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25 Aug 2018 19:24:26
Good win today, but does anyone else feel Klopp makes substitutions too late? We didn’t really open Brighton up as many times as we probably should have, especially in the second half. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Sturridge come on earlier and perhaps Shaqiri.

14 Aug 2018 10:06:58
Hearing a few whispers this morning about Rabiot of PSG on a pre contract agreement. Any of the EDs or Reds heard anything regarding this? Cheers.

09 Aug 2018 09:24:53
Right don't post rumours often but this one is nailed on.

My mates uncle just got a call from his neighbour, basically his neighbours sisters brother in law works for delta, and his colleague just picked up one of the other taxi rank fellas whose car had broken down and he was saying a colleague of his has picked up someone who works at liverpool bootroom cafe, and her manager is good mates with Harry Wilson's nan. She's just had the in-laws round celebrating hazas move and her niece told her that Harry told her that kloppsboss

That's all folks.

14 Aug 2018 12:21:25
What are you actually trying to say? This post doesn’t actually say anything other than someone celebrated Harry Wilson’s move?

15 Aug 2018 11:07:31
That went over your head the KingKenny92?

08 Aug 2018 16:36:05
I saw a thread this morning on the transfer window, sadly I didn’t have time to comment on it then so now you lucky chaps gets a whole new post to digest! It’s clear that most people think that transfer windows in general are bad and that the early closure in England is lunacy, I doubt you’ll be surprised to know that I’m delighted with the new rules!

Firstly some history, essentially there has always been a transfer window, it used to be that teams couldn’t transfer players after Mar 31st as transfers after this could undermine competition (a mid table team with nothing to play for might sell its best player to a title chaser for example), this shows it’s always been recognised that some kind of control on the timing of transfers has been required.

However, when the summer and winter transfer windows were introduced it had nothing to do with competition, it was a legal compromise with the European Commission. Without such a compromise Football players might be able to act like any other employee, they could simply quit their current job and sign with someone else, Football would have stopped operating as we understand it. The latest change, closing the window before the season starts, came about after managers complained that the transfer window being open after the start of the season caused too much disruption. 14 PL clubs voted in favour of the proposal including Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea, the change was then supported by the Football League.

I think the new dates are brilliant, I’m in agreement with the managers who want to avoid disruption, I’d much rather we didn’t have situations like the one with Coutinho or Van Dijk last season. However there are a number of arguments against and it is these I want to address:

1. It doesn’t give clubs enough time – With certain clubs struggling to get their transfer activity complete I can see how this argument could be considered but what is clear is that clubs that were prepared (Liverpool for example) have had ample time to complete their business. Struggling to get transfers across the line is a sign of bad planning, not that the window is closing too early.

2. It gives an advantage to European clubs – The great white whale of the new system is that all the European clubs will wait for the window to close before dashing in and stealing all our players and we won’t be able to replace them. This will simply not happen. Why? Because English clubs will just say no. If a European club tried to pull a stunt like that they’d receive the rods, it is entirely common for transfers to be rejected because replacements aren’t available, that is what will happen here.

3. Smaller clubs will lose out financially – The argument that smaller clubs will have to settle for smaller fees just isn’t backed up by what’s happened. Not including sales from relegated clubs there have been five £10million+ purchases from the Championship to the Premier League this summer and we could yet see Jack Grealish move for over £30million. The transfer window actually gives the smaller clubs a bargaining chip, if you don’t pay the asking price before the deadline then that’s it, no sale.

4. It stops managers taking risks with youth players – We all know that it is harder for young players to break through at the top level than it ever has been before but I don’t think that has anything to do with the transfer window, if anything the transfer window is one of the last things supporting youth development. The globalisation of football and the huge influx of money mean it is far more efficient to buy a proven talent than it is to develop it but there are two conditions that still allow for youths to breakthrough; exceptional talent and necessity. Exceptional talent doesn’t need to be explainedbut necessity is different. Without a transfer window, and with modern money, short term problems would be fixed in the transfer market, your star striker breaks his ankle, you buy a replacement. Thanks to transfer windows that stops being an option, you have to utilise your squad and that presents opportunity for youth players. In the modern game managers will always be wary of trusting youth but the transfer window can force their hand. Squads are bigger than they used to be, as the cliché says 'it's a squad game now', and most squads are padded out with youth simply because it's not practical to hire 25 experienced pros.

In a perfect world the transfer window would open the day after the CL final and close the day before the Football league kicks off. Clubs would look to complete their transfer activity before the preseason starts and business would be slow in the days leading up to the deadline. The problems we see with clubs struggling to complete business or paying exorbitant fees is down to bad planning and desperation, neither of which can be fixed by getting rid of the transfer windows.

08 Aug 2018 17:00:31
A good article there and I'd agree with most of that.

11 Aug 2018 00:19:55
Good points Putney but you’ve got way too much time on your hands! ;-)

15 Aug 2018 00:55:14
Nice one Putney and well considered. Thanks.

07 Aug 2018 14:56:18

first post :) so what is everyones valuation on our players in the current market to date, All first 11


04 Aug 2018 20:39:25
Update on Outgoings and Ingoings eds?

01 Aug 2018 13:49:04
All the comments made by other managers about we now need to win something are just mind games obviously and should be encouraged to be ignored unless you want to give them the pleasure of letting the psychological bull work.

01 Aug 2018 13:46:32
There is a need for older mature and experienced keepers who due to age also are not expecting to start. I don’t see it as being outdated or a thing of the past, clearly neither do Powers that be at Chelsea and Man United and many other clubs.

It’s not about blocking younger talent coming through as they have almost 0 chance of playing as 3rd keeper, it’s actually the opposite and about giving them a chance to play, mature and gain experience out on loan. While having the motivation to impress and hoping to come back to parent club and compete for 1st choice.

01 Aug 2018 13:53:49
Too many questions about our midfield. Two never played in the prem and one has discipline issues. ox out. Can gone. Grujic not good enough. For me instead of fekir we should get in prem quailty. Ramsay from the gunners and although old Fernandihio from city. I know we need a keeper still. But at the rich money id prefer them two to fekir.

01 Aug 2018 06:11:01
Why o why is Liverpool not going for a defender to play alongside van dijk, Lovren and co are not good enough for Liverpool.

01 Aug 2018 15:02:18
Who would you suggest to get and play alongside vvd? I believe Lovern is good enough.


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