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10 Apr 2014 05:26:52
Hey ed001/Ed02. I'm not for one moment suggesting that he would come to us or that we would be interested in him but what do you expect will happen with mandzukic in the summer with Bayern getting lewandowski? Are there any clubs in the prem looking at him with any serious intent?

Cheers guys,


{Ed001's Note - I don't know of any Prem interest in him myself, his wage demands would rule out any but the top few and he is not really at the level he will appeal to those. Bayern only play him because they are in a similar position to Chelsea, in that they lack any real top class striker option. At least until the summer. It is expected he will stay where he is as back up.}

1.) He's a very decent striker ed, I don't think we would like playing as back up bench player and wouldn't be surprised if chelsea were to bid for him

{Ed001's Note - decent, yes, but decent is not top class. Chelsea will buy a top class striker.}

2.) Thanks Ed you're a star mate

{Ed001's Note - awww thanks mate am blushing now!}

3.) Maybe chelsea need a decent striker that works rather than world class that doesnt. I just think he would suit there style.

Anyways too much talk of chelsea

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea will likely be losing four strikers this summer and that will be the focus of the summer spending - with a left back.}

4.) 14 Apr 2014 14:08:25
Maybe you are true, but there are a lot of rumours telling that there are many top clubs interested in him, and also very strong statement from Bayern that they will not let him leave since they regard him as very important player. It is little strange to tell that Bayern plays him only cause there is no top class strikers available since he scored more than 20 last year and to this date I think 17 goals, and Bayen won BL, CL and Cup last year, and this year BL, and play CL semi finals. All this without top striker seems little hard .

{Ed002's Note - His representatives have spoken to a couple of English sides but there is no firm interest.}



11 Dec 2013 14:12:08
"Keisuke Honda will be a Milan player from 3 January, " says chief executive Adriano Galliani. "We have already filed the contract, although we've been keeping it secret."

Not secret enough aye Eds? You've been telling us this for how long?

Where's Macca? I miss his input on here!


1.) Let Milan have him.not exactly a world-beater!




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04 Sep 2014 13:57:24
I rarely get dragged into debates like this, simply due to not having the time or patience to write out a full analysis, but I feel like I want to contribute to this:

Firstly, it is very hard to stick to the original question which I interpret to be a player by player comparison, taking ability to perform the role as the basis of judgement. It is not based on potential which many people seem to be branching out to, it is also not based on injury history or how they fit into the team, therefore, I will be assuming the players are fully fit.

De Gea vs Mignolet: De Gea wins this battle for me, I don't think I have to explain the reasons why.

RB: If it were versus Johnson, I would say Rafael would just about win this one. Rafael is, simply, a bad player. At this moment in time, so is Johnson. Rafael wins purely on the fact that he looks like he can be bothered. If we were to throw Flanno or Manquillo into the equation though, either of those would win hands down as they can actually play football.

CB: Liverpool win this in every way. It doesn't matter who you put up against who, Manchester United have a very bad set of CB's. The only one that may work in Utd's favour is if you put Toure up against Rojo, but that would be Liverpools 4th choice defender against Utd's 1st.

LB: Flanagan vs Shaw is a difficult one for me. I would have to say on pure ability to play LB, Shaw would win, but it would be close. If we throw Moreno into the equation, Liverpool would take the complete back 4 with ease.

First choice defence: De Gea, Manquillo/Flanagan, Lovren, Sakho, Moreno. Utd 1: Liverpool 4

CDM: Gerrard vs Blind. Gerrard is a shadow of his former self, but he still has the range of passing and leadership to mean he is a very valuable player. I just do not believe he is suited to being shackled into a CDM position. Blind is a very good player from the little I have seen. Blind wins here for me.

CM: Henderson vs Herrera. This is the one I feel most strongly about (and I honestly don't think it's to do with bias). How people can say that Henderson isn't technically gifted is beyond me. I don't like to use examples as that's like using youtube clips but his assist for Sterling the other week was nothing short of sublime. Henderson is very technically gifted and has the work-hard mentality which means that he is easily one of the best CM's in the league at this moment in time. He can pass, tackle, read the game, and the runs he makes to pull defenders out of position and open up space for the likes of Sterling also shows an extremely unselfish, team player mentality. Herrera is a great player, very technically gifted, but he isn't close to being as valuable of Henderson.

