02 Feb 2020 18:46:21
Just got to keep repeating the following;

Must not get carried away, take one game at a time
Must not get carried away, take one game at a time
Must not get. WE ARE 6 WINS AWAY FROM ENDING THE WAIT! . carried away, take one game at a time.

The struggle is real to keep a lid on it! How are you coping ed001?

{Ed001's Note - by ignoring Ed666 and Bazza when they tell me it is won! I am not going to count my chickens. Not yet. Long way to go yet.}

1.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 19:31:56
It’s definitely getting closer though Ed! ITs doing my way work mates heads in that I won’t say it’s over.

{Ed001's Note - I don't understand the need to celebrate before you actually have your hands on it. Does no one remember Aesop's Fables? That was what cost the hare the win over the tortoise!}

2.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 19:38:42
It is ours in a matter of weeks guys. I understand the anxiety but these boys have done nothing to suggest we should doubt them in the slighest, quite the opposite. Enjoy the ride ❤.

3.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 20:22:00
Where's the fun and satisfaction if you still don't have it in your hands? I want that 49 game invincibles record.

4.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 20:32:08
Now with the greatest respect Mr. Burke did I not say earlier that just because City slipped up today let's not get to carried away😁.

5.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 20:24:49
“We’re going to win that football league again” 👏👏👏
You’re a child of the Unfortunate 90s Ed!

{Ed001's Note - even if we had it won now, we aren't actually champions until the season ends, so why rush to celebrate? I would rather concentrate on winning everything we can than get carried away now. It is because I listened too much to Paisley, not the 90s mate. The medals were only good for one day to him and then it was about the next game and the next and so on. No point getting carried away with one, let's concentrate on winning more instead.}

6.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 23:03:14
The season has been one long celebration for me, it feels so right, i've never seen my team win the league or at least I was 6 months old last time we did, never seen a group of players engage each other and enjoy their football like this lot, absolute joy to watch the energy they put into every minute of every game, incredible.
We are champions elect but it won't be enough for this group and the only question now is can they cope with the expectations and make it a 3rd CL final too, I know one thing though, they will give everything kicking and screaming to 'try it'. Enjoy it lads this is a very special and hungry team, the trophies are on route.

{Ed025's Note - im still awaiting that sick bucket swifty...but i cant argue with any of that mate..

7.) 03 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 23:24:44
"it ain't over till its over"

- Rocky Balboa.

8.) 03 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 23:16:25
Here Ed025 I'm heading over for Bournemouth game I'll take the sick bucket over with me and we can have a bevvie what you think?

{Ed025's Note - sounds good to me barry mate..

9.) 03 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 23:36:38
You're right 25 this team makes me gooey inside and I'm usually pretty tough 'cough grunt flex'! Pretty impressive though ain't it.

{Ed025's Note - it really is swifty mate..

10.) 03 Feb 2020
03 Feb 2020 07:18:30
Sound Ed gimme a email and we'll arrange to meet up👍🍻😁.

{Ed025's Note - i will check my schedule barry and will be in contact mate..

11.) 03 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 21:17:10
Ed001: I like your way of thinking! let's become serial winners at home and in Europe!
Lets build a legacy worthy of Liverpool football club.
That truly would be unbearable, for everyone else.

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate. I like the thought of it being unbearable after all the years of abuse I took growing up.}

12.) 03 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 21:27:16
I know, you’re right.
But I’m going to enjoy every single second of this I’m telling you 👍🏻.

{Ed001's Note - I don't blame you mate.}

13.) 03 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 21:40:15
Or Ed001 the stories I've read from Souness of Ronnie Moran carrying in a box, throwing it on the table, and saying "anyone that was here last season grab one of them".

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate.}

14.) 03 Feb 2020
03 Feb 2020 00:51:41
Please - nothing, I say nothing brethens and sisthrens has been won yet! Well said Mr Ed 001. ✌.

{Ed001's Note - I am finding it increasingly difficult to type with my fingers crossed though, so we do need to hurry up!}

15.) 03 Feb 2020
03 Feb 2020 09:04:51
We'll beat utds record and win it earlier then they did back in 2001. I'm celebrating bugger all because we've not won it yet but I know we will 100% win it this time around, nothing will stop us.

16.) 03 Feb 2020
03 Feb 2020 09:40:51
Lol ed01. Given the amount to 1 0s and 2 1s we ve had. I think that showed we could have drawn them. And there are still points needed. A lot. And a few draws in a row and it doesn't look quite so sure. We'll it would be a wobbly and can we do it. We will. I'm really confident that we can win out next 6 games. Not do sure about city.

And with the form we're in (we never play the strongest side in the domestic cups) our first squad have a really good chance at the champions league. After what we did with Barcelona, we are well feared by everyone. I think we have a really tough draw, Athletico. Get past them and I think we'll make the final.

17.) 03 Feb 2020
03 Feb 2020 10:30:28
Ed 01 unfortunately we live in a time of instant gratification but as I grew up in the Paisley era, I totally concur. Celebrate at the end of the season. Play every game as if it is our last and win as much as we can. No distractions. No p-taking. Respect every competition and opponent. Don’t moan when you lose, come back stronger. You’re only as good as your last game. All these cliches and I feel like they were the mantra I grew up to. Man that late 70s/ early 80s team would have made us Liverpool fans unbearable if the internet was as it is today.

{Ed001's Note - I don't think they are clichés, they are how it should be if you want to be as successful as you can be. You should be aiming to do better each and every time you do something.}