Carlos here is going to end my career I quickly thought. And just as he was about to make contact with my leg, he stopped really suddenly.

Just as he pulled his foot back to stop, I fall over because I genuinely thought I was going to get kicked. Now I don't mean I tried to buy a penalty. I genuinely felt like I got kicked even though I saw the player didn't make contact. I wasn't claiming for a penalty. I just lost control of my legs as if I got kicked.

I was so confused at what happened. It was even more confusing than that time the ref refused to give Milner a yellow in the game against Porto. My head was Adam Lallana Cruyff turning instead of passing confused.

Now the best way I can describe this without sounding crazy, hopefully. You know when someone is about to punch you and then they quickly stop just as their fist is about to break your face.

You flinch, even though there's no contact you almost feel like you got punched due to the reactions. Unless your a madman like Souness. Then in that case the puncher would flinch. He was scary let's be honest.

Now this was me, a kid, a fair player, playing the game for fun. Im not trying to say diving is fine or that divers are not cheats. This only happened to me once.

I guess there is a few questions I will ask, as I probably sound like a mental patient rambling at this point.

1. Why doesn't Lallana pass instead of paying tribute to Cruyff?

2. Have you ever felt like you got kicked when you haven't on the pitch?

3. Has this been talked about much at any point in football terms in the media or anything?

4. Sign Reus

5. Am I insane?

6. Arsenal.

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17 Mar 2018 07:38:39
😄 nice post mate 👍

1) every time he goes to pass he thinks someone is about to be caught offside
2) No I haven’t but I understand what you’re saying. I remember reading a quote by Jimmy Armfield when he was still playing about going in to a tackle. He said you should never go into a challenge thinking you might get injured. If you do, you are more likely to get injured.
You should always go into a challenge thinking you’re going to win the ball. What I’m saying is you should have ridden that guys swinging leg. Look at Maradonna, in his day you had to physically assault someone to give a free kick away, so Diego just hurdled all the leg breaking tackles. The same was true if you watch George Best but there’s not as much footage out there. That was the good old days.

These days you’re told to go down and win a penalty. Personally I’d introduce a sin bin for all simulation and all dissent to the referee. Managers would eliminate it overnight if they thought they might lose a player for 10 minutes instead of that player getting a booking.

3) yes 😁
4) why not?
5) hopefully, it’s more fun than being sane.

17 Mar 2018 10:07:14
Did you used to header the ball a lot that might explain a few things? In all seriousness good read and I never had any experience similar.

17 Mar 2018 11:46:39
Cheers lads, think I had a few too many cherry cokes last night. I had no clue how to really word what I wanted to say, so thanks for taking the time to decipher my ramblings.

17 Mar 2018 12:26:14
Rookie I played football to and I have actually been kicked black and blue but I never repeat never screamed for a pen it just was not done two reasons one the ref would not give pens if they thought you dived end of and secondly the next time you got the ball you new you would feel the full force of the player you accused of kicking you . Yes I am a lot older than you but even in my day diving was a no no still carry the scars from my playing days but enjoyed playing against hard players but fair players.

17 Mar 2018 12:38:22
Ron what you say makes a lot of sense but when refs who have never kicked a ball in their life give penalties like the one give for Arsenal against AC Milian the player put his hand on the Arsenal player and he went down like he had been shot pathetic then you have graham poll saying on radio mane kicked feliane in the penalty area last week? .

My opinion is Ron is the FA tell refs to give pens so their is goals and controversy which high lights the premier league around the world . Diving is ruining football to the extent that you expect a penalty in every game these days because players no if they fall to the floor what they will get we even have players blatantly diving and don’t get a card so how do you stop it I don’t no how it can be stopped with out VAR in the game.

17 Mar 2018 14:29:05
In my high school days (a long time ago) shoes with molded studs were not available, and everybody played with locally handmade shoes. The soles were in leather and the studs were shaped in wood that was hammered into openings in the sole. And to make sure the studs stayed in place, a nail or two were hammered into the center of the stud, going inwards into the sole. Sometimes the wood wore off and major parts of the nail would be exposed. So. Nobody waited to get hit by swinging feet, shoes or nailed studs, and all became adept at jumping at the slightest sign of an oncoming tackle. Because if you got hit with those studs (we didn't wear shin pads either), walking in pain for at least a week was a given.

Thanks for the post. I will avoid Cherry coke from now on. I'm no psychologist, but you may consider seeing one if you feel things have happened when they haven't. It could cause many major problems in other aspects of life. LOL.

17 Mar 2018 15:00:07
Just want to make it clear that I didn't dive, at least not on purpose. Sounds kind of silly but even though there was no contact, I felt like I got kicked. Just like when you flinch from a punch. It was weird, maybe I am crazy.

17 Mar 2018 17:10:21
5. Your out there in pluto mate but great post, very what's the word? Different :)

16 Mar 2018 18:13:43

Hi all no correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Liverpool play Juve on the road to Istanbul. First game at Anfield won 2-0 and lost away 1-0.So bring on City I say.

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16 Mar 2018 18:39:56
We did, but I don’t see the logic in this post?

17 Mar 2018 07:39:15
Big Sami and Luis Garcia wondergoals 👏.

17 Mar 2018 08:53:56
Yes those things all happened, but let’s not forget that we also once signed Christian Poulsen. So just beware of City’s quality. 😂.

16 Mar 2018 11:17:32
I;m sure that UEFA will be delighted that one English club will be eliminated with Liver poo drawing Man City.

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17 Mar 2018 07:40:13
But 1 English team will definitely be in the last 4 👍.

16 Mar 2018 11:16:53
Citeh it is. Bring it on!

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16 Mar 2018 11:16:45
Damn we got City in the draw, gutted was hoping for one of the others.

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