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Team: Liverpool

Where from: Dartford

Favourite player: Robbie Fowler

Best team moment: Liverpool 5-4 CD Alves
Two low scoring defensive teams, the best European cup final ever! What a night!!

Interests: Boxing, movies, superheroes, comics. Liverpool-rumours, Liverpool.


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16 Sep 2018 18:23:43
Something that has been bought to my attention.
With Danny Ings being at Southampton (and other players on loan at other clubs) would the managers of our opposing team get into the on loan players for any info with regards to tactics or training regimes to try and set out a tactic or formation to beat us?

I know they have their own scouting teams that watch upcoming opposition to analyse us in preparation but it's interesting to know if they pick at players for information to help their cause?


1.) 16 Sep 2018 19:44:18
What could they learn that they can’t learn from watching us play? Most of us arm chair fans can see our strengths and weaknesses just from watching on tv. I’m fairly sure their scouts will have as much info as a loanee/ former players can tell them.

{Ed001's Note - but they do still ask them, in case they do have some insight. Some managers do anyway.}

2.) 16 Sep 2018 21:20:01
Why wouldn’t they? Any information can’t help. In Ings case he isn’t coming back to Liverpool unless something goes very wrong for him over there, so why wouldn’t he try and give his new team a leg up?

3.) 17 Sep 2018 11:01:41
If I was a manager I personally wouldn’t be asking loan players for help, I would find it a bit unprofessional and it’s putting the loan player in a difficult situation.
Besides your supposed to be a manager, I don’t think they should be asking players for help, especially players with split allegiances.

4.) 17 Sep 2018 12:05:09
I think it was last season or the season before. Klopp was on Skysports and he pretty much laid out the tactics of the team. With the amount of money being spent on analysis, they can easily break down the tactics of the opposition no problem. However being able to execute it is another issue in whole.

5.) 17 Sep 2018 18:28:17
Score more than them


6.) 18 Sep 2018 12:05:57
Although it'll always be worth the manager asking just in case, if your loanee can tell the manager anything useful that they wouldn't be able to find out from watching us play then either that loanee is shaping up to be a much better tactician than his temporary gaffer currently is or you've been working for weeks on special situational tactics that haven't been busted out yet - which is unlikely to be something we do for someone like Southampton who are neither specialized enough (like Burnley and last seasons patented 8 CB formation) or talented enough to warrant their own tactical approach. Although of course that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous enough to beat us.

7.) 24 Sep 2018 07:23:17
Good on you 1985mikey. Nice to know if you managed a club which was struggling and decided against asking advice of a player ( who’s wages you would be paying) when any insite could keep them up ( and the hundred of jobs that go with it ) If you were to go down he can go back to his parent club and you could move down a division. Sound. lol.

8.) 24 Sep 2018 14:04:40
Just out of curiosity, are there instances where a player goes on loan and can play against the parent club?

{Ed002's Note - Yes in European Competion unless they have already played for their owning club.}

9.) 24 Sep 2018 15:14:22
Thank you Ed.



17 May 2016 10:37:28
Ed's. Do you know of Klopp bringing in a new goalkeeping coach for next season?
As much as Mignolet is not the best keeper. Do you think the coaching plays a part in his form?


{Ed001's Note - I have believed the goalie coaching has been an issue since we lost Valero. We 100% need a new coach, though Achteberg is a great bloke, he is not a great, or even good, coach. I expected him to be the first replaced, but he seems to have slotted in with the rest, so I would not hold my breath on him being replaced.}

1.) 17 May 2016 11:12:56
Thanks for the reply ed.
I think all of us jointly share the shock that he is yet to be replaced.
Do you think it's a matter of Klopp having someone in mind and them not being available yet?

{Ed001's Note - no.}

2.) 17 May 2016 12:19:35
Lets not forget klopp was perfectly happy with weidenfeller who himself is not a good keeper.

3.) 17 May 2016 13:26:20
Who's the bayern goal keeping coach .?!

