06 Nov 2018 21:56:33
The reason we have slumped was when his number 2 Zeljko Buvac left last year in mysterious circumstances . His nickname was Brains i am afraid he was the MAN. We have never been the same since he went . He went just before Roma away and we have shipped goals in european away games since and the Pressing Game we played was his Forte, since he went we don't know how to press. Rumbled big time.

1.) 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 22:21:17
Why don't we get him to be manager.

2.) 07 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 23:56:18
Brains is not the man, heโ€™s the geeky nerd who never gets the girl!
Scott Tracy is the man! ๐Ÿš€.

{Ed025's Note - FAB ron..

3.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 00:20:16
Missing henderson to break up play.

4.) 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 00:25:45
Is that you, Zeljko?