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30 Mar 2017 12:37:15
Dahoud signed by Dortmund.

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30 Mar 2017 12:44:38
Incorrect, just because the express report it does not mean its fact!

29 Mar 2017 23:37:40
Huge respect to Rio Ferdinand for the documentary last night, just watched it now and humbled by his honesty and openness dealing with tradgedy.
Opinion on him changed .

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30 Mar 2017 07:11:00
He has my sympathies too as do his kids. Heartbreaking for them all 😢.

29 Mar 2017 19:06:14
Just a question eds:

Sturridge left training some 6 weeks ago with a 'virus'. Any updates? Still recovering from said 'virus' or has he picked up another injury? Could he have contracted Zika virus in Spain? New symptoms associated with Zika all the time, so I wonder if it could have turned a perpetually injured professional footballer into a non-Liverpool player?

{Ed001's Note - it was a hip injury.}

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29 Mar 2017 19:34:46
A viral hip injury - sounds nasty 🤧.

29 Mar 2017 21:06:03
Nice one Ron, you had me in stitches.

29 Mar 2017 21:50:42
I can't help but feel sorry for the guy. One of my favorite players and a delight to watch when he's at his best. It's too bad the club have rushed him and that many fans have taken a liking to having a go at him.

29 Mar 2017 22:31:19
Harry, please don't forget the original sick note - Mr Anderton, take a bow!

30 Mar 2017 12:46:45
Sturridge is done, even if he is fit or gets fit I wouldn't play him now anyway and risk another injury. May aswell keep him fit sell him and get his wages off the books waste of time having a player around with his injury record especially given the suggestion he over exaggerates a lot of the injuries and rules himself out!

Great talent but no good to us if he's never on the pitch.

29 Mar 2017 12:58:40
I get a lot of disagrees when I mention Wijnaldum in posts as I don’t believe he will be a long term member of the first team. It’s not that I have a problem with him, I think he’s done a good job this season and he’s been amongst our best performers in the last month or so, my opinion is based on how I think the team is going to progress and our likely summer signings.

The most likely addition will be a left winger who will play in the position Coutinho currently occupies. There is a chance that Klopp is planning for Cout’s departure but, if that isn’t the case, then our best player would need to be accommodated elsewhere and the most likely outcome is to take Wiji’s place. Cout’s is effective on the left but he provides almost no width, this move would solve that problem whilst adding much needed creativity to our midfield.

We’re also looking at strikers, maybe we’re looking for a squad replacement for Studge but, with Firmino not providing as many goals as you’d usually want from a number 9, there’s a chance we could bring in a new starter. If that happens then either Firmino is dropped or moves back into midfield, if he moves back then he takes Wiji’s or Lallana’s place and, with Lallana being one of Klopp’s favourites, I think Wiji’s place comes under threat.

This is less likely but if we do buy a starting midfielder then one of Hendo, Lallana or Wiji loses their place. It won’t be Hendo, he’s too important so again it comes down to Lallana or Wiji and, as I said before, I can’t see Wiji winning that contest. The same can be said if Klopp again tries to make Can a first 11 player.

The counter to my argument is that with (hopefully) more games next season and a stronger bench then the concept of a starting 11 becomes less important and we will see more rotation from Klopp. If that happens then we may well see plenty of Wiji next year but if Klopp carries on like he has this season with a clear first choice 11 then I expect Wiji to be demoted to squad player.

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29 Mar 2017 16:10:39
Not big fan of Wijnaldum when we signed him but what makes you think Lallana is better than Wijnaldum? Wijnaldum is techicnally good. Physical, fast and has a decent vision in picking players.
What is Lallana without day night running? The reality is Wijnaldum could play anywhere in the middle as well o the flanks while Lallana couldn't play anywhere except where he is now!

29 Mar 2017 18:22:31
This was Harry's Opinion on Wijnaldum before

"Wijnaldum is a mystery and I have said previously he is a Fabregas minus key passes which means he just occupies the place and that's all. Non meaningful contribution at all given his partner dropped deep"

You sure you are talking about the same player?

