10 Mar 2024 19:05:51
Edd001 are you content or disappointed like me? Great game, endo was brilliant as was virg. Quick summary?

{Ed001's Note - mixed mate. Really happy with the performance in the second half, when we should have run up a cricket score. Disappointed with the officiating, which should have chalked their goal off by the standards they set to get ours against Chelsea ruled out as well as somehow not giving a blatant second penalty to us, and the result, as we had more than enough chances to win.

Great match to watch though, one of the best of the season. Endo and Virgil were magnificent, but who knew that just dropping the H from Hendo would make us even better? It is easy to see why Stuttgart fans loved Endo.

Diaz was incredible, right up until the moment came to shoot. But his attitude and will to win were immense.}

1.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 19:48:06
I've said many a times this season that Arsenal somehow are getting away with dirty tactics at set pieces. City do the same thing. Coincidence? I think not. it just needs confirming who came up with these dirty tactics, Pep or Arteta.

Next season, everyone is going to be applying these tactics, and the refs will be disallowing these types of goals all the time.

I hope Mac's surgery goes well tonight. tricky surgery to remove studs from being lodged inbetween the rib bones!

{Ed025's Note - i know how he feels JLC, since the game finished iv been suffering from these pains in the arse mate.. :)

2.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 19:50:31
Don’t agree that their first should be chalked, ours vs Chelsea was only ruled as interfering not a foul. Can’t be offside from a corner so a well worked goal for me.

As for the pen, can’t wait for them to call it a monumental error. Annoyingly macca turning and not taking it full on is what saves Doku from it being a very hard pen to wave away. I think VAR didn’t want to give a 98 min penalty. Any other time in the game and they give it.

Whatever happens from here, enjoy the ride, the boys are giving it everything.

3.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:02:20
"Disappointed with the officiating, which should have chalked their goal off by the standards they set to get ours against Chelsea ruled out".

I was going to say the exact same thing but they told me that you can't be offside off a corner, which I don't understand cos a set piece is a set piece. Also, I thought Ederson should have been red carded off the pen but again, Mike Dean is there to intercept. And I thought we were magnificent overall. Diaz was immense.
Great game that we should have won for sure BUT how the ref bottled the pen decision is still beyond me.

{Ed025's Note - you cant be offside unless the ball is played forward Oli, if a corner is played forward it has gone out for a goal kick mate..

4.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:08:23
The guidance from IFAB says

“a high foot makes contact with an opponent?
A direct free kick is awarded (or penalty kick if the offence takes place in the offender’s penalty area) and the player may be shown a red or yellow card. ”

Should have been a penalty and a yellow card for Doku. City can count themselves lucky.

5.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:37:30
There’s absolutely no doubt it was a penalty no matter how much Ed25 allows his bitterness to cloud his judgement.

I high boot catching someone in the chest is a foul. Always has been and always will be.

It’s like the argument I had with Ed25 about DCL being sent off. It’s the action that has to be punished not the outcome. If Mac had dipped his head and taken the boot in the face it’s a stone cold pen and would’ve been given. Does that change the fact that Doku had his foot at chest height challenging for the ball? No. Doku’s action is the same but he’s saved by what the opponent does.

I could understand a ref on his own missing it but for VAR to look at it and say it’s not a foul is scandalous. It’s just shows how little the officials know about football because anyone who knows the game knows that’s a foul. Once again it’s either incompetence or corruption.

I’m proud of the boys though, you could see the humbling of Pep before your eyes. He had no clue what to say in his post match interview because he knows they got lucky and got their @rses handed to them. He ended up with just some inaudible waffle. We made them look bang average and KDB and Haaland might as well have not played they were anonymous. A great performance that didn’t get what it deserved.

{Ed025's Note - time to put the spade away i think BP..

6.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:43:02
Ed25, I understand what the rule is. I just could not reconcile it with the Chelsea incident since essentially, they are both set pieces overall. I get it.

7.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:44:13
You can’t be offside if you’re behind the balll when played. The corner d where the corner is taken from is classed as the goal line so everyone on the field is behind the ball.

