22 Jan 2018 20:03:56
Are we looking for a rb or do you believe klopp is happy with taa thanks Ed’s.

{Ed002's Note - Not right now but he will consider his summer options.}

1.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 21:58:07
Should have brought Trent on in my opinion. Gomez is a centre half.

2.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 22:09:57
100 per cent agree, same against Newcastle. Arnold’s offers far more threat. He and Robbo should have been pushed right up on the wings. Can and Wini take far too many touches in the midfield in games like that. They need to move the ball much much quicker.

3.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 22:36:42
We can moan all we want, I do agree btw. But there's a reason Klopp is the manager, he knows better then we do.

4.) 22 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018 23:03:10
no real tempo in the first half, and too many players thinking it would be an easy win, and not giving 100 per cent .

5.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 06:38:43
Plus Swansea executed their game plane to perfection.

6.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 07:19:46
Calling what swansea did a game plan is an embarrassment to football, all they did was have 10 players parked in their own 16 yard box and waste time from kick off. Terrible football.

7.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 08:23:16
It's called survival Legendary - when we're winning in a tightish game, sometimes I wish we did it to finish the match out, but instead we like to let the opposition score late goals and equalise or give us heart palpitations.
It ain't pretty to watch, but winning is the only acceptable thing these days in football for fans.

8.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 09:15:37
Seems like sometimes it's the same old questions asked over and over inability to break down a team. still say we needed to appoint an experienced sporting director from outside the club.

9.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 09:25:43
I'll agree with that, in a game lacking width, the failure to sub on TAA was bizarre. We didn't need Gomez's better defensive nous against a team almost sitting back in the concourse bar.

10.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 10:44:13
A game plan is a game plan legendary, doesn’t matter if you like it or not. it is what it is. Your post is embarrassing, just sounds like your blaming Swansea for not letting us win. any manager from the bottom half should copy what Swansea did last night. Teams down there need results and rolling over to have their bellies tickled isn’t going to happen.

11.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 11:08:02
Swansea's game plan? We should have scored at least three.
Unfortunately though twenty minutes in you just knew it was going to be one of those nights.

12.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 11:30:46
I thought we'd need TAA, and I actually asked begore the game if anyone knew whether he was going to play. In the absence of a very creative mind like Coutinho, our only real option would have been someone to stretch the width of the pitch a little bit. You could see their game plan was to crowd us in and nullify us.
Well, it's all water under the bridge now. I was worried about the game and was uncomfortable when some predicted a bashing.
Hope we can recover from this setback. That race at the top is so tight, and we just blew our cushion on Spurs and Arsenal.

13.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 11:42:57
I agree Legendary, Swansea showed no ambition. But hey it works against us saddly and its down to Klopp to fix it. I was totally mind blown when Ox was taken off instead of Gini.

14.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 11:45:46
So some people agree with Swansea’s Everton’s Man U Chelsea West Brom and other teams parking bus so we are trying entice new players to the club they watch the city game and think I will have some of that then they see Swansea game erm how many games are like that? and mangers says well erm most of them.

The player o right I will let you no! This type of football will kill prem league people won’t pay sky &bt to watch teams not interested in playing football I understand the Swansea’s West Brom’s survival but united Chelsea that is not right people we do not need this type of football like we don’t need diving so come on FA, premiere league uefa, fifa who ever do something soon or bring a European league we’re teams will want to play football.

15.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 13:28:54
We were beaten legendary.

Sounds like a boss game plan to me.

16.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 13:59:15
There are no rules as to how you should set your team up. If you're facing relegation and about to play one of the most potent attacks in the prem then obviously it would be better to park the bus than try to out play us and risk relegation.

We don't play well when teams sit back and I don't think TAA would have been the answer as he would not have had much room to play either and, there wouldn't be much point lofting the ball in the box when most of our attackers are too short to win the header. It looked like (to me) we weren't focused. So many sloppy passes. I don't think this time it's the managers inability to break teams down, I think we just under performed and hopefully that will be the last time.

17.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 14:24:21
I think playing TAA from the start would have made a difference, also the passing between VVD and Robbo was so predictable, I give it to you, you pass it back to me, this happened far to much 1st half, which I may add was boring to watch,
it was only in the last ten minutes did we wake up and really go for it .
I hope Klopp sees this as a learning experience, and move on, but after that, and for me playing the wrong team, that is TAA in, and Wini out, Can is also too slow against teams that park a double bus .

