03 May 2018 22:35:34
Haven’t been on for a few months I just wanted to come back on to say a big 🖕😊 to THE resident moaner ( it mentioning names but very much doubt i’d Have to! ) who complained complained and complained some more about us signing Andy Robertson, moan moan moan and in half of his moans called him Robinson! I just hope you’ve that just cos were not signing Marcelo’s doesn’t mean we’re not getting hard work and top top quality! Bring on Kiev! Nice one Ed’s as always.

{Ed0333's Note - Andy Robertson is not top top quality. Why are people not getting this. Just because he was cheap and had a few decent games doesn’t make him Roberto friggin Carlos.

1.) 03 May 2018
03 May 2018 22:47:52
I can’t think of a better left back in the premier league than Robertson. He’s far better than just decent.

{Ed0333's Note - or maybe the best of a very bad bunch? So he’s positionally sound? Defensively and offensively stellar in your opinion MrShankley?

2.) 03 May 2018
03 May 2018 22:53:58
I wouldn't call him top top quality, yet. I believe he can be, he does need more work but he's a very good defender. I admire the lads work rate, I think he'll be with us for years to come and really shine for us. It's his first season and overall he's done really well. To go from where he was to top level with us is incredible really. I made a post about it earlier so I don't want to go and repeat myself but the lad deserves respect for how far he's come. He's shocked many, including probably himself! onwards and upwards for the lad, I think he will just improve and improve.

3.) 03 May 2018
03 May 2018 22:54:50
You’re wrong ed. He has been top draw. People link our good defensive record in the back 9 due to vvd in January. Yet it’s a culmination of Robbo vvd and Karius, replacing their counterparts.

Robbo has been brilliant, defensively, offensively, in concentration and in hard work. He has fantastic ball control and reads the game very well.

He’s a left sided Steve Finnan. If his name was Roberto, and not Robertson, you’d probably think he was top class.

{Ed0333's Note - i just don’t think he’s top draw. I disagree that he reads the game very well and that his concentration is brilliant, and I take umbrage at the fact you think that if he was Brazilian I would be lauding him.

4.) 03 May 2018
03 May 2018 22:54:56
The best of a very bad bunch? Lol we’re talking about the premier league Ed. Not some Sunday league.

Not the best LBs we’ve ever seen, sure. Then again defenders these days in general aren’t the best IMO.

Robbo is currently the best in the premier league on current form and you’d be hard pressed to find many that would disagree with that on any fan page.

5.) 04 May 2018
03 May 2018 23:19:05
I wonder how closely you actually watch him if you don’t think he reads the game well. His head is constantly like Paul Scholes was. 1 2 3 look around. 1 2 3 look around. Partly because he may be worried to get caught out, subconsciously, but what that allows is for him to know where he is passing / running before he gets the ball.

I blanket those who can not see Robertson’s ability, into those who use his nationality and name to him detriment. Take it as you like.

I urge you to watch Robbo very closely and come back to me after the Chelsea game.

{Ed0333's Note - so what your saying is because Robertson is Scottish I’m discriminating against him and in essence your calling me a racist? Let me tell you I grew up in an era of world class Scottish Liverpool players I.e Souness, Hansen, Nicol, Dalglish. That’s what you call ability. I watch Robbo closely every week because I get to watch every Liverpool game here in the states and I’m telling you he is found wanting most games. Just because he cost 8 million, has a few decent games, looks around, does another 123 look around doesn’t make him a world beater. I’m not hating on Robertson I respect his trajectory in football but I don’t think he’s as good as most say. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe I’m not but I keep saying if he’s here in two years time as no 1 left back I’ll admit I was wrong and quite happily eat humble pie.

6.) 04 May 2018
03 May 2018 23:38:57
robertson is growing in confidence, taking more chances with his runs. He seems to be improving game by game by showing us qualities we didn't even know he had. He seems to have earned all his teammates trust. Im always optimistic when we sign new players so robertson has played exactly like I imagined he would but now he's starting to surpass expectations.

7.) 04 May 2018
03 May 2018 23:57:53
Well hmm

Arsenal Kolasinac, Monreal
Man u Shaw, Darmian, Young, Rojo
Man City Mendy, Danilo
Chelsea Azpilicueta, M. Alonso
Tottenham Rose, B. Davies
Liverpool Robertson, Moreno

Robertson is in the top 2 best left back in the premier league.

Robertson, M. Alonso.

{Ed0333's Note - I’d take at least 3 of those left backs over Robertson.

8.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 00:01:02
My worry is him being compared to Roberto Carlos, who wasn’t a brilliant defender in my opinion, just great going forward.