{Ed001's Note - Toni Tapalovic.}

4.) 17 May 2016 14:43:19
Lfcfan_03beef, Weidenfeller is a good GK, not a great GK but he's certainly better than most.

5.) 17 May 2016 17:41:23
Ed's I don't know if you have heard or seen the links with Chelsea's goalkeeping coach being approached. I saw that somewhere yesterday. can't think of his name now. Petr Cech has talked him up previously about how much he improved his game.

{Ed002's Note - Christophe Lollichon. I am not aware of Liverpool approaching him. It would obviously be an issue if they have made a direct approach.}

6.) 18 May 2016 05:56:31
Sorry Rd002, I meant to write Lollichon was mentioned in the link, not approached. Obviously I take most links with a grain of salt, just thought i'd mention what I saw as goalkeeping coaches were being spoken about.



11 Feb 2016 16:55:33
Hi Eds. Out of interest with all of the free transfer players which are/ will be available who do you think would be good for us to sign up?


{Ed001's Note - none, we need to get rid of players.}

1.) 11 Feb 2016 17:36:05
Even after the clear out which will most probably happen there is no-one you could see us trying to sign?
Rumours of Joel Matip keep coming up. Not a player to your liking Ed?

{Ed001's Note - never seen him play so how could I want us to sign him?}



20 Jan 2016 14:30:20
Any news on Matip and him signing on with us?
Tried the search engine and no new news.


{Ed002's Note - There is no decision just yet.}



15 May 2015 18:04:59
Just read a post that Kevin prince Boatang is a free agent. Would Liverpool hold any interest in him?
We can all dream of superstar signings but realistically we have to look beneath that, with the powers and money of the top four and the lure of Champions league football I'm thinking he could be a possible signing??


{Ed001's Note - no, he was booted for being a total knob, there will be very few clubs willing to take a chance on him.}

1.) 15 May 2015 21:40:20
Thank you Ed. much appreciat the response

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate, he is nothing but trouble, about as fit to play as my nan on her zimmer, except she smokes less.}

2.) 16 May 2015 03:51:37
Have to agree with you Ed, KPB would be Balotelli Mk. 2 except even worse. My friend (who's a Milan fan) told me that Boateng once got injured because he was having too much "fun" with his girlfriend! That's really all I need to know about him.

3.) 16 May 2015 22:49:37
Ed 001 - I refer you to your first comment, namely we are probably one of those clubs. Balotelli being the obvious latest example




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21 Aug 2018 13:17:27
Hi all.
I'm not familiar with computers and find raising so I'm asking for help.

Is there anyone in the know who can set up a sponsor/ fund raising page for Salah.

You'll never walk alone Slah buddy.
My thoughts and well wishes go to you my friend!

If anyone can do this or can help me do it. I will pass on any details needed



1.) 22 Aug 2018 04:30:27
Gazza, I raised the issue yesterday, and Ed001 promised to look into it once Salah's situation becomes clearer. I know Benny Baller has set up a page like that before, so it won't be an issue J dnt think. Personally, I'd wait to hear from Ed001 and once the funding page is set up, we can then make our contributions, and the Eds will figure out how it will reach Salah.
We are fast becoming a family here. Long may it continue.
We'll never walk alone.

2.) 22 Aug 2018 15:43:27
Just catching up with what happened. got to say pretty low act. Hopefully he recovers.



09 Aug 2018 13:08:13
Come on Ed's. It's been a minute since I last looked and there is no update on all things Liverpool signing another three players by 5pm.
You guys slacking? Of all days

All jokes aside. Want to say a massive thank you for the input that is received on this site by you Ed's and the other people that post. A very much enjoyable read when I get a break at work

Thanks all.


{Ed001's Note - cheers Gazza.}

1.) 09 Aug 2018 14:29:31
Will you give yourself a day off Ed after today?

