08 Nov 2017 17:46:00
Ed1 if your around buddy would like another insight into a player after our little chat re hendo recently.

Sturridge - Is he going to be around for long? I personally get the impression he is robbing a wage from the club in regards to the actual amount of game time we get from him whether because he's not fit or injured due to being made of glass.

Anyway always thought he was class but if we can't get him on the pitch for me we need to clear him off the books.

On another note a little insight into the guy himself, turned up to do a school chat at my kids school with the kids and some food project they where doing, came with a load of other gents all in the same matching tracksuit, refused to wear an apron and refused to talk the children at an assembly and would only address a maximum of 4 kids.

Spent most of the day trying to flog his mums food sauce.

On the flip side Kevin Kilbane was there working for some TV channel and his was in a full suit rolling round playing football with the kids and couldn't do enough to engage with them!

Bit of a side story but thought I would share!

{Ed001's Note - if he can't step up I expect him to be moved on in the summer.

Sad story that, sadly it has become typical of the difference between Liverpool and Everton. The arrogance of our players is astonishing at times and the decent lads always seem to be the targets of abuse. While Everton try very hard to engage with the community, which is why Koeman was such a terrible appointment for them, as he was an arrogant tit who would not get involved with the community projects at all.}

1.) 08 Nov 2017
08 Nov 2017 19:24:51
I always heard Studge was up for this type of thing? disappointing if true 😟.

2.) 08 Nov 2017
08 Nov 2017 19:33:17
Always thought Kilbane was an ok guy. I’m appalled that a Liverpool player, any player, would be so arsey. Very poor behaviour.

3.) 08 Nov 2017
08 Nov 2017 19:37:03
Woah, I always thought Sturridge was one of the better players off the pitch? A real shame he's actually like that with fans.

4.) 09 Nov 2017
08 Nov 2017 21:49:09
Thanks as always for the reply Ed.

Shame the disconnect with the local people grows. Some good people left and hats off to EFC.

{Ed001's Note - it is not a difficult thing to fix either, that is what bothers me. Only takes a little bit of effort on the club's behalf, but that would require someone giving a toss in those roles.}

5.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 03:41:57
Hi ed001, I disagree that just because Koeman is not engaging in community project he is deemed arrogant. As far as I know the central Europeans like Germans and Dutch keep personal and professional life separate. They will not wan to do in their "office" things that are not stated in contract so as to prevent exploitation by employers.

{Ed001's Note - I really don't care if you disagree, Koeman was an arrogant prick and has been everywhere he went. It was a symptom of his arrogance and nothing to do with your racial stereotypes at all. You clearly do not know enough Dutch or German people if you think that. I have worked with a lot of Dutch out here and they do no such thing as keeping things separate. Quite the opposite.}

6.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 06:37:22
On a similar note was speaking with someone who works with lfc’s charity said and had nothing but praise for Milner, said he puts loads of effort into engaging with local community even organising free events for local kids. Added to that is meant to be a great lad off the pitch and very respectful.

{Ed001's Note - I have to be honest I have never heard anyone have a bad word to say about him as a person.}

7.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 07:18:20
i will add to it and it may riff a few up on here but i haven't had anyone say bad word about Milner as player either in my circle.

I have always been a fan and i think he is a far better player than he is given credit for, esp at the Liverpool pages. I for one definitely feel better when Milner is in the team regardless the position.

8.) 09 Nov 2017
09 Nov 2017 08:49:22
Hope that's a one off or a misunderstanding, I've only heard good things about his work in the community and with youth.

As for the other part Studge is making a full contribution this season, he's been available for almost every game and he's got goals and assists when selected. If he wants to leave for first team football then I wish him all the best but if he's happy being a squad player I wouldn't think twice about keeping him.

9.) 10 Nov 2017
10 Nov 2017 06:09:35
Agree with Putney to be honest. I've heard Sturridge is great with the community normally. Seems like an anomaly to me.

I also agree that if he wants to stay he shouldn't be forced out the door. He's a great personality around the squad, liked by everyone at the club, great with the youth players, and he scores goals. He has scored a goal every 147 minutes this season. Can't argue with numbers like that for a player who is being used as a sub most weeks.

If we want to compete with teams like United and City we have to be able to look to our bench and see quality options like Sturridge. Depth is what makes the difference. Burnley have a good starting XI, but if they lose 1 player to injury the well oiled machine coughs and splutters. City have Jesus, Sterling, B. Silva and Yaya on the bench most weeks. United Will soon have Ibra, Martial, Mata and Herrera. For once this season, we could potentially have a bench as high in quality as Sturridge, Solanke, Lallana and Can.

This is what will put us back on the map. The only reason Sturridge leaves for me, is if Ings or Origi are considered to be better players by the start of next season. If not, Studge shouldn't be going anywhere.

10.) 10 Nov 2017
10 Nov 2017 06:11:39
The problem with sturridge sitting on the bench so much is I think he really needs regular game time to be effective. His game is more about touch and quick feet (especially now he’s lost his pace) and it feels like he needs game time to be sharp.

By contrast it feels like Solanke or Ings can probably come off the bench and be immediately effective as they’re more about poaching and being in the right place at the right time.

Besides that, he’s class enough I’m very happy if he stays fit and we keep him.