CM: Allen vs Di Maria. Odd choice of players to compare but Di Maria wins this for me. Totally different players however, the former loves to retain possession, the latter loves to lose it. If we were to put Lallana up against Di Maria, I personally think Lallana would come up trumps if it's for a CM position. Di Maria cannot retain possession because he tries too much. In La Liga, that works, especially with Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema etc in front of him in a defensively poor league. I just don't see it working in the prem, he will get found out in CM, especially with a poor defensive unit behind him.

ACM: Sterling vs Mata. On current ability, Sterling wins this hands down. On potential, Sterling wins this hands down. On last year, Sterling wins this hands down. I love Mata and he was a great player for Chelsea but we aren't talking about the past. Sterling would get into pretty much any team in Europe at the moment, probably even every team in Europe. How people cannot see that this kid is a world beater is beyond me.

First choice midfield: Blind, Henderson, Lallana, Sterling. Utd 1: Liverpool 3

ST: Suarez vs Rooney, pfft no competition. Suarez, thankfully, is no longer with us though so I'm going to say Rooney vs Balotelli. On pure ability this is an extremely close call. We do not know whether Balotelli will change his act though, therefore, Rooney wins. IF Balotelli has the work ethic he shows against Spurs though, it would be him. However, Utd win this battle. Throw VP into this and I would have VP>Rooney>Balotelli (remember this is purely on ability/expected work ethic and nothing else).

ST: Sturridge vs Falcao. Sturridge will score more this season down to the understanding with his teammates and his overall ability, however, this is not about who they play for etc. Falcao wins this for me purely down to his finishing, he is nothing short of deadly. Hopefully, and I do mean this, his injury does not cause him issues as I cannot wait to watch him in the league. Throw VP into this battle and it would go Falcao > Sturridge > VP.

First choice strikers: VP and Falcao (if going with the winner of the two battles, Sturridge and Falcao if choosing the best two of the bunch). Utd 2: Liverpool 0 (only time you'll see that this season ;))

First choice team: De Gea, Manquillo/Flanagan, Lovren, Moreno, Blind, Henderson, Lallana, Sterling, VP and Falcao. Utd 4: Liverpool 7.

This is my honest opinion on it, player for player. Liverpool also have consistency on their side. I honestly hope that Utd come back stronger this year, as much as it pains me to say it, they are a well run club and would prefer them up there over the likes of City (but still below Liverpool).

As EMS often says, if you disagree, I appreciate that but try to be objective and write something worth reading.


1.) I'd have to go with Sturridge and Falcao up front. Van Persie isn't even close to Sturridge even individually. A good well thought out post though mate.

In real life I'd still rather Balotelli than Falcao though. He is younger, cheaper, on less money and not as much of an injury risk.

2.) 04 Sep 2014 16:13:03
Absolutely agree with you there EMS, but I was trying to answer the question at hand which is why I went with VP and Falcao. In reality, my first 11 would be De Gea, Manquillo/Flanagan (really can't separate the two), Lovren, Sakho, Moreno, Blind (unfortunately), Henderson, Lallana, Sterling, Sturridge and Balotelli. Utd 1: Liverpool 10 (you'll see that again this season ;)).



25 Aug 2014 16:10:46
Ed002, you said further down the page that Lovren looks to be a replacement for Sakho, have you heard anything to suggest this is the truth or is this your analysis/opinion? I never doubt you and the information you provide to us but I am just shocked that this is the case. Sakho is a very good player with great potential. I rarely criticise players but Skrtel is not good enough and Lovren can play RCB, I would be surprised if Lovren wasn't brought in to replace Skrtel.

Can I just re-iterate that I don't doubt you, I just want to know if someone has said anything to back this up or if it's an opinion. Thank you for all of your hard work etc.


