25 Jun 2019 18:47:22
According to Melissa Reddy,

Adam Lallana has been told his versatility is needed next season.

{Ed002's Note - Right - no effort is being made to sell Lallana or other senior players at this time.}

1.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 19:10:19
Bench seat 1, bench seat 2, bench seat 3, bench seat 4, bench seat 5, bench seat 6, bench seat 7.

Arguably the most versatile player in our squad!

2.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 19:57:02
TheRedKop, slightly ironic coming from arguably most versatile poster on this site!

3.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 18:59:04
Thanks for the confirmation, Ed002.

4.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 19:54:56
Hello ED002. With your knowledge within the footballing world, do you think itís a wise choice Klopp and LFC seem to be taking, not investing in the squad and not looking to move on fringe players if possible like Lallana?
I understood it that the best time to improve is when on top, being most attractive at that point and not investing is standing still.

Whatís your opinion on this situation?

{Ed002's Note - The half a billion pounds that many supporters expect to be spent on adding depth to the squad is what I am trying to fight against at all times. The club will look to improve a little where they can and are seemingly more than happy to move on many of the youngsters. But if senior players are to be added then players in the squad need to be moved on. As I have said, I do expect a versatile attacking player to be a target and I expect cover to be provided elsewhere.}

5.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 20:22:15
Thanks ED. I donít disagree with your way of thinking about spending for the sake. I also think what we have was enough to have the season we had. Add Ox and hopefully a fitter Gomez and more settled Keita alongside any promoted young stars and should compete again. But I donít really know enough about the workings of football. I trust Klopp and Edwards.
Did UTD or now City ever just try and go again with the same squad? Or just one additional starter coming in when theyíre on top?

Which is the best way forward. Spurs did amazing without adding but ended with nothing to show? Tough call. Glad I donít have to make it.

{Ed002's Note - You make a good point about JG and AOC - they will be like two new players.}

6.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 21:34:52
As well as JG, AOC, Fabs and Keita will both improve next season. I can also see Trent being even better and Firmino will have a better season. There is much growth and improvement from within. Just 2 senior players needed.

7.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 22:13:23
Mellisa Reddy is very reliable. If she told me my wife was cheating on me, I would file for dirvore based on that alone.

{Ed025's Note - shes hit and miss....sometimes she will do the dishes and other times she wont.. :)

8.) 25 Jun 2019
25 Jun 2019 23:03:31
Melissa reddy would get a game in my team any day " nudge nudge wink wink" sexy little minx that is .

9.) 26 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 00:52:19
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more. Bit of a goer is she? Well, yes, she does go. Bit of a sport? Yes, she like sport.
So, you've had sex then have you? Well, yes.
What's it like?

Sorry, for python fans.

10.) 26 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 04:23:05
E002, long winded question/ observation here. With City virtually (or the legends being) having 2 quality players for each position, and players seemingly having no problems moving to them knowing this, one of the arguments against Liverpool continuing to invest heavy is that no quality player is going to move to Liverpool to sit on the bench for prolonged periods. While i'm not in the camp of spend, spend, spend, I'm failing to see why to this regard City would be seen as the more attractive option (knowing you may be benched for periods) than Liverpool.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained the answer to this repeatedly. Manchester City has a lot of players who are not content. Liverpool supporters are jealous and obsess about Manchester City players and have no grasp of reality with the expectation that Mbappe will move to sit on the bench. It is pointless me explaining the same thing over and over again.}

11.) 26 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 08:41:45
Gomez will have his work cut out for him. Matip was immense last season. I don't think people realise how good he actually is.

12.) 26 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 13:35:33
Clubs, in general, only actively try to sell senior players if they serve absolutely no purpose in the squad (a third choice left back, for example) . Lallana could feature in 15-20 games next season, whether starting or off the bench, so he serves a purpose to the squad.

It doesn't mean a bid won't be considered if it is made, just means he's not being transfer listed or hawked around other clubs.

If Lallana's not happy with his squad place, i'm sure his agent will try to encourage bids.

I love the Football Manager games, but I feel it has played a huge part in supporters wanting to replace all the squad players with people they consider slightly better every season.

13.) 26 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 09:35:51
Can we have less of the sexist chat please. Itís 2019 . Dishes jokes? Really?

{Ed025's Note - your probably right HB, i never grew up in the PC correct world where jokes were outlawed by the snowflakes of today mate, chalk boards were blackboards and inspection chambers were manholes etc and we just got on with life..

14.) 26 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 20:14:41
Forgive my agricultural behaviour, It was a compliment, just presented in wrong way, i find her quite attractive ????.

15.) 26 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 20:11:09
And tissues were man size Ed025. Thankfully I also grew up at a time when you could speak without fear of offending someone.

{Ed025's Note - its gone ridiculous now irish, people are afraid to open their mouths in case the precious public take umbrage mate...as piers mogan would say...."the worlds gone nuts"..

16.) 27 Jun 2019
27 Jun 2019 03:42:45
There was an Englishman, Scot and an Irishman sat at a bar . having a beer and discussing the importance of VAR in today's modern game . nothing wrong with that.

17.) 27 Jun 2019
26 Jun 2019 23:39:33
You're better than quoting that phone-tapping worm Ed.

{Ed025's Note - its the only thing i would quote of his rosie, a vile man and an egotistical maniac and intellectual bully..

18.) 28 Jun 2019
27 Jun 2019 23:59:36
Are you actually serious ???????????? oh my god, youíre objectifying a woman breaking the mould in journalism as a woman in a manís world by making it about her looks, and making jokes about women in the kitchen just isnít ok. Sort it out, get your heads out your arses.