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15 Dec 2017 14:09:44
Any news on the interest on Hegazi? Read a few posts that we're looking at buying him.

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15 Dec 2017 18:46:58
It's not news but, I was out with mates, last night, who are all Albion season ticket holders. They are not ones to heap praise on their own and have suffered loads over the years, but they all say how superb Hegazi is, and he wouldn't be out of place in our side.

16 Dec 2017 00:06:20
Ur right he wouldn't be out of place in our reserves at best throwing silly names about after watching the guy once against us is just plain stupidity.

16 Dec 2017 09:28:23
Hendos brother, one of my mates I mentioned is a qualified football coach and bases his opinion of him having watched him this season. The one worry regards Hegazi is the serious injurys that he's had in the past. Try not to be so dismissive. He's not a name that's been mentioned solely on his performance against us, which I was there to see.

16 Dec 2017 23:09:43
I was there to Rome and unfortunately he is not good enough and certainly not what we need!

15 Dec 2017 13:55:09
MK, I didn't mean any offence, "kid" is a scouse saying, Apologies.

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15 Dec 2017 16:35:33
It's fine mate, i didn't realise you meant it in that way. I don't hold grudges anyway. All is forgiven 👍🏻.

15 Dec 2017 12:08:48
Would you sell Coutinho if we got above £130m GBP but we brought in VVD and Lemar or would you keep him at all costs.

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15 Dec 2017 12:23:52
I'd take it if we could get De Vrij and Lemar.

Van Dijk would be a massive waste of £70m and it'd be embarrassing to go and rub salt rocks into the axe wound we made in the summer. Club needs to let him go and move on!

15 Dec 2017 12:45:48
Lemar is an truly gifted player and I would love him at Liverpool. I don’t seen us signing VVD myself.

15 Dec 2017 14:09:58
I would be very disappointed with that. I’m not a fan of Lemar at all for that price. He’s worth maybe half of what is being rumoured. As for VVD all I know about him is what Ed001 has mentioned, which has me a bit biased against him.

17 Dec 2017 09:30:50
Lemar will end up at Chelsea. Forget any chance of him coming here.

15 Dec 2017 09:48:28
A lot of concern lately around our midfield and it's hard to disagree (long post alert).

Utility midfielders:
Every good squad needs a utility player, 2 at most. It helps massively in an injury crisis.

1. Wijnaldum will do a job in any midfield role or even out wide, but he's a jack of all trades and master of none. He also goes missing in away games.

2. Milner, is basically just on older Wijnaldum! Less legs, but more experience. He is another utility player, only he can also play wing back. I think he'll leave for first team football.

3. Oxlade-Chamberlain is yet another utility player! Only he is more of a winger who can cover in midfield or at wing back.

4. Can is, surprise surprise, another utility player. He can play anywhere in midfield or defence, but he isn't accomplished in any of the roles. Worth noting he's still improving as a player though and has a higher ceiling than the other players in this list, but he will also likely leave.

Central midfielders:
Not every team uses these types of players nowadays, but Klopp and Conte are still flying the flag! Real old fashioned midfielders who attack and defend, rather than having one job. Players who will press and harry the opposition, track back, but are also decent enough on the ball.

1. Henderson is great at this role when fit, but he is injury prone and hasn't been fully fit in 2 years now. Plus he is playing too deep to cover for the lack of a good midfield partner. He always seems to be covering for others, usually Wijnaldum or Milner! It makes him wary of going forward, even when Klopp screams at him to do so.

2. Naby Keita is a very good player and will make a massive difference, but there is half a season left before he signs. Hopefully he is the top class partner Henderson needs who could relieve some of the pressure on the captain.

3. The interesting one is Alexander-Arnold. I know he is covering Clyne's injury at right back, but he is a right sided/ central midfielder by trade. He is more than ready for first team games here as well, but until we sign a right back he's just cover.