{Ed002's Note - This is my view. Most centre backs are comfortable in either position but Lovren is like-for-like another Sakho. Liverpool have not shown any interest in replacing Skrtel - it is Agger they are replacing. It adds depth, but I doubt happiness.}

1.) Sakho will get his chance. It's a long season. Happiness is irrelevant.

{Ed002's Note - I have an old friend who said "Happiness is a Porpoise Mouth". Wise words.}



17 Apr 2014 14:21:50
Ed001, any chance of a break down of our victory against City?


{Ed002's Note - He is not around today.}



10 Apr 2014 09:07:21
Hey Ed001, any chance of us getting a review of the West Ham game from you? :)


{Ed001's Note - I actually made a conscious effort to avoid the game, as we had won the last game when I wasn't watching. I cracked at half time, I just couldn't resist checking the score and found it was 1-1 so thought I was safe to watch! I am going to watch a rerun of the whole match in a bit, as today has been the first chance I have had to sit down and look at it. I will write a proper review as soon as I have finished watching it.}

1.) Ha superstitious are we Ed?



02 Apr 2014 17:28:27
If Ed001 is around, would you mind giving us your usual in depth analysis of the game yesterday please? I love reading them!


{Ed001's Note - I have to be honest, I could not get to watch the game, partly due to the last game I had missed being the 5-0 game against them! I saw bits, in between Ed003 and a half jumping around like a loon every time anything happened and running in to tell me how many goals he had scored against himself. I reckon a bit of work and all Ed003s pushing of him to become a Blackpool fan will be undone and he will be wearing red not clementine. Sorry but I think I will be continuing to miss any game v Spurs until it stops being lucky.}




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Thanks Ed you're a star mate


{Ed001's Note - awww thanks mate am blushing now!}



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First time I've even heard of Lello. Tello on the other hand has been mentioned on multiple occasions, and also won't happen. Good effort though.




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Do you happen to know which team he would prefer to move to if he has the choice? I know you can't read his mind, I just wonder if he's said anything about either team.


{Ed002's Note - The player says Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea are the three clubs he would choose to move to - I would doubt his wish will be granted.}




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07 Jan 2015 14:31:56
I can't imagine Lloris being a very good CB, besides, he's contracted to Tottenham and won't be coming to Liverpool.

Ilori, however, I would love to say he'll be given a chance but I would have thought he'll leave.




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06 Jan 2015 14:23:47
I didn't comment on that because I actually agree with Waro. I hate reading the "get him out" posts one day then "he's our saviour" the next.

My original post was essentially suggesting that I couldn't believe Waro (one of the more negative fans) was complaining about others. It was meant in relative good humour considering Waro is renowned for rarely having a good word to say about anything to do with Liverpool (I'm not suggesting that's always the case).

In terms of the discussion moving on to the owners, I feel it's only natural to diverge to various topics, sorry if you disagree.

Just for the record - I think Gerrard has been a fantastic player for the club, one of the best in our history. However, I think it is the right time for him to move on for everyone. I am of the belief that he could have done a job for us next year if he'd been used correctly but I don't think it's the worst thing to happen for the club.




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06 Jan 2015 14:05:36
My apologies Waro, I meant to say Borini, not Henderson. I will admit fault there.

My point is that you're the least supportive fan I have seen on here. You constantly slate the owners who have invested a very large sum of money in the club and effectively saved us from being the next Leeds. They aren't the best owners but they are head and shoulders above H&G whom I did not back, they tore this club apart.

The fact you don't rate Lucas says it all. You don't have a clue "son".

Credit where it's due though, your response to ZinedineKilbane did make me laugh.


{Ed002's Note - You are missing the point that Waro's issue is effectively with the owners and whilst we disagree on that I understand his point. The issue the is running through the fans is this fickleness that sees them demanding Gerrard out last week and then wanting him to stay after he announces he is leaving. Gerrard is a fine player and has been great for Liverpool - but time comes and he wants to move on.}



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06 Jan 2015 10:01:46
Is this coming from the same Waro that refuses to back the owners and certain players (Henderson and Lucas)? Hmmmm




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05 Jan 2015 14:39:15
BennyC - for that we would have to be playing good football