26 Apr 2024 11:45:53
Heard Liverpool has reached an agreement on the Compensation fee with Feyenoord, apparently it's €12m, everything between Slot and Liverpool is agreed so I'd expect an announcement by the weekend.

1.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 12:22:18
Hope so, speculative and pure click bait is annoying. Want to thank the 'EDS' for all their time, efforts, knowledge, wit, and sarcasm over the years i've been following.

2.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 14:10:43
Is he available before the West Ham match. Ha.

3.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 14:25:59
Heard they'll have to pay for Slot's two assistants too that will follow him. Around £13m.

4.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 15:00:34
Why would you want him before the West Ham match?

5.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 15:32:39
Hope he will SLOT right in!

6.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 15:33:25
scouse john L8, because we are absolutely rubbish at the minute maybe?

7.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 16:06:56
“ john L8, because we are absolutely rubbish at the minute maybe? ”

Sitting third with a trophy in the bag, three points off top with four games to go.

Whilst the performances have clearly dropped off and we are all gutted, maybe just think about what we consider“absolutely rubbish” now and compare it to what we would have said was “absolutely rubbish” 9 years ago.

As I said the football recently has been crap and I have seen more pulses in a morgue but looking at it objectively we’ve come so far.

8.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 16:10:07
Going to face all the same fsg problems Klopp good luck to the poor bloke, he’ll be tired in a few years too.

9.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 16:17:04
Scouse, I think Mark was having a laugh.

10.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 16:22:14
Just one thing, probably showing inexperience, but I knocked Amorim for it so I think its only fair to knock Slot too. Can he not keep his gob shut until the current season ends?
I wouldn't be too happy to hear my manager, with games left in the season, to be talking about how happy he is to be going to another club.
Now, as I said, it's probably down to inexperience but I would think the top brass at LFC aren't too happy about it either.

ANYWAY, hopefully Slot moves smoothly (slots? ) into the position of LFC manager and uses the talents he will have at his disposal to have a very sucessful career at our club. Looking forward to it actually.

11.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 17:08:06
Will he bring Bakayoko to replace Salah?

12.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 17:12:45
I think Klopp's and Slot's statements to the press are to allow them to keep control of the narrative to some extent and curtail the worst of the speculation when things inevitably leak.

13.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 17:49:03
The Ha at the end should give it away. But Klopp can’t motivate the players properly so a new voice is very much needed.

14.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 18:38:48
Surprised me too PC. maybe putting pressure on his club to get it done.

15.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 18:44:59
Do you not think a agreement with a manager secretly agreed before klopp devastating announcement would not of caused or eased the unrest which is clearly running through the club now? Or even a quicker decision on who we wanted? Still would of loved alonso, even amor in really excited me but slot is well respected and he's got feyernoord playing decent footy.

16.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 19:37:17
I like the guy saying unambiguously that he's up for it. He's also not jeopardising his current team's future by coming out with it now. Feyenoord are pretty much guaranteed to come second in the Dutch Eredivisie. They're 9 points behind PSV with 3 matches to play and a negative goal difference of 30. Meanwhile, the third placed team are 12 points behind.

17.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 19:43:22
Lets hope and prey we are not getting a ten hag.

18.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 21:55:45
Ten Hag is terrible with the media and I can't imagine he's much more charismatic with his players. I know nothing of Slot and quite frankly I'd never heard of him until 02 mentioned his name. Trusting in what I'm reading and Ed's rubber stamp.

19.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 21:56:21
@JLDA agree mate - the bloke is just being honest - he was asked a question and he answered it honestly, fair play to him.

20.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 22:18:26
Damnded if you do and damnded if you don't.

21.) 26 Apr 2024
26 Apr 2024 22:53:37
WDW3 - A lot of the stuff I've read on Slot stresses that honesty is one of his big features.

22.) 27 Apr 2024
27 Apr 2024 02:42:06
Damn the man - what will we do without the tapping up rumours?

On a more serious note - as a Liverpool fan I’m happy that he is joining. He seems honest and capable from the little I have read and those qualities aren’t a bad start in my opinion.