19 May 2024 17:33:46
Feyenoord fans seem to think Lutsha Geeryruida is leaving. Is he joining Arne Slot at Liverpool?

1.) 19 May 2024
19 May 2024 18:31:09
Hope not, do not want loads of Feyenord players arriving, Slot has a bigger budget now and he needs to recognise this is a step up and buy players accordingly.

2.) 19 May 2024
19 May 2024 18:40:34
He’s highly rated. Not seen much of him but just because he’s at feyenoord, doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough for us. Time will tell if the Feyenoord fans are right.

3.) 19 May 2024
19 May 2024 19:34:36
Don’t buy players from Feyenoord

It would be like buying players from Southampton, Hull or Sunderland

Oh, hang on….

4.) 19 May 2024
19 May 2024 20:57:25
I can see what Johnny is saying, tho. However if we can get a couple then, that's fine with me. There's prolly a part of the contract that stipulates if we can even sign any of their players.

5.) 19 May 2024
19 May 2024 22:18:09
Paisley79, I refer you to the players from Ajax that Ten Hag has brought to Man United - Martinez, Anthony, Onana (via Inter) . Just because they were good for the manager in Holland doesn’t make them an automatic first choice over here. A lot of the posters on here would have it that Klopp’s worst feature was loyalty - Slot is moving to a bigger harder league, he’ll have access to better players, no need to be bringing his favourites from a weaker league with him.

6.) 19 May 2024
19 May 2024 22:54:12
Different players and different clubs @Johnny. Agree we don’t want players who aren’t fit for purpose but if the manager thinks he is a good enough player then why not? FSG are trusting Slot so surely the fans should be too?