1.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 11:10:04
It's all rubbish mate don't be taken in by it all.

2.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 11:17:20
I would take him. Quality player that can play anywhere across the frontline and will give Mane a kick up the a***.

3.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 12:01:06
why does Mane need a kick up the backside?
he has been playing when ill and not at 100 percent all the time
fans like you really make me wonder sometimes
im hoping mane plays every game when possible as he is still one of the few in the team who can make something happen from nothing.

4.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 13:08:27
Well said John.

5.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 13:29:12
I hardly think saying a kick up the backside is the greatest of insults. To me that saying is a little tongue in cheek.

6.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 14:01:17
I was wondering the same thing. Out of all cups comps apart from CL, could really struggle for top 4 if we don't beat Huddersfield and get a result at Tottenham. I get that Klopp doesn't want to panic buy but we need reinforcement in midfield. Can was terrible last night, Lallana injured again and just don't feel that Ox and Wini are enough.

7.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 14:27:19
Jayden, don't be like the others, lad, just looking to criticise for the sake of criticising.

Mane has done nothing wrong.

Everyone was hanging out of him after that City goal!

8.) 28 Jan 2018
H(to 28 Jan 2018 14:45:32
If Mane has been ill, why the hell is he playing if he can't give 100%.

9.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 15:28:42
Balda isn’t going to happen, usual Sunday newspaper made up dribble.
However John, Mane is not in good form and does need to start performing as he has been less than impressive of late, I am a fan of the lad too. Maybe he needs dropping g for a game or two.
Also, we should out buy our targets if we want to move to next level and show some ambition. We have lost a big player and he needs to be replaced. We also desperately need a GK to come in.

10.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 16:10:55
Davey where have I criticised mate. All I said was I don't think it's hardly a massive insult.

11.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 16:17:14
Apparently we have had a 44 million bid for Allison rejected by Roma.
Probably more BS.

12.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 17:58:03
He hasn't been performing to the levels we no he us capable of. Id give him a kick up the backside.

13.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 19:12:26
Mane has been poor since he was brought on in the 89th minute against Chelsea and had an on pitch bust up with Klopp.

He’s picking his games. He does this. Once he gets p’d off he picks his games (the City game) . Same happened at Saints.
Sorry to say it but Klopp messed up and Mane is in a bad mood.,

14.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 19:23:58
Or you could support Mane during his sticky patch BUT I know that will be way too hard as it is way easier to bring someone down than build them up. Shameless!

15.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 20:31:42
If that’s aimed at me then my response is I will support every LFC player who is putting in 100% effort.

Take that how you will.

16.) 28 Jan 2018
28 Jan 2018 22:15:09
No Ron, it was not aimed at you BUT stop blaming Klopp for a Mane issue that may or may not be an issue as you know as mush as I do about what really happened with both men vs Chelsea, which is NOTHING.

17.) 29 Jan 2018
29 Jan 2018 07:33:10
I’m with you ron, it’s not as if they don’t get paid enough to at least give 100%.

18.) 29 Jan 2018
29 jan 2018 10:45:36
midfield doesn't do enough to support defense or attack.

goalkeepers are average on their best day.

what's the plan?

loan out every up and coming midfielder! buy more attackers! woooop!

19.) 29 Jan 2018
29 Jan 2018 11:46:40
So a player loses form, is ill or injured and now he's not giving 100%?
I'm sure he'll be encouraged by all the "support" he gets on here, eh?

20.) 29 Jan 2018
29 Jan 2018 12:29:59
Flash what are you on about? Giving 100% has nothing to do with form, illness or injury.

21.) 29 Jan 2018
29 Jan 2018 13:58:01
I beg to differ. How can a player give 100% if he's not 100% fit? Apart from El Sulk (Torres) I don't recall seeing a player in Liverpool shirt not putting the effort in. It's the absolute bare minimum requirement, so all the crap about players not giving 100%, is exactly that. Crap.