24 Mar 2024 19:19:57
Edd002 Evan ferguson, have Liverpool any interest atm or any other clubs? Big fan of the lad.

{Ed002's Note - There is no interest from Liverpool but there is from elsewhere but largely dependent on clubs losing preferred options.}

1.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 08:46:07
Everyone's waxing lyrical about this chap but I genuinely don't know what they are watching, because every time I watch Brighton he starts on the bench and has 6 goals in 35 appearances.

2.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 08:59:51
Didn’t he score a hat trick at the start of the season that had some of the ‘less grounded’ on social media putting him in the £100m bracket?

3.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 09:21:25
He's 19 and has all thr right attributes. He's going to be top drawer if he can avoid injuries.

4.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 10:27:57
He's 19 and is playing in an average team that's constantly being chopped and changed by someone who, imo, is an average manager. Half his 36 appearances have been off the bench.

That being said, I suspect he won't end up as good as Nunez, so what's the point?

5.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 11:30:20
Harry Kane wasn’t tearing up trees at 19 or 20 either and should’ve become the all time prem top scorer. As an isolated stat, 6 in 35 for a mid table team at 19 years old isn’t eye watering, but then isolated stats never give any context either.

6.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 19:36:45
I think he is another player that I hear how good he is jet every time I see him he looks bang average like Timo Werner and Caicedo I believed the hype and hope we signed both and am so glad we didn’t.
I really hope we go nowhere near him I would rather have Danns in the squad rather than blowing £100+m on another vastly overrated player.

7.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 23:43:41
@QV what’s Kane got to do with Ferguson?

On a separate note - “all time” started in August 1992 did it?

8.) 26 Mar 2024
26 Mar 2024 11:21:15
West Derby Wanderer - He did say all time Prem, so yeah that did start in 1992. He didn't say all time top flight did he?

9.) 26 Mar 2024
26 Mar 2024 11:23:05
Lack of pace could be a problem he is a bit of a lump who would rely on being in the right place at the right time and long distance shooting. Not Liverpool standard just yet but if he can master his movement and build up play ya never know. We currently have the second best striker in the world but a suitable understudy should be looked for. Gakpo is a midfielder end of.

10.) 26 Mar 2024
26 Mar 2024 16:19:56
WDW, I mean sure, I was thinking of using the example of a young Gandhi, but then I thought using another striker may be more relevant.

I was pointing out that you don't have to look world class at 19 to become world class a few short years later. I don't think anyone predicted Kane was destined to become the player he has become and therefore, the relevance of Ferguson’s goal record now on what he may or may not become is virtually nil. It’s called a comparison.

As Gunn10 pointed out, I did say all time PREM top scorer so obviously although not 100 percent fool proof, id say its a long enough length of time with a large enough player pool to judge a player’s ability against.