19 Sep 2018 08:31:08
Also, thought Klopp got all the subs right last night. and thank f*** no Matip in the last five minutes!

1.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 09:29:56
I've got to disagree there (not about Matip! ), I really thought Klopp could have bought another midfielder earlier as the game became more open and before Liverpool conceded the second.

I think Keita would have eaten up that space that was being left for the midfield to run into. Obviously an incredible result but I think with earlier subs it would have been far less dramatic!

2.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 09:48:24
Was happy not to see Matip appear but he still took off Mane for Fabinho and changed the shape to see the game out. Needs to let us do what put us in a winning position and stop confusing the flow to make us more solid - it makes us weaker!

{Ed001's Note - he didn't change the shape. He just moved Gini into the wide right role and Fabinho into midfield.}

3.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 09:52:39
Nonsense Angry. Mo made a mistake when we weren’t set and they got lucky with the ricochet. Keita couldn’t possibly have stopped that.

4.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 10:17:37
I am not saying that mistake wouldn't have happened I just think with some fresh legs in midfield we could have added a third before PSG got their second.

But as I said before, a brilliant result and who I am to tel Klopp to fix what isn't broken!

5.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 14:13:27
Ye I agree with angry, we were calling for a change in midfield about 10mins before their 2nd goal. Personnel or set-up, we just seem to get our midfield stuck in turnstile mode often.

6.) 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 23:12:32
Fabinho looks like a Matip 😂😂.

7.) 20 Sep 2018
20 Sep 2018 18:02:43
Spot on Angry. Keita would have provided that option for Salah! Kieta is still our best Center Midfielder.