{Ed0333's Note - good enough to play for Brazil for years tho

9.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 00:20:27
I agree with Ed, his commitment and work rate is fantastic however he is clueless positionally and I blame Klopp for the fact that both he and TAA are constantly being caught out wrong side, are both bombing forward at the same time instead of one tucking in when the other one goes forward and that Lovren and VVD and the midfield are leaving them to get on with it and not helping them out.
Last night Klopp, Henderson, Milner, Lovren all should have stepped in to ensure TAA had help v El Sharaway from somewhere but it never happened at all.
At one point after about 15 mins VVD and Lovren actually switched so that VVD could provide more cover for TAA however it reverted back to Lovren right and VVD left very soon after.
Trent is 19 and not sure how old Robbo is but they need coaching and the senior players to advise them, Milner, VVD and Henderson are all letting them down if that’s not happening on the field and Klopp badly off it on the training ground, the same mistakes are being repeated by TAA, Lovren and Robbo week after week. Madrid will expose that with Benzema and Ronaldo in the air and diagonal balls to create a 1v1 at the back post.
VVD gets praise for being a leader but he is selfish and tries to cover his own arse, he is often static and watches balls go over his head to leave fullback isolated at the back post. I for one don’t buy into his stabilising the ship given v City (league at home), Roma x2, West Brom we have shipped 9 goals in the last 15 minutes of each game combined.
We’ve done brilliantly but even if we go 4-0 v Madrid it’s not over as we can leek 3 or 4 goals in very short spells and often late on in games when concentration is lost and defenders (full backs) continue to bomb on when they should sit tight coz we are winning and the forwards are good enough to spend the last 10 minutes attacking on the break.
I’ve enjoyed the ride, delighted we are the last English club standing (especially as the media’s golden boys and Guardiola have been dispatched) but we needed the ageing Bayern squad to prevail, Madrid are too mobile for our midfield and defence plus they have the experience to draw on, if we win this I genuinely think it will be the greatest of the 6 and that’s saying something when you consider ‘81, ‘84 and ‘05’s opposition.
I’ll be delighted to be proven wrong by the way. 🤞🏻.

10.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 02:16:39
i don't think there is a top top quality fullback in the premier league right now, both left and right side.

TAA and robertson have done well though.

11.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 03:37:24
Are people seriously comparing andy robertson with roberto carlos? Andy has had some good games this season, there is no doubt about that but comparing him to carlos is just plain ridiculous. If robertson turns out to be half as good as roberto carlos then i'd be a happy man.


12.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 05:33:05
Why does Robertson have to be the best ever or rubbish. maybe he’s just a really solid and likeable player who’s improved a position that’s been a problem of ours for years?

I’m really pleased he’s in the side and made up from him given where he was a few years ago, but I think even he would laugh with comparisons between him and legends like Roberto Carlos. You know what you’ll get with him though and that’s a solid 7/ 10 most of the time and hopefully no massive mistakes. I’ll be happier starting a CL final with him rather than someone like Moreno.

As much as I love TAA, I’m more worried about the RB position and being exposed at the far post. It’s clear that sides have targeted those diagonal balls in behind him and he made a few mistakes vs. Roma misdjudging those. With the likes of Ronaldo behind him he’s going to have to have a blinder like he had vs. Man City. I hope he gets plenty of support and cover.

{Ed001's Note - well said SG. He is a step up and hopefully he will improve, as he has a great attitude, no idea why all the hyperbole about him.}

13.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 08:13:45
Was Roberto Carlos that good? i never saw it personally, lived off a few spectacular goals for me.

14.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 15:57:56
@Cobra - you're mental if you don't think Roberto Carlos was good. It's true he did have a spectacular goal in his locker, no question, but he was also an absolute athlete - he could get up and down all game long and he did get back and defend when needed. His also had an excellent pass, was supremely skillful, very pacey and basically, on the overlap, very difficult to stop.

He was that good.

15.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 21:31:34
He's done a job for us and has minimized the errors and disconnection between CB and LB that has plagued us for years. Altho VVD is a big part of that too.

He is no Roberto Carlos but he doesn't need to be to get some love. I was on the side of keeping Moreno as starter, as I thought he was doing alright up until his injury. but robbo has been good enough and has been a mainstay in ourstrongest available XI.

16.) 04 May 2018
04 May 2018 21:35:11
I think you can only compare him to his peers and of all the left backs in the premier league you’d have to say he’s right up there.
You can’t compare him to Roberto Carlos he was a freak of nature the like of which will probably never be seen again.