11 Jul 2019 06:50:17
Hey Ed’s, just a quick one. Do you see Harry Wilson in Liverpool’s long term plans? Has he done enough on loan to be given a chance this upcoming season with us? Or are we actively looking for a sale or loan? Thanks for all the good work guys.

{Ed001's Note - this has been said a hundred times already mate, he is for sale. He doesn't work hard enough off the ball.}

1.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 07:32:16
Thanks Ed001, didn’t see the question before mate, sorry for asking again. Do you still see us going in for an attacking player that can play a versatile attacking role? Thanks for your time Ed.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, still looking.}

2.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 08:21:55
Yeah and you can't really teach that if he doesn't have it in his gut.

Btw I watched Cornet in Lyon vs Man City last night and oh yes I'll have me some of that.

3.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 09:43:43
with the club pricing him out of a move at the moment for an outright sale, do you think we may see him heading out on loan again?

4.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 10:03:18
Why do we always put such a high value that no one is willing to pay on players like Wilson?

Surely the price can be dropped with some sort of clause in the contract that if said team sells him on we get a cut?

5.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 10:33:33
Hi ED01,
You have mentioned that klopp by poeple inside LFC to give him a chance? So it's klopp's and coaching stuff decision to put him up for sale?

{Ed001's Note - yes.}

6.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 11:48:28
Eds1 when you say still looking for an versatile attacking midfield. are we actually still scouting or we know our top 5 targets and it’s a case of brokering a deal with one of them.

{Ed001's Note - scouting will always go on, even when a list of choices has been made.}

7.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 12:01:09
Have you any insight into how Wilson’s attitude is with improving to be a LFC player? Is he keen to work within Klopps way and work harder off the ball or is he another quality kid turned brat that thinks he’s made it already so doesn’t have to?

I was hoping he’d get a chance and grab it. Getting a bit tired of hearing about these great players in our youth teams that seem to be the answer then actually aren’t even close. Ibe, Kent, Ojo now possibly Wilson.

I completely understand why there’s such a split with fans either wanting to splash cash or give youth their chance.

{Ed001's Note - he had a few issues when he was younger after getting loads of hype. While he knuckled down a bit to a degree, it is unlikely he will ever be suited to Klopp's way of playing.}

8.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 12:02:51
JT the club has done well selling players for the price they believe is right. Look at players like Solanke. It was reported that we got 19 mil for him. If that was the case 25 mil for Wilson isn't overpriced.

9.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 12:21:34
Still looking Ed001, anyone new you are aware of mate or nothing outside of the usual few mentioned on here?

{Ed001's Note - no mate nothing new.}

10.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 15:38:25

I don't think that we do overprice our players.

Solanke, Ibe, Ings, Ward etc have all been sold for considerable sums which represent much better business than years gone by where we would be making considerable losses on sales.

Well done Liverpool transfer team!

11.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 16:14:37
Wilson is a very talented young footballer he just is unlikely to suit Liverpool high intensity style of play. Wonder how he compared to the likes of Milner and Lallana in the pre season runs.
He will suit other teams tho and do very well for them even if he doesn't adjust his style of play/ effort off the ball.
So just because he likely won't make at Liverpool doesn't mean he isn't worth a good price. suso may be a sort of example of having success playing a different style of footbaal.

12.) 12 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 22:27:30
Sorry to push the question but is it possible Lampard told him not to track back as his talents lay further forward, or were Derby frustrated with his efforts defensively?

{Ed001's Note - Derby played a different type of game, your question left out other possible answers.}

13.) 12 Jul 2019
12 Jul 2019 04:48:51
Work ethic off the ball can be encouraged and its value can be taught. Willfully choosing not to do it is a different problem altogether. Attitude is as important as talent. If this truly is the sole problem for Wilson, it's time to move on.

14.) 12 Jul 2019
12 Jul 2019 19:26:31
I know it was only a preseason game against Tranmere, but Wilson was not the highlight feature. Kent looked just as good if not better when they were on the pitch together. Ryan Kent didn't half put a shift in.

15.) 12 Jul 2019
12 Jul 2019 20:30:17
Wilson did put a shift in last season at Derby. Sometimes the penny does drop. I hope he uses pre season to work his way into Klopp’s plans as there is a very good footballer there that just needs coaxing out.

16.) 13 Jul 2019
13 Jul 2019 05:38:10
I don't think it's necessarily as simple to just say he doesn't have the work rate. It's just his overall style doesn't fit well for us, lack of pace and aggression on and off the ball, he not suited to a high tempo running team. A very good player with hopefully a bright future but he needs the right team to suit his play.

The likes of riquelme, deco, sneijder, all star players in the right side but would never suit us under klopp due to playing style.

17.) 13 Jul 2019
13 Jul 2019 12:31:14
Suppose changing of managers for the first team really affects the players in the youth system as playing styles vary so much does the managers style filter through the youth teams or are they managed independently of the senior team?