18.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 14:45:49
We have the pace with players like Mane and Salah, and I thought Lallana was good at breaking through the lines when he came on.

Against the big boys we will still be fine without Coutinho because they come out and play, giving our boys space. Against anyone outside the top 7/ 8 we will struggle as they settle in and defend in numbers, knowing they will get an opportunity from a free kick or corner.

Feel Mane has been wasteful since he returned, almost like Salah has stolen his thunder. We could do with a creative force to unlock defenses now that Couts has gone, don't really know who would fit in.

Keita will add legs and ability to midfield. I do like Ox and Wini in there as they can get up and down all day, Ox has a decent amount of pace. Can is good, and I like his ferocity, but he does need to improve his speed of play. Will go Juve and look a world beater and end up moving to Chelsea for some ridiculous fee in a few years I reckon.

19.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 15:40:07
In my opinion we created enough chances to win going away just made some bad decisions in their box and some bad finishing cost us.

20.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 16:11:26
Just wanna add my two cents:
I obviously wanted the win, but im not too upset about the loss and largely attribute it to bad luck and a poor midfield (sure you can decry our defending and we should do better, but its bad luck to get scored on from the only def error you made in the game) .

More importantly for me is the can wijni mid. They both slow down our transition and offer nothing offensively. The biggest culprit for me is Can who always seems to have these middling games against teams that park the bus. he's wasteful with passes, offers little creativity, and doesn't make the marauding runs he makes against tougher opponents. don't get me wrong, i like him, but thess are the reasons im also not so upset to see him go. Our mid needs upgrading, and this analysis shows why i rate hendo over can: he's better defensively, less wasteful with passes and spreads the ball with long passes and switches much better than can. Sure there are better mids than hendo but he's our mid, gives his all, and the best we have currently.
Wijni gets a pass for me cause i just don't expect much from him tbh.

Theres my thoughts! Take em or leave em! :)

21.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 17:17:44
We failed to stretch the game by using width to break Swansea down.
Klopp was angry at the defeat and this was partly due to Salah and Mane being central too often.
When we did get out wide and around the back we created.

22.) 23 Jan 2018
23 Jan 2018 17:44:17
The sooner no points are awarded for a nil nil draw the better. I kniw last night wasn't a nil nil but Swans would have been satisfied with nil nil and played accordingly. Alternative let's create a European league wit mo relegation so teams will have a go and not be afraid of losing.

23.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 08:46:06
Just proves club is still in transition as this is the same problem as every year, can slam in 3 or 4 in an open game but can’t hit a cows backside with a banjo in the games where opposition sit back. Then concede 1 and they hang on for win. Same pattern for several years and would suggest still seeking a plan B.

24.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 11:51:41
We could have played for 900 minutes and not scored, games like that we should be popping 2 up top as we eent to swansea without a out and out striker. You need to play people with something to prove. Danny ings should have been given a start. And not starting lallana was criminal when it was clear as day we needed a little creativity.

25.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 12:00:34
The weird thing is, teams who park the bus against us do it very well. But let’s say the final 5 minutes of some games (like against Citeh) when we kind of park the bus and have most players back, we are shocking at it. Yet we make the teams at the bottom look bloody amazing at it xD.

One of our major downfalls is when we try to sit back and see a game out because it doesn't work for us, i’d rather we kept going mental until the final whistle lol

Carvalhal's analogy of us was pretty fantastic IMO so it clearly was a game plan 😓.

26.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 12:52:34
I also didn't like the forwards passing backwards then trying to run in behind. It was slowing the game down. Anyhow, let's put it right on the weekend - I hope lol.

27.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 13:19:06
There was a serious lack of players willing to take people on in midfield, wijnaldum is constantly passing backwards like he is afraid to take responsibility and I’m games like the Swansea game I don’t know why the wingers play as narrow as they do, makes it so easy for teams to sit narrow and deep, we didn’t even shift them about the place. I might be wrong but that’s what it seemed to me.

28.) 24 Jan 2018
24 Jan 2018 18:28:10
Caesar, you more or less have it right, but for me, as Klopp likes to rotate the right wing back, he should have played TAA in the Swansea game to give us more width, and whip in some great crosses,
then bring back Gomez for the West Brom game, we would need him, when their game plan is mostly about corners and free kicks, as they have a big team .