09 Jan 2020 16:15:42
Hi Ed's, I read something online last night regarding Mario Goetze being available on a free this summer. Not sure he's gotten many chances this season at dortmund but I hear Klopp and him have remained close friends. I was wondering if you think he would be a decent signing especially on a free if Shaqiri or Lallana leave. At 27 he still has a lot to offer in my opinion but his wages could be a factor to stay clear.

{Ed002's Note - Mario Goetze (S/AM) is out of contract in the summer but he has spent a reasonable time playing this season as a CF - even though he is at loggerheads with the club and being a bit of a bitch about a new contract. He would not be a replacement for Shakiri or Lallana. I would be surprised if Liverpool see him as the way forward. There was a general enquiry from Herta Berlin which might provide one option for him - else he may want to look at the MLS.}

1.) 09 Jan 2020
09 Jan 2020 17:19:47
we simply don't need Mario Goetze at Liverpool.
That ship has long since sailed.

2.) 09 Jan 2020
09 Jan 2020 18:27:59
just because they have history, doesn't mean at all that there's a possibility of a reunion. here's klopp quoted in the echo in december:

"I never kept a player in a squad because I liked him so much - that's just the professional part of football. You need the right players around and players need the right club. Sometimes it can be a win-win situation, he moves on and gets happy again and everything is fine. "

i agree, kingkenny, the ship sailed long ago.

3.) 11 Jan 2020
11 Jan 2020 02:11:28
I was thinking about him recently actually when I saw he will be a free agent. His role lately has often been in that deep forward position similar to areas firmino operates. I think it would be intriguing as he knows this stage of his career he can only take a step down and if he had the chance to work under klopp where nothing except hard work and a good attitude will be tolerated he might be capable of lifting his game. A free transfer with a 2/ 3 contract would be worth the gamble no doubt I feel. Lallanas on a huge wage that will likely be freed up and sturridge was earning more too to do little.

I think it may depend on how minamino contributes to determine of gotze would be useful or not and also whatever klopp feels about his personality but from the outside looking in Id see it as an intriguing transfer if it were to ever actually happen. If he flops simply sell him for a reasonable fee.