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13 Mar 2018 15:11:48

Jorginho, Allan, Keita, AOC and Hendo. That's our midfield unit for the next season! The rest can leave!

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13 Mar 2018 15:47:36

So you want to go into next year, challenging for 4 cups, with 5 midfielders spread over 3 positions? Including 3 who have never played in the premier league before. Sure, why not?!

13 Mar 2018 16:53:06

How many midfielders does Spurs and Chelsea have? This is above the front three and possibly a Coutinho replacement!

13 Mar 2018 18:15:06

isn't Allan kinda buggered without a work permit? that'd leave 4 midfielders.

13 Mar 2018 19:28:12

I think he means Allan who plays for Napoli. As if Napoli are just going to sell us 2 key players! Ha.

13 Mar 2018 19:47:18

We may as well pick up Mertens, Insigne, Gholam and Hamsik as well before going to the till.

13 Mar 2018 20:11:17

I'd be happy with that midfield but I'd keep Llanna too.

13 Mar 2018 22:54:50

What about Kante and Messi too?

14 Mar 2018 03:50:38

No one from Southampton? that would be a shock to them - they will not know what to do, they will probably ask someone to come round and check their phones and fax machines.

14 Mar 2018 09:40:08

You mean the Chelsea that are currently far below us? Bakayoko, Barkley, Drinkwater, Fabregas, Kante. Competing for two spots (assuming they continue their usual 5-2-3 formation) .

Spurs whose biggest issue is generally recognised as squad depth? Wanyama, Dembele, Dier, Alli, and Winks competing for two spots most of the time (when they switch to 4-3-3, you can then include Erikson and Sissoko as options making their numbers 7 competing for 3 spots) .

So your plans would leave us with less players competing for more spots than both of those teams you love using as an example of greatness, despite us doing as well or better than both of them this season. So yes, I maintain that's a silly plan and leaves us way too light.

14 Mar 2018 12:50:46
Best Spanish player to play in premier league?

Alonso for me with Silva very close 2nd.

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14 Mar 2018 13:26:06
Agreed, followed by Azpilicueta.

14 Mar 2018 13:38:36
It has to be de gea for me.

14 Mar 2018 14:07:32
I know it was the end of his career when he played in the Premier League but Fernando Hierro was a fine player. Three Champions Leagues, I think 8 Spanish titles and over 500 appearances for Madrid. A fine defender who knew where the opposition goal was as well. He is up there for me.

14 Mar 2018 14:23:38
Alonso did not play enough! Silva is the best! 7 years and counting!

14 Mar 2018 15:39:13
Yeah Silva for me too, he's incredible, Alonso was but not quite at Silva level for me.

14 Mar 2018 16:02:19
Silva played with a far superior team.

14 Mar 2018 16:03:31
Alonso was 5 years at Liverpool Harry.

15 Mar 2018 02:35:28
Silva is still better and more consistent.

13 Mar 2018 22:57:47

After we beat Porto, I wasn't too fussed who we drew in the next round. After tonight's result against the Mancs, I would really fancy our chances against Seville. I know we drew with them twice in the group stages, but I think we would have learned from those 2 games, and with VVD in defence now, I think we are more solid at the back, so shouldn't concede the goals we did. What's other posters opinions?

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14 Mar 2018 00:07:22

To be honest, if we drew Barcelona or Munich, I wouldn't put it past us to score lots of goals and go through, but I also wouldn't put it past us to do the opposite. Unpredictable. That said, I would take Sevilla over Barcelona or Munich.

14 Mar 2018 00:57:37

I want Roma or Real next round. Roma are the weakest team left imo and while Real have a lot of big match experience, they are a team most likely to make stupid mistakes in defense. Our front 3 on their day will tear their defenders apart.

14 Mar 2018 01:31:15

Every team at this stage will be difficult. I have previously said how I believe we can beat anybody on our day and I stand by that so to me, bring any of them on, this is what this competition is about, playing the best clubs in Europe.

If we try as hard as we know we can, we'll go far. Barcelona, RM etc might think they can steam roll us, they'll get a shock if they get complacent. Our attack can destroy many defences out there, let's be honest there's not many teams with what I'd call a fantastic defence, if any?

At this stage it can go both ways though, I'm delighted to be in the quarter final. If somebody had of said at the beginning of the season we'd reach the quarter finals I'd of told them to be more realistic so I'm chuft no matter what.

{Ed0333's Note - The Man Utd match showed that we aren’t as wonderful as we think we are. Maybe we’re even guilty of revelling in our own hubris? If opposing teams do there homework we can be stifled and resultantly beaten. So the sides that are left in the competition cannot be sniffed at. Yes on paper there are some strong sides but who thought United would be beaten over 2 legs by Sevilla.? Let’s assume extreme caution and pray for luck and that our team plays as a cohesive unit in the games we have left and take it from there. Im not trying to be cynical but it’s the legacy of the game at the weekend, it really affected me. I still can’t believe we lost to such a fractured United team.

14 Mar 2018 03:48:45

Are we allowed to face Seville? I thought because they where in our group this would not happen, Would love to get a non English side to be honest, Barcelona and Coutinho would be great, Juve and show Can the step down he will take and also show Spurs how to beat the big boys. Real as they are old and slow - those 3 would be on my next 3 meetings to go on and win the comp.

14 Mar 2018 06:00:08

I'd take Juventus over seville. I think they will struggle against genuine pace we have. i hope we don't draw Munich or Madrid.

14 Mar 2018 07:48:54

I agree with Ed0333. We should respect every team we play. I don't expect us to win just because we play good football a lot of the time. I'm sure Klopp will do his homework and plan meticulously to beat whoever we get in the next round.

Hopefully our game plan, team quality, Anfield atmosphere and a bit of luck will get us through to the semis regardless of who we play.