{Ed001's Note - I can't remember the last time I took a day off. No chance for tomorrow as I will have a lot of transfer deals to round up on the Review of the Day.}

2.) 09 Aug 2018 14:55:52
When does tha jan window open?

3.) 09 Aug 2018 15:21:15

4.) 09 Aug 2018 17:23:28
Tbh, this site has been great during transfer window. Best place to get the low down.



19 Jul 2018 10:57:23
In light of Fekir and the so far no deal because of injury concerns.

I was wondering how the club would analyse the restructure of a transfer deal, who says what injury calculates to what ever drop in price the club offered?


1.) 19 Jul 2018 12:55:50
I can't claim to know one way or another for sure, but I would assume that the "payment structure" will have nothing to do with actually not paying X amount if he gets injured. I would be surprised if such a deal is in any way commonplace. why would the selling club ever agree to it? "We'll agree to give you X, but if he gets injured after leaving your club, we'll give you X-Y, deal? ", "No. give us X and then he's your problem".

My guess is that, if the medical results have anything to do with the decision to change payment terms, it would more likely be a case of "we'd much prefer to space out payments, and we'll try and use previous injury as a reason to get you to agree to it".

Could be totally wrong, but I just don't see many selling clubs ever going for a deal where you could potentially lose money by an ex player getting injured at his new club.



05 Jul 2018 06:53:14
Morning Ed.
Old player review if I may, Mark Kennedy from the 90's. Think he was signed from Millwall.
If memory serves me right, he never quite cracked. it. Be interesting to get your view on him mate.


{Ed001's Note - I remember watching him play for the stiffs a few times at Anfield, as the games were free to go to with a season ticket and Patrik Berger had just joined and me mam was in love with him so we had to go along in case he played. Kennedy had ability galore, lovely first touch, cracking strike on him, could play on either flank very comfortably but he was so lazy. You know how laid back VVD is? Well multiply that by about 500 and you get Kennedy. He was practically on a sun lounger, he was laid back so far. He was so frustrating to watch. A bit of effort and he would have been fantastic.}

1.) 05 Jul 2018 08:00:49
I can remember him going to Liverpool but I don’t remember to much of him playing.
Shame that’s all it was as he could of gone on to a very high level.
Something that would be interesting from your reply ed.
Who else do you know that had all the potential but was just not up for it

PB is a good looking man and it was a chance to go to Anfield bud 😉.

{Ed001's Note - Berger was a great player too, played a kickabout with him once and he destroyed us. Me ma has never forgiven me for not telling her so she could have come along, even though she was on the other side of the country and at work when it happened. I think she would have quit her job on the spot and flown (on her broomstick) over to be there to be fair.

There were loads of youth and ressie players that never made it due to effort or other reasons. A mate of mine had been on the books until he was hit by a lorry and had to have his face rebuilt. He was not allowed to do anything like that afterwards as it was too fragile. Never stopped him wanting to bloody spar though in boxing, divvy that he was. But he was an incredible talent that sadly missed out.}

2.) 05 Jul 2018 08:13:37
Wow Ed that must've been some experience with Berger mate!

{Ed001's Note - not really, it was embarrassing being torn a new one so easily!!!}

3.) 05 Jul 2018 08:58:30
Hand shake for your friend Ed. My full respect

Talking of playing with pro footballers, my nephew shrared a pitch with GOD! When he was out in australia playing with Perth Glory. There under study team played them in a behind closed doors friendly and Mubarak nephew who was at youth level. Got picked to go and got on the pitch!
Never asked for a autograph, photo or even his shirt for me! My eldest boy is called Robbie after him and nothing.
There is a in play photo of them both though that I have.

{Ed001's Note - I would have battered him!}

4.) 05 Jul 2018 09:02:33
Doubt any here will have heard of him, i knew an ex footballer from the lower leagues called Martin Garrett. He was homeless and alcoholic by the time he was in his 30's but was a genuinely nice guy and always a joy to talk to. Me and a few mates used to have a kick around in the park from time to time and he would occasionally join in. Despite literally on the drink while playing he would blow us away. We were all quite young and fit at the time but he was good then, so i can't imagine what he would have done to us in his playing days. he had his demons though and sadly passed away a few years ago but is remembered fondly by me and my friends.