Defensive midfielders:
For me, a manager needs this option at their disposal; even if they don't start every week. Some games, needs must. We all no Klopp doesn't play with one regularly though and it looks like it isn't on his priority list.

1. Grujic is being trained for this role but it doesn't suit him. I expect he'll be sold in the summer.

Attacking midfielders:
Most important position on the pitch offensively. Without this player there is no link to the goal scorers in the team and you don't score goals if your strikers don't get chances.

1. Coutinho is obviously one of the best in world football, but he is almost definitely leaving in the near future.

2. Lallana is the obvious other one and he is a good player. But, he is in his 30's and very injury prone. It is not good.

So all in all, you can see why people are concerned. We have too many utility players and not enough specialists.

As well as Keita, we need a new attacking midfielder when Coutinho leaves, and in my opinion a replacement for Lucas.

Currently i would predict our options next season will be

Gini and Ox
Henderson, Keita, Arnold
Lemar, Lallana

I do find it alarming that Klopp doesn't want a DM in the squad, but i guess that's his philosophy and we should get used to it. I am as worried as everyone else about our midfield though. It looks top heavy, light defensively, and unlikely to change. It just boils down to whether Keita and Lemar (or whoever replaces Coutinho) can make teams scared to attack us. We hope and pray 😂.

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15 Dec 2017 10:17:54
Defensive midfielder is not a necessity if you have your own Souness or Kante and play a system that makes the backline a flat 4. Unfortunately not many teams are blessed with Souness or Kante Hence the need nor they play a disciplined backline. Modern day full nacks bimbs high up which leaves spaces behind them.
I would twist slightly in favor of a holding mid than a stopper. We need an Alonso more than a Masch!

Milner will be moving out in the summer. Kieta is nailed on to start and I pray Klopp buy a top class holding mid. Both Wijnaldum and Henderson would be bench player which means if AOC is ready to be a cover of Salah and Mane, He will be on the bench.

15 Dec 2017 10:57:05
I think you're right that Keita would be first choice! His price tag alone will dictate that. It is very unlikely we would sign a top class holding mid, but i would happily take a player like Medel, Rincon, Mascherano etc. Just an experienced player who can be used in certain games and scenarios to tighten up at the back. Klopp might not want that to be is main tactic, but surely any good tactician wants options to change things!

I still think Henderson will be first choice alongside Keita though. You need only listen to Klopp's interview the other day to make that educated assumption. If he is fit and has a good partner, i don't particularly see a problem. Then you could either put an AM in front of them, or a DM behind them depending on the tactics/ opposition.

Klopp is limiting his own options by not signing a proper DM though. I'd love a top DM like N'Zonzi, Fabinho, or Camacho; but with Klopp not playing with one on a regular basis, there is not much chance he'll spend big on the position. A top player in their prime would probably moan if they were a squad player anyway!

Kante, Vidal or Naingollan would be the dream. We wouldn't even need a DM if we had a player like that playing box to box. They provide more than enough bite!

15 Dec 2017 13:49:55
You have answered your own query there MK. We don’t have that gifted special CM who could do everything whenever the need arises. Klopp himself played with a specialist at Dortmund and I see no reason not to look for one in the summer ( summer is long way off ) . Both hendo and Keita would work alongside an Alonso or Matic perfectly! But they won’t work together! Nope! No chance!
I keep hearing Klopp learns from his mistakes. If they are true then he will buy a specialist and stop experimenting with players!

16 Dec 2017 00:17:46
He does learn from his mistakes harry but he won't and will not bow down to the way you want things to go. This is the way ed01 means about you been biased, Henderson and naby may or may not work, but how the hell can you just come out with a stupid statement and say it won't work.
If you think your that good harry why are you not managing in the premier league or any league for that matter all ready? .
A tell you why because you couldn't manage a kebab shop never mind a football team frlla.

14 Dec 2017 17:04:32
Gini has had a nightmare season, he has offered nothing going forward and nothing to help protect the back 4. In many games he has been our worst player and actually only had one decent game all season.

