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02 Jan 2018 09:29:29
Question for ED001 please of he's around. It's Maxi Rodriguez 37th birthday today. I've always had good memories of his time with Liverpool (although short lived), probably due to some decent goals he scored such as screamer away to Fulham. Interested to hear what you thought of him as a player? Vaguely remember him being good at Athletico also, plus screamer vs Mexico in 2006 World Cup.


{Ed001's Note - he was a good player in a short, quick passing team, with a great ability to pop up with a goal when needed. However he was not really in the right team to get the best out of him for most of his time with us.}

1.) 02 Jan 2018 09:48:07
It's weird because I watched a Maxi Rodrigues Liverpool compilation, there was that time where he couldn't stop scoring hat tricks, and also when he scored the same goal against Chelsea twice in two games.

2.) 02 Jan 2018 10:26:22
Thanks ED001, and Happy New Year (hopefully a happy and prosperous one for Liverpool! )

{Ed001's Note - happy new year to you too and defo agree with the last bit!}



12 May 2015 08:21:40
Hey Eds. With Ings looking likely to come in and Origi arriving, plus Sinclair and Yesil to support Sturridge; even if Aspas, Ballo, Borini and Lambert are all to go the squad still looks top heavy with strikers. Is a so called 'big name' striker which the fans appear to crave really going to happen? There's no doubt goals are badly needed but BR appears to have created a squad that is top heavy in many areas with his own signings which will surely make recruitment now challenging


{Ed002's Note - I have explained repeatedly - there is nothing more I can say at this time.}

1.) 12 May 2015 09:10:57
If we sign Ings then I would see it as one of two things (assuming we sell the strikers you have mentioned):

1 - We go and sign another top class forward and Ings is then unnecessary padding to the squad.

2 - We no longer go for a forward and we are no better than we are now.

2.) 12 May 2015 09:34:57
Hopefully we go for a top class striker its what we desperately need.

As we have it now I would say the club imagined sturridge and balo as our main strikers with lambert and borini as back up

With ings in they hopefully see it as sturridge and ? as our main strikers with ings and origi as backup.

If ings is seen as back up which hopefully he is the question is do we need him with Sinclair and yesil? The answer is no in my eyes but as usually we will probably just buy a load of squad players making no difference to our starting 11 what so ever.

3.) 12 May 2015 10:07:35
I think Aspas, Balotelli and Borini will all be moved on this summer. Lambert will be dependent upon whether he wants playing time or whether he is content to be at his childhood dream club. Studge will be lucky to play a competitive game before the middle to end of October, Sinclair will be used sparingly and Sterling is likely moving on. Other than Origi and Ings and ONLY IMHO one more forward will come in.

4.) 12 May 2015 11:07:18
We need a CM and a ST. Anything else is just wasted in my opinion. There are far too many talents coming through being ignored. We have a squad built for champions league (ironically we were tripe) so we need to downsize before we buy more.

Does gerrard need replacing? By his own standards he has been nothing but a problem the last year and a bit. Granted his service was well received but he has struggled for form right up until the last 2 games we just played which came too late to make any impact.

I would rather we sell big, buy small and use the youth around us than shell out another fortune on overpriced squad players.

That being said, lacazetee should be a priority. A very sturridge like player.



07 Dec 2014 13:13:18
Rodgers shooting his mouth off again about Ballotelli. Saying he was only bought as there was no other option. Why can't he just say nothing, what possible benefit is there saying that. If he thinks that defends his purchase of the player he is naive, all it proves is that the club weren't prepared for the inevitable departure of Suarez


1.) We would defo make more progress if we could somehow, ban him fro speaking to the press because he is God aweful with the press.

2.) What an personic move. does he even think before he speaks?

3.) I have to say in BR's defence (something I don't do very often) that it is relatively well known that his number 1 target was Bony and the owners refused to pay the required fee for him and preferred to go for Baloteli (a move that at the time a lot of us including myself though was the right one). Yes, you can argue that a different manager would stand his ground with the owners and insist on Bony rather than Baloteli or even resign over this (I think it was 3-4 extra millions for Bony), but at least in terms of his basic instinct on this one he was right.

4.) I don't that I'd say it's accurate that 'the owners' wanted Balotelli. My impression is they don't really care about the names per se nor do they pick the targets, nor should they.

5.) RDL, I agree they don't care too much for names, they mainly don't, (or didn't anyway) want to pay too much for players. Appernatly people in the club thought that Bony isn't worth 20M and that Baloteli for 14M or whatever much he was bought for was a bargain (which, to be fair, a lot of people thought when it happened).

