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18 May 2019 19:26:20
How do we ever catch that City side, domestically they will just dominate. If only UEFA could give them a transfer ban for the next 2 seasons or something!

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18 May 2019 20:07:10
How do we catch that City side. Well look at it like this . City have a team with a core of much needed players, the likes of Fernandinho, Aguero, Silva and Kompany all 33-35 years old, all injury prone as they get older. At that age they will not get better they will start to tail off, slow down and get to a level where they are not first choice. City have a talented bench don't they? The same bench that all started against Swansea in the FA cup and got hammered for an hour as Swansea went at them and Pep had to bring Aguero, Silva and Fernandinho on to save them from an exit. There bench is talented but not to be feared especially as
players such as Jesus, Mahrez and Sane are apparently unhappy and want to leave, unhappy players do not make for a happy squad. And players such as John Stones who cost 50 million who Pep does not want to play will eventually want out as well you would think, outside of the first 11 they have a number of very expensive players that would not get in to other teams in that division on merit or who do not want to be at City any more.

City are facing a transfer ban and European football ban. That will impact thier squad both moral wise and personal wise. If there is an FFP ban, or even if there is not City cannot then go and spend another 60 million on a left back, 70 million on a midfielder, 60 million on a Striker without alarm bells being rang at UEFA. And finally Pep has a pattern, he manages like he does so succesfully then after three or four seasons players don't do it like he wants anymore or he just gets itchy feet and wants to go, it happend at Barca, it happend at Bayern. It may not happen at City but if it does will the next manager do what he has.

City will be hard to catch but not impossible. They have an ageing core of key players, the best of thier 'back up' players want to leave as they are far far to good to warm a bench, they have potential and damaging European bans and transfer bans coming up and a manager who has a pattern of leaving after three or four successful seasons. Not exactly a stable base.

{Ed025's Note - you keep clutching at them straws KK mate.. :)

18 May 2019 20:31:53
Clutching at straws? What is not accurate there Ed. The core of their first team is now mid thirties, players decline at that point, that is fact is it not.

They have a number of players who are very talented who want to leave, as stated in previous posts by other Ed's on here. They are under massive scrutiny from UEFA and the Premier League for different reasons, that is fact. They have a manger who has left his last two posts after I think four seasons whilst on top, again fact. I think they are valid points. But if you see that as clutching at straws that's cool. I was just stating reasons why they are not an invincible force that will go on the way they are for an unlimited time . I think things will come crashing down hard the next few years for them as it is starting to become a storm, on several fronts that will affect their squad, management and transfer dealings.

{Ed025's Note - you make it sound like city are over the hill KK and i think thats more hope than fabric mate, they will strengthen an already great squad and one mans old is another mans experience, they are not going away for some years yet im afraid..

18 May 2019 21:14:34
They hardly run away with the PL. We were a point away from then. They weren’t the only dominant team this season!

18 May 2019 21:48:57
Catching city starts with making sure our better players don’t leave

We can only control or influence what we do- and in the past when we have come close- we fall away due to losing key players.

18 May 2019 22:28:25
And Citeh still can’t crack the Champions League!

We will hunt them down in the EPL and if and when we meet them in the Champions League we will show everyone who is the top English side in European football.

We are not going away Citeh we are not going away.

18 May 2019 23:07:25
We just cut out the drawn matches against teams we should beat . simples!

19 May 2019 09:57:46
Kim - you are just giving a very biased one sided point of view.

Aguero is only 31 and works harder now than he ever did before.
Bernardo Silva continues to improve and is getting to world class level. Miles ahead of anyone we have.
KDB will be back next season arguably their best player.
They won 14 games in a row from the front we couldn't do that.
City will get as a minimum 90 points next year and if you had to bet it is very likely they will get 95 points.
At the start of last season posters on here actually called City's defence crap.
Also posters said last season would be when they have this so called 2-3 year dip.

LFC can of course beat them but a few things need to go our way.

Firmino has to get to last seasons form and if he can't someone different should play more.
OX and or Keita to have a great season
Fabinho play all season to a good level.
Gomez stay fit.

19 May 2019 14:09:12
Klopp came in we were miles off City, and the rest of the top 6!since then we have bought better than the rest of the top 6 EVERY summer, to the point where were 20 odd points better off than the 3rd best side and have made up 24 points on the Champions from this and the previous season. Do that again this summer, buy better than everyone else and we will overtake City. Its inevitable under Klopp, in time City and the rest of the top 6's fans will be wondering what they can do to stop Klopp and his all conquering side.