He has played more games than any other midfielder. Klopp is basically saying "its ok Gini you keep stinking the place out and I will still play you in nearly all games". What sort of a message is that sending to the rest of the squad?

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14 Dec 2017 20:58:43
Gini is playing a role that is new to him, and has also been asked to perform different roles for the team from box to box, to holding mid even to center back. Not once has he complained. Yes he isn't in good form right now but at least the manager is showing belief in him not turning his back on him when he is going through a bad spell. I mean what sort of message would that send the rest of the squad? if your going through a grey spell ill turn my back on you? yea i could imagine the best players wanting to play for a man like that.

{Ed025's Note - its a fine line though SH, how do the players on the bench feel when players not performing are ahead of them in the pecking order?, loyalty and favouritism are not a million miles apart mate..

14 Dec 2017 21:13:00
It is not a bad spell it is a shocking half a season. He is well underperforming so you have to give some others a run. If the player keeps letting you down and you keep picking him it sends the wrong message to the squad.

What has he got to complain about? He is playing most games and playing very badly he is the last player in the last player in the league who should be complaining. He thinks everything is going well because he is nearly always in the team. Happy as a pig in rubbish as well fall down the table. He needs to man up, he gets a nose bleed when he gets on the coach to away games.

{Ed025's Note - thats a fair point mark..

14 Dec 2017 23:34:38
I’m probably with harry on this but our midfield needs a big upgrade.

15 Dec 2017 05:26:28
On the flip side, Hendo keeps getting pasted for passing sideways, Coutinho for not caring enough, Milner for mindless running around. who exactly are we proposing to put in?

On the flip side we’ve controlled many of the games we’ve played this season and created more opportunities than almost any other opposition we’ve played. surely the midfield as a whole deserves some credit for that?

15 Dec 2017 08:28:49
Wijnaldum should have never been bought in the first place! He took Henderson’s position which was the second most dumb act from Klopp after Mignolet! Gini is replaced by Kieta in the summer. So what did we learn? Stop buying similar players over and over again!

14 Dec 2017 14:19:11
Gutted by the last 2 results, somehow, we have managed to turn 3 big wins against stoke, Spartak and Brighton into a couple of blunt games against equally average opponents, going off recent form.

I keep seeing people post cliché phrases like, “luck balances itself out over the season” or “You can’t rely on referees to win you games”. Last night the referee waved away a goal that would have stood 99% of the time. That directly lead to us not winning the match, and although it wouldn’t have mattered if we had taken other chances, it still doesn’t make that decision less poignant. The same goes for the Everton game when Lovren was penalised for something that happened at least 50 times elsewhere on the pitch. You can’t rely on referees, sure, but we also shouldn't be subjected to games being ruined by inconsistent refereeing decisions regardless of how “bad” we played.

Teams like Utd and City are scraping 1-0 and 2-1 wins all the time, it’s what they call the ‘mark of champions’ and it’s largely down to resilience and their ability to manage games and shut the opposition out, something Liverpool has failed at massively this season. Relentless attack is just about all we have to offer as a team and although it works when the opposition defends poorly, it completely backfires when they defend well.

This is not a post to excuse Liverpool and blame bad refereeing for our results, it’s also down to terrible defending and conceding soft goals like the one scored by Willian a couple of weeks ago, but it doesn’t help when decisions like the last 2 games are being made against us.

Our results have been as follows: 8 wins, 7 Draws, 2 Losses
Watford: 3-3 D
C Palace: 1-0 W
Arsenal: 4-0 W
M City: 5-0 L
Burnley: 1-1 D
Leicester: 3-2 W
Newcastle: 1-1 D
M United: 0-0 D
Spurs: 4-1 L
Huddersfield: 3-0 W
W Ham: 4-1 W
Southampton: 3-0 W
Chelsea: 1-1 D
Stoke: 3-0 W
Brighton: 5-1 W
Everton: 1-1 D
W Brom: 0-0 D

Of these results, 6 have been convincing wins of more than 1 goal, 2 have been less convincing wins where we have won by only 1 goal and then we have 7 games that have been draws.