8.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:47:54
Listen ederson should have seen red made to attempt to play the ball and doku was endangering the safety of an opponent look forward to Mike Dean On ref watch tomorrow he talks as much rubbish as George galloway. Question if it came down to it liverpool win the league with Everton relegated or Liverpool runner up Everton staying up?

{Ed025's Note - for me the latter of course Rabh, the bitter ones will obviously pick the former which would be a win win for them i expect, a better question would be Liverpool to win and Everton to stay up, or Liverpool to be runners up and Everton to go down...that might tell us how nice your supporters are mate..

9.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:53:48
Hey Ed25.

In reply to tour comment.

{Ed025's Note - i know how he feels JLC, since the game finished iv been suffering from these pains in the arse mate. :)

You should then pull your head out of your arse mate. you're like an ostrich trying to bury your head because you're scared to admit that we actually correct about this decision mate.

{Ed025's Note - if i thought you were right mate i would say so, Diaz and mo were right next to him and they never even appealed, you have to stop all this "nobody likes us everybody hates us think ill go eat worms" malarkey, some will say it was a pen some will say it was not and thats fine...its just different points of view..

10.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 20:30:01
Edd001 mac getting the plaudits this evening by many and rightly soo but endo was dealing with a worldclass midfield and i grinned too many times when he kept nipping or winning the ball of the likes of rodri. Diazs skill was incredible against walker and rodri. His finishing was guttering though. Have to admit he surely has to do better.

11.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 21:02:55
Kdb caused us lots of issues in the first half.

It’s crazy watching him live because one second he’s being marked and then the next he’s in a space receiving the ball that didn’t even look like was there.

The guy could find space in a single bed with Gemma Collins.

Endo not only matched him but bettered him 2nd half before he was subbed off.

Haaland was completely pocketed by Vvd and Quansah was also terrific today. I thought City might target him but he looked like a seasoned pro.

12.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 21:06:08
Come on Ed I was expecting you to engage. It’s all banter mate I know the bitter thing touches a nerve with you so I like to throw it in there to keep things interesting.

I love you really. Sometimes.

{Ed025's Note - the feelings mutual BP, i dont fall out with people over football mate, now politics and religion...thats a different matter.. :)

13.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 21:31:41
Rabh by the rules of the game, Ederson should not have been sent off, it’s only a red and a pen if there’s no attempt to play the ball, and although the clattered nunez, it was clearly an attempt to play the ball, albeit, a terrible one.

14.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 22:00:29
Jk23 - KDB is the master of finding space or is he the master of playing the free role? He’s Top quality either way.

{Ed025's Note - hes a brilliant player Ecogsi..

15.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 22:53:29
Debruyne was pocketed today by Endo. Only influence he had was from a dead ball, other than that you’d not know that Tin Tin was on the pitch other than that hissy fit he had at Guardiolla. Same goes for Haaland. Conspicuous by their anonymity. Think we played well and it’s a better result for us than it is for them.

{Ed025's Note - Haaland was poor i agree VV, but in that first half KDB was very good on the ball and if you cant see that then you just dont want to see it mate..

16.) 11 Mar 2024
11 Mar 2024 03:07:02
Not even a factor mate no one cares whether everton stay up or go down. liverpool win the title all the wag.

17.) 11 Mar 2024
11 Mar 2024 05:51:56
It's not true that a ball has to be played forward for an offside offense. The theoretical reason there is no offside on a corner kick is because nobody can be closer to the goalline than the ball, so nobody is an offside position.

Since this isn't actually true-- a corner kick doesn't have to be taken from the goalline proper, and a player could in fact be positioned on the line-- the actual reason there is no offside on a corner kick is that it is part of a group of restarts for balls out of play including throw-ins and goal kicks for which offside does not apply.

18.) 11 Mar 2024
11 Mar 2024 07:06:35
But everyone is against us Ed. ?

Just 7 days ago a ref was demoted for an incorrect drop ball against us. like seriously.

This week, a high foot, which is dangerous play, is actually being played down by newly created laws by the VAR officials. there's no consistency mate.

{Ed025's Note - i agree about the lack of consistency JLC, some go for you some dont but i dont think you can complain when you get more than your fair share of the ones going for you mate..