29 Mar 2017 19:36:01
I do think Lallana is better than Wiji but what is more relevant is what Klopp thinks and Klopp loves Lallana, he's the embodiment of Klopp's philosophy. I also don't think Klopp loves Wiji, he was happy to drop him to the bench when Can came back from injury earlier in the season and, whilst his performances have improved, I don't think he's seen as a vital cog in the Liverpool machine.

29 Mar 2017 21:05:14

He has been on the up ever since. I never thought he would ever make the grade and I am not completely convinced yet. There has been games he acted like a proper Ghost. A good ACM which he always has been Still a long way from being a good CM.
Better than Ever running Lallana!

29 Mar 2017 21:17:02
Good observation there John , nice to see someone using the search function. What you proved is something we all know already unfortunately. Harry changes his opinions and views faster than a whore changes customers at a sailors convention .

29 Mar 2017 21:55:50
I like Wijnaldum, I think he'll kick on next season and be a vital cog in the machine.

29 Mar 2017 12:56:47
if Lallana is out and Hendo isn't back, what would you say to maybe playing Arnold in midfield?

Can in the deeper position with Gini off to the left and Arnold off to the right? He has played there for the U23's and for the England youth sides.

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29 Mar 2017 15:22:23
Great 😄

Put a fullback in midfield to offset the midfielder we've got playing at fullback.
I feel like I've just got 2 years younger 🤠.

29 Mar 2017 16:12:49
It's high time we give one of the youngster ( wingers ) a go on the left and drop Couts to the middle alongside Can and Wiji. Not so long ago a 19 year old Davies made his debut for Everton and ever since he has been sensational. Let's stop talking about youngsters and give them a chance.

29 Mar 2017 16:14:41
To be fair Ron he has played various roles at youth level. He played CM for the U16's, Right wing for the U18's and right back for the u23's. He also plays as a right midfielder for the England U19's.

It isn't as crazy as putting Lovren in midfield! Arnold can actually play there just as well as he can play at right back, and his long term career at LFC may well be in a midfield role.

It is only a very recent thing for Arnold to play at right back. Probably within the last 6-9 months.

29 Mar 2017 17:35:50
Lets also not forget that Stevie's first game for us was at RB.

Not trying to draw any parallels, and TAA is probably not the Messiah, but just sayin.

29 Mar 2017 18:00:03
TAA has played in midfield many times through the ages very well he'd be a good player to play in there to avoid the Hendo can wij or can wij Stewart.

29 Mar 2017 19:35:08
He's not the messiah - he's a very naughty boy.

29 Mar 2017 19:53:51
Well what would that mean to Stewart then? TAA in midfield over a proper midfielder?

29 Mar 2017 22:32:00
I agree with Harry, we should buy Kovacic!

29 Mar 2017 07:45:42

Morning Eds

Do you know if Coutinho and Firmino came through there international game unscathed this morning?

{Ed001's Note - not heard anything either way yet sorry.}

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29 Mar 2017 12:53:19
I watched it both seemed fine at the end Phil scored the opener as well after a nice one two with Paulinho Phil took it well bent in to the bottom corner.

29 Mar 2017 17:14:56
Left peg aswell.

28 Mar 2017 21:44:50
Lallana gone this international football needs to be scrapped NOW. It's disgusting that Liverpool lose a player for a tournament England have no chance off winning the same goes for Everton and Seamus Coleman.

{Ed002's Note - It is just stuff, not discusting.}

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28 Mar 2017 20:58:26
It's long overdue - International's are abolished - forever.

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28 Mar 2017 18:43:58
Wondering if sturridge or Hendo will be back for the Derby or any others that have been injured?

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28 Mar 2017 19:49:43
Hendo yes, Sturridge no.

28 Mar 2017 21:11:05
Have my doubts about Hendo.

29 Mar 2017 03:58:51
will we ever see sturridge in a Liverpool shirt again or has he changed his name to sturridge injured?

28 Mar 2017 18:22:11
Everyone's favourite Cruyff-turn extraordinaire is out due to an injury while on international duty.

Seems to me that a far greater number of players get injured, across the board, during these two weeks than should be usual.

Is it a difference in training or a general heavy-handedness in international football or pure happenstance?

I remember a story about Hodgson wanting to 'test' Sturridge and avoided his specific Liverpool-approved regime, causing injury.

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