14 Mar 2019 11:27:13
G'day Ed002, hope you're well.
You recently said "perhaps Pablo Sarabia has the skill set you want. "

I tend to agree I think he would be a perfect signing, and I just read that he's available on an €18 million release clause, is that so?

Did you mean that Liverpool has an interest in him or were you simply making a general observation about his skill set?

Thank you in advance for any answer and any insight into Sarabia's situation and possible destination.

{Ed002's Note - I was just saying that in my view he would be a suitable attacking solution iof Liverpool needed one, and at a reasonable price - I would put aside the release clause as one EPL side has already held discussions, and Real Madid has an option.}

1.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 12:36:31
I tell you what, recently origi has really won me over. I think he has the skill set to fill in at cf or lw. With keita lallana and shaqiri I think we have enough cover for the front three.

Sturridge, ah Danny boy. Loved him with suarez and also with sterling but his heart isn't in it anymore. I would ship him and hope brewster or Duncan can break through. If not I think we could look to signing a young striker with potential, I'd never heard of coutinio until we signed him. There must be some great little players out there for low sums. But yeah, origi. I totally underestimated the lad. He's only young and I think he can forge a Liverpool career. That said, if we win the league by 1 point Danny's goal at Chelsea will be seen as pivitol.

The question is always finding players willing to play second fiddle to our amazing front three. I believe we have them in the players I mentioned.

Question for anyone who knows, has keita ever played as a forward. He seems to have the perfect skill set to make it in our front three. Can beat players, can track back and can hit a belter of a shot.

I don't think we need much in the way of new signings. Cover for robbo, love alby but he is too rash. I think we have enough at rb with fab milly, hendo and gomez able to cover. We could do with a better back up than migs. Seeing his sulky face every week, even when 3 1 up at bayern is pissing me off. Maybe karius could provide decent cover.

The one position for me is a true attacking mid, high class who scores 8 to 10 goals a season. I know its not popular but I would love pipco back. Fekir is nowhere near as good as couts. I know counts is unpopular but he is a player of the highest quality. When he played the autumn before he left he was class behind Bobby mane and salah. If not courts or Fekir, who do people like? Rodriguez has been a name thrown about be he didn't do much last night. Mind you fab was all over him.

2.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 12:58:25
I agree on Origi Robbies, he knows our system now and nobody can deny his workrate, a solid option for Bobby if you ask me.

3.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 12:59:28
Does Maxi Rodriguez still play football?

4.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 15:25:16
I agree with origi too, don’t forget Brewster outshined sancho and foden at the wc before his injury so big potential.

5.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 13:58:35
Okay thanks a lot Ed002. I won't get my hopes up then. I guess he'd fancy a return to Madrid. I know he's pals with Carvajal. Will wait and see if Liverpool splosh a load of dosh on a goal-scoring midfielder like Bruno Fernandes.

{Ed002's Note - Bruno Fernandes (AM) is of interest to Everton, Manchester United, Milan and Liverpool who have all looked at him on two or more occasions. Spurs maintain an interest but only if Christian Eriksen leaves. Asking price has more than doubled from what was already a high price in recent months and that has pushed aside interest from Juventus who don't see the value, Valencia and CSKA. Whilst Bayern Munich and another EPL side have looked as well, neither have a declared interest that I know of and both have other AM targets.}

6.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 19:20:47
Big Div makes things happen, he’s one of those players who doesn’t look like a superstar but he is very effective. Less of a risk to stick with him than buying another newbie.

7.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 20:56:08
Lerchy-Brewster played the full tournament and Sancho was pulled by Dortmund after the group stage.

8.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 19:08:39
Is there any chance of Liverpool signing Christian erikson? He would be perfect for us.

{Ed002's Note - No.}

9.) 14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 22:11:05
With you there, Robbie. I have NEVER given up on Divvy even in his worst moments. Why? WE all saw how great he was in his first season with us where he was just bossing several games, toying with CB's like they were out of fashion, keeping Studge on the bench and all that. He then got injured and it seems like his chance had gone.

I never believed that cos I am confident that the promising Origi we saw in the beginning, is still there and we can still see it in him in the games he has played this season. I believe he can still be a factor for us going forward BUT it will be up to him and also what Klopp wants in the transfer market. I am still hoping he wcan come good for us whether thru the middle or out wide cos he has ALL the tools needed to play these positions, IMO.