01 Jun 2018 08:24:33
Apperently we are in for Bernard from Shakhtar.

Free Transfer, 25 yo, Left Winger/ Attacking Midfielder. Could be a decent addition and would strengthen our bench.

1.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 08:51:40
was about to post this. he has not exactly lit up the Ukrainian league though but for a free transfer is a decent option.
on the other hand he is a player we were interested in the BR era, don't know if we should go back to that.

2.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 09:50:01
He’s done well in the Ukraine, pacey and tricky but very small which would worry me in the prem. I could see him going to China for mega wages.

{Ed002's Note - You don't think he is today's "done deal" for Liverpool then?

3.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 09:56:15
Surely that's Dembele, Ed002, or was that yesterday?

{Ed002's Note - Dembele was confirmed as a "done deal" last evening. Obviously Fekir the day befor that.}

4.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 10:16:30
Wow these transfer thingies move fast. So, if we're going to sign a player every day until the window shuts, how many will that be? I suppose a lot will have to be swap deals so we don't end up with a squad of 100 senior players.

5.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 10:22:51
Thanks Ed002, that's some squad we're building!

{Ed002's Note - And don't forget that the fat kid from Bolton has already confirmed Lemar.}

6.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 10:36:57
Talk about keeping the deals under the radar, that we're not even confirming players we've already signed, multiple times!

7.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 11:38:58
Ed002- No, I think he will end up in China.

{Ed002's Note - That is an option but there are a couple of interested clubs.}

8.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 12:04:36
My wife works in Bolton, poor thing, so I’ve asked her to keep an eye open for the fat kid and ask him about the transfers! Unfortunately 10 minutes in, she has said there are too many to choose from with that description, so alas no news from him!

9.) 01 Jun 2018
01 Jun 2018 13:50:25
Ask her to look for a fat kid in Bolton obsessed with Liverp-oh, wait.