By the way, I just recall, thinking about all this, all the compliments that Ian Ayre recevied here from all of us towards the end of the summer. We all thought he nailed it big time with our signings.

6.) Irrespective of what went on behind closed doors it helps no one - not Balotelli, not Rodgers, not the board, not the other players - when Rodgers comes out and makes such statements. Saying Balotelli wasn't his first choice or wasn't who he wanted is supposed to help who? It sounds like an excuse for his own failures and nothing else - its bad management.

7.) 07 Dec 2014 16:35:06
Seriously? Nobody could've honestly thought selling Suarez and buying this lot was going to be positive. Not one world class player with £100m after selling the best striker in the world is criminal !
The owners need to sack everyone who is concerned with transfers, they're running the club into the ground and wasting the owners money that they're pumping in. Ian Ayre, Brendan, and everyone else on this transfer committee needs to go. This transfer window,, literally Throwing hundreds of millions away ! Should've had a squad battling on all fronts by now with the money spent

8.) 07 Dec 2014 17:26:56

Wrong mate, There were quiet a lot of people who were extremely happy and proud by the way we were splashing cash for some players. None are seen now.

9.) We will get the best out of Balotelli when Sturridge returns
He won't and can't do it on his own upfront and we should judge him at end of season
There's so many on here who say give such and such player a chance, he's young and will get better eg: Borini
So why not give Balotelli a chance too?

{Ed001's Note - because Balotelli has shown what he can do at a number of clubs and it is simply not good enough. Idiotic buy and it should be fixed in January, not waiting in the hope of him coming good.}

10.) Balotelli has been. Is and always will be a terrible purchase. If i was BR I'd make it clear I didn't want him if I was forced to work with such a pleb. It would be nice to have a list of who BR wanted and who the committee wanted.

11.) Watching Rogers in a press conference is like watching an episode of The Office, and just as cringeworthy. Stop it, Brendan, just stop it.

12.) IA got plaudits for the transfer dealings this summer so enuff of the hindsight 20/20 BS. The players we bought we good in their former clubs yet when they come here, they look lost and suddenly can`t play. This is where coaching and man-management is important. BR brought in players to play a system that doesn`t suit them. Who`s fault is that? Owners? IA? NO, BR and only BR. If he didn`t want Balo, he should have stood his ground or quit which Pulis did at CP when he was being controlled in terms of transfers and kept his dignity. BR didn`t do that YET took all the credit fo Balo`s perf when we played Spurs (only game he played well in) BUT is quick to trash him in public just to save his skin and his job (the latter is a done deal). BR`s a politician and will b put out of his misery sooner or later.



28 Nov 2014 18:25:43
Question for the eds. Dr Steve Peters was spoken about several times last season of the positive one to one work he was doing with some Liverpool players. It would seem that he is needed now more than ever before considering how nervous and tentative many of the players currently appear on the field. Is he still working with the club? Was his work last season overestimated?


{Ed001's Note - I thought he left to take the role with England? Personally I feel his influence is highly overrated, mostly due to how highly he talks up his abilities. Chimp paradox *yawn*, he is just another of those 'gurus' that talk nonsense imo.}

1.) Thanks for the response ed001. I thought he was working with the English team just at the world cup? I think it was probably easy to talk up his influence last season considering how well things were going. I'm with you ed, I'm not entirely convinced. Although I do think the players need some help with how to approach games and remove thoughts of mistakes from their minds.

{Ed001's Note - I have to be honest, I haven't checked up on him. I do agree the players do need someone, I just don't think he is the right one, I think his importance has been overblown by his involvement with a cycling team that would have won trophies just as well without him. They didn't win because of his help, they won because they were better than the rest, with or without him.}

2.) One last question please ed001. Did Rodgers bring Dr Peters into the club last season, our was this the choice of others within the club? Is it common for football clubs to have such specialists available to players? Sorry that was actually 2 questions!

