31 Dec 2017 00:36:13
Is Coutinho to Barcelona close? Nike appear to be selling Coutinho Barcelona shirts on their website.

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona want the deal agreed next week.}

1.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 01:41:11
I don’t understand the logic, they tried to buy the lad in the summer and we told them to do one. Now they think it’ll be possible for them to sign him in the January window, when it’ll be harder for us to find a replacement.

And then again because it’s the mighty barca, who before the turn of the century had less European cups than Aston Villa, they’ll come to us and give us a similar offer to the ones they made last time, when Coutinho has just had the best 3 months of his career for us, statistically speaking at least.

Interesting to see if he has a recurrence of his back problem, however, With Mane and particularly Salah interesting other clubs, we need to sent a strong message,

{Ed002's Note - I don't think you really get this situation.}

2.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 01:47:26
will we bid for lemar ed002?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained that Liverpool maintain an interest and if Coutinho were to leave in January he might be allowed to Move if Monaco can get a replacement.}

3.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 01:59:22
This Situation reminds me of the Robinho deal with chelsea when they put up his shirt before having his signature and it all fell through.

4.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 02:18:26
Ruthless - what? he's had the best 3 months for us? come off it, he was missing half of the time since the start of the season and then half of the games he played he was terrible because he spat his dummy out. Yes recently he's been good but certainly not for 3 months. I like Coutinho and he is an excellent player when he wants to be but I lost a lot of respect for him since the summer, he could've been more professional about things but he wasn't.

In my opinion we should sell him, he doesn't want to be at Liverpool anymore. Why keep a player who doesn't want to play for us? that's stupidity, we can get some good money for him. If we don't sell him I see Barcelona turning to another target and forgetting about Coutinho, Ed2 has repeatedly said that they have other targets in mind, it seems Coutinho is their preferred target, for now. If they go for somebody else we'd be left lumbered with a player who has no interest in playing for us, that's certainly not what we want.

For the record I will be slightly gutted to see him leave but he's made his mind up, that's that. Good luck to him at Barca.

5.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 03:57:01
Do you think Santa dropped off VVD at Anfield or what, DW79?

6.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 06:07:43
If we sell Coutinho to pursue his dreams elsewhere and get VVD and Lemar in the Jan window then I’m perfectly happy thanks. The little Magician will be badly missed but there is no point holding players against their will.

We will be fine with Lallana coming back into the attacking midfield and Ox also available to play there, and a frontline of Mane, Salah and Firmino already one of the most lethal in the league. Lemar would just add competition.

7.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 07:01:34
My guess is and it is a guess that couts is off to Barcelona and his attitude chabged when he knew. he's desperate for the move as ed02 has told us for months.

8.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 06:58:01
What I find interesting is it wasn't reported on the Nike website, it was reported on Barcelonas very own Nike online store website, there is a difference even if it isn't to other people

For what its worth, I can't see him being sold in January, it doesn't make sense for either party, we need him for the remainder of the season far more than they do, they have La Liga practically won and he'd be cup tied in the Champions League so it would be illogical for us to sell him this month

But that is my opinion even if others don't agree, time will tell.

9.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 08:54:39
Why don’t people accept that Coutinho wants to leave. Just let him go. Personally I’d have him out tomorrow. If you didn’t have a problem with VVD coming then let PC go to Barca. He’s not the first person to leave liverpool. If I was being skeptic anal I’d say that the little extra he’s been putting in recently has been a gentle reminder to Barcelona that he’s still worth pursuing. Where has all the depression gone? I don’t think it’s Klopp hugs that cured it. He’s on his way. Time to find a suitable replacement.

10.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 09:23:14
Salah, I can't help believe your view of Coutinho's performances is based more on your lack of respect for him than what he's actually doing on the pitch. He's probably having his best ever season with us.

11.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 09:42:36
His defensive stats this season are very similar to last season. His attacking stats and consistency this season though is better. I think the fact he faked a back injury and put in a transfer request is what is clouding people's judgement.

12.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 09:44:18
Why can't the deal be agreed now for a summer move (like the deal we have made for Keita)

Everyone, including the player, knows he will be at Barcelona next year- we have a better chance at top 4 and advancing in champs league with him now. We get an injury to one of the other "fab 4" and it could cost us. Lallana and the Ox aren't at that level. Lemar and Keita could be exciting eventually.

Ed's - likelihood of keeping Couthino til the summer?

{Ed025's Note - not very good i would suggest redman..

13.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 09:57:33
We all know PC wants to go an we have to accept that just like Vvd wanted to leave Southampton but what I don't understand is that is of no use to Barcelona or Liverpool in selling him next month as he is Cl cup tied so he has to sit in the stands.

14.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 10:32:13
I can only see us agreeing to sell coutinho now if we have a replacement already signed up and available now. Goretzka Lamar pulisic.

If not I reckon the only think we would agree to in this window is a sale in the summer.

To me that would still fit with the nike Barcelona website. Advanced shirt sales.

The danger in announcing a selling now or agreeing a sale in summer in advance of a high profile recruit is that Lemar goes from 80 to 100 pulisic 70 to 90. Because we need to replace. As already stated llallana and ox good but will they get us the ten wins 4 draws 3 defeats to get 75 points and the cl spot. Not sure!

