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Liverpool FC's Luis Suarez Bites Again


Hi all the Eds and fellow REDS

Although it's all (complete and utter) rumours about Suarez; going, wanting to go, not going etc. Is this how our (Liverpool fans) summers are going to be like? Not knowing whether Suarez is going, staying, happy or unhappy? Newspapers, radio and TV are making the most of this; it's a major story. You ever heard of any other player biting opponents? In the world cup with whole world watching? Not only stupid and moronic but weird and bizarre!
We don't know what the club's stance is on all of this. Ex-players have opinionated on Radio and TV about 'not seen in a Liverpool shirt again, etc. but to be perfectly honest the only person whose opinion I'd like to hear is Brendan Rodgers. Not ex-players, legends, ex-England manager etc.
Brendan will have spoken to FSG and they will do what they will do.
As a Liverpool fan I am not so shocked of this new incident, if fact when I got the text ' he's bit again!' I just scratched my head and thought ' no, Luis, not again' but that's it. I will stop supporting Luis the day he comes out and says ' I want to leave Liverpool, let me go!' Then it's thank you and goodbye but right now it's a circus and everyone's chipping in with their penny's worth.
Also, I wished Uruguay FA should thought first before making stupid statements about conspiracy and smear campaigns. Although I think we in the UK have made more noise about this than the rest of the world put together. This also says something about us, good or bad I let you be the judge.
As far as Suarez and Liverpool are concerned, if he is in Brendan's plans for winning the league/CL next year then he won't be sold, period. FSG play hardball but they're not stupid. Suarez is our main asset, full stop. He had his best ever season last year. Liverpool had their best season, style of football etc, for decades (for those who remember), player of the year on two fronts! So, NO, I hope we don't sell him, I am not made of gold like some holier than thou muppets jumping on the bandwagon. His behavior in a Liverpool shirt was exemplary last season, with 'big' clubs licking their lips and wishing he was theirs. Football is a team sport but how big a part did Suarez play last season? Be honest! Our rivals are laughing their heads off!
I would keep Suarez, until he misbehaves in a Liverpool shirt. I will not sell. I will build a stronger squad around him, Sturridge, Stirling etc. and go into the season stronger than the last couple of seasons.

I would understand fans not agreeing with me but we don't run a convent here. It's a business, we are here to win, to win only. History only remembers winner, not runners-up and not who were the 'nicest' side in the league. So please, wake up, as a Liverpool fan I want to us to win everything, ugly or nice I don't care as long as we win. Winning is everything! It's time we began to the see the world for what it is and stop this 'Disney' attitude some of our so-called fans have developed.
But, if Suarez does want to go, then get the 'Best' deal for us, do it quick and get it over with.

FSG and Brendan know best. It's only a small incident in South America. To us it's a murder case, to them it's a yellow card offence. Will you be shocked if FIFA banned him for one match only? I will not, but the rest of UK will be up in arms. Why do you think that is?
My south American friends make jokes about PL that without foreign players it would be like watching rugby with 'feet'. 'Get stuck in and go on my son!' No finesse, no artistery. Just running like the clappers and getting stuck in!

Sorry fellow fans, long post! It's only my opinion, you might agree or disagree, I'm only being honest.

Always wishing the best for Liverpool FC

By IranRed in London

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26 June 2014
I agree with everything you said IranRed. Fantastic blog.


26 June 2014
I totally agree with everything you said.

Red in Leicestershire.


26 June 2014
I agree with you that I doubt he'll get a major ban. Only the UK have vilified Suarez to the point that everything he does carries 4 times the ban of what an English/other player would get.

However I'm just sick of other fans taking the mick, I'm sick of having to defend Luis or make excuses for him, and I'm sick of our club being embarrassed. I'd happily terminate his contract if nobody buys him this summer because quite frankly, i don't want to be associated with him any more.

I also disagree about winning. To some it is all about winning. To me it's about entertainment and dignity. I'd rather be 'Arsenal' than 'Chelsea'. If some people have the 'Suarez' mentality of win or die then fair enough. But I don't. I will defend the fact that biting is no worse than punching/headbutting. However I wouldn't want Barton or Pepe in my team either! It's disgraceful and I can't support Suarez ever again. So yes, biting isn't worse and shouldn't carry a bigger ban, but it's still childish, pathetic andl violence.

I just hope he is sold so I can make my own choice on whether to support him or not, because if he stays, I couldn't stand against him.


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