19 May 2019 18:37:19
Buy two teams like they have done and like Chelsea did when the oil money arrived.

19 May 2019 19:24:46
City can't buy every player and when they buy a top talent, there can always be another that will perform better. That's all there is to it really.

Our squad will be better next season as there's only Milner over 30. They'll all have another year of experience and growth in them.

18 May 2019 18:50:31
World bellie tickling championships are about to finish at Wembley. Warford should have been told it wasnt a leauge game and they were allowed to score.

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18 May 2019 21:39:11
Pint of bitter for Kimuraking.

{Ed025's Note - and make it a large one pino.. :)

18 May 2019 22:18:06
Terrible final to watch very very painful indeed really not a match at all
Up the pool.

18 May 2019 16:32:59
Hi Ed’s just wanted to ask whether we were interested in Bournemouth's Lloyd Kelly?

Looks a decent prospect.

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18 May 2019 15:17:07
Transfer season has started. We must be patient.

Even if there is a de lay in signing de Ligt and dePay, we should not admit de feat. I think they may well de liver the title.

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18 May 2019 16:44:19
Dey did do didn't dey do?

18 May 2019 14:27:30
I see Lloyd Kelly has agreed to sign for Bournemouth for £13m so that's put that to bed.

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18 May 2019 13:38:27
Bournemouth bid accepted for Lloyd kelly.

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18 May 2019 10:10:52
So far the window has been open for a couple of days and we have been linked with.

Timo Werner - Good player scores goals and can play anywhere across the front three so could easily slot in if bobby drops deeper into that number 10 role.

Memphis Depay - Struggled in the premiership with them lot but seems to have sorted his career out but can not see him directly replacing anyone to improve the squad.

Nabil Fekir - Think this lad will always be linked to us until he either signs for another club or signs a new contract.

Julian Brandt - Not really seen much of the lad but did start off as a winger now plays that creative midfielder something that we did lack at times this season.

Gedson Fernandes - At a tender age of 20 can this player really come into the squad and tear the premiership apart.

Joao Felix - Far to expensive for what we would spend on a unproven player.

Paulo Dybala - What i would do to have this lad at Liverpool. Quality player and can play anywhere across that front 4 really. Confidence has gone since the arrival of a certain CR7. I would make a cheeky attempt to get him.

James Maddison - Homegrown player and very direct with his play. Had a good season for Leicester direct replacement for Lallana.

De Ligt - Now this is a boy who would be worth every penny next to VVD people say what about Gomez and why part of me agrees this lad is next level and can build a formidable partnership with VVD Trent Robbo and Becker for years to come and with all the games that we will have next season we would have decent rotation options or if one of them gets injured decent back up options that way as well.

Ugurcan Cakir - seen as a replacement for Migonlet but can not comment one thing about him as i have not seen him play and i am not one of them people to watch youtube and go he's mint.

3 or 4 of these players are realistic and we need to get the balance of the team and squad right for this up coming season. People say we do not need to improve the first 11 but with some slight tweaks to that 11 we can go one better and lift that trophy hopefully.


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17 May 2019 20:34:22
So by hook or by crook I've managed to get a ticket for the final.

Anyone else going?!

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17 May 2019 23:54:03
Deeply envious, Drogie, mate, but chuffed for you.
Was gutted when I realised we weren't screening game at Anfield. I'm still debating how and where to watch it. I want it to be in City, with wife and son, but don't want to risk getting up there and not be able to get in anywhere.
Look forward to hearing all about your experience. Cherish it all, mate. All the very best.

18 May 2019 07:11:36
That's great news Drogie, I hope it's one hell of an enjoyable experience, no doubt it will be!

18 May 2019 08:24:33
Thanks chaps, let’s hope we bring the cup back home - Where it belongs.

18 May 2019 12:58:43
Ahh so jealous mate. don't forget bail money just in case🤣.

17 May 2019 20:16:36
Didn't get a ticket through the ballot. Just hope the sponsors ( who don't give a damn about spurs or LFC ) enjoy the match.

Ed's - get paid on Thurs so will ping over a donation.

{Ed033's Note - awesome thanks

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18 May 2019 14:03:16
With the amount of money Sponsors invest in the club they fully deserve the tickets for the final. Without them Liverpool would not be able to compete in the transfer market or make improvements to the stadium! So I really don’t get all this whining about the tickets!

17 May 2019 18:18:47
Wouldn't mind Ziyech if it's looking like Brandt is happening. Quality player wouldn't be crazy money either. I no he has baggage and we have no interest as Ed002 has advised but imo he would be a good addition.

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