30 Aug 2017 12:44:15
lfc now in talks with the ox- paul joyce.

1.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 12:54:54
Are we trying to persuade him to stay at Arsenal or join Chelsea?

2.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 12:55:19
The reason he turned down Chelsea is this idiotic idea he has that he can be a centre midfielder. Someone needs to give him a dose of reality.

3.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 12:58:55
my god talking to an OX we'll be talking with goats and sheep next 😁.

4.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:06:32
Mr Dennis: If you don't like the position your working in your probally trying to get a Job where you can do what you want to eventhough you might not be as effective in it as you have been in your other Job/ position. But maybe its the manager that can't get the best out of you and you will flourish at your new job/ position and everything will work out better then expected. Youll never know.

5.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:10:10
Dennis I think you may end up with egg on your face here. I've seen Ox play centre mid twice and he was not very good so I do see where you are coming from. I do however think that if he's coached correctly he could be very good there. Not Gerrard good but good. He has pace, power, can shoot, is direct. He just needs to sort himself out positionally which may take time but I think Klopp and his team could turn him into a player.

6.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:12:05
Let's hope it's not a sheep - with today's silly transfer fees we'll get fleeced!

7.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:12:10
As I've said before when ox was first on the scene I really liked him. It's not his ability I'd be worried about as could improve again it's his injury record.

8.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:18:28
With you on this, Ings n things.

9.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:19:35
I just don't see where he fits in, he's a good squad player but apparently doesn't want that, hope I'm wrong but I'm preparing to be extremely disappointed when we miss out on Lemar, lose Coutinho and find out Ox is the replacement. Hope I'm wrong. If I am can somebody tell me who he's better than in our starting lineup?

10.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:20:06
So which one of our midfield 3 is going to drop out to allow Ox to practice his new position as a cm. Or are we spending 30-40 mill so he can play in cup games.

11.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:32:53
I reckon Klopp will still use him on the wings. Does everyone think Mane and Salah can play every minute of every game this season? Players will need to be rotated and whilst I think everyone would prefer Lemar it is good we are talking to both to make sure we at least get someone else in.

12.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:37:49
Ings n things, his shooting is actually appalling, 9 premier league goals in 6 years is a shocking output for an attacking midfielder at a top four club, he has nothing in his skillset that remotely suggests he is capable of playing CM, his positional sense is appalling, he lacks composure on the ball, his passing is poor and he lacks vision. You say power and pace, but those things don't last very long, just ask Wayne Rooney whose decline over the last 3-4 years has been pretty shocking. Gerrard had pace and power, but he also had a wand of a right foot and vision when in possession of the ball.

13.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:38:08
We must trust Klopp. He knows how to buold a team with players others deem not good enough. Bar Karius.

14.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:39:13
No he can fit in on wings if mane or salah need resting or injury last season we were cryin out for someone like him when mane or coutihno injured its strength in depth, we might get lamar as well let's be positive, big worry for me is another central defender we need that cover as well.

15.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:39:46
I don't see why we should follow the herd on this one, I reckon we should grab the bull by the horns, hitch our wagon up and enjoy the ride.

16.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 13:51:26
hailstones, you do get that he rejected Chelsea as they wouldn't guarantee him being a first choice starter in CM. That is what he is demanding. So who do you drop to accommodate him? As he isn't better than any of our starting eleven.

17.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 14:04:43
i would still play Firmino or Lallana ahead of him on the wings and put Sturridge or Solanke up front.

18.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 14:05:22
I'm going to be fuming if we have opted to sign for ox over lemar. (If Monaco was open to selling lemar) . This would be like us signing Stewart downing over Juan Mata from a couple of years ago because simply they are british and played in the premier league.

19.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 14:23:13
Give the lad a break he very young an under klopp will get better he will know he won't specifically be a centre mid he is versatile an can fit in any wide forward position, he a good option, but obviously we need more especially cb.

20.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 14:31:13
He's a good option at half the price, you don't pay £40m for a squad player.

21.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 14:49:13
There are people who always want someone to criticize. Wasn't there the same uproar about Wijnaldum when he was signing for us?

22.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 15:17:56
Ox is poor in a central midfield role but shown promise as a wing back/ wide man but he is also prone to injury. Lemar is a class above him IMO.
I'm hoping Ox is plan B not the other way. After all OX wants guaranteed playing time in a central position and we eased off on Brandt (or vice versa) . Concentrate on Can signing a new contract and getting a leader in at CB. Coutinho needs to go as we don't need uncommitted players however superb he has been for us.
No need to spend £30M on fringe players in the last year of their contract.

23.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 15:44:23
Milner can play on either wing, either FB or in CM. He's 32 this season. Milners replacements as the utility player of choice?

24.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 17:48:41
You do all realise that last season, we had mane, Henderson, lallana, can, Coutinho out of action for large spells last year, we also have a lot more games too. He isn't my first choice but I think he is a decent player to come in over a number of positions.

25.) 30 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017 17:46:46
my god. this man plays for England and this is how you treat him. no wonder the last time you won a trophy was in 66. give him a chance. a confident Ox will be different to one you see now.