09 Jan 2018 11:59:28
Ed01 do you think Klopp might give Karius a run in the team now we have Van Dijk in defence or do you expect Mignolet to return for City?

{Ed001's Note - I think Mignolet will be back, though I have no idea why.}

1.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 12:49:00
Why on earth do we rotate the keepers so much, I'll never know, it can't help the defenders in front of him!

2.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 13:05:52
Ed you tell us JK is getting rid of Migs so why is he still persisting with him mate? Is it stubbornness or what?

{Ed001's Note - I really do not know how to explain the continual returns for Mignolet. If Karius had bad games when he came in, then it would make sense. As it is, there is no sense behind it.}

3.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 13:08:25
It is also doesn't allow the Goalkeepers to settle either. Goalkeepers, more than other positions, need to find that rhythmn and concentration that comes with playing consistently. If you play consistently then you are more in tunes with things, i. e. when to come out and close the space for the striker, when to punch and when to catch from crosses. Taking a keeper out of the team as often as Klopp does disrupts this, they are forced to sit on the bench and watch another keeper attempting to find their feet, the defenders attempting to adapt to the change in goal.

It really does my head in because the goalkeeping position is the least physically demanding on the pitch but the most demanding demanding in terms of psychologically. You have to be ready at all times even when the ball has hardly been down your end, you might be called on to make a save at a moments notice.

I wish Klopp would just stick with one goalkeeper, a starting goalkeeper, rather than a Premier League, League Cup and Champions League goalkeeper. It disrupts the team, disrputs the goalkeepers and is a changed that is unwarranted and unhelpful.

4.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 14:22:02
Is the plan still for Migs to go Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - yes, hence the interest in the Roma keeper and Butland, though I would hope we steer well clear of Butland and go all out for Alisson. Now he is going to be competing with De Gea to be the best in the world in a season or two, while Butland will be injured, again.}

5.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 14:38:56
Spot on, Mango. It is only at LFC that it's fans want their GK to become DDG whereas the guy only plays once a month with NO way of gaining momentum and rhythm with his defenders and his team as a whole.

As for Klopp and this GK mess, only he can explain this farce cos NO one with a functioning brain seems to be able to do so in his place.

6.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 14:59:31
100% agree about Allison, ED 001. Reminds me of De Gea but looks bigger and plays with that little bit of crazy throwing his body around any way possible to make the save.

{Ed001's Note - he is the kind of keeper that is undoubtedly a number 1 and no one argues about, unlike the 3 we currently have.}

7.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 15:01:39
My current “evolving” theory is Klopp wants to minimise the pressure on Karius. The premier league is a pressurised arena whether you are playing well or not. Migs doesn’t seem to feel the pressure to the same degree but there is a strong suspicion Karius does.
So if Jurgen continues to rotate keepers no-one is being dropped for poor performances. Secondly, Karius is not playing week in week out so he can have some downtime and let the pressure subside before going back in goal.
This is a temporary position IMO but it’s to give Karius the best chance of developing.

8.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 15:12:37
Hey Ron, you may be right, but in which case, I do fear for Karius's long term future as being GK for a side like us will always bring much more pressure than a lower league team. He has been here 18 months now, and if he's still feeling such pressure that he is unable to play regularly, its a big worry.

9.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 15:32:08
Thanks a million Ed mate.

{Ed001's Note - you are very welcome BinL.}

10.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 18:47:41
You may be right, Ron BUT in the end, the kid needs to play regularly cos regardless, there will be pressure so whether it is now or later. Karius HAS to play week in week out so he can either prove himself or not.