5.) 05 Jul 2018 09:24:14
I don't suppose you're talking of the York Martin Garrett, Lamborini?

6.) 05 Jul 2018 09:56:59
Yes Salah that's the one! Lived in Middlesbrough after his football career.

7.) 05 Jul 2018 10:38:53
Indeed mate, it's tragic what happened to the man, I met him only once, I didn't know him, not one bit but he was friends with a few people I knew at the time. We went on a night out in Halifax and he joined us late on, I spoke briefly to him but not much, he seemed like a really nice fella from what I saw but again, I didn't know him at all. Either way, from what I saw of him he was a true gent and that's what I go on, rip to the man.

It's a real shame he didn't reach out more, people were there for him and he didn't know it or just chose to not accept it, a big problem in today's world mate, thanks for sharing your experience Lamborini.

8.) 05 Jul 2018 12:49:23
Fair play playing against berger ed01 dude. I loved him. What are people's opinions of his fellow countryman Smicer? I didn't get to watch as many games back then, always watched motd of course but didn't have Internet or cable TV. I remember him having high potential but seemed to get easily bullied. Scored a corker in CL final and for that I will always love the guy. Berger had moved on when we won CL hadn't he? Portsmouth maybe.

{Ed001's Note - he suffered too much with injuries. I remember he was a smart guy for a footballer though, very unlike the majority of British footballers. I remember a few of his injuries were traced to dental issues.}



02 Jun 2018 18:52:20
That dive from Sterling is embarrassing!
If I was Rngland manager I would of had him off straight away and in him running off the pitch I would of told him how much of a disgrace he is! Then I would of told him he would be lucky to be going to the World Cup.
What a joke!


1.) 02 Jun 2018 19:17:11
If that was the case id leave alli and Young at home too!




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22 Apr 2018 16:21:18
Woah! Desperate Dan should not be mentioned in any form of bad writing as in a example along side the express.
The Dandy is legendary. I still dream of Cow Pie
Ed’s my respect to you is there but but please refrain from the mocking of The Dandy.




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11 Jan 2018 11:28:36




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02 Jul 2017 14:56:38
Cheers Square.
I for one hopes Joe does get the chance to show Jurgen what he's about and proves he's worth.

Come on Joe lad. You got this!




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19 Jun 2017 19:24:18
Why was he unable to stay ed?


{Ed002's Note - They let his contract run out.}



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17 Jun 2017 11:23:47
Square. Cheers buddy
Always appreciated.





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24 Sep 2018 10:38:04
Ed, replying to your comment about Shaqiri keeping up the hard work ethic. Again, I think Klopp is the right man that will get that out of him.


{Ed001's Note - I hope so.}



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24 Sep 2018 10:31:44
If they did Ed. Would be shot down straight away by Klopp wouldn’t it?


{Ed001's Note - true.}



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07 Sep 2018 07:38:53
Morning Ed.
With the news there about Kaylen Hinds, now that he is a free agent. If he was to move abroad would that have any issue with Wolfsburg still holding his registration. Could they keep it and prevent him signing for another club?

Also, have you ever known anything like it with Spurs having three home grounds in one season? Is there an allowance that they can do this?


{Ed001's Note - no they have sacked him. Spurs have permission for it and it has happened in the past though not sure about in the top flight.}



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09 Aug 2018 14:29:31
Will you give yourself a day off Ed after today?


{Ed001's Note - I can't remember the last time I took a day off. No chance for tomorrow as I will have a lot of transfer deals to round up on the Review of the Day.}



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06 Aug 2018 06:52:01
Good business by Burnley. Think Ben Gibson is going to be a player to fulfill his full potential.