23 Apr 2024 20:57:06
Hi Ed2

Thanks for your constant hard work and knowledge which is hugely appreciated.
You called the Slot option a few weeks ago and tipped him to be a very good klopp replacement.
Is he well rated out of the current crop of upcoming young managers? My concern is that we haven't seen very many successful managers from the Dutch league so for me a huge risk? Is there anything the club would expect from him as a minimum target next season?
also what can we expect style wise?

{Ed002's Note - He is a very good and very respected coach and I think might be able to keep Liverpool progressing. Klopp worked hard to overcome his issues and I think Slot could inherit a decent side and deal with issues over aging players over the next couple of years.}

1.) 24 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 23:42:46
So we're signing frimpong, malen, hanko and wieffer

Dutch ball (I know hanko isn't Dutch) ;)

2.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 04:28:21
I miss Kuyt.

3.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 08:38:09
We should get Kuyt, Zenden and Ryan in the Babel copter.

4.) 24 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 22:02:25
Hi Eds in your opinion would Slots appointment secure further contracts for Virj and Trent? And are there any foundations in rumours of Diaz heading to Barcelona for circa £100mill plus as thought they were under financial constraints and Salah to Saudi for a similar amount? I’d personally live to see us go all out for Isak as again Arsenal and Barcelona are sniffing him out - any chance? ??.

{Ed002's Note - The appointment of a coach will have no bearing on contracts wjich will need to be dealt with by Michael Edwards. I am not aware of any £100M offer for Diaz but there may be an opportunity for a part echange. There will be an offer from Michael Emanalo for Salah. Isak is of no interest to Liverpool.}

5.) 24 Apr 2024
23 Apr 2024 23:17:09
What’s his strengths as a coach Ed? Would he be involved in transfers? Does he have a preferred style/ formation? I can’t say I’ve watched any eredivisie.

{Ed002's Note - It would be an attacking formation and he advocates open and attacking play. He may have a back seat in the transfer process which has caused concerns to others.}

6.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 00:13:06
Ed, it looks like with this new structure that Liv are looking at someone who is more of a head coach instead of a manager like Klopp. That is why someone like Amorim is now considered unlikely as he wants more control over players that club will look at.

Do you think that this is a good way to go post Klopp era? And is it safe to assume that Slot is now the club preferred option to replace Klopp?

{Ed002's Note - I think you are largely correct. It is an approach that has been used for some years in Italy and is advocated by Damien Comolli, who Liverpool may soon be linking up with again.

The preferred option will likely now be Arne Slot.}

7.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 09:14:28
Hoping he gives his countryman Sepp vDB a chance, if he comes of course.

8.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 11:02:24
I don't think Barcelona could afford to buy Diaz even if they stuck him on Klarna.

9.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 11:52:05
Is it the case that the linking up with Damien Comolli would come in the form of FSG looking to buy out RedBird Capital at Toulouse?

{Ed002's Note - It is not a case of buying Red Bird out, but extending the relationship.}

10.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 12:33:30
Thanks Ed002, makes sense.

11.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 14:49:07
Hi Ed, when you say 'it is an approach that has been used for some years in Italy and is advocated by Damien Comolli, ' is that a good thing or not and if so, why? Love to hear your thoughts.

{Ed002's Note - Some of the very best coaches in the world have had to get used to it but I think they should have at lease some input to the process.}

12.) 24 Apr 2024
24 Apr 2024 15:23:47
I prefer the head coach approach in current times. Coaching, recruiting, evaluating scouting, and everything else is way too much for one person to handle well anymore. You can do it, but with compromises and those compromises will likely put you at a disadvantage against clubs that employ more specialized positions. With that said, I think Liverpool's structure under Klopp had some weaknesses, centered around defining roles and responsibilities in recruitment (or maybe Klopp was just too big of a personality to be contained) . This led to dysfunction, key departures (Edwards being one of them) and internal turmoil.

With that said, would Klopp accept being a head coach? Probably not. So the drama/ dysfunction came with the territory with him and the pay off far exceeded the issues it created. Heading into the future though, I'm happy to see LFC shore things up a bit and address some of these issues. Hopefully it will pay off and keeps us a couple steps ahead of our competitors.