14 Mar 2018 08:13:46

That is exactly how I feel ED. We are not as good as we think. The stronger teams like Bayern would totally dominate our midfield and they would defend properly. let's not make any silly predictions like we would score plenty past Madrid, (I am sure Paris thought the same) . Real are very very clever.

14 Mar 2018 08:24:06

If we get Sevilla I hope Klopp resists the temptation to select Moreno in the match day squad.

It’s like he forgets who he’s playing for.

14 Mar 2018 08:31:33

Well said Ed, if teams cut down the space to our front three we struggle to really create danger from midfield or through the fullbacks. Ox needs space to run, Milner barely scores any, Trent and Robbo both developing. For all their challenges I still prefer a Hendo, Gini, Lallana midfield when there’s limited space.

14 Mar 2018 09:40:03

Yeah, totally think we can wreck any team on a good day but we are unpredictable and makes us both worthy of winning the tournament and losing to any team too. But you know what lads, it makes us an exciting team to watch.

14 Mar 2018 11:53:58

KingCarlos, yes we can draw any of the sides. The group protection was only for the last-16. For the QFs, everyone goes in the same pot.

Also, I'd prefer we met Barcelona a bit later, despite the fact that Coutinho won't be playing for them as he is cup-tied. As I result, I would love it if Coutinho won a Champs League winners medal this season ;-)

14 Mar 2018 11:54:54

You can draw anyone in the quarters I believe, except Couts who is cup-tied.

14 Mar 2018 11:56:52

Not as long as they have Nzonzi and Banega!

14 Mar 2018 13:17:45
I think as long as we avoid City over two legs it will be us and them in the final. If we get them over two legs I think they will pip us and win it, if it is them and us in the final we win. No other team in that draw wants us or City. Madrid are having such an inconsistent season they will beat PSG one game and loose to Majorca the next, Barac can be got at and are no where near as strong as previous years. Munich are strong but beatable. Seville can be beaten if a team attacks them, and the two Italian teams can play but can be scored against. Liverpool and Man City have weaknesses, as Liverpool found out again on Saturday. But I just have a gut feeling it could be an all English final if we avoid City over two legs.

14 Mar 2018 12:14:53
Nipped over to the Man exit site, saw simonmorriss10 posts, who is now calling for
Mourinho's head 2 days after hailing him a tactical genius. How funny is it that Jose’s defence is, they should all be used to being knocked out of the UCL because he’s knocked them out twice in the past himself. Priceless meltdown from the special one.

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14 Mar 2018 20:48:40
WOW koppite 😲 1 s in Morris. Sorry for the late reply iv been at work all day ( alien concept to you I guess)

14 Mar 2018 22:41:27
good you were at work Simon, take your mind away from being bombed out of the Champions League, did you get to many houses .

14 Mar 2018 22:49:29
cant man utd fans see that Jose plays dinosaur football, long balls, bullying teams, yet that gets you so far, think his time at united is nearly up .

14 Mar 2018 23:01:13
it might be difficult for you to understand, but maybe Koppite put in the extra s for a reason, still nice to see man utd fans still checking out our site .
Ps, you should have had more faith in Moyes, 4 shots in 180 mins V Sevilla, not good enough .

15 Mar 2018 05:55:37
HTBAR, sorry buddy in my line of work i have to deal with people who get around houses, i guess that's not going to be to popular on this page.

15 Mar 2018 12:51:37
You’ll recall the Capital of Culture, The Beatles, The most important trade port in Britain at the time of the industrial revolution, the two Cathedrals, I could go on.

For you to label all Merseysiders as uneducated, work shy, benefit scroungers is ignorant and does nothing to dispel the stereotypes associated with Mancunians (assuming of course you aren’t one of majority of Man Utd supporters, the cockney plastic Mancs that is)

14 Mar 2018 11:59:50
The £1.5 mill they got from Juventus for Pogba is starting to look like a good business!

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14 Mar 2018 11:57:45
Jose Mourinho - "Liverpool have the CL but don't have the FA cup, We have the FA Cup".

Has this man officially lost it?

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14 Mar 2018 13:55:25
And I have a Fiesta but not a Bentley. but I know which I'd rather have 😂😂😂😂.

14 Mar 2018 15:42:10
Hilarious, he's deluded and so bitter it's unreal, unlucky Jose, you absolute spanner!

14 Mar 2018 16:51:02
Brighton are not going to roll over for Man Utd 🤔.

14 Mar 2018 22:43:48
you got it right, Jose has officially lost it, and I can see the fans driving him out, I have heard that he is close to losing the dressing room .

14 Mar 2018 11:50:57
Refreshing to see that the 8 best teams in European football will be in the 1/4 final draw, what a line up
Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Roma, Man City, Liverpool, Sevilla (must be good they drew with us)

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14 Mar 2018 09:03:23
Made up with Utd being shown up for what they are under their negative plus commander in grief. Some people say we should concentrate on our own fortunes - and they are right of course. But for a child of the 90's traumatized by an endless cycle of added minutes, Gary Pallister winners and a whole generation of gloating little school mates - oh but it feels good when they come crashing down.

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13 Mar 2018 23:45:08
Couldn’t resist boys after all the flack we had to suck up on this site, particularly from a gloating simonmorris10, I popped over to see how they were getting on eating each other alive.

What a joke, the hypercritical simonmorris10, after hailing Jose a tactical genius on here, is now on his own site calling for the manager to go! Oh priceless, the site probably couldn’t fit in a user name of simonficklemorris10 I don’t suppose 😜.

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13 Mar 2018 22:50:16
If we had Steven Nzonzi...

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14 Mar 2018 08:21:20
We’d be bottom of the fair play league 🤔.


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