Recapping on these doesn’t make for easy reading, the Watford game was a 93rd minute equaliser from sloppy corner defending. The Burnley game was a frustrating result with 35 shots on goal, 71% possession and 8 saves from their keeper. The Newcastle game ultimately came down to a deflected own goal from Matip (you could argue Mignolet should have done better) . The United game was a slightly less dominating version of the Burnley game with 19 shots on goal, 62% possession and 5 saves from their keeper, but still a game we should have won. The Chelsea game was in the bag until Willian attempted to loft the ball into the box and somehow lobbed Mignolet (Who should have done better) . And the last 2 games against Everton and West Brom have already been mentioned above.

We could have won all 7 of these games with better concentration in defence, more consistent refereeing or just a tiny bit of luck to help break down teams that defend for 90 minutes. We could be 14 points better off and sat on 45 (4 points behind city), its fair to say we never would have won all of these games, but even if we had won 3/ 7 we would be 6 points better off and currently sat on 37 (1 point behind Utd) . The harsh decisions from the referees happen to all teams at some point during the season, the games where one team is dominating the other for 90 mins but fail to break through also happen all the time and can be forgiven. But throwing away points with sloppy defending is what has cost Liverpool so dearly this season. If we fail to bring in better defenders to accompany Gomez, TAA and Moreno (2 of which are kids) then I would be surprised if we even made the top 6 and get any further than Porto in the champions league.

January is not the time to be buying anyone, let alone players that completely fix your defence.

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14 Dec 2017 19:30:09
You can't blame the defence for everthing. The midfield has been below par and other than Salah, the other forwards have not scored enough league goals.

I think it's

Firmino 5
Mane 4
Sturridge 1
Solanke 0

Not exactly great we are nearly half way through the season.

14 Dec 2017 22:44:36
What! I know statistics can prove anything but Mark that's taking the proverbial.

14 Dec 2017 22:48:34
Actually having such a weak defence always gives opposition the hope that they can nick a goal. So we should be looking fo strengthen as it stands, this squad is not good enough for top four.

16 Dec 2017 10:08:35
Idont - What you talking about we are level with Burnley and falling further behind Chelsea and Man U. The forwards and Midfield are at fault for the terrible showing agains't West Brom. Why can't they get their share of the blame.

Mane has been poor this season. Sturridge has done nothing. Solanke has done his best but still no goals. We only have 2 more wins than Everton. Firmino looks tired already he is not being used porperly IMO.

You are probably one of the OTTers on here that when we win a couple of games you think we will challenge for the title. The harsh reality is we will finish with less points than last season. Meaning many many players in all positions are underperforming.

13 Dec 2017 20:08:25

David silva linked to us repeatedly? I haven't seen anything and can't belive city would let him go! But.

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14 Dec 2017 00:02:31

An attacking midfielder - just what we need 🙄.

14 Dec 2017 07:21:59
I may sound like captain obvious, but we are not making top 4 this season.

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14 Dec 2017 07:51:48
Oh seriously shut up, how about get behind the team and stop with your negative posts every day it's getting boring. I'd really just love an option to hide your posts from view absolutely sick of coming on hear and reading by your tripe.

13 Dec 2017 19:43:04
Re The Matt Hawker Cup, I wasn't able to play but would love to come and support. Happy to pay for a ticket too in order to top up the charity coffers. Happy to organise my legendary "derogatory chanting" for the game, will chant for the team that offers the highest bribe (to the charity! ) for me to do so.

Starting bids?

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13 Dec 2017 19:35:31
How do you think Peter Moore is doing at the club he been with us a while now. has he improved us in anyway or changed anything just interested am not asking so people can start ripping him apart.

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