Review Of The Day 7th September 2018

07 Sep 2018 07:29:01
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1.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 07:36:05
Great now Neymars going to have a bigger head! unreal. Thank you very much Ed mate, have a good one!

{Ed001's Note - not sure that is possible.}

2.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 07:38:53
Morning Ed.
With the news there about Kaylen Hinds, now that he is a free agent. If he was to move abroad would that have any issue with Wolfsburg still holding his registration. Could they keep it and prevent him signing for another club?

Also, have you ever known anything like it with Spurs having three home grounds in one season? Is there an allowance that they can do this?

{Ed001's Note - no they have sacked him. Spurs have permission for it and it has happened in the past though not sure about in the top flight.}

3.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 07:44:00
Great read there Ed! Sad to here about Camara, just goes to show that any player is just one bad injury away from the end of their playing career. Also big shout out to Per Mertesacker. I can't even begin to imagine the pressure that professional footballers are under each and every day, moreso on match days. It took a lot of courage to say what he did. Didn't he also say something like this last year or the one before? Anyways thanks Ed.

{Ed001's Note - he has been saying it for ages and I get that, but quit then if you don't want to do it. Stop stealing a living and then you won't have to worry about the stress. He was a multi-millionaire yet refusing to do his job. No sympathy at all. If he needed to do it to survive then I would have been on his side, but he is just an example of greed driving a man and is a complete prick who deserves no sympathy. He CHOSE to do what he did long after he had no need to, so stop whining about it, you had the option to walk away years before but you made the choice to stay and play.}

4.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 07:54:24
Thanks Ed. Damn it! Was hoping Maradona would get the Cheltenham gig. Have a good one. International break sucks!

{Ed001's Note - he would be great in Cheltenham! They would pack out Whaddon Road every game. They only have fair weather fans anyway.....}

5.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 08:33:40
Top of the morning all.
Bobby Firmino must be doing back-flips with the news of Neymar’s appointment as permanent captain of the national team.
Not that it probably makes any difference though really, just an official stamp on what existed anyway.
Does the coach actually make independent decisions?

{Ed001's Note - not many.}

6.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 09:41:01
As Ed002 would prefer us to say a lot of the time; Speaking from a position of total ignorance, why do these youngsters keep doing it? When you've got a young lad who moves abroad because he has a chance of first team football, fine, you can understand he wants to accelerate his career. Personally, I would think that patience is a virtue as cream always rises to the top anyway, but then you could say well done to these lads for expanding their horizons. Too long have we been insular in this country and not thinking that it would be good to get a different experience in another country, aiding in development etc.

But no (and here is where the ignorance comes from), a young lad goes AWOL because he's too stupid and too lazy to learn a different language, is still not getting those immediate first team appearances, so jeapordises his whole career by flunking out of what could be a very good opportunity because the Maccy D's just aren't the same in Wolfsburg and the people speak funny. A place where there is an ethic of actually working for your living and not just mincing your way through a football education. Having decided that Wolfsburg aren't visionary enough for his mercurial talents, he signs for West Brom on a free and makes one substitute appearance in two years against Championship relegation fodder, making Ali Dia look like Pele. Later, he goes on loan to Northampton Town then Dagenham and Redbridge for a season, failing to impress and eventually has to make a living on questionable websites where weird old men are watching him and his girlfriend show their commitment to eachother, in which ever way is requested.

Equally, he could be experiencing other problems, but highly doubtful seeing as Wolfsburg terminated the deal instead of helping him through it. These lads need to snap out of the immediate, "I want everything now" mentality.

7.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 10:06:27
Sorry for the rant by the way, Ed. Cheers for the review.

{Ed001's Note - I agreed with it mate, it is well said.}

8.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 10:16:37
Thanks Tris!
Looks like it may be a while before we see Brasil return to the hights they once new. sad really.

Angry, I had a good chuckle mate. Thanks mate.

{Ed001's Note - it is a strange one to go all in on Neymar just after he has flopped so badly.}

9.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 10:46:44
Thanks Ed. Why do people keep pandering to Neymar? I don't get it at all. Anyway, have a great day.

{Ed001's Note - his dad has a lot of power and sway in Brazilian football.}

10.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 11:12:44
Looks like Jesus will remain the striker for Brazil then hopefully firminho gets a fair crack somewhere down the line.
Have to admit I cannot stand Neymar.

11.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 14:04:35
I'm glad Redhof. The stupidity of the fortunate few who have all the talent the rest of us just wished we'd had, but waste it like that, irritates the bejaysus out of me. That being said, if you can't laugh at those same persons for throwing away those dream opportunities because they think they know it all already, then who can you laugh at?

12.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 17:27:53
You and me both John, he's bloody horrible isn't he mate, people like that just give a great sport a bad name imo. Horrible little turd and needs to come down a peg or two but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

13.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 20:02:11
Love to come and read the Neymar comments here chaps. I feel like I'm the only person who thinks he's an overrated show pony until I come here! Cannot stick him! Out of curiosity ed what position does his father have in football?

{Ed001's Note - hard to follow as he just seems to have levered a good bit of power purely because he was his son's agent and happens to be an excellent negotiator.}