So even if he does go I don't see it jan 2 and certainly not before a high profile recruit is signed up.

I don't see us changing our position from summer unless some or all of the above is in place.

It would make no sense to tough it out in sep then go soft in december.

{Ed001's Note - so the Nike ad for buying this season's Barca shirt, that will be changed in the summer, would fit with them buying a player for next season?}

15.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 10:42:12
Only way he goes is if we have a high profile replacement on board.

Else we become desperate to buy and every player goes up 15 mill.

Vvd is a prime example of that soton got an extra 15 mill out of us because they knew we were separate to buy.

If it were me I would seek a Keita deal with Lemar or goretzka or pulisic or draxler and agree to let him go I summer.

Everybody wins in that. We pay a reasonable fee and look prudent in our dealings. Coutinho and Barcelona get their move.

16.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 02:06:56
thanks for the reply ed002, happy new year to you and your wives.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome - I wish you a nifty one as well.}

17.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 02:12:58
Ed2, if you are still around to answer this perhaps. Are Barcelona looking for the deal to be agreed and Coutinho joining them in January or is this being done with a view to Summer? I really fail to see a significant value proposition to Barcelona bringing Coutinho in, in January, since he would be ineligible to play in CL (correct me if I am wrong here) and them having a decent enough squad to get through the rest of LA Liga season. Also, this would be suicidal from Liverpool's point of view, letting one of your main players go mid-season when we are strongly challenging for a spot in top 4 while also still having games to play in CL and other competitions.

Also, you certainly do not like discussing finances (and rightly so), but indulge me, if you may. What fee is Liverpool looking to get for Coutinho? I am solely interested in knowing if the deal is being done on Liverpool's terms or are they once again being held to ransom due to the player pushing the move (situation similar to Suarez)

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona would lie Coutinho to join in January. The Champions League is unimportant as far as this goes. But you are correct he cannot play in the Champions League. It does however give Barcelona the opportunity to integrate the player in to the team if he were to join in January. Liverpool knew this was coming and have had plenty of opportunities and time to seek a solution - they have a list of players that provide suitable options.

I am not aware of Liverpool setting an asking price for Coutinho. It is not really a case of being on anyones terms but the need to find a suitable solution that suits all parties - that is how transfers work and there is really nothing special about this. Players often want to leave clubs, and most clubs will facilitate that and not wish to drag it out as it becomes disruptive and clubs will look to avoid any disruption by removing the problem (as Chelsea did with Diego Costa). Suarez is not a good example as he was threatening legal action yadda, yadda, yadda.}

18.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 04:10:01
If we sell couts now do you expect us to push for reinforcements now or invest more in the summer?

Can't help but think ox was brought in for this scenario as he can play mid and winger interchangeably albeit no where close to the magicians quality.

Thanks sir.

{Ed002's Note - Whatever the club decide to do it has to be in the best interests of the footballing side of the business - and not a knee jerk reaction just to add a player because he is available.}

19.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 11:21:08
Ed001, Regarding the Nike ad, You are correct mate and now youve put it like that, it all points to him leaving in Jan saddly.

20.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 08:27:38

Whilst Couthino’s skills cannot be questioned and maybe he’s up his game a bit recently, his overall application is poor. He pulled out of a tackle in the first five mins yesterday, that was enough for me. If we can get a decent replacement then maybe he should go on Jan

Once again sections of the crowd sang his name when he was substituted.

Ed 002, I lay the blame totally on you for not trying to expand my vocal chords to the theme of “Ole Ole “

Take that as a compliment, if you get my drift.

{Ed002's Note - Small skillful players are generally pretty good at avoiding tackles where they may suffer injury. They tend to be hacked down as they are skipping away with the ball (or in the case of the Italians, just running away) rather than being kicked in the shins in the midst of a ruck with Danny McGrain and Chopper Harris. I love the "OLe, Ole" reference https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g188057-d2463967-Reviews-Ole_Ole-Geneva.html as Liverpool were actually amongst the clubs represented in the city of Geneva on Sunday December 10 - perhaps the deal was done? These are the fantastic little clues that when worked out really do add a lot to the site. Thanks.}

21.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 11:28:50
As Ed002 has said more than once and as we all know by now this has been rolling for some time and whenever Liverpool decide that it is the right time for Coutinho to go it will be with a deal in place for someone to replace him and not before. Surely?

22.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 12:41:37
Ed002 have you any idea who Monaco want to replace Lemar?
Merry New Year!

{Ed002's Note - This is the Liverpool page.}

23.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 15:00:42
The restaurant is closed today, is there a secret message in this?

{Ed002's Note - It is interesting, that being raised when Liverpool and Barcelona were both represented in Geneva that day.}

24.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 16:32:14
okay thanks Ed but from what you said it could affect whether they let Lemar join Liverpool, so it seemed relevant. I'll try the European page, though.

25.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 02:32:39
Guess what else is in Geneva? CERN. I have a strong hunch Liverpool reps were there talking to physicists about funding a new project called "Understanding the creation of Mo Salah". I guess Barcelona were there to get an update on the ongoing "The Big Bang Mess (i) "