{Ed001's Note - I was told it was Rodgers choice to bring him in. It is becoming increasingly common for football clubs to employ specialists like that to help them.}

3.) All respect to the above but for me this is moving into the realms of ridiculous. Yes the team are struggling but dissing every aspect of for the sake of a bad start seems harsh. DR Peters ' reputation speaks for itself as specialist at the top of his game. With the regards to the team yes, problems everywhere but when your playing badly guess what you look s ##t! The fact is you can'expect us to pick up where we left off.there's experts everywhere sticking the boot in. That's hard when a team is down any monkey can do that (Alan Shearer). The team and manager need to gel again and sturidge is a central peice that's missing. Keep the faith support and belief and don't fall for the media crap like the rest YNWA

{Ed001's Note - Peters rep has taken a hammering since he has has actually had to work with people who weren't easily better than the rest mate. He didn't exactly improve England in the summer did he? He didn't stop Gerrard making the same mistakes he has made throughout his career either. Working with Chris Hoy, for instance, is easy as the man already has the attitude and ability to win without Peters input. He was better than the rest before he worked with him.}

4.) Far too much notice is taken of the Doctors and Sports Scientists these days. They are looking at stats and advising the Manager based on their findings. In effect, they are selecting the line up.

Back in the day, Terry McDermott would never have got a game. It was well known that he liked bevy and was a notoriously bad trainer. Yet, on match day, he was magnificent and could run all day.

Another no no is a Committee deciding transfers. Every Manager should decide on their own players and live or die by their own decisions. If they fail, at least they could be deemed responsible for their own failure. Who on the Committee for instance will own up to pushing for Balotelli? He was so obviously wrong for Liverpool. Whoever championed Balotelli should be removed from the Committee immediately, as they are obviously not up to the job. However, we will probably never get to know as the persons will hide behind the 'committee'.

If FSG don't have confidence in the Manager making good transfer decisions, they have chosen the wrong Manager.

A football club is only as good as the people running it and those in key positions. FSG are at a disadvantage, as they know very little about football. There is no disgrace in that, as I wouldn't have a clue about American football. However, their lack of knowledge means they are appointing people who are not up to the job and the committee idea proves that.

As for Rodgers, Kolo Toure said he reminded him of Wenger. That's just confirmed my view of him as a stubborn *******.

5.) Timo, why can't we expect to pick up where we left off? On Wednesday, we started 9 players who were here all last year and 2 new ones. Yet we looked like we fielded 11 strangers. It was Rodgers and the committee's job to ensure team continuity after selling Suarez for a fair bit of coin relatively early on in the window. They failed massively.

6.) I agree related that this transfer committee business has another to answer for but I don't really know how it all works. We ve simply lost all our goals from last season shared and sturidge. How can we possibly be a threat with the current strike force? As it happens we got a result Wednesday which wasn't great but we haven't got a nailed on starting 11 so there should no cohesion. It's just laughable to me after such a great season every red and his dog has turned. We ve been poor for a decade save two seasons why do we believe we should be a world beating force? The eds are very much in the know and my view is one from the outside but basic facts like loosing shared and sturidge is the place to start rather that ripping apart a whole squad and a manager. Yes we should be better prepared to deal with such problems but we simply couldn't sign our main targets and it's bitten us in the arse! I still believe sturidge back will lift us no end. I also believe that no top manager is on his way so what's the point in getting embroiled in this with hunt. And to and no I don't think comparisons to hodgeson or souness are relevant. By the way Dr Peters has been helpful to many players as stated by several members of the squad not to mention the most mentally disturbed sportsman ever Ronnie the rocket

7.) 29 Nov 2014 04:16:31
I've read the book it's interesting, but I can't see how that type of psychological manipulation had an effect on the team, then again I;m not a psychologist. It's interesting reading especially on emotion though. (emo)



19 Nov 2014 23:29:04
The Echo are reporting that Liverpool will look to bring Origi in in January. If that is true that the club feel that it is right to put the burden of saving Liverpool's season on a 19 year old, albeit with evident potential, then God bless us all! Absolute mis-management at its best. If this is the plan then FSG need to look not only at Rodgers but management overall at the club. I have high hopes for Origi but don't want to see him come into the club like this. How can a young player develop in this situation?


1.) I can see a move like this destroying Origi's confidence. Everyone knows the team's biggest problem is scoring goals and with Sturridge sidelined yet again, the burden will fall on Origi to pull the club back up the table. No 19 year old should have to take up such a responsibility with so little experience under their belt, while the older experienced pros and their dufus manager watch the freefall.

2.) Ed

Do you think the latest Sturridge news will have a increase affect on us trying to get Origi in January now or won't it make much difererance?

{Ed001's Note - if it does make a difference, then we have a real problem with how the club is being run. I am sure Rodgers will make more of a push to get the club to act, but it makes little sense to me to bring in an unproven youngster for a lot of money, rather than just give one of our own unproven youngsters a shot for a few months.}

3.) I would agree all day to that. When we had a crisis last time, we turned to youngsters and I think we have one now, so repeat the formula. won't do us any harm, we are in free fall. grab ahold of something, heck even Pardew took a chance and see how well it lifted the team, spirits and points on the table.
We got Sterling and Flanno playing because of injuries etc so let's repeat get Sinclair, Dunn, Yesil or whoever to come give us a boost. That hunger and fearless is missing in the team. Maybe Mario could even benefit.

4.) If a 19yr old kid is being recalled to do the business then we are in worse shape than we all thought and is also a scathing indictment of BR and the shambolic commitee`sdreadful handling of transfers in the past 2-3yrs.




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20 Mar 2018 10:09:04
Hi Ed001, thanks for what is very interesting info. When you say a back up keeper will be sought does this mean both Mignolet and Ward will most likely move on? Ward is the one I'm most interested in with regards to what plan Klopp has for him. Thanks.


{Ed001's Note - Ward wants (and needs) first team football and Mignolet has a face on because he was dropped and is not good enough.}



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11 Jan 2018 11:10:59
This site has me very unproductive in work! Macca can you even say what position this player is being considered for? Even as broad as goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or forward.




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23 Jun 2017 09:02:06
Thanks Ed002.




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08 Jun 2017 08:45:12
This is all getting a bit much this morning Ed001! Now Roma are also investigating Liverpool's approach with Salah. I think what the club needs is to miss out on some of their top targets this summer due to their actions, hopefully that will start to put manners on them and show they can't just get things their own way. I work in business in financial services and I place a lot of value personally in the amount of trust I have with people I deal with. The club I love unfortunately doesn't share this value.


{Ed001's Note - Ed002 did allude to Roma looking into things yesterday I believe.}



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08 Jun 2017 08:10:12
Is there any suggestion that there will be any internal disciplinary actions taken by the club towards any LFC staff involved in the transfer Ed001? Do you think the VVD events will see Liverpool changing their approach to transfers and lack of professionalism? If nothing changes or there isn't an acceptance that change is needed then that would really stink of arrogance.


{Ed001's Note - the first thing that will happen is likely to be an internal investigation to examine what went on, what the club did wrong and what the club did right. That analysis will have to lead to changes or this summer will be nothing compared to how bad things will get for the club in the future.}




Jeraldo's banter replies


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01 Aug 2018 12:20:06
Enjoy the game BIL. I'm going too with my 6 year old son, he's super excited (as am I! ) . He's developing into a die-hard pool fan like his dad. He cried when Mo came off injured in the Champions league fina, he was distraught when he saw Mo look so devastated coming off. Hopefully a good performance and result on Saturday to make the day even more special.




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05 Jun 2018 17:33:23
Does Pep replace Buvac in the 1st team coaching team Ed001? Thanks.


{Ed001's Note - pretty much.}



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03 Jan 2018 09:38:25
No surprise the fans have been on his back, that's kinda inevitable that they would turn on the guy who has committed to another club when results or performances have been poor. Makes you wonder from a sporting perspective why Leipzig actually agreed to this deal last summer. I was surprised at the time and this should be a warning to clubs considering similar deals. I'd imagine it can be very difficult to keep most players fully committed and devoted to the cause in this situation.


{Ed001's Note - it happens a lot in Germany.}



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03 Jan 2018 09:05:31
Hi Ed001, you've been busy this morning! Just on Naby do you have any info to suggest that Liverpool are negotiating with Leipzig to bring the deal forward to January, or have Leipzig shown any willingness to let this happen? Thanks Ed001, and thanks again for answering my other questions earlier on the Coutinho thread. I'm an every day reader of this site (the only site I thrust for Liverpool news) but not an active poster, going to make it my 2018 resolution to be more active!


{Ed001's Note - I haven't heard yet how things are going, but I do know for sure that at the end of November Keita and his representatives made an active push to get RBL to let him go in January. There have been a few issues with fans there and he is extremely unhappy with the way he feels they are blaming him for everything that goes wrong there. I would expect RBL would probably agree it is a good time though.}



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03 Jan 2018 08:06:06
Thanks for all the info Ed001. Is his departure dependant on getting a replacement in or will the club agree to sell him even if a suitable replacement cannot be secured in January do you understand? Thanks Ed.


{Ed001's Note - it is no longer dependent on a replacement